20 Exquisite Spring Wedding Invitations for Announcing Your Big Day

Spring Wedding Invitations

Spring wedding invitations celebrate a season of love. Can you smell it in the air? Let your big day warm all hearts and bring smiles to faces. Nothing beats the blooming flowers and the sweet scents of nature that remind us all how lucky we are. 

If you and your guests are ready for a good time, this list of spring wedding cards is a great start. Embrace the best elements of the season and let flowers, butterflies, and birds brighten up the event. The cold winter is over — now it’s time for light to shine through!

1. Whimsical Irish Spring Wedding Invitation

Whimsical Irish Spring Wedding Invitation


When you think of wedding invitations for spring, one of the colors that come up is Irish green. Picture shamrocks and a pretty field of flowers. That’s what your big day will be like. Your guests are in for a party!

2. Couple Floral Garden Arch Botanical Invitation

Couple Floral Garden Arch Botanical Invitation


Fit with a watercolor flower gate, this card is truly one to add to your list. Spring floral wedding invitations like this take things to the next level. Send them to your family and friends and they’ll know to expect a great time!

3. Monogram Botanical Flowers Wedding Invitation

Monogram Botanical Flowers Wedding Invitation


The pink peony is a flower that every woman will love on her luxury wedding invitations for spring. This card is so pretty that every guest will keep it to remember your big day. Place your order now and enjoy communicating with a 5-star seller!

4. Delicate Wildflower Wedding Invitation

Delicate Wildflower Wedding Invitation


It’s hard not to fall in love with this colorful spring wedding invite. Portraying a classic meadow, the card is the best way to tell everyone that your party is right around the corner. Get ready for an event with full attendance!

5. Love Bird Wedding Invitation

Love Bird Wedding Invitation


Rustic spring wedding invitations are in! If you’re a boho who loves having flowers around the home, pick this card. A neutral color is not your thing. You’re all about bright hues that send a message. Enjoy the beauty of nature!

6. Palm Springs Wedding Invitations

Palm Springs Wedding Invitations


Golden glitter on spring wedding invites is a must. As you look at this card, you’re probably wondering how a palm leaf can bring so much joy. Well, now that you’ve seen this design, it’s clear! Get ready for the best season of the year!

7. Rustic Navy Floral Spring Wedding Invitation

Rustic Navy Floral Spring Wedding Invitation


Let pink roses and navy barn wood set the mood for your big day. Send out some floral spring wedding invitations that will put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s all about taking a trip back to nature and loving every second.

8. Boho Wildflower Wedding Invitation


Loving some hand-painted cards? Well, this invite is the next best thing! You’ll fall for the lovely wreath that easily sets things apart. Take a trip to the wild for your wedding. You’ll enjoy the fresh air!

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9. Spring Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Spring Butterfly Wedding Invitations


If you’re shopping for elegant formal wedding invitations for spring, you’ve come to the right place. With pretty florals and a classic font, this card is a hot favorite. Who wouldn’t love seeing butterflies flying from flower to flower?

10. Midnight Spring Wedding Invitations

Midnight Spring Wedding Invitations


Having a night sky wedding? If so, hop onto the trend of black cards. Let the stars sing for you. The music will last and promise an event to remember. If you love everything about spring, this invite is yours!

11. Spring Wedding Invitations

Spring Wedding Invitations


If you’re looking for spring wedding invitations on a budget, you’ll love this one. Cheap cards are a treasure, especially when they come with yellow florals and rustic twine. Making the most out of nature is a sure way to give everyone a good time.

12. Aviva Wedding Invitation

Aviva Wedding Invitation


Cherry blossom season is a very special time of the year. Are you looking forward to pretty flowers dancing in the air? Complete with a gold star of David, this card is all you need to make your loved ones feel welcome.

13. Rustic Floral Spring Wedding Invitation

Rustic Floral Spring Wedding Invitation


What are your favorite flowers? If purple lavender and lilac are in the list, you won’t go wrong with this card. Set against a parchment background, this invite celebrates the best of spring. Get ready to be king and queen for the day!

14. Spring Mountains Wedding Invitations

Spring Mountains Wedding Invitations


Imagine a wild meadow full of blue flowers. Are you smiling at the view? Enjoy it, because it’s all yours when you opt for this card. Springtime wedding invitations are the easiest to pull off when they are this pretty.

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15. Tropical Orchid Pampas Boho Invitation

Tropical Orchid Pampas Boho Invitation


This card is perfect for a destination wedding, so pack your bags and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime party! Is there a flower that’s more exotic than the pretty orchid? Certainly not! Let it be the star of your big day. After you, of course.

16. Posie Garden Bouquet Wedding Invitations


Are you all about colorful and bright spring wedding invitations? Check out this card. The handwriting for the couple’s names is to die for, and its price is reasonable, too. If you have a thing for flowers, put this at the top of your list!

17. Butterfly Blossom Wedding Invitation


If butterflies make you smile, you’ll love this simple card. Gold on white is magnificent, as you’ll see. When it comes to spring-themed wedding invitations, let nature do the talking! Help everyone smell the flowers this lovely season!

18. Cottage Floral Wedding Invitation

Cottage Floral Wedding Invitation


With this design, planning your party will be easy. Enjoy chic garden blooms that turn an ordinary day into one you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Let the birds and the bees do what they do best – spread love everywhere they go!

19. Vintage Botanical Flower Wedding Invitation

Vintage Botanical Flower Wedding Invitation


Spring formal wedding invitations are the perfect way to tell the world about your big day. If a vintage style is right up your alley, this card is what you’re looking for. Soak in its natural color and let flowers speak the language of love.

20. Vintage Daisy Wedding Invitation

Vintage Daisy Wedding Invitation


Retro is the way to go if you value everything classy. Let daisy florals announce your party. Traditional spring wedding invitations will never go out of style, and it’s easy to see why. They’re simply magical!

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