23 Practical Wedding Gifts for Couple Already Living Together (2023)

Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple Already Living Together

These days, people follow all kinds of different paths when it comes to romantic relationships. For example, it is more common than ever before for a couple to live together before tying the knot.

If you’re searching for wedding gift ideas for a couple already living together, there are some extra special presents you can consider for this new stage of life. Whether you grab something from the registry as per wedding etiquette or find a unique way to celebrate the happy couple, these ideas are sure to impress. 


“Our First Home” Custom Map Canvas

Unique art pieces for a home can always be a good fit when you need wedding gift ideas for couple already living together. Art, especially the personalized variety, has a way of breathing new life into a space and adding a touch of personality to each room of the house.

A custom map like this can illustrate the love story of the couple getting married in a way that is sweet, sentimental, and perfect to hang on the wall.

“This is Us” Personalized Family Throw Blanket

“This is Us” Personalized Family Throw Blanket

The first thing that you will notice about our “This is Us” personalized throw blanket is its cool color theme. The adorable blanket is perfect for couples getting married to decor their new home.

Home Sweet Home Personalized Address Pillow

Personalized Home Sweet Home Pillow

A vibrant home is always filled with eye-catching decor items. This personalized home pillow is one of the items to make instantly brighten up any space such as a bedroom or a living room in your house

It is also a perfect gift for a couple who live together as a wedding gift.

wedding gift for couple who already live together:Wine-glass

Wine Glass

There are some presents you can get for a wedding day that are a good fit because they are a classic gift option. Wine glasses fit this category perfectly.

If you want to help the newlyweds settle into life together, a nice set of wine glasses is sure to commemorate the day in the perfect way.

wedding gift for couple already living together:Cutting board

Cutting Board

Married couples tend to do a lot of household activities and chores together. If the pair you’re buying for are the kinds of people who love to cook together, then you can go a long way by gifting a personalized cutting board as a present. Perfect as decor for the kitchen or to be put to good use in meal preparation.

A Home Wall Art

A Home Wall Art for Newlywed

Another unique way to find a marriage gift for couple who already live together is by considering some wall art. When a couple lives together, new pieces to hang on the walls is always appreciated. Find a custom piece that speaks to the style of the happy couple and see how your gift brightens their home.

Home-Is-Wher- Our-Heart-Is-Name-Personalized-Family-Tree-Pillow

Personalized Family Tree Pillow

Personalized gifts are always a great way to go about finding wedding gift ideas for couple already living together. If you want to help commemorate this special milestone, then one great idea for a couple is a personalized pillow. This custom present is a truly unique way to bring some life to a home.


Personalized Wedding Date Calendar Canvas

To congratulate a couple living together, use the canvas print as a wedding present to give to them.

It will be a keepsake to remind them of the day they began married life together as husband and wife.

Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker

When the couple has not yet moved into a space together, one great way to go about finding typical wedding gifts for newly married couples is by thinking about practical presents.

One of the best wedding gifts for couples moving in together is a pressure cooker. Help make meal prep a breeze for the newlyweds with this excellent wedding gift.

Name & Name Personalized Coasters

Name & Name Personalized Coasters

Have you been invited to a wedding at the last minute? If so, you may not know the first thing about what to get for the couple. Those who are looking for cheap wedding gifts that don’t come across as thoughtless, a set of personalized coasters is a simple fit.

Inexpensive and practical, this is a gift that will easily fit the bill. There are plenty of great cheap wedding gifts for couples to consider, but this is one of the best fits.

Family Sign

A Family Sign of Happy Marriage

Though getting married might be the start of a new chapter, but that doesn’t mean that the couple hasn’t already started a family together. A personalized family sign is a lovely gift that captures the spirit of the couple’s family as it begins this new part of their journey together.

Wine gift box set

Wine Gift Box Set for Couple

Wine is never a bad idea when you need to get a gift in a pinch. For many couples, a glass of wine is a great way to celebrate everything from the small victories to the huge milestone moments. Help your friends feel the love with a wine box set that includes everything they need to indulge.

