35 Inexpensive Wedding Party Gifts For The Entire Crew

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All the bridesmaids, groomsmen, the maid of honor, the ring bearer, the flower girl, and ushers deserve the best wedding party gifts after the unforgettable wedding party they threw for you. Not just that, but for keeping you sane throughout.

From hosting the bridal shower to guarding the rings, they’ve been there for your support and to make your dreams come true. It’s time to return the favor and show them how much you love and appreciate them with hand-picked gifts for wedding preparations. Make sure your people know what they mean to you with the party gifts.

Need some inspiration? We’ve rounded up gift ideas for each member of the wedding party so that no one’s left behind. Check out our well-rounded collection!

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Moscow Mule Mug - wedding party gifts

Moscow Mule Mug

The Moscow mule mug can pull up your taste buds to a zesty, mixed drink that will put you in a trance. It is a great gift to give bridesmaids or groomsmen for the wedding party. The beauty of a mug will look even more striking with the names engraved on it.

Engraved Ceramic Beer Stein

Engraved Ceramic Beer Stein

Engraved ceramic beer stein makes a great gift. It is by far one of the most amazing gifts for your groomsmen and your best man. Get it customized with their initials or their name for a more personal touch. This high-quality ceramic beer stein is one to last years.

Leather Journal

Leather Journal

This leather journal is the perfect gift for both your groomsman and your bridesmaid. The best wedding attendant gift you can give. It will surely add to their collection of vintage pieces. This genuine leather journal will last them a lifetime, along with keeping their stories safe.

Wooden Flower Girl Wand

Wooden Flower Girl Wand

If your flower girl is the cutest little angel that you’ve ever seen, it is time you make her scream with delight with this wooden flower girl wand. It is a gorgeous wand for your perfect little flower girl. It looks even prettier with a name engraved on it.

Toddler Sunglasses

Toddler Sunglasses

Aren’t these the cutest toddler sunglasses of all time? These are perfect gifts for the most beautiful baby girls at the wedding. Spoil them by getting them these adorable flower-shaped sunnies and make their day more memorable. It is the perfect thank you gift for the girls.

Maid of Honor Thank You

Maid of Honor Thank You

There is nothing better than candles as thank you gifts for the wedding party. Your maid of honor deserves to be valued, appreciated and loved the same way she has supported you and loved you throughout all your events and bridezella moments. This candle will be just that for her. Gift away!

Personalized Baseball

Personalized Baseball

If you and your ring bearer share mad love for baseball, then a personalized baseball is the perfect gift for him. This laser engraved baseball is sure to win his heart! It is a great decoration piece to keep. Surprise him with this heartfelt gift that he will always remember.

Whisky Glass Set with Whiskey Stones

Whisky Glass Set with Whiskey Stones

What better way to celebrate with your best man than with a bottle of whiskey? This whisky glass set with whiskey stones is the perfect gift to surprise him with. You can get it customized with his name on the lid of the box. It gives such a royal touch.

Personalized Engraved Amo Can - Wedding Party

Personalized Engraved Amo Can

This personalized engraved Amo can is a great gift to give your groomsmen after the wedding party. Add in some wedding personalization so that they can cherish it for years to come. Sturdy and water-proof this box features a heavy-duty sealed lid. It is a practical gift to give your best man.

bridal party gifts - proposal bracelet

Bridesmaid Proposal Bracelet, Tie the Knot Jewelry

Put together a sentimental gift for a bridesmaid proposal with this “tie the knot” bracelet. Available in three colors; gold, silver, or rose gold and customized with a pendant with her initial, you won’t have to worry about these bracelets breaking your wedding budget. A cheap gift that you can give on its own or pair with other items. 

hip flask

Hip Flask

Get your groomsmen their very own personalized hip flasks. One of the most thoughtful party gifts for your boys. This high-quality brown leather hip flask is sure to be a great hit amongst all, and they will treasure it forever. You can get it customized with their names and date for memory.

Bridal Party Socks - bridal party gifts

Bridal Party Socks

Make sure the girls in your wedding party are ready for a night of getting pampered with these custom fuzzy socks. A fun item to add to a spa-themed gift box or just to give on their own. Made from super soft material, these socks will keep their feet warm and ready for a night of feeling their best. 

