73 Best Wedding Registry Ideas for Couples in 2023

wedding registry ideas

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about tying the knot. While there’s a natural thrill that comes with marrying your mate spouce, you can also feel excited by all of the fun decisions you’ll make for your big day. Picking the best wedding registry ideas, for example, is a task that will bring you and your significant other close together. Of course, not all couples know what to put on wedding registries. There are a few ways to go about this task! 

Whether you’re picking gifts based on what you imagine will be necessary in your future together or you want to make the selection process easy on your guests, crafting a registry takes time. Feel inspired by looking through these ideas to discover the right approach for your wishlist.

Kitchen Appliances

One of the best ways to go about selecting practical and unique gifts for your registry is by focusing on the home you plan on sharing with your spouse. The kitchen is a room that sees a lot of action. From making family dinners to hosting gatherings with friends, the magic happens in the kitchen. These registry ideas are a great place to begin when you need some good ideas!

what to put on wedding registry:Cooker

1. Cooker


Married life can be hectic and dedicating time to preparing the best meal isn’t always possible. To make your life easier, think about including a pressure cooker with your wedding registry items. This popular appliance makes a home-cooked meal a delicious reality.


wedding registry must haves:Kitchen Gadgets Cookware Se

2. Kitchen Gadgets Cookware Set


Whether you’ve moved into a new home together or haven’t had the funds to invest in the essentials, a cookware set can be a top idea for what to put on a wedding registry. This comprehensive collection includes all of the basic gadgets needed to get started in the kitchen.

Price:  $24.99

what to put on a wedding registry:Quart Round Slow Cooker Buffet$

3. Quart Round Slow Cooker Buffet


What’s better than one slow cooker? Three! The slow cooker buffet is a modern appliance that allows you the luxury of making three distinct meals with one device. Perfect for hosting parties or making a big meal for the whole family during the holiday

Price: $59.99

what to register for wedding:Cart Shelving with Wheels

4. Cart Shelving with Wheels


For couples living in cramped apartments or smaller homes, shelving carts are wedding registry must haves. These handy pieces solve an array of storage issues and blend perfectly into the decor of any apartment. Plus, it has wheels so you can move it around without going to extreme lengths.

Price: $58.48

best wedding registry items:Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker

5. Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker


Another common addition to wishlists is an air fryer. This compact appliance offers complete temperature control and opens the doors for an array of new meal options. When you’re stuck on what to register for wedding, this item is a great pick!

Price:  $45.99

must have wedding registry items:Blender

6. Blender


The blender is a staple of wedding registries for decades. From the smoothies you make before a big workout to the delicious soups crafted during cold winter nights, a blender has a way of making a house into a home.

Price: $89.99

top wedding registry items:KitchenAid RRK150BU 5 Qt. Artisan Series - Cobalt Blue

7. KitchenAid RRK150BU 5 Qt. Artisan Series - Cobalt Blue


Do you or your spouse enjoy whipping up sugary confections? A KitchenAid is a premiere baking item, offering you the chance to take your sweet tooth to new levels. Plus, this amazing appliance can tackle dozens of other culinary tasks.

Price: $227.9

12-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

8. 12-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set


Sometimes, it can be best to create your wishlist by looking for must have wedding registry items. A cookware set is an essential item and this 12-piece nonstick set is exactly what you need to get married life started right. 

Price: $72.49

best wedding registry items:Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven

9. Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven


One good registry idea that is always a safe bet is a toaster oven. A sensible fit in any kitchen, a toaster oven fits perfectly on the counter, making it a great option for smaller and spacious homes alike.

Price: $41.00

must have wedding registry items:Electric Hot Water Kettle for Tea and Coffee

10. Electric Hot Water Kettle for Tea and Coffee


Incorporating your favorite drinks into your wedding registry ideas can also be of help. If you love waking up to some coffee or tea, an electric kettle is an essential item for every wishlist. Plug it in and heat things up!

Price: $21.99

top wedding registry items:Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker

11. Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker


Not all guests can indulge in lavish or expensive gifts. To offer a range of options, consider products like an aluminum pressure cooker. This appliance is quite affordable without sacrificing quality. 

