39 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Man in 2023

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That most romantic of all the gift-giving holidays is right around the corner, why not surprise your partner with special Valentine’s Day gifts for him? Whether you are looking for that special something for your husband dad, brother, or any other man that stole your heart, you are sure to find the perfect item on our curated list of ideas. While it is ideal that Valentine’s Day present be romantic and sentimental, who says it can’t be practical as well? Surprise him with these amazing gifts for your boyfriend or great gifts for your husband. Get him something truly amazing and he’ll be sure to try and top you next year.

Engraved Picture Wallet Insert

meaningful valentines day gifts for him: Engraved Picture Wallet Insert

When you’re on the lookout for a cheap Valentine’s gift for your guy, consider this engraved picture wallet insert. Every time he is having a bad day, he can simply pull this out of his wallet for a quick pick me up. Include a special message for your love on the card.

Heart Shaped Photo Collage Custom Canvas

thoughtful valentines day gifts for him: Photo Collage Custom Canvas

His heart will melt the minute he lays his eyes on this stunning photo canvas. This tops our list of gifts for him on Valentine’s Day. Choose 20 of your favorite pictures or the two of you or your adventures for a one-of-a-kind gift idea. A gift he’s sure to cherish.  

Photo Keychain

custom Valentines day gifts for him: Photo Keychain

Sentimental photo gifts don’t have to be large canvases or plaques. This simple photo keychain makes cute Valentine’s day gifts for him. A great way to share a sentimental memory or special moment between the two of you. A simple gift that will bring a smile to his face each day. 

Custom Photo Mug

personalized Valentines day gifts for him: Custom Photo Mug

This mug is a sassy way to let him know how much you appreciate how he loves you. He is sure to think of all the naughty times you have shared when he drinks from this thoughtful gift. Just make sure this sexy mug is put away when mom comes to visit. 

Heart with Initials Whiskey Glass

Valentines day gifts for him: Heart with Initials Whiskey Glass

Remember when you used to draw those adorable hearts on your notebook with your initials in the middle? Well, these whiskey glasses are a great way to remind him of those days of young love. Each glass can be engraved with your initials for a special gift. 

Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas

best Valentines day gifts for him: Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas

With this personalized gift, he can revisit that special location each time he looks at his wall. This canvas print makes a lovely Valentine’s day gift idea for a husband who prides himself on those sentimental moments. This beautiful print is a consistent reminder of that fateful day.

Bartender Kit

Valentines day gifts for him: Bartender Kit

Does your guy love whipping up new and creative cocktails? Then he is going to jump for joy when he opens this deluxe cocktail set. The ideal gift for any wannabe bartender. Made from only the highest quality materials, this stylish set is sure to be the talk of the party.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera  

Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera  

While he can easily capture pictures on his phone, there is nothing quite like the nostalgia of an instant camera. This camera gives true retro vibes to pictures. This camera makes it fun to capture those special moments and make a cute collage or add them to a photo album. 

The Night We Met Custom Star Map Framed Print

gifts for him on valentines day: stom Star Map Framed Print

What better first valentines gift for boyfriend than this beautiful print? It’s a romantic gift for a romantic guy. His heart will flutter again each time he looks at this lovely gift from you. The couple’s silhouette is surrounded by the constellations from the night you met. 

Travel Mug

funny Valentines day gifts for him: Travel Mug

Be sure that everyone around knows just what he is going home to every day. This travel mug is a great way to keep would-be flirts at arm’s length. He will be enjoying his coffee, tea, or other preferred beverage in style with this sturdy mug. 

Personalized Leather Camera Strap

valentines day gifts for him: Personalized Leather Camera Strap

Does your guy always have his camera around his neck? This leather camera strap makes lovely Valentine’s day gifts for him. It’s a rugged and durable gift that will last him a long time. You can even add a personalization of his name or romantic saying. 

