25 Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas To Mesmerize Your Guests (2023)

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Planning a wedding ceremony is one of the most exciting events in a young couple’s life. But with everything going on, choosing the right wedding ceremony decorations can be quite daunting. Thinking all nuptials are extravagant? It’s easy to assume getting married will cost you an arm and a leg. The good news is it really doesn’t have to!

We’re sure you can find inexpensive ceremony decor at your nearest wedding supply store. No matter what venue you pick, we’ll help you make it look breathtaking. Follow our simple tips to keep your aisle decorations on a budget without looking cheap. You’ll soon be on your way to newlywed bliss!

Read on to find out our best wedding ceremony decoration ideas for wedding planners or couples.

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Not everybody wants to get married in a church, or even in a building! Having your wedding outside is becoming the hottest fad. We can think of many options. We promise they won’t put a roof on your head nor a dent in your wallet!

Saying “I do” in a garden can be a great way to keep costs down for your special day. You can make it look beautiful with some of our outdoor wedding ceremony decoration ideas. If you don’t have a large backyard, don’t worry! Ask a friend if they’d let you use theirs. They’d surely feel honored!

1. Decorate Your Chairs

Outdoor wedding chair decorations can really spruce things up. Try placing little aisle flowers on the benches lining the main corridor. You can also decorate them with some beautiful fairy lights. To tie it all together, hang a few more above the seating area. When it gets dark, you can switch them on and enjoy the magical glow. 

wedding ceremony decorations - decorate your chairs

2. Use Trees to Designate Areas

When you’re planning on how to decorate your own wedding, you can take some shortcuts. Natural features can beautifully determine the layout for an outdoor ceremony. You could use trees as a frame as you declare your eternal love for each other. This setup is especially attractive for a summer wedding, but autumn leaves’ copper colors work well too! 

use trees to decorate chairs

3. When in Doubt, Add Potted Plants!

Here’s an idea for spring weddings. Potted plants and leafy ferns can really beautify your dream venue. You can arrange them however you want and use them to delimit different areas. Throw some lovely wedding aisle flower stands in the mix. Think of your favorite buds and colors as jumping-off points when you’re planning your ceremony decor. 

wedding ceremony decorations - potted plants

 4. Don’t Hold Back on Tulle

Is it even a wedding if you’re not using tulle? This versatile fabric makes a fantastic wedding altar decoration. You can also use it as a canopy over the ceilings or bunch it together to create beautiful bows. Here’s a bonus pro tip. Tulle curtains combined with string lights can give a truly magical effect fit for a fairy tale! 

wedding ceremony decorations - Don’t Hold Back on Tulle

 5. Scatter Flower Petals

Every wedding needs a floral touch. Forget about expensive aisle decorations. Wedding aisle flower petals are the way to go. Have your flower girls scatter some in white, peach, and pink all over your aisle runner. Alternatively, choose something more striking. Red rose petals are an all-time classic that never fails to impress! 

flower petals

 6. Make Sure to Mow the Lawn

Having a wedding outside in your backyard means you need to make sure the lawn looks neat. So don’t forget to cut your grass so that your outdoor ceremony decor can sand out. When you place each chair, make sure the ground is even. This way, your guests won’t wobble during the main event. 

Make Sure to Mow the Lawn

 7. Decorate Your Arch

It’s time to talk about the centerpiece of your wedding ceremony decorations. Have you thought about how your ceremony arch will look? Matching your decor with your wedding flowers will tie everything together. A floral touch is sure to make your arch stand out. A red rose theme is always a good choice, as it symbolizes true love. 

wedding ceremony decorating ideas - wedding arch

 8. Build Your Own Aisle With Wooden Planks

Are you aiming for a woodsy look for your ceremony decor? Wooden planks can give a simple and rustic feel to your wedding. Use them as an aisle runner or for the whole seating area. An excellent beach wedding aisle idea is to choose lighter woods that resemble a boardwalk. Bonus: wooden planks mean no more heels sinking into soft grass!

wedding ceremony decorations - wooden plank
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Indoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Having an indoor wedding ceremony is great for colder months or when you don’t want to risk bad weather. It also means you have much more flexibility for decorations than with church ceremony decor. You can really put your own stamp with your personal wedding ceremony decorating ideas.