Price: $32.57

14 Pcs-Silicone-Cooking-Utensils-Kitchen-Utensil-Set

12. 14 Pcs Silicone Cooking Utensils Kitchen Utensil Set


Another common thing to put on a wedding registry is a  kitchen utensil set. A great starter kit for any home. This collection includes all of the utensils and tools you will require to whip up a great meal with your spouse.


Custom Baking Dish

13. Custom Baking Dish


Guests might also want to put a personal spin on your gift. One of the top ways to go about finding the perfect thing to register for wedding is with customization options. A personalized baking dish is sure to send the right message.

Price:  $35.99+

things to put on a wedding registry:Measuring Cups Combo

14. Measuring Cups Combo


The practical items on your registry can take many forms. Remember to include simple accessories like measuring cups. You’ll get a ton of use out of this set and they’ll look great in your kitchen.

Price:  $13.97

things to register for wedding:Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans

15. Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans


Looking to get more from your coffee experience? An electric coffee grinder helps you make the perfect pot of java. Select your favorite roast, grind them up for brewing, and serve fresh.

Price: $19.99

best registry items:Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

16. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker


Practical items will always be a smart fit on your wishlist. A coffee maker is a wedding registry item that you will be able to put to immediate use. Start your day right with a little help from your wedding guests.

Price: $24.99

the knot registry checklist:DecoBros Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Organizer Rack

17. DecoBros Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Organizer Rack


Organizing is a real hassle when you combine all of your stuff with your partner’s stuff after marriage. A pot and pan organizer rack helps to keep your counters clear of clutter while adding a touch of style.

Price: $12.97

what to register for:Non-Stick 6-Piece Toaster Oven Baking Pan Set

18. Non-Stick 6-Piece Toaster Oven Baking Pan Set


Non-stick baking pans transform the entire culinary experience. A simple 6-piece toaster oven baking pan set is an ideal fit for wedding registry ideas.

Price: $18.99

best wedding registries:Knife Set

19. Knife Set


A knife set is a must-have for newlyweds. You’ll never realize how useful a quality set is until you experience the difference for yourself. The perfect fit when you’re not sure what to register for!

Price: $59.99

cool expensive things to buy:Personalized Cutting Board

20. Personalized Cutting Board


The right cutting board can enhance the appearance of your kitchen. At the same time, it makes for a very useful gift. Consider adding a personalized cutting board to your wishlist and see what message your guests include.

Price:  $27.95

wedding registry essentials:Juice Fountain Plus

21. Juice Fountain Plus


The best wedding registry includes a few extravagant items. A Juice Fountain Plus is a luxury appliance that you likely wouldn’t buy right away. Still, getting it as a gift can boost your juice experience to new heights.

Price:  $140.99

wedding registry ideas for couples living together: Stone-Derived Non-Stick Coating from Germany

22. Stone-Derived Non-Stick Coating from Germany


A quality frying pan is one of the more useful items you can use in your kitchen. A non-stick, stone-derived pan is essential if you care about delivering a fantastic meal.

Price: $38.98

wedding registry ideas list:Digital Bread Maker

23. Digital Bread Maker


Bread making has been a big hit in 2020. If you’ve had your fill of making it from scratch, a digital bread maker is the popular wedding registry pick you’ve been waiting for! Make scrumptious bread in no time!

Price: $69.99

best items for wedding registry:Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

24. Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer


A good hand mixer is an investment. Add an ultra-power hand mixer to your wedding registry ideas for a gift you are sure to get many years of good use out of

Price: $64.95

best items to put on wedding registry:Electric Indoor Searing Grill

25. Electric Indoor Searing Grill


No outdoor space at your house? No problem! An electric indoor searing grill is a wishlist must for anyone who wants the taste only grilling can bring.

Price: $64.99


The bedroom of a married couple looks very different from the bedroom of a person living alone. If you want to make sure that you both fall asleep in a peaceful way, think about adding these  wedding registry ideas to your wishlist. You’ll have no trouble counting sheep when you’re sinking into a cloud of comfort.

items to put on wedding registry:Bedding Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set

1. Bedding Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set


Looking for a wedding registry gift for guys that will enhance the camping experience? A sundome tent is a quality investment that will help you both experience your next trip to the fullest.

Price:  $51.46 – $153.63

wedding registry chekclist:Duvet Insert

2. Duvet Insert


There’s no use in having a duvet cover if you don’t have an insert to fill it with! Be sure to request an insert from your guests and transform your bedroom into a classy and welcoming space.