Money Clip

practical Valentines day gifts for him: Money Clip

This isn’t your average money clip. This sturdy, leather money clip also includes a place to hold all of his cards also. No longer will he have to worry about lugging around that outdated, bulky wallet. You know, the one that makes him sit lopsided and is falling apart. 

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

good Valentines day gifts for him: Bluetooth speaker and bottle

Struggling for finding a perfect Valentine’s gift for your brother? This Bluetooth speaker and water bottle will be the best recommendation for you. He can bring it to the gym, school, parties, or picnics. Drinking water is not boring anymore.

Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Smart Beanie Headset

Valentines day gifts for him: Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Smart Beanie Headset

It’s a good idea to throw in some practical gifts for him too. This Bluetooth beanie allows him to listen to music without anyone knowing. He can talk to you discreetly when he’s wearing the hat and will never miss out on his favorite song. It’s even washable! 

Personalized Date and Initial Hoodie

With this sweatshirt, he can keep his sweetheart close to his heart. This gift shares his love for you with the world. This “boyfriend” style sweatshirt is perfect for both you and him to wear. Even better, get matching ones with your love for some adorable photo opportunities.

Premium Quality Men’s Lip Balm

Premium Quality Men's Lip Balm

Men have lips too. When it comes to personal care gifts, we often forget that guys like to be pampered too. This thoughtful and great-smelling gift tops our list of unique gifts for him on Valentine’s day. A great gift to protect both his lips and his masculinity. 

A Dozen Reasons I Love You Dad

Looking for a V-day gift for your dad, this Love Token will melt his heart for no reason. Express your feelings about how he means to you and your family. You can also customize the text color and messages to make it more special. 

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800

He’s a guy that likes a clean shave, and so do you. There is nothing worse than kissing a guy while being stabbed by his stubble. Be sure his face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom with this multi-function shaver. A closer shave for him means more kisses for you.



He’s uncomfortable asking you for oral favors. Make it easier for him to get what he wants with this candle. It’s not discreet, it’s to the point and that’s what he loves about you. You say what’s on your mind and you’re not afraid to show him that little extra love.

Custom Leather Bracelet

ustom Leather Bracelet

Pretty much any guy looks good in a bracelet. This custom leather bracelet had to make our list of best Valentine’s day gifts for him. Available in any of his favorite colors, he won’t want to take this bracelet off…ever. He will feel your love wrapped around him with this gift.

Personalized Photo 100% Silk Tie

lized Photo 100% Silk Tie

If your guy wears a tie to work every day, then this is the perfect gift idea for him. This stylish tie has a little secret. On the back of it, you can include any photo of the two of you. This is a lovely way to keep you close to his heart.

Funny Dobby Socks 

Funny Dobby Socks

Novelty socks never get old. They make a creative gift no matter the season or occasion.  These funny socks will remind him of what a great guy he is and what an amazing boyfriend he is to you. A great gift on their own or with something else that will make him laugh.

You Are My Everything Photo Desktop Plaque

gifts for him on valentine's: You Are My Everything Photo Desktop Plaque

When looking for things to get boyfriend for Valentine’s day, you can never go wrong with something romantic and sentimental. This desktop photo plaque is perfect for his office or to display at home.

He’ll have no doubts about how you feel about him when he opens this thoughtful gift. 

Instagram Style Led Lamp

valentine gifts for boyfriend:Instagram Style Led Lamp

He lights up your world and with this lovely gift you will light up his. A great way to put this gift together is to find the first Instagram post that you made together to make this a romantic one-of-a-kind gift. Perfect for a guy who loves to share his story.

Message in a Glass Bottle

Message in a Glass Bottle

Some days your guy needs that extra bit of encouragement. These messages in a bottle are a great way to uplift him when he’s feeling down.

This tiny bottle contains 80 capsules with notes on them for him. Unlike other gifts, this gift keeps giving and is a cute way to say I love you.



Does your guy go through books quicker than they can be shipped to him? Then he is going to love this gift idea.

