Dreamy Winter Wedding Invitations You Should Say Yes To

winter wedding invitations

Prepare your winter wedding invitations to capture the essence of your romantic celebration. As the snowflakes fall, infuse your invites with the seasonal magic of a Winter Wonderland. Indulge in the beauty of rustic farmhouses adorned with fresh pine, shimmering glitz, and the comforting glow of roaring fireside.

Your invitations can embody the festive spirit of the snow season and incorporate captivating details that reflect the charm of your favorite time of the year. Elevate your design with farm animals, majestic trees, neutral cardstock, delicate twine accents, and snowy mountains. Looking for elegant winter wedding invite inspiration? Read on!

Winter Wedding Invitations

1. Greenery Wedding Invitation Template  

winter wedding invitations: Greenery Wedding Invitation Template


Celebrate your cool-weather weddings with this stunning template. Featuring a captivating design of lush green leaves and calligraphy, it sets a beautiful tone for your special day. Let this layout create an enchanting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

2. Romantic Frame Wedding Invitations  

Romantic Frame Wedding Invitations


Discover pure romance with this lovely design. Its delicate rose watercolor design, elegant mahogany accents, and captivating florals make these invitations a perfect choice. They’ll help you set a dreamy and enchanting tone for your special day.

3. Classic Greenery Wedding Invitations  

winter themed wedding invitations: Classic Greenery Wedding Invitations


Elevate your wedding with the timeless elegance of classic greenery-inspired design. These invitations are perfectly on-brand with the season, featuring leafy foliage and frosty-hued greenery. They make a statement with their elegant layout, setting the tone for a day you won’t forget.

4. “Winter Snowflakes” Photo Wedding Invitation  

"Winter Snowflakes" Photo Wedding Invitation


Create a welcoming invitation for your winter-themed wedding with this breathtaking template your guests will treasure. You can customize it with your favorite portrait and share your love with your friend and family. Its snowflakes pattern will only make it more magical!

5. Navy Blue Wedding Invitation  

winter wedding invitations: Navy Blue Wedding Invitation


Make a statement with these gorgeous invites to excite your guests with your big news. The template is set against a navy blue background and features a floral-filled winter design that exudes elegance and charm. These pretty wedding invitations perfectly capture the season’s beauty. 

6. Black Gold Script Wedding Invitation  

Black Gold Script Wedding Invitation


Share your wedding details with the timeless elegance of black and gold script. With its classic design, this template oozes sophistication and class. If you want eye-catching invites, search no more! This glamorous layout will set the celebratory mood.

7. Buffalo Check Wedding Invitation  

Buffalo Check Wedding Invitation


Embrace a rustic and casual vibe with a cute gingham wedding invitation. It has a charming plaid design reminiscent of wintery buffalo check, conveying a cozy and relaxed celebration vibe. Set the tone for your bucolic-themed winter wedding with this delightful layout.

8. “Forever Fern” Wedding Invitations  

wedding invitations winter wonderland theme: "Forever Fern" Wedding Invitations


Capture the enchantment of a winter wonderland with a delicate fern design. The cozy-spirited color palette of this template is perfect for warming up the coldest of hearts! These cards reflect natural elegance and timeless beauty. Your guests will love them!

9. “Evening Under the Stars” Wedding Invitation  

"Evening Under the Stars" Wedding Invitation


Set a magical ambiance with the “Evening Under the Stars” wedding invitation. With fairy lights and a deep blue backdrop, these elegant and minimalist cards sparkle with winter enchantment. They also capture the allure of cozy winter evenings.

10. “Midnight Peony” Wedding Invitations  

"Midnight Peony" Wedding Invitations


Floral invitations in the wintertime? Now that’s groundbreaking! These exquisite invitations feature velvety watercolor designs adorned with beautiful floral elements. Personalize them to reflect your unique style and create an elegant and memorable invitation for your special day.

11. Dusty Blue Wedding Invitations  

winter wedding invitation: Dusty Blue Wedding Invitations


The pale blue watercolors in this design, complemented by frozen leaves, create dreamy invites everyone will be talking about. Allow these simple yet heavenly cards to set the perfect tone for your winter-themed celebration.

