99+ The Best Songs for Wedding Ceremony in 2022


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Choosing wedding ceremony songs can be challenging. You want something that reflects who you are as a couple without overlooking tradition. An excellent place to show individuality is in the music you play during the ceremony.

Whether you want a country song or an R&B anthem or prefer to stick with old favorites, don’t worry. Our list of the best wedding ceremony songs will help you build the perfect playlist.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Ceremony Music

When choosing music for your big day, a perfect place to start is the prelude songs. You’ll also need music for the processional, signing of the register, and recessional.

Do you want instrumentals for the transitions? What about hymns instead of wedding vows songs? These are crucial factors to consider during planning. Whether you’re looking for calm acoustic melodies or upbeat vocals, these wedding ceremony songs will do the trick! 

 1. Traditional Wedding Ceremony Songs

Do you want to stick with traditional wedding ceremony songs on your big day? The timeless “Wedding March” is as classic as it gets.

This list contains pieces that go well with the theme if you want to coordinate your ceremony. They’re perfect for walking down the aisle or for exiting as a pair of newlyweds. You can pick any of these wedding march songs to keep that old-school flare.

 2. Modern Wedding Ceremony Songs

There’s no rule saying you can’t use a recent favorite to set the mood on your big day. Our collection of modern wedding ceremony songs contains the newest big hits. Trendy wedding ceremony love songs are getting increasingly popular.

They’re fun and sweet pieces to break tradition a bit. Choose one of these contemporary wedding ceremony songs for songs to walk down the aisle to.

 3. Country Wedding Ceremony Songs

Country music is known for big voices and even bigger emotions. Even if you’re not having a country-themed wedding, you can still enjoy these tunes. Have a vocalist belt one out during the ceremony or for the recessional.

Alternatively, pick more than one country anthem for your pre-processional songs. Either way, you’ll be in for good fun. These country wedding ceremony songs are sure to be a big hit.

 4. Acoustic Wedding Ceremony Songs

Acoustic music makes for fantastic wedding ceremony songs. Its tunes are often slower and softer than their original versions and are perfect for that walk down the aisle. So if you have a favorite song that is not a good fit as-is, look for an acoustic version.

If you need help, check out our list of great acoustic wedding songs. There’s bound to be one that will catch your ear!

 5. R&B Wedding Ceremony Songs

R&B gospel wedding ceremony songs make a great music selection for all kinds of services. There’s a perfect tune to highlight each special moment. Pick something slow and romantic for when you exchange vows. Then, you can spice things up a bit.

Choose a jazzy and fun option for the recessional to get everyone ready for all the dancing to come. R&B gospel wedding songs are always an excellent choice!

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 6. Best Wedding Ceremony Songs

Give your favorite ultra-romantic tunes a turn during the ceremony! Showcase “your” special couple song while you walk down the aisle. 

Better yet, let your guests enjoy a selection of the best love songs for a wedding ceremony. It’s a great way to keep them entertained as they get to their seats. Whether you go with modern hits or all-time favorites, you can never go wrong with a cheesy ballad!

 7. Christian Wedding Ceremony Songs

The Christian church is pretty heterogeneous. Luckily, Christian wedding ceremony songs are just as diverse. What better way to liven up the day of your sacred union?

The best ceremony songs for Christian ceremonies are a mix of spiritual and contemporary worship anthems. Choose one or more from our list, or go with a personal favorite. Either way, the Lord will be smiling down at your on your big day!

 8. Catholic Wedding Ceremony Songs

The Catholic church usually has strict music requirements for weddings. If you’re having a Catholic ceremony, then you already know this. You’ll need to pick different pieces for the Communion, unity candle lighting, and the blessing and rings exchange.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Catholic wedding ceremony songs to choose from. Make the ceremony your own with classic hymns, or pick from your favorite modern Catholic wedding songs.

 9. Fun Wedding Ceremony Songs

Churches aren’t the only places you can hold a lovely wedding. Uncommon locations call for fun wedding ceremony songs. These tunes are great for a wedding ceremony on a beach or in the middle of a frozen winter lake.

A non-traditional setting gives you some freedom from convention. Use it to your advantage! Get your guests to sing along with good songs to sing at a wedding!

 10. Instrumental Wedding Ceremony Songs

When people think of instrumental music, their minds often go straight to what plays in elevators. But instrumental wedding ceremony songs are nothing like that! Go with a classic like “Ode to Joy” or something modern and playful like “Your Song” on piano. 

The possibilities are endless! Instrumental music is also useful if you need wedding prelude songs to play as the guests enter the ceremony.

 11. Top 10 Wedding Ceremony Songs for 2020

The music on our list of top wedding ceremony songs varies greatly. Some are considered wedding classics, like Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be.” Others are classics in their own right, but not what you’d expect at a wedding, like “Here Comes the Sun.”

If you’re still indecisive, don’t sweat it. Here’s the ultimate list of wedding songs needed to get the party started!


Wedding ceremony songs can be calm or upbeat, instrumental or with vocals. What matters is that the music for your wedding shows your guests who you are as a couple.

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