Amazing Wedding Reception Invitation Wording Tips and Samples: Invite Guests the Best Way Possible!

wedding reception invitation wording

After a private marriage ceremony, you and your sweetheart may want to invite people to your wedding reception. In that case, you’ll both need to figure out how to write reception-only invitations. We understand that, as a newly married couple, you might be a bit anxious about this. Don’t worry, though. We’ll show you what an invitation card wrote in the spirit of wedding reception invitation wording etiquette looks like.

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wedding reception invitation wording

Make Two Guest Lists

Perhaps you’ve chosen to play the small ceremony big reception card. We recommend writing two separate wedding events list in that case. One of them should have names of reception-only guests, and the second one of people witnessing your vow exchange.

Guests invited to the ceremony will, too, be attending your planned fanfare. In other words, you should put their names on both lists. However, those who will not be taking part in the marriage audience belong on the reception save the date list.

Divide and conquer! Create the two lists, and you’ll pave your way to perfect wedding party invitations for everyone!

Set the Decision About Who Attends the Wedding Ceremony Into Stone

Some folks might feel displeased about your decision to invite them only to the marriage reception. They’ll try to persuade you into making changes to your plans and give them a private wedding ceremony invitation too. The truth is, you don’t have to! This is your big day, and no one should pressure you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Before your acquaintances express their disappointment, you can clarify in the reception invites how much you’ll enjoy celebrating with them. Making one exception could hurt other people’s feelings too, and you’ll inevitably end up making more! That will jeopardize your wedding plans.

Organize a Daytime Wedding Ceremony

We advise you to have a daytime wedding and plan the reception for later in the evening. This way, you and the people closest to you will share the festive feeling in an intimate setting. Use this time to make a champagne toast and take memorable pictures, for example. After you and your dearest ones have shared this moment, you’ll celebrate with the people from your wedding reception list.

Make sure to include the correct arrival time on the wedding invitations for reception only. You’ll also need to make this indication on the ceremony and reception cards. You should cover this information clearly so that your guests know when to get there. That’s one of the reasons you should always plan the wedding reception invitation wording carefully.

Besides, coming before the party starts will make your guests feel special. Therefore, have the bar open and everything set before time. Then, have a cocktail with your guests or allow the band to introduce you as newlyweds before dinner!

Have the Wedding Ceremony and Reception on Different Days

You can actually have the two events scheduled for separate days. Then, you can send your ceremony invitation cards first and the wedding party invitations after getting married. If you really can’t wait, sending invites with enthusiastic wordings before the big day will work!

More importantly, though, celebrating the joy of getting married the way you prefer and with flexibility is a priceless experience. Schedule these events days, weeks, or months apart. Gather your loved ones at the same location or two different ones for each of the special occasions.

You have the last word here, and your wedding reception invitation wording should let you pass it on!

Wedding Reception Invitation Wording Samples

Whether you’re inviting people to both marital events or having a reception-only wedding, you should carefully announce your decision. Besides adding your names and necessary information to your message, it would help if you worded it correctly.

Use the term ’reception,’ and avoid mentioning ‘ceremony’ and ‘wedding.’ If you’re sending cards with the wedding date included, accent the gathering’s day. Write simple reception wordings to avoid any confusion, and don’t justify yourself for not inviting everyone to the ceremony.

To make things easier, take a look at the reception card examples we’ve provided.

wedding invitations for reception only


You should consider sending people formal invitations if you’re planning a more traditional wedding before the reception. Wordings for formal messages include full names, times, and dates written in words and a more serious tone. Please have a look at our wedding reception wording samples to get the gist of what traditional invitations look like.

The Bride’s Parents are Hosting

Mr. and Mrs. John Belleview

have the pleasure of announcing

the marriage of their daughter

Anne Brittany


Jonathon Duke Douglass

Please join us for a wedding reception

celebrating their marriage

on Saturday the sixth of July

two thousand and twenty-four

at seven o’clock in the evening

The Harriet Inn Ballroom

2150 Main Street

Waitsfield, Vermont

Emily and Michael

Emily Katherine Schwartz


Michael Andrew Gordon

will be married in a small ceremony

on Saturday the sixth of October

Please join us in celebration

at their wedding reception

Saturday the twentieth of October

Two thousand eighteen

At half-past six o’clock in the evening

Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn, New York

Dahlia and Roger

We’re married!

Please join Dahlia and Roger for cocktails, dinner, and dancing

And help us celebrate the happy occasion!

On November 3, 2018

At Perch in Los Angeles

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Williams

are honored to announce

the marriage of their daughter,

Ariel Williams


Jonathan Laurence Brown

on Saturday, July Seventeenth, Two-Thousand and Ten.

The couple will exchange vows

in a private ceremony.

Please join them for a reception

celebrating their union

at six o’clock in the evening

The Golf Club at Newcastle

15500 Six Penny Lane

Newcastle, WA 98059

(425) 793-5566


Informal wedding party invitation cards can help you spread the word about your reception in your own unique way. If you want to throw a joke or show enthusiasm, an informal wedding reception invitation wording will definitely do! Check out the wording samples we’ve included for invitations full of personality!

Open House Style Reception

You’re invited to celebrate

the marriage of

Anne and Jonathon Douglass

Please join us for refreshments on

Saturday, July 6th from 1:00 – 5:00

at our home

1938 Chamber Lane

Waitsfield, Vermont

Destination Wedding Reception

Anne and Jonathon Douglass

are happy to announce

their marriage that took place in a private ceremony

on Wednesday, the ninth of November

two thousand twenty three

in Los Cabos, Mexico

Please celebrate with them at a reception

on Saturday, July 6th at 1:00 in the afternoon

Trattoria Delia

19 Center Street

Waitsfield, Vermont


We did! We do! Let’s BBQ!

Please join us at our

wedding reception

July 6th at 1:00

Travis Street Brewing

29 Long Lake Drive

Waitsfield, Vermont

Guy Meets Girl

For the rest of the story…

Please join us at our reception

following the ceremony on

Saturday, the ninth of

October, two-thousand and ten

At four o’clock in the afternoon

424 N. Bellevue Avenue

Newport, RI 02840-6924

(407) 877-1000

As Robin

And Daniel

Celebrate their marriage

Final Thoughts on Wedding Reception Invitations

We hope you find our advice on how to tweak your wedding reception invitation wording helpful! We want you to excel at writing your reception invitation message, traditional or funny. The cards will show your loved ones that you want them present on this unique occasion.

Leave your imprint on the invitations, and remember that they’ll be souvenirs of your big day for your guests. Congratulations on your wedding! We wish you a happy marriage!

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