Custom Bridesmaid Print

Custom Bridesmaid Print

Celebrate your bestie being a bridesmaid on your special day long after the ceremony has ended. This affordable personalized print can be easily customized with skin tone, hair color, dress top and bottom, as well as other add ons. A truly one of a kind wedding party gift for the special ladies standing up in your wedding.

Custom Bridesmaid Print

Tote Bags

Whether traveling abroad or staying local, this monogrammed tote bag makes a great bridesmaid gift idea. Choose from six different, classic colors to match the wedding and make it personalized with her name, initials title. A fun accessory to carry all of her bridesmaid essentials and a great gift to give before the wedding ceremony.

Travel Case - bridal party gifts

Travel Case

This beautiful little travel case will make a stunning and unique gift to give your bridesmaids. Make from premium, high-quality vinyl and a hard case, this travel case will last far beyond the wedding day. Perfect for holding jewelry she will be wearing on the day of the wedding or while traveling for a future girls weekend.  

Personalized Cutting Board, USA Handmade Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board, USA Handmade Cutting Board

Commemorate that special wedding day with this personalized gift. Perfect for the homecook, you can have the bride and groom’s first and last names and wedding date engraved onto this solid, walnut or maple wood cutting board. Choose from three different sizes of cutting board and two different types of wood for a one of a kind gift.

DIY Maid of Honor Gift Box

DIY Maid of Honor Gift Box

If you really want to get creative with your maid of honor gift, consider giving a DIY gift box. This is a proposal type gift that you can put together with a few homemade items. Here are a few different types of items that you could include: faux plants, wine (or her favorite beverage), and a personalized cup. 

Wedding Party Paper Gift Bags

Wedding Party Paper Gift Bags

Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen feel special with these paper party bags. Whether they are on team bride or team groom, they will be excited to rip into these bags to see what is inside. The perfect size or fitting many different gift ideas for the wedding party. A great way to give gifts at the wedding or before.

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin  - bridal party gifts

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

The perfect compliment to go with some fuzzy socks, this farm-fresh spa tin has everything they need to look and feel their best before the big day. This kit includes a milk bath, bath truffle, whipped shea cream, and lip balm for a kissable pout. Scented with natural lavender and made with soothing goat’s milk for a relaxing experience.

yoga mat

Yoga Mat

Get ready for the big day with these customized yoga mats. If your bridesmaids are all about the healthy living and yogi life, then they will love these beautifully designed yoga mats. A durable and hypoallergenic mat, this gift will stand up to many sweat sessions. It even comes with a free strap for carrying your mat around.

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Wine & Savory Snack Collection - wedding party gifts

Wine & Savory Snack Collection

You can really never go wrong with a wine and food themed gift box idea. This traditional wine and savory snack box includes two different kinds of smoked cheeses, dry salami, gourmet crackers, and a bottle of aged red wine. Is your wedding party not a fan of red wine? There are several other types of gift boxes available. 

Bottle Opener

This bottle opener makes a stylish gift for all the groomsmen in your wedding party. A lightweight bottle opener that looks like a playing card and can easily fit into any sized wallet. Purchase these individually or as a pack and customized with the groomsman name and date of the wedding.

Groomsmen Proposal Gift Boxes

Groomsmen Proposal Gift Boxes

Don’t forget about the groomsmen gift ideas when it comes to putting together proposal boxes. Let your guys know that it’s time to suit up and do their wedding duties. Simply place the stickers for groomsman, best man, or ring bearer on the box. Of course don’t forget to fill the box with all sorts of goodies for your guys.

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Whiskey Stones Gift Set with 2 Glasses

Whiskey Stones Gift Set with 2 Glasses

This whiskey stone with glasses gift set is a high class gift that won’t break the bank. Make sure your groomsmen are enjoying every single sip of whiskey without the worry of it being watered down. The set contains 8 whiskey stones, a velvet carrying pouch, 2 classic whiskey glasses, and a luxury gift box.

Wooden Bottle Caddy  - bridal party gifts

Wooden Bottle Caddy

If your groomsmen are beer lovers, then they are going to love this wooden bottle caddy. Equipped with a sturdy metal handle and bottle opener on the side, the only other thing they will need is a few bottles of beer. The six pack divider fits most beer bottles and cans. Perfect for carrying beers to the bachelor party! 

