21+ Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas To Inspire Your Big Day in 2023


Getting your wedding invitations in the mail early is an important part of planning for your big day. Of course, you first need to select a style for your invites. Picking out the right theme and material can make all the difference.

Whether you opt for a funny wedding invitation or something a bit more creative, there are several excellent wedding invitation ideas worth your consideration. Give yourself a bit of time to look over these critical points on how you can use your invites to blend together a unique style with appropriate wedding invitation wording and timeless etiquette customs. 

22. Travel Maps Themed

Planning on hosting a destination wedding? These invitations are themed with imagery that helps to give off a vibe of travel and excitement. Your guests will start to feel the thrill of the adventure as soon as they receive these in the mail. A perfect fit for any events being held away from home. 

uniques wedding invitations:Travel Maps Themed

21. Country Wedding Invitations

For a fall rustic affair, invitations should reflect the event’s aesthetic. These country wedding invitation sets will invoke a setting where tables are lit by a candle inside a mason jar in a refurbished barn. Perfect for western weddings held on farms, in backyards, or anywhere that evokes a bygone way of living.

Country Wedding Invitations

20. Minimal Invitations

Your invitations don’t need to be elaborate or complex to do the job. In fact, one modern approach to wedding invitation ideas is a minimal design. Opt for a simplistic style with your invitations and it can make your life a lot easier. Plus, it will deliver a truly elegant feel that is hard to deny. 

sample wedding invitation:Minimal Invitation Sample Set

19. Velvet Pockets

There are all kinds of fantastic options available when you want the perfect wedding invites. These velvet pockets with foil engraving are a truly unique and unusual way to go about things.

The clear design is both convenient and stylish. This mysterious black invitation offers a classic yet inventive way to inform your guests about wedding details.

wedding party invitation:Velvet Pockets

18. Invitation and RSVP

The RSVP card is an important aspect of the traditional invitation layout. This printed sample invitation and RSVP in gold is a beautiful option to select for your own nuptials.

If you’re looking to host a formal affair, these invitations are sure to please. Plus, you’ll likely get your RSVP card back in a timely manner when guests take note of it from the start.

unique invitations: Printed Sample Invitation and RSVP

17. Green and Blush

When your wedding is being held on or near a beach, there are a few great beach wedding invitation ideas to think about. Invoke palm trees and warm sand with a set of cards that make you and your guests feel like you are already soaking up the sun and surrounded by shades of blue and green.

Green and Blush Wedding

16. Majestic Mountains

Some couples opt to get married in a picturesque setting like the mountains. If this majestic backdrop will be a part of your big day, consider rustic cards that feature a watercolor design.

Your guests will feel like they have stepped foot on a mountain overlooking vast stretches of gorgeous forest. If you love a natural design, this is a good fit for you.

creative invitations:Majestic Mountains

15. Venue Illustration

Want a truly unique design for your wedding invites? Have a custom portrait done of the venue where you’ll be tying the knot. A painting of the venue offers a one-of-a-kind way to go about your invitations while also providing guests with a visual of what the exterior of the space will look like. The artist you work with will be able to provide you with more insight on how this process works.

Venue Illustration

14. Little Green Wedding

Going green with your wedding? Why not consider infusing that mentality into your invitation design? The geometric artwork of this vintage card can help to invoke a natural and stylish aesthetic.

Embrace the tropical vibe for your eco-friendly wedding by choosing lush tropical invitations. This look, both modern and classic, is sure to please all tastes. The green tone of the cards also makes them stand out in all the right ways.

Little Green Wedding

13. Think Spring

Need wedding invitation ideas for the spring? Since this season is all about the renewal of life and colorful blossoms on the trees, elegant card design is in order.

You and your guests will be invigorated by the beautiful Cricut designs featured on these invitations. If you’re looking to think spring with your invitations then this is definitely the option to mull over. 

unique invite ideas: Think Spring

12. Flower Temple

Flowers are a huge component in almost all wedding ceremonies. Whether you plan on having a hundred floral arrangements around your venue or you will keep it simple with a bouquet and some centerpieces, working flowers into your invitations might be a great idea.

