90 Best Wedding Processional Songs for Your Ceremony in 2022


Need assistance finding the perfect tunes for your big day? The right music can make all the difference to the mood of your ceremony and helps you set the tone you desire. Whether you need a song for the grand entrance of your wedding party during the reception or you are hunting a sweet ballad or songs for groomsmen and bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to, there are several steps to selecting music that fits your tastes.

No matter what processional songs you choose, make it special for beloved ones who support you for planning your special day meaningfully.

It can take time to find the perfect wedding ceremony songs. Use these suggestions to guide your search and discover a wedding march song that captures the spirit of the festivities.

1. Traditional Wedding Processional Songs

Couples who are looking for a more traditional approach to classical wedding processional songs may wish to keep the music simple. A grand entrance accompanied by a classical piece is a timeless way to approach the music needs of your event.

Whether you have a favorite piece that crescendos in an ideal way for your walk down the aisle or you need some assistance scouring the repertoires of endless composers, you can definitely benefit from considering these songs when looking to align with tradition for your entrance song. 

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2. Best Wedding Processional Songs 

If you don’t feel like you need to adhere to tradition with your wedding ceremony songs, then you can start your search by exploring the most popular options that couples use. The perfect songs tend to be those that speak to romance in the current day and age.

These are both new tunes and old favorites, songs that are meant to cut to the heart and capture exactly how important this moment is in a story about love. Set the tone with the best wedding processional songs and see how it makes a difference.

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3. Unique Wedding Processional Songs

Your wedding is a unique and special experience. This means that you probably don’t want to select any generic piece of music to accompany your walk down the aisle. You need to find unique wedding processional songs that are as special as the bond you share with your significant other.

This list of songs includes some tunes that will help you approach this task from a fresh perspective. From classic covers by modern artists to humorous takes on the entire idea of wedding ceremony songs, think outside the box with these options.

4. Catholic Wedding Processional Songs 

For religious couples, there may be a desire to include music that reflects that deep spiritual component of the occasion. For Catholics, you may actually experience some setbacks when it comes to selecting music.

Certain churches under Roman Catholic control do not allow customization when it comes to music selections. In fact, you are only able to pick from a predetermined list of classical pieces that can be played by the church’s organist.

While it is your ceremony, you absolutely need to adhere to Catholic wedding processional songs as dictated by your church. Here are some of the options typically allowed. 

5. Modern Wedding Processional Songs 

Want to ensure that your wedding ceremony songs don’t feel dated or incredibly antiquated? Lots of couples want modern tunes to walk down the aisle. Since this is your ceremony, you can feel free to select whatever modern wedding processional songs you desire.

There are plenty of excellent songs to consider pumping out as your bridesmaids and groomsmen walk to the altar. Whether you select a song that is quite popular or an unknown tune by a big name in the music industry, these ideas are great to mull over. 

6. Instrumental Wedding Processional Songs 

Instrumental music is perfect for romantic settings and few environments are as magical as a wedding ceremony. While in the same theme as classical pieces, instrumental music covers a multitude of genres.

Unlike classical tunes, which all have a very specific feel to them, modern instrumental wedding processional songs can include beats, loops, electronic elements, wordless vocalizations, and all kinds of beautiful sounds. When you’re in search of walking down the aisle songs, feel free to look into what instrumentals may be out there.   

7. Fun Wedding Processional Songs

Wedding processional songs should always have an exciting element to them. While this is a poignant and romantic moment, it is also an exciting one!

Let this factor shine through by picking out wedding processional songs that feature an upbeat tune. Your wedding party will be able to really get into the moment and groove down the aisle when you consider some of these fun and exciting wedding ceremony songs. Plus, it will get guests ready to party on the dance floor later on at the reception.  

8. Country Wedding Processional Songs

Classic country songs can sometimes invoke the feelings of love and romance that come along with weddings. While a country song can also feel dated or hokey, it is your wedding day and you should go about the music selection however you see fit.

Naturally, this option usually makes the most sense if you come from a geographical region where this type of music is popular. If you’re from an area where the country isn’t popular, choosing country music may inadvertently give your event a theme you didn’t mean to. 

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It has been said time and time again that music is the food of love. What better way to celebrate marriage than with a fitting soundtrack?

Picking out the absolute best wedding ceremony songs for your big day takes time. As long as you stay true to the spirit of your relationship, you will have no trouble finding music that reflects all those ups and downs you have gone through with your partner.                    

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