Whiskey Decanter Set Globe - wedding party gifts

Whiskey Decanter Set Globe

High class guys deserve high class gifts. This globe shaped whiskey decanter set will certainly become a conversation piece in his man cave. The set includes an etched globe shaped decanter with glass blown ship inside, matching glasses, and nine whiskey stones. The perfect gift to also include their favorite whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or even wine.

Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Reading tea leaves is an age old tradition. This fun little tea leaf reading kit comes with a quick history lesson, directory of symbols, and tea leaf reading instructions. This would be a fun gift to give and use the night before the wedding to indulge in the mystery of tea leaves. Perhaps they will reveal who will wed next.

Ring Bearer Proposal-Ring Bearer Puzzle

Ring Bearer Proposal-Ring Bearer Puzzle

Make sure you don’t leave your ring bearer out when putting together wedding party proposals. This creative little puzzle gets straight to the point (as long as your ring bearer can read). Personalize with his name and a love note from the couple. Pair with another gift, like a bow tie, for an unusual proposal gift.

Personalized Cooler Bag - bridal party gifts

Personalized Cooler Bag

This personalized cooler bag makes a great gift for groomsmen and bridesmaids alike. Big enough to store essentials like soda, beer, wine, and snacks the day of the wedding. This cooler bag also makes wedding gifts for ring bearer to carry his snacks and juice around after he’s done walking down the aisle. 

Sage Floral Bow Tie & Leather Suspenders

Sage Floral Bow Tie & Leather Suspenders

Make sure your little and big guys match with this floral bow tie and suspenders set. The bow tie comes with a neck strap or a clip for any size guy, big or small. The tie and leather suspenders together make a wonderful inexpensive bridal shower gift. Whether a ring bearer or groomsman, your guys will be styling.

Wish Bracelet and Card -Charm - gifts ideas for wedding party

Wish Bracelet and Card -Charm

There are gifts for flower girl that it can be difficult to choose just one. Make sure your flower girl feels special with this simple bracelet. This adorable little piece of jewelry also doubles as a wish bracelet. She can make a wish when you tie it on and when it falls it her wish will come true.

Flower Girl Pajamas set monogrammed - bridal party gifts

Flower Girl Pajamas set monogrammed

Make sure your flower girl fits in with all the big girls in her monogrammed pajamas. Available in a wide range of colors and styles for girls ages 1-15, you can find something that will make her happy. The perfect gift accessory for a spa themed night before the ceremony that all the girls can enjoy together.

Personalized Tumblers - bridal wedding gifts

Personalized Tumblers

Whether sipping Prosecco or a wedding-themed mixed drink, these custom tumblers make lovely bridesmaid proposal gifts or gifts to give on the day of the wedding. These marbled tumblers look classy personalized with each bridesmaid’s name and custom font. You can also personalize the tumblers with “bride,” “bridesmaid,” and “maid of honor.”

Flower Girl Bracelet - gifts for wedding party

Flower Girl Bracelet

A beautiful flower for a beautiful flower girl. Flower girls play a very special role in the wedding, proceeding the bride before she walks down the aisle. Make sure she knows how special her task truly is with this adorable bracelet that she can wear the day of the ceremony and beyond.

Personalized Beer Bottle Opener

Personalized Beer Bottle Opener

Looking for a rustic, beer themed gift for your groomsmen? These custom beer bottle openers feature an opener attached to a sustainably sourced piece of wood. The wood and cap catcher are stained in one of three colors and monogrammed with their last name, “groomsman,” and date of the wedding. A unique addition to any man cave.

From bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, and flower girls, make sure that you have everyone covered with these 25 wedding party gifts. From personalized wedding gifts for his man cave to dainty jewelry for your beautiful flower girl. Pick a gift as a proposal for your wedding party and a few more for the day or evening before the wedding. 

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Get Gifting!

We hope our creative, thoughtful, and unique list of wedding party gifts has given you great ideas to surprise the ones you love. There’s a variety of gifts that you can give, and our well-rounded list shows how. There’s no need to stress about these gifts as it’s always the intention that counts. Just pick one thing you know they’ll love. These gifts are budget-friendly and will surely be a treat to receive. Have fun gifting and spreading smiles!

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