Price: $90.00

new home registry:Linen bedding Set

3. Linen bedding Set


A new bedding set can make you and your partner feel like you are entering married life on the same page. There’s something refreshing about sleeping in a bed together on brand new linen sheets.

Price: $82.00+

Bed Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack

4. Bed Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack


Pillows make all the difference in how much sleep a person gets each night. If you need some of the more common items people get, pillows are the way to go. Explore options with firmness to know exactly which pillows to put on a wedding registry.

Price: $31.44

Garment Organizer Closet

5. Garment Organizer Closet


Limited closet space can be a point of contention for newlyweds. A good way around this problem is by investing in a garment organizer. Definitely the best registry item for keeping the peace in the bedroom when storage is tight.

Price:  $54.87

Weighted Blanket

6. Weighted Blanket


Studies have shown that a weighted blanket can totally transform the way a person experiences sleep. Request this item on your wishlist and see how it helps your married life begin in a state of restful bliss.

Price: $42.42


Married life means making time for each other as well as friends. You’ll likely be entertaining a lot more now that you’ve tied the knot. These registry items will help you make the most of hosting and keep all of your guests coming back for more.

wedding gift registry ideas:Hanging Cocktail Bar

1. Hanging Cocktail Bar


A top concern for many newlyweds is a lack of space for entertaining. A hanging cocktail bar is a wedding registry essential because it helps you save space without sacrificing spirits!

Price:  $118.00

Steel Serving Set:Steel Serving Set

2. Steel Serving Set


Appearances matter when it comes to showing your guests a good time. Bring some elegance to your next affair by adding a steel serving set to your wishlist. Affordable and easily put to good use.

Price:  $10.99

home registry:Linen Napkins

3. Linen Napkins


From big families to tight groups of friends, you might be entertaining a lot in the months after your wedding. Linen napkins are a popular wedding registry item that can prove essential when friends pop by unannounced

Price: $39.99

popular wedding registry:Cocktail Shaker Bar Set with Accessories

4. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set with Accessories


What good is a cocktail if it isn’t properly mixed? Showcase your sensational side with a cocktail shaker bar set that includes all of the accessories needed for successful mixology.

Price: $29.95

Whiskey Low ball Rock Glasses for Cocktails

5. Whiskey Low ball Rock Glasses for Cocktails


If whiskey is your drink, you need to make sure you pour it in the proper way. This means having access to the best rock glasses. These wedding registry ideas are sure to be a hit with liquor lovers. 

Price: $38.00+

wedding registry gifts:Dinner Salad Bowls

6. Dinner Salad Bowls


Wedding registry ideas for couples living together will look different than those who currently live apart. A simple solution is requesting items that aren’t essential but are very practical like a salad bowl set.

Price: $35.00+

gift registry ideas: Serving Platter

7. Serving Platter


A touch of personality can make all the difference in how your guests experience your event. Put an ornate serving platter on your registry and you will be able to guarantee some excited conversation over dinner about the piece.

Price: $24.99

registry item:Wine Glass Clear (Set of 4)

8. Wine Glass Clear (Set of 4)


A wine glass set is one of the more common and useful options for newlyweds. Add a quality set to your wedding registry ideas list and you’re likely to receive a bottle of wine or two to help you christen the glass!

Price: $25.99

must have item:Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel

9. Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel


Some guests are going to be looking for your registry to discover a cool or expensive thing to buy for you. A personalized oak whiskey barrel is an amazing gift that everyone will be able to enjoy at your next party.

Price: $49.95+

what do you put on a wedding registry:Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray

10. Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray


Serving trays come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. One unique type of tray to consider putting on your wishlist is a rectangle bamboo tray. Sturdy and affordable, you’ll love having this handy.

Price: $14.99

ideas for wedding registry:Duralex Made In France Unie Glass Tumbler

11. Duralex Made In France Unie Glass Tumbler


A glass tumbler is the best item for wedding registry ideas that are both cheap and useful. Entertain in style without asking for a huge investment with this beautiful item.

