23 Unique Gifts for Daughter on Her Wedding Day (Guide 2021)

wedding gifts for daughter

It’s a special day when a daughter gets married. Unsure what to get your little girl on her big day? From the perfect personalized wedding gifts to funny gift ideas for a daughter-in-law. Our list will help you find a special wedding gift for daughter for her wedding day. Help her to start a new chapter with these ideas for a daughter or daughter-in-law from mother or dad.

1. Personalized Handkerchief

 Personalized Handkerchief


When searching for the perfect wedding present for your daughter, you can never go wrong with a personalized gift item. This handkerchief adds a beautiful sentiment that she can keep tucked inside her dress on her wedding day.

After the ceremony she can frame the handkerchief as a personal touch keepsake gift from her mother to cherish forever. 

2. Mother and daughter Poem Photo Canvas Print 


From the time she was born until long after your little girl walks down the aisle. She always has and always will hold an extra special place in your heart.

There is a special bond between mother and daughter that can never be broken or severed. Celebrate that unbreakable, maternal love with a special poem and personalized photo canvas.

3. Song Lyrics Print

black and white canvas


Give your daughter something extra special on her wedding day with this beautiful song lyric canvas print. The perfect gift for adding custom song lyrics from your favorite song that holds meaning to both of you.

To make it special for her wedding, add the bride and groom’s name and wedding date to the bottom. 

4. Bracelet

mother to daughter wedding gift ideas:Bracelet


Getting your daughter a piece of jewelry as a wedding gift never goes out of style. This beautiful bracelet highlights the everlasting love between a mother and a daughter.

A sentimental gift to give your daughter on her wedding day that she will cherish forever. Adorned with an infinity symbol and heart intertwined to symbolize your love for one another. 

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5. Father and Daughter Personalised Photo frame

Father and Daughter Personalised Photo frame


From the moment he first held you in his arms when you were born. From then on, he always knew you would be his little girl.

Even though you may not fit on his lap anymore, you will always hold that special place in his heart. This personalized photo frame makes a sentimental wedding gift from father to daughter.

6.Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow

wedding gift for daughter: custom name song lyric pillow


Searching for a unique gift idea for your daughter’s wedding day? This lyric pillow can be personalized with any popular love song for a one-of-a-kind wedding gift.

This would also make a great anniversary gift for a daughter or daughter-in-law. Be sure that they’re reminded of their love for one another each time they look at this pillow.

7. Stepdaughter Necklace

wedding gift for daughter:Stepdaughter Necklace


Even though you might not have given birth to her, she is still just as much your daughter. This necklace would make the perfect accompaniment to a set of pearl earrings to wear on her big day.

While suitable for a step daughter, this necklace also works to gift to a daughter in law or adopted daughter. 

8. Custom Photo Desktop Plaque


This sentimental picture frame says it all to that special young lady in your life. Help to capture and display the best moments from that special, emotional day with this customized mother, daughter picture frame.

While she might not be your little girl anymore, she will always hold a special place in your heart. 

9.Memory Book 

mommy and me scrapbook


Searching for a gift for your daughter on her wedding day that she’ll look back on for years to come? This memory book makes a great addition to any other photo based gift or a gift just by itself.

This adorable little book can be used as a scrapbook or memory book. Include pictures, notes, and letters to your daughter. 

10.Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This compact mirror makes a luxury gift for a bride to be on her wedding day.

Available in many different colors to suit her wedding theme or in several shades of blue for a traditional gift. She can use this gift to check her bridal makeup on her big day. 

11.Personalized Ring Dish for Jewelry Gift

wedding gifts for daughter:Personalized Ring Dish for Jewelry Gift


Make sure she has the perfect place to put her wedding ring when she isn’t able to wear it. This personalized ring dish makes an adorable wedding gift from mother to daughter on her special day or gifted before.

A beautiful and durable gift, which symbolizes her upcoming marriage. A one of a kind, hand painted gift she will cherish.

12.Bride Pajamas

Bride Pajamas


This special present for daughter will ensure that she’s extra comfy until she has to slip into her wedding dress. Available in a wide range of colors to match her wedding theme.

Get a pair for all the ladies! The bride, bridesmaids, flower girl, miniature bride, and of course, a pair for the mothers of the bride and groom. 

