Tropical Wedding Invitations: 21 Designs for Your Exotic Oasis Celebration

Tropical Wedding Invitations

You can’t go wrong with tropical wedding invitations if you’re hosting a beach wedding. Let the beauty of a seaside paradise entice your guests to attend your extensively-planned destination event. Some beautiful features like monstera leaves, palm trees, and a colorful design will help you set the tone for an extraordinary day.

Your tropical-themed invite should suit your style, whether you prefer a modern or boho-inspired aesthetic. The list below has various original tropical wedding invitations that range from vibrant and floral to minimalist and elegant. Read on for perfect tropical-themed wedding invitations that will make a few jaws drop!

1. Tropical Floral Wedding Invitation

Tropical Floral Wedding Invitation

Give your tropical-inspired wedding invitations a personal touch by going for a vibrant look in your design. This tropical-themed invite has a simple, stylish layout where your event’s information takes center stage. The flowers will give just the right touch of exotic!

2. Elegant Tropical Wedding Invite Template

Elegant Tropical Wedding Invite Template

How about gorgeous tropical wedding invitations for your wedding? This Hawaiian wedding invitation style has lovely leaves and flowers surrounding the writing space. The card presents beautiful lettering with an image of the bride and groom on a Hawaiian beach.

3. Modern Tropical Wedding Invitation

Modern Tropical Wedding Invitation

If you wish to create invites on a budget, these cheap tropical wedding invitations are a good choice. They have a minimalist design and lots of space to write information. The leaf at the top adds style to these elegant tropical wedding invitations.

4. Island Breeze Wedding Invite

Island Breeze Wedding Invite

Give your guests a feel of tropical heaven with elegant wedding invitations. This design features various tropical accents, leaves, and flowers on the bottom left. Beautiful writing then completes the stylish look. These cards are simple and minimalist too!

5. Tropical Beach Wedding Invitation

Tropical Beach Wedding Invitation

Add a touch of paradise to your big day with detailed beach-themed tropical beach wedding invitations. This template shows a detailed scene with tropical trees, a beach, and the deep blue ocean. Beautiful flowers and palm leaves splash the front in style.

6. Party in Paradise Wedding Card

Party in Paradise Wedding Card

Nothing shouts paradise louder than this pineapple-inspired online wedding invitation for tropical lovers. Give your guests a taste of the party to come with a fresh fruity vibe. This fun yet chic invite has warm colors in the background, just like a warm tropical afternoon.

7. Palm Springs Wedding Invite

Palm Springs Wedding Invite

Give your guests a reason to smile with watercolor tropical leaves wedding invitations. They are cute and unique, something that your guests will certainly notice. These foil-pressed wedding invitations have an aesthetic feel that exudes sophistication. 

8. Flamingo Bay Wedding Invitation

Flamingo Bay Wedding Invitation

Show off your big day’s tropical vibe by sending your guests a flamingo party invitation. These soft pink tropical wedding invitations have just the right elements to keep your guests excited for a beachy rendezvous. This card is a perfect invitation for an island wedding.

9. Paradise Wedding Invite

Paradise Wedding Invite

Bring your guests to a tropical dream with this green monstera leaves card. The vegetation-inspired designs cover the entire card with rainforest elements in different shades of green. This wedding invite has a simple design with beautiful writing completing its look.

10. Lemon Blossom Wedding Invitation

Lemon Blossom Wedding Invitation

These cheap tropical wedding invitations are ideal for your budget wedding. The tropical-fruit-hued cards have a beautiful floral background, with pieces of oranges and exotic flowers. Such a colorful template will be like a cocktail of pure happiness delivered right into your guests’ mailboxes.

11. Tropical Seascape Beach Cruise Palm Wedding Invite

Tropical Seascape Beach Cruise Palm Wedding Invite

With these tropical beach wedding invitations, you can almost feel the smell of the sea. They have an image of a ship docking on a beach and palm trees on the side. A beautiful, star-filled envelope then completes the look.

12. Summer Forest Wedding Invitation

Summer Forest Wedding Invitation

We love the eye-catching design of this wedding invitation in a tropical theme. The layout features a peacock resting on pink flowers framing your wedding information. This stunning card is sure to impress even the gloomiest of guests!

13. Tropical Camo Wedding Invitation

Tropical Camo Wedding Invitation

How about modern tropical wedding invitations without your typical flower pictures? Let the abstract shapes on the card showcase some greenery without the obvious design. Its monstera-printed side looks chic yet playful. Perfect for the unique couple seeking to stand out!

14. Birds of Paradise Wedding Invitation

Birds of Paradise Wedding Invitation

It is time to give your guests a boho experience with a touch of tropical joy. The gold tropical wedding invitation card has exquisite colors and outstanding graphic elements. Then, a golden-enclosed writing space with vintage vibes ties the layout together for a cohesive look.

15. Tropical Garden Wedding Invite

Tropical Garden Wedding Invite

Show your love for the tropics with some exotic greenery on your wedding invitation. These tropical flower wedding invitations showcase beautiful details surrounding your message. Your guests will get a feel of the paradise-like event that awaits them when they RSVP.

16. Gilded Palm Wedding Invitation

Gilded Palm Wedding Invitation

A unique and elegant tropical leaves border can elevate the look of your wedding invites. If you’re going for timeless sophistication, this template will do the trick. The breathtaking letterpress palm leaf elements are a detail your guests will never forget.

17. Tropical Wedding Photo All-In-One Invitation

Tropical Wedding Photo All-In-One Invitation

Impress your guests with a personal touch using all-in-one tropical photo wedding invitations. You can order your save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and RSVPs with the same palm design. Besides, you can include a custom photo to take this idea to the next level.

18. Sunset by the Sea Wedding Card

Sunset by the Sea Wedding Card

Imagine a romantic evening just before dusk. This unique design uses gradient colors to give off that dreamy effect. The palm trees stand out while the text blends well with the gray background. Let your beach/tropical-themed wedding invitations awaken your attendees’ love for the tropics.

19. Minimalist Palm Tree Wedding Invitation

Minimalist Palm Tree Wedding Invitation

Give your guests a feel of your seaside honeymoon with a beach-themed invite. This simple yet elegant design could pass as a DIY tropical wedding invitation. The insert has your photo, while the rest of the card has writings in black and white.

20. Modern Tropics Wedding Invitation

Modern Tropics Wedding Invitation

We love the soft color palette in this playful design. It mixes greens with reds and pinks to give an impression of a tropical evening. This tropical leaves watercolor template is just what you need for beautiful wedding invites that steal the show.

21. Tropical Destination Wedding Invitation

Tropical Destination Wedding Invitation

Send vacation vibes with this fantastic design. It shows a minimalist drawing of the tropical paradise, with palms, shades, and the shore. These elegant tropical beach wedding invitations are perfect for a destination wedding or beach wedding.

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