Handmade Pottery Dinnerware

Handmade Pottery Dinnerware

Though it once was customary for couples to use a wedding registry, the practice has fallen out of style a bit. Thankfully there are some great ways to find presents for when a couple already lives together. Handmade pottery dinnerware is a truly unique gift that will have the couple remembering your present for years to come.

wedding gift ideas for couples living together:Luggage Tag Set

Luggage Tag Set

The start of a new chapter in life is the perfect excuse for a couple to travel. If you want to help encourage the happy couple to get creative and set sail for adventure, then a luggage tag set is a great fit. A great fit when you need wedding gift ideas for couple who like to travel.

Custom One Heart Map Art Canvas Print

Custom Map Art Canvas

With this Custom map art canvas print, you may keep the important memories alive forever. Customize a map with the location where a couple met for the first time. Alternatively, you can personalize it with the place of the wedding.

It is surely a perfect wedding gift that a couple will cherish.

Flute Glasses

Flute Glasses

At weddings, it is common for the guests to toast to the happy couples. One way to go about finding the right gift is by looking at a set of champagne flute glasses.

Whether you give it early for the couple to use during the reception or for them to utilize at home after, this is a very special present to consider.

Electric Water Kettle

Electric Water Kettle

A stainless steel water kettle can make for a very nice housewarming wedding gift for couple who already live together. A practical gift that many people don’t already own, this is a great way to encourage a cozy night inside with a cup of tea during the thick of winter.

gifts for couples moving in together:A new vacuum

A New Vacuum

Vacuuming is one of the easiest ways to keep a household clean. Sadly, investing in a new vacuum is not an expense that is easy for most people to undertake. If you want to gift an essential item to a couple who has been living together for a bit of time now, a quality vacuum is the way to go. Help the newlyweds get the house nice and clean with a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner.

Personalized Luggage set

Personalized Luggage Set

Encouraging the newlyweds to travel is a great way to go about finding the perfect typical wedding gift for them. When they receive brand new luggage as a present, they’ll feel inspired for all of the many places they will visit together as a married couple.

Monogrammed Robes

Monogrammed Robes

One fun way to go about selecting gifts for a wedding is by exploring matching options. A set of monogrammed robes is a way to offer a gift that is personalized and special.

These soft and luxurious robes exude a sense of class and are perfect for lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday morning.

Custom Photo Collage Blanket

Custom Photo Collage Blanket

If you want to help your favorite couple celebrate a special day in a unique way, consider a gift that allows you to walk down memory lane.

A personalized photo collage blanket is a great fit for this. Select your favorite pictures of the couple and in no time you’ll have a beautiful and cozy present that will look great as a throw on a couch or bed.

Decanter Set with Glasse

Decanter Set with Glasse

After tying the knot, hosting friends and family members will become part of the routine for most couples. If you want to help make their lives easier, grab a quality decanter set.

This is an elegant gift that can transform a normal gathering of friends into a fancy dinner party in no time. Include a bottle of liquor for an added boost to your gift.

wedding gifts for couples who already live together: Cookware Set

Cookware Set

If the wedding date is approaching and you’re still scrambling to find the perfect gift, a cookware set is definitely worth a consideration.

Everyone needs a quality set of cookware. Whether the couple loves to cook or only uses the kitchen every now and again, this is a present that definitely will be received well.

Some New Knife

Some New Knife

It is hard to beat the power of a great set of knives. When kitchen knives become dull, making a meal becomes a real hassle.

One way to approach a gift idea for young couple already living together is by grabbing a brand new set of knives. This is a quality gift idea is definitely going to be put to immediate use once the couple makes their first meal as a married couple.

Bar Tool Set

Bar Tool Set

Does the happy couple love to entertain? If so, you might want to think about gift ideas for newlyweds that will help them show off their hosting abilities. A bar tool set includes all of the essential tools needed to make an array of cocktails and other clever concoctions. A great gift for the couple who loves to have a good time in style.

Coordinates Custom Canvas Print – Where It All Began

Coordinates Custom Canvas Print

A personalized canvas print with coordinates of a special location will be a unique gift for newly married couples! All you need to do is entering the latitude and longitude of the place.

It can be the location where you first met or your new home. With the quote “Where It All Began”, the gift shows how much you care and that you remember all the little details in your relationship!

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding gift ideas for couple already living together, there are plenty of unique ways to approach the challenge. Give yourself time to explore the variety of options before you and find the perfect fit for the happy couple in your life.

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