13.Custom Bridal Drawing

gifts for the bride from her mother:Custom Bridal Drawing


Gift the bride to be a unique wedding gift with this personalized bride and mother of the bride digital portrait. A beautiful wedding gift that she will be proud to display in her loving home.

Each illustration can be customized in several ways. From the skin tone, dress size, hair color, top and bottom dress style, and custom text. 

14.Floral Compact Mirror 



Gift your daughter a special and meaningful gift that she can always carry with her to remind her of you. The saying on this compact will remind her that no matter what, her mother will always be there for her. This beautiful little mirror would make a great gift to give at the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower as well. 

15.Bonus Daughter Coffee Mug

Bonus Daughter Coffee Mug


While she might not be your biological daughter, she certainly makes a good bonus step-daughter or daughter in law.

Whether gifting to your step-daughter at her wedding or a daughter-in-law, this mug makes a thoughtful gift she will cherish. Each time she uses it she’ll be reminded of the special bond the two of you share with each other. 

16.Funny Glass for Daughter in Law 

wedding gift from mom to daughter:Funny Glass for Daughter in Law


For the most awesome daughter-in-law, be sure she knows how wonderful she truly is with this funny, personalized wine glass. For your daughter getting married, show her your appreciation for her lovely personality with this useful gift.

This makes the perfect accompaniment for a wedding, or daughter-in-law gift for Christmas, Valentine’s, or birthday present for her. 

17. Wedding Hanger Dress 

gift for daughter on her wedding day:Wedding Hanger Dress


Make sure your daughter is able to get the perfect shot of her wedding dress with this unique, customized hanger. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, personalize this hanger with her new, married last name.

A great way to capture an amazing photo opportunity with the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses before the ceremony. 

18.Personalized Recipe Book Cookbook 

Personalized Recipe Book Cookbook


A personalized recipe book makes a thoughtful and useful wedding gift from mother to daughter.

Collect her favorite recipes you made from her childhood and put them into this recipe book. Choose from several different style recipe pages, book sizes, and images to engrave on the front. A truly one of a kind gift she can pass on for generations. 

19.Personalized a letter blanket to Your Daughter

a mother's letter to her daughter on her wedding day: Personalized a letter blanket to your daughter on her wedding


Being an adult can be really difficult. Make sure to let your daughter know that you’re always there for her even when you can’t physically be there.

This blanket makes a great gift from mom to daughter for her wedding. Complete with a poem about courage and how this blanket feels like a hug from mom when she’s far away.  

20. Skincare Gift set to Daughter-in-law 

Skincare Gift set to Daughter-in-law


Be the best mother-in-law ever and make sure your soon to be with these ideas for a daughter or daughter-in-law from her mother or mother-in-law.  is pampered with this skincare gift set.

Choose from either a simple spa gift set or a luxury skincare box set for her. Add a necklace with a single pearl for a unique touch. The set comes complete with a daughter in-law poem for her to cherish.  

21.Custom Music Box From Mom and Dad

wedding gifts from father to daughter:Custom Music Box From Mom and Dad

ETSY.COM| $24.95

Serenade her with the sweet sounds of this custom music box before she gets ready to walk down the aisle. This tiny, ornate wooden music box makes a unique wedding gift idea for a daughter or soon to be daughter-in-law. Melt her heart with the beautiful rhythm of the song, “You are my sunshine.”

22.Perfume Gift Set

Perfume Gift Set

Anthropologie.com| $28.00

For the bride to be that has everything, this perfume gift set makes a thoughtful gift idea. A lovely item that she can use the day of the wedding and after to smell her best.

With four different assorted scents, vanilla, blush, rose, and orange, she can easily pick a scent to match her mood. 

23.Wedding Card to Your Daughter

Wedding Card to Your Daughter


With so many gift ideas listed here, there is something you should include with any present. A card that holds a special message for your daughter or soon to be daughter in law.

Printed with a whimsical font on the front and blank on the inside. Share your true feelings with her with this beautiful, quality card.  

Wedding gifts for daughter should be meaningful and sentimental. From personalized pillows to customized compacts, each of these gifts has a special meaning for a daughter on her wedding. 

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