35+Thoughtful Second Wedding Gifts for Married Couple in 2023

second wedding gift idea

Celebrating a second marriage for family or friends is fun. Finding good second wedding gift ideas is not. You can’t give “traditional” wedding presents like appliances or bedding because they’re blending households. Still, you’ll need to find an alternative that either the bride or the groom will enjoy. 

Support the happy couple in their new life together with experiences rather than things. Celebrate their new family and recognize their previous marriages with options that will allow them all to bond. 

Our guide to the best presents for second (and third or fourth) weddings will have you covered. If you have to buy best wedding gifts for couples who get married the second time, then read on!

Best Second Wedding Gifts Idea

1. Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

second wedding gift idea: Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print


  • Design
  • The quality
  • Custom name, date, title, and lyric


  • Can’t change color

Melt your partner’s heart with our customizable Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print. Use the lyrics from any song you both love, add the date, and your names, and it’s good to go! How romantic is that? Whether it‘s your bedroom, hallway, or home office, it will look great anywhere!

2. Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

If you need wedding gift ideas for a parent’s second marriage, consider a custom photo frame. This desktop plaque has space for a picture of the lucky couple. Paired with a quote that honors their strength and commitment, this personalized token makes for a special present. Show your love for your parent with this lovely keepsake. 

3. Personalized Journal

second wedding gift idea: Personalized Journal


  • Classic design
  • Quality paper
  • Personalize name, date


  • The cover is only black

For unique wedding gift ideas for second marriages, consider this anniversary journal. This beautifully-bound diary contains prompts, photo pages, envelopes, and space for notes to remember every anniversary. It makes an excellent activity for the couple to do together. Then their memories of their lives together will be carefully preserved for generations.

4. Custom Mug

Custom Mug

Your favorite couple will love sharing their morning coffee or tea in these personalized mugs. You can edit the names, photos, and dates. These mugs are simple second-wedding gift ideas. They are perfect as drinking mugs or to hold pens, pencils, or other items.

5. Wine Caddies

second wedding gift idea: Wine Caddies


  • Materials bamboo
  • Exquisite yet elegant design


  • Can only hold up to 4 glass

These gorgeous wine caddies are perfect for the couple who loves to entertain! They come in a variety of sizes and carry many styles of glasses. Some even come with room for charcuterie or nuts. Handmade from bamboo and customized however you want, these are great gift ideas for second marriages. 

6. Custom Family Tree Canvas Print

Custom Family Tree Canvas Print

Our sweet “Family Tree with Birds” canvas print is a terrific way to show your favorite couple some appreciation. Gift this beautiful wall art piece on your wedding day as a housewarming present. Customize this cute banner with your couple’s names and wedding dates to make it a lot more unique.

7. Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

second wedding gift idea: Custom Song Lyrics Blanket


  • Personalization options
  • High-quality material


  • The hidden lyrics can be a bit blurry

Couples getting married for the second time will love this custom song lyric blanket. Made of different materials such as fleece, sherpa, and woven. It can be customized to add the couple’s name, favorite song, and wedding date

8. Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

This unique gift for a home-oriented couple uses upcycled champagne bottles. Then add a personalized etching with the bride and groom’s names and the ceremony’s date and location. This vase will be an elegant reminder of their wedding every time they put flowers in it. This alternative is a great wedding gift for an older couple. 

9. Custom Suede Pillow

Custom Suede