Price:  $22.00

items for wedding registry:Set of 8 Coaster for Drinks

12. Set of 8 Coaster for Drinks


Coasters play a key part in keeping your furniture spotless. Asking for coasters for your wedding helps to ensure that your guests don’t make a mess when visiting your home

Price: $17.99

Portable Karaoke Machine Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Microphon

13. Portable Karaoke Machine Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Microphon


Want some cool items for your list? A portable karaoke machine with Bluetooth speakers is the perfect thing to add to wedding registry for a totally unique and fun experience.

Price:  $64.9

Outdoor and travel

From your honeymoon to family vacations, you’re going to travel a lot with your spouse. This new journey you will be taking together will be as fun as it is challenging. Stay prepared for whatever is in store with these excellent wedding registry ideas for the outdoors and travel.

what to register for wedding when you have everything:Worldwide Experience Gifts

1. Worldwide Experience Gifts


People tend to value experiences over possessions these days. What better gift to ask for than a Worldwide Experience? Sure to impress and delight without breaking the bank.

Price:  $299.00

Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook

2. Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook


You can’t travel without a toiletry bag! If you don’t know what to put on the registry, this useful travel accessory will help you keep all your personal care products in one convenient place.

Price:  $22.99

things to put on your wedding registry: Airplane Travel Kit

3. Airplane Travel Kit


Not all gifts need to be shared. If you need to know the best item for a wedding registry for men, an airplane travel kit is a great idea. Help him fly in style with this set of travel essentials.

Price: $19.99

what to ask for wedding registry:Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag for Hard Drives

4. Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag for Hard Drives


Whether you’re traveling with phones or laptops or tablets, you’re going to have a lot of chargers with you. To get the best gifts from your registry, consider a small travel cable organizer bag. A practical wedding gift that makes unpacking less of a headache.

Complete Grill Accessories Kit with Cooler Bag

5. Complete Grill Accessories Kit with Cooler Bag


Looking to entertain friends and family outside when the weather permits? Be sure to add a set of grill accessories to your registry. From tools to a cooler bag, this kit includes everything you need for a great time outdoors.

Price:  $43.99

Bed Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack

6. Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove


When you’re heading off into nature for a camping excursion, you need to travel light. A 2-burner stove is a camping essential that will help you totally take care of meal prep in the wild

Price: $129.99 

unique wedding registry items:Personalised 2 Person Picnic Basket

7. Personalised 2 Person Picnic Basket


One gift registry idea that will really make you feel loved is a personalized picnic basket. Perfect for two, this gift encourages the two of you to have lunch dates in the park on a lovely and warm day

Price: $113.14+

what to include on wedding registry:Softside Spinner Luggage Suitcase

8. Softside Spinner Luggage Suitcase


You can’t travel without a good set of luggage. If you don’t own one at the moment, your top registry item should definitely be a suitcase you can take with you all around the globe.

Price: $62.44

what to register for wedding gifts:Personalised Luggage Tag

9. Personalised Luggage Tag


Keeping track of your luggage while traveling can be a cause of frustration. A personalized luggage tag is a simple and cheap way to go about wedding registry ideas. Couple stuff never seemed so practical!

Price: $13.31

best things to register for:Coleman Sundome Tent

10. Coleman Sundome Tent


Looking for a wedding registry gift for guys that will enhance the camping experience? A sundome tent is a quality investment that will help you both experience your next trip to the fullest.

Price:  $51.46 – $153.63

Personalized Cooler

11. Personalized Cooler


If you want to keep drinks cold wherever you go, a personalized cooler is perfect for your wishlist. From beers to meat waiting to be grilled, you can bet that you will get some good use out of this item no matter where you go.

Price: $14.00

wedding list of things to buy:Outdoor Umbrella

12. Outdoor Umbrella


The sun is as nourishing as it is harmful. Be prepared to block direct sunlight whenever it becomes too much by requesting a durable outdoor umbrella from your wedding guests.

Price: $137.89

Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove

13. Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove


Protecting yourself while grilling can help limit burns and other commonplace accidents. A grilling tool set that includes gloves will help you stay safe and grill your heart out.

Price: $23.98


If you’ve never had to share a bathroom with another person before, be prepared to have your patience tested! While manageable, you might find it useful to add some bathroom essentials to your list of wedding registry ideas. Make the transition easier with these practical and fun additions to this important space in your home.