What if you’re on a budget? Huge barns and stunning castles are beautiful, true. But you can make any space the perfect place for your big day with unique wedding aisle decorations. Original altar settings and strategic lighting play an important role too. Read on for our indoor wedding ceremony decoration ideas below. 

Make Cozy Touches

If you’re on a budget, adding green or floral elements can make an indoor space look homey. And using wedding candles to decorate the aisle or sand ceremony sets next to the wedding chairs will add warmth. Sand candles down the aisle will bring a touch of color and uniqueness to your special day. Plus, they are an easy wedding aisle decorations DIY. 

wedding ceremony decorations - add some warmth

Choose an Aisle Runner

One of the essential pieces of wedding aisle decor is an aisle runner. A simple white wedding ceremony runner can be cheap and bring cohesion and symbolism to your chosen wedding space. Where do you want to stand while you say your wedding vow? A floral garland aisle runner can be a nice touch. For extra uniqueness, consider getting yours personalized. 

Choose an Aisle Runner

Chandeliers Make the Perfect Lighting

If your wedding venue already has chandeliers, lucky you! But if not, don’t worry. You can make DIY wedding ceremony decorations with candles to make your lighting just as beautiful. Hang fairy lights or tea lights in a glass vase for a real “wow” effect from your wedding decor. Include florals for an ethereal look or crystal garlands to add sparkle and glamour. 

Chandeliers Make the Perfect Lighting

Try Overlapping Persian Rugs

If you want to make your own aisle runner, here’s an idea. You can mix up your aisle decor with some mismatched Persian rugs. Everyday objects can make beautiful wedding stuff when used right. Lining your aisle with gorgeous wedding rugs is no exception. This idea creates a boho vintage look. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something a bit different for your wedding ceremony decorations. 

wedding aisle runner - persian rugs

Craft an Origami Backdrop

Traditional ceremony backdrops for your wedding can be expensive. Choose an origami shape for DIY aisle decor that will look stunning. Mix pink and purple colors, or keep the paper plain white. Either will give you a magical effect. Experiment by creating a paper flower, cone, or crane shape and see which one you like best. Do you want a more striking design? Go for it! 

wedding ceremony decorations - Craft an Origami Backdrop

Add Sparkle With Fairy Lights

Fairy light strings are simple wedding ceremony decor that can make your big moment feel atmospheric. Sparkling warm lights are more flattering than plain white ceiling lamps and will make your guests feel warm and cozy. Add twinkle lights to the room as a canopy, a backdrop, or even in small jars. You can even place them on the backs of the seats or around the altar. 

Add Sparkle With Fairy Lights

Bring the Outside to the Inside

There needs to be something special about wedding venues, and green plants can add that natural touch. Perhaps you would like to get married under a garland wedding arch? Alternatively, you could use greenery to line the ceremony aisle in place of a wedding aisle runner. Get creative and add plants here and there. You’ll certainly be amazed by the effect! 

wedding ceremony decorations - Bring the Outside to the Inside

Celebrate With Bubbles

Imagine hundreds of colorful bubbles reflecting your beautiful wedding ceremony decor as they drift gracefully over your wedding venue. Blowing bubbles over the bride and groom is a lovely alternative to throwing rice or confetti. Your guests will love it, and personalized bubble blowers make super cute wedding accessories for them. Alternatively, you can fill up a buddle with soapy water and create giant bubbles using a string. 

wedding ceremony decorations - bubbles

Innovative Altars

In any indoor venue setting, or even outdoors, a balloon altar is a beautiful alternative to a church wedding altar. Create a gorgeous balloon arch by using every color in the rainbow. Alternatively, choose a particular hue that matches your wedding palette. You can use all shapes and sizes to craft your desired look. It’s much more unique than the typical floral option for wedding ceremony altar decorations.

wedding ceremony decorations ideas - balloon arch

Wedding Ceremony Decorations for Church

Ah, the sound of the bells and the singing of the choir! Are you planning to have the fairytale church wedding you always dreamed about? If you choose a traditional setting, what are the best wedding ceremony decorations?