A paperwhite Kindle is lightweight and great for taking his books anywhere. He can carry his whole world of imagination in the palm of his hand.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket

Guys deserve a bit of pampering too. This gift box is a good gift that he will certainly appreciate.

Filled with items to help him destress, relax, and unwind, he will have a new attitude after using the items in this box. A Positive gift for a hard-working guy.

Awesome Wine Subscription

Awesome Wine Subscription

Guys deserve a bit of pampering too. This gift box is a good gift that he will certainly appreciate.

Filled with items to help him destress, relax, and unwind, he will have a new attitude after using the items in this box. A Positive gift for a hard-working guy.

Personalized Watch

Personalized Watch

He’s not the kind of guy to swoon over a Rolex. What he does love is a simple, practical gift that he knows you poured your love into.

This watch makes an amazing gift for a guy who appreciates those sentimental gestures. A meaningful gift for this special occasion.

Adventure Book Scrapbook

Adventure Book Scrapbook

Searching for a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift idea for your guy? With the “our adventure” book, you can include all of the amazing adventures that you have had together.

This also makes an ideal gift to give with something like an instant camera and some fun colored pens. 

What I Love About You: Fill In The Blank Book

What I Love About You: Fill In The Blank Book

The “What I Love About You,” book is a fill-in-the-blank book that you help to create. It’s a special gift where you get to gush about all the amazing things he does and why you love and adore him so much. A gift he will cherish forever.

Track Belt Bag

If you need fashion Valentine’s day gift ideas on your list, this Belt Bag is a good idea. Help your guy be organized every time he goes out. Moreover, the black color fits every outfit.



Every time he opens his wallet (to give you some money) he will be reminded of how much you love and adore him. You can wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day again and again with the enraged saying on the inside. The engraved, wooden box makes this gift even better. 

Chocolate Treasure Box with Wine

Chocolate Treasure Box with Wine

Chocolates and wine don’t have to be a “girly” gift. He will certainly enjoy this cool gift filled with decadent chocolates and full-bodied wine.

Make an at-home date night extra romantic with this delicious gift idea. Not to mention, it comes in a pretty cool gift box too.

Personalized Family Name Blanket

Personalized Family Name Blanket

Without him, you wouldn’t be the family you are today. Be sure he knows how special he is to your family with this beautiful and cozy blanket.

A beautiful way to show him that you are all better together. Spell out your family with your favorite pictures for this romantic gift.

Conversation Cards Game

Conversation Cards Game

Whether you have been together for 5 months or 5 decades, there’s nothing wrong with having a little help with conversation starters.

You’re sure to learn something new every time you play this game together. Save these good conversation starters for a date night or use them over a weeknight dinner.

Personalized Flask

Personalized Flask

Be sure he always has somewhere to keep his favorite beverage cool with this beautiful flask. Just like the romantic engravings on a tree, this convenient liquor holder has a heart engraved on the front with initials inside. A classic gift that he can refill again and again.

 DIY Coater

DIY Coater

Making a gift yourself just shows him that you are willing to put time and effort into his gifts just like with your relationship.

These cute gifts are easy to make and don’t require a lot of tools or supplies. The fun part of this DIY Valentine’s gift is the customization.

A Romantic Vacation with Him

 Romantic Vacation with Him

Want to get him a last-minute valentine’s day gift that will leave him speechless? Then opt for a romantic get away for just the two of you. Sometimes you can forget to focus on each other when life gets in the way. Reignite that spark with an island vacation.

Custom Music Photo Framed Print

best valentines day gifts for him: Custom Music Photo Framed Print

While it might get annoying to constantly have your couple’s song playing, this music photo print makes a great alternative.

Pick your favorite photo of the two of you and your couple’s song to make this stunning print. You’ll no longer have to worry about what to get your husband for Valentine’s day.

When searching for the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for him, they should be practical and well thought out. He’s sure to appreciate any of these amazing gift ideas from our curated list. 

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