These adorable cards in pink, red, and other captivating colors are ideal for occasions where you want to sprinkle in some flowery imagery. 

unique invite ideas:Flower Template

11. Pocket Style

Simplicity is key when it comes to planning a wedding that you will not soon forget. If you need to keep everything as easy as possible, consider a minimalist approach to the task of picking out invitations.

These printable invites are a perfect way to save money and still deliver exceptional cards to your guests. You can even take things a bit further and add some custom features to the cards after you’ve printed them.

Pocket Style

10. Patterned Cards

Artsy couples might want to find a card design that matches their own creative sensibilities. If you and your partner love pieces that call to mind art deco styles, then these cards are perfect for you. The geometric patterns are both inspirational and gorgeous. All you need to do is explore the styles and find a pattern that speaks to your sensibilities. 

Stick with pattern

9. Winter Wedding

The winter is a lovely time to tie the knot. When the world is blanketed in snow, wearing white seems quite appropriate. Find wedding invitation ideas for every season by exploring these wintry designs.

Capturing the season perfectly with your invites can get guests in the right mood for your big day. Whether the season has arrived or “winter is coming,” these may be the right fit for your needs.

exclusive wedding invitations:Winter Wedding

8. Think Vintage

While modern invitation designs are one of many different styles to consider, a classic approach is never a bad idea to think about. A vintage design for your invitations might be the perfect way to express your distinct personality through your cards.

The past is a treasure trove when it comes to designs and patterns that cover a spectrum of aesthetics. Look over the different styles to find a classic look that you love.

unusual wedding invitations:Think Vintage

7. Custom Photo Cards

A personalized invitation may also be the ideal way to go about selecting the right cards. With custom photo cards, you can design a card that fits your specific tastes.

All you need to do is pick out photos that you adore and you will be ready to send out invitations that truly showcase your unique style. Of all the choices available, this one offers you the most in terms of customizing the final look of the card.

cool invitations design:Custom Photo

6. Design Your Own Royal Wedding

Are you obsessed with the way that royal couples tie the knot? If you’re like the millions of people who find this stuff fascinating, you may wish to design your own royal wedding when exploring wedding invitation ideas.

These unique and exciting card options come in royal blue, offering an elegant way to evoke the spirit of royalty in your wedding design. Inexpensive yet luxurious , you’ll easily give the royal family a run for their money!

Design Your Own Royal Wedding

5. Blush Flower

You can never go wrong when it comes to using flowers in the design of your wedding invitations. Whether you are getting married in the middle of spring or during one of the other seasons, floral imagery is perfect for invitations.

Obviously, there are all kinds of blossom types to think about including when it comes to your invites. Take a look at this set and see how you can use flowers to your advantage with your wedding design. 

Blush Flower Invitation set

4. Message in a Bottle

Consider scroll invitations for a truly creative and somewhat unusual option for your wedding invitation ideas. A message in a bottle is definitely the way to go. Both cute and creative, this can be a really appropriate invitation option if you are planning on tying the knot on a beach or somewhere with a lot of sand and sea.

Message In A Bottle

3. Passport Invitations

Destination weddings are as exciting as they are involved. For a creative surprise in your destination invitations, a passport theme is the best choice to make.

The style of these invites will let your guests know the plan right away and will help to work up the excitement about the chance to travel for your big day.

unique invitation:Passport Invite

2. Coaster Invitations

What’s better than an invitation that includes all of the pertinent details of your wedding? One that can be repurposed as a coaster!

The distinct shape of these circular invites provides a creative way for you to break the mold with your invites. A perfectly unique way to inform your guests of the news while also providing a little something fun. 

creative wedding cards:Coaster Invitations

1. 70s Chic

Feeling groovy and looking to boogie at the disco? Then these 70s chic invitations are for you. Whether you were around during this time period or you just find the aesthetic of these years to be intriguing, the style will definitely be one that will appeal to those who appreciate a vintage approach to invitations.

70s Chic

Looking for additional inspiration for beautiful invitations? Explore more of our featured wedding invitation styles.

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When it comes to picking out the best possible invitations for your big day, it is important to look over all of the different options available to you. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more modern or you want to dive into the past with a vintage aesthetic, there are wedding invitation ideas to please everyone. Give yourself ample time to look over what’s out there and discover the perfect fit to help announce your wedding details to guests. 

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