12. Christmas Heart Wedding Invitation  

christmas themed wedding invitations: Christmas Heart Wedding Invitation


Celebrate your winter wedding with beautiful heart-shaped Christmas-themed wedding invitations. This design features vibrant red and green hues and wintery cardinals, perfectly representing the festive spirit. Set a joyful tone for your special day by personalizing this cheerful layout.

13. Sparkling Snow and Ice Winter Wedding Invitation  

Sparkling Snow and Ice Winter Wedding Invitation


Embrace the joys of winter with this frosty invite design. It showcases crystal-iced branches and a snowy backdrop. Both elements create elegant white and black pieces that beautifully transmit the magic of the season.

14. True Simplicity Ice-Blue Script Minimal Wedding Invitation  

True Simplicity Ice-Blue Script Minimal Wedding Invitation


Display the beauty of winter with a gorgeous seasonal design. This sleek and minimalistic template, featuring an ice-blue script, conveys your wedding details with elegant simplicity. Try this stunning and refined invitation set for your beautiful day.

15. Mountain Wedding Invitation Set  

winter wedding invitation templates: Mountain Wedding Invitation Set


Invite guests to celebrate your special occasion with a peak-inspired invitation set. With its rustic charm and snowy mountain design, this white wedding invitation reveals the beauty of nature in winter. It is simple yet incredibly charming and inviting.

16. Painted Ethereal Wedding Invitations  

Painted Ethereal Wedding Invitations


There’s something about this watercolor design that makes it irresistible for winter wedding invites. This dreamy template is proof, showcasing the brightest shades of blue with tiny specs of gold. Its chic vibe is sure to delight your attendees!

17. Silver Gray Roses Elegant Floral Wedding Invitation  

Silver Gray Roses Elegant Floral Wedding Invitation


Vintage floral elegance is what you need if you want romantic invites with a wintery touch. This design features delicate silver-gray roses, which exude timeless charm. It also sets a sophisticated tone for your wedding while being simple and unique.

18. First Snowflakes Greenery Winter Wedding Invitation  

First Snowflakes Greenery Winter Wedding Invitation  


This wedding invitation template features a white and green color scheme adorned with delicate snowflakes. It embodies the beauty and serenity of the winter season with a neutral palette. Perfectly capture the essence of your winter wedding with this dapper layout.

19. Marble and Gold Wedding Invitations  

winter wedding invitations: Marble and Gold Wedding Invitations


If you want to play it safe in your wedding invite design, black and gold will never disappoint. The luxurious marble layout and the elegant shimmery accents create a timeless invitation. You will definitely make a statement with these exquisite invite cards.

20. “Let It Snow” Wedding Invitation  

"Let It Snow" Wedding Invitation


Recreate a snowy paradise in a winter wonderland with the “Let It Snow” wedding invite. Its captivating design captures the beauty of a snowy nighttime scene, embracing the wonders of nature. The design will definitely put your guests in the mood for the celebration!

21. Winter Reverie Wedding Invitation  

Winter Reverie Wedding Invitation


The “Winter Reverie” wedding invitation features an elegant watercolor design in captivating blue and gray hues. This design accurately captures the enchanting beauty of snowstorms. It’ll certainly set a sophisticated ambiance for your special day.

22. Carrara Marble Wedding Invitation  

Carrara Marble Wedding Invitation


Looking for modern winter wedding invitation ideas? Try a Carrara-marble-inspired design. The unique layout will get your guests ready for what’s to come: a stylish and refined celebration. Capture the essence of contemporary elegance with this sophisticated theme.

23. “Bianca” Wedding Invitation  

elegant winter wedding invitations: "Bianca" Wedding Invitation


This lovely wedding invite design showcases an adorable font and elegant floral patterns in beautiful shades of blue. It radiates retro charm and elegance, getting the guests in the right mood. It’s a unique layout to share the details of your event.

24. Modern Classic Wedding Invitation  

Modern Classic Wedding Invitation


This chic and timeless wedding invitation is perfect for sleek couples seeking to make a lasting impression. Its combination of navy and white reflects grace and sophistication. Set the stage for a luxurious celebration with this beautifully crafted invitation.

25. Dreamy Shiny Navy Starry Night Wedding Invite  

Dreamy Shiny Navy Starry Night Wedding Invite


Delight your guests with the beauty of the starry winter sky with this outstanding idea. The romantic design of this wedding invitation captures the magic of a galaxy-inspired theme, setting a dreamy ambiance for your marriage celebration.

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