When planning a church wedding, it’s important to keep aspects of the venue in mind. That way, you can match the aesthetic of the location. Don’t forget to ask about any restrictions before you roll up your sleeves! Once that’s settled, check out these fantastic wedding chapel decoration ideas for how you can make your church wedding unique. 

Decorate the Church Floor

Instead of traditional church aisle decorations, why not ask if you can paint the church’s floor? Decorating a church floor can brighten up a regular brick floor and make a unique aisle runner. If you can’t draw on the tiles, here’s an idea. You can always design your own DIY wedding aisle runner for the ceremony. Channel your inner artist and get down to work on this beautiful project! 

decorations for wedding - church floors

Add Garlands to the Pews

Break up dark wooden church pews with your choice of wedding flowers. A pampas grass hanging or displays featuring monstera leaf can be very elegant. Wedding chair flowers are some of the best chair decorations for weddings. They add color and texture to otherwise plain seats. If you don’t know what buds to pick, talk to your florist about what’s right for you! 

wedding ceremony decorations - Add Garlands to the Pews

Consider Your Lighting

Most churches, especially the old-school ones, tend to be very dark. You’ll need to plan on how to light up the venue to make it look just right. Choose bright lighting for the highest quality wedding aisle pictures. Opt for a softer option to keep a romantic ambiance. Chandeliers and hanging lighting can provide good general illumination, and strings of twinkling lights are beautiful ceremony accessories. 

Consider Your Lighting - decorations for wedding

Place Lots of Candles

Candles are a great option for soft lighting. They make beautiful yet simple ceremony decor. The way they flicker adds a touch of magic to any occasion. You can use them as church aisle decorations. Or, have guests hold them to create a flickering sea of friendly lights. Either way, outlining your wedding aisle with candles will undoubtedly make your venue look charming.

wedding ceremony decorations - candles

Floral Cross Decorations

Find ways to decorate a church for a wedding by adding flowers to what is already there. Braid some buds and leaves into the crosses all around the venue. Stone and wooden crucifixes both make excellent bases for adding wedding ceremony flowers. Use colors from your existing palette to tie it all together. A cross decorated with your favorite floral options can really make your religious ceremony look unique! 

Floral Cross Decorations - wedding ceremony decorations

Church Aisle Runner

All churches have a certain je ne sais quoi. However, adding a wedding runner to adorn the aisle can really change the whole place’s look. Pick white for a pure, traditional bridal aisle runner or another color that matches your wedding theme. Add contrasting hues and patterns for a more daring look. Consider a customized ceremony aisle runner to make your beautiful wedding as unique as you are. 

decorations for wedding - church aisle runner

An Aisle of Rose Petals

There are many ways to create a gorgeous DIY aisle runner. Rose petals are always a good choice. For a classic and romantic look for your wedding aisle, combine pink petals with a simple white or cream runner. If you’re feeling creative, you could even add your own twist. Place the petals in swirling patterns to make a unique wedding aisle runner that reflects your personality. 

An Aisle of Rose Petals

Wedding Ceremony Decorations Checklist

Lastly, whatever decorations you choose for your special day, make sure to write a checklist of everything you need. That way, you won’t forget the bridal runner or the ceremony flowers, and your wedding will run smoothly. Writing a list will clear up space in your head. You’ll be less likely to make the classic mistake and forget the rings! 

wedding ceremony decoration checklist

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Final Thoughts!

Shopping for wedding ceremony decorations just got a lot less intimidating. With that out of the way, you can focus on other important matters. For example, getting your wedding party favors. Don’t underestimate this way to thank your guests for being there. They will look back fondly at any souvenir you give them, from candy to candles. Now that you have a head full of ideas go and get ready for the best wedding ever!

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