Soap Dispenser

1. Soap Dispenser


The best item you can start with for your bathroom is a soap dispenser. With sanitation a top concern in 2020, a beautiful dispenser is an essential item you will definitely want to put on the wedding registry.

Price: $9.99

Custom Embroidered Robe

2. Custom Embroidered Robe


Whether lounging around the house on a Sunday morning or looking for something to wear after a shower, a robe is a great accessory to own. A custom embroidered robe is a cute couples’ gift that will fit perfectly on your registry.

Price: $37.00

add to registry:White waffle bath towel

3. White waffle bath towel


If you’ve had the same old towels for years, now is the perfect time to ask for some new options. Fresh towels are a must-have item for newlyweds. Practical and customizable, you can never have too many fresh towels around the house.

Price: $12.00+


4. Bath Tub Tray


Bath time isn’t just about cleanliness. It is also the opportunity to rest, relax, and recover. A rustic wood bath tray is a wishlist item that all couples will appreciate. Enhance your bath experience and find a way to treat yourself to some serenity.

Price: $60.00+

Rustic Bathroom Decor

5. Rustic Bathroom Decor


While you might not be able to remodel your existing bathroom, that doesn’t mean it has to remain stagnant as you transition to married life. A common way to achieve a fresh look is with rustic bathroom decor. If you’re wondering “what do you put on a wedding registry,” this is a good place to start.

Price: $34.97

Tier Corner Storage

6. Tier Corner Storage


Personal care products for women and men have come a long way over the years. Instead of fighting for counter space every morning, put a corner storage unit on your registry. This is an easy solution to a common storage problem.

Price: $17.99

Bathroom Rug Mat

7. Bathroom Rug Mat


A bathroom rug is key to a comfortable experience, but many couples forget this important item. Be sure to avoid this common mistake by adding a quality bathroom mat to your list of wedding registry ideas.

Price: $39.99

Hair Dryer

8. Hair Dryer


Going to bed with a wet head is a bad idea. Since it can take a long time to achieve maximum dryness, a hair dryer is a great investment. Plus, a quality dryer can be used for years before needing to be replaced.

Price:  $79.99

top items to put on a registry:Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

9. Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror


Want your wedding gift registry ideas to include both practical and fun items? A sensor-lighted makeup vanity mirror is a luxury item that your wishlist will definitely benefit from. Look your best from all angles with this handy item.

Price: $199.99

Bathroom Hooks

10. Bathroom Hooks


Never argue over wet towels being left on the floor again by putting bathroom hooks on your registry! You’ll be able to solve simple problems before they start with this ingenious and helpful wishlist option.

Price: $17.69+


Finally, there are a few generic household items that are worth a look for your wishlist. Whether you need to clean before a big event or add a special touch of class to your space, these items are sure to help you round out your registry in fun and practical ways.

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

1. Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer


Need to unwrinkle an outfit and don’t have time to hit the cleaners? A fabric steamer can help all of your clothes and fabrics stay crisp and fresh at all times. Look great without having to wait with these common ideas for wedding registry options.

Price: $49.99

Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

2. Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


A robotic vacuum cleaner is a top item for wedding registry lists all over the world. Keep your home looking its absolute best by requesting a smart piece of tech that knows how to hunt down and destroy dirt.

Price: $219.99

Personalized Laundry Baske

3. Personalized Laundry Basket


There’s definitely going to be a lot more laundry in your future. While couples should definitely share the workload, having a personalized laundry basket on your wishlist ensures you both know where to toss items that are ready for a wash.

Price: $30.00+

Vase porcelain

4. Vase porcelain


One classic piece of decor that still proves popular is a porcelain vase. Whether placed in a foyer, dining area, study, or bedroom, this is a lovely piece that is sure to bring some elegance to your home.

Price: $53.20

Throw Blanket

5. Throw Blanket


A simple throw blanket serves many purposes. From keeping a guest cozy during a surprise visit to punching up the appearance of a drab couch, you’ll always find a reason to use a blanket you’ve been gifted for your wedding.

Price: $16.99

Creating a wishlist for your big day is one of the more exciting and engaging parts of the wedding planning process. To make sure that you get the best results from your efforts and receive gifts you can actually use, be sure to think long and hard about what products you and your significant other decide to include in your wedding registry ideas. The more you explore, the more you’re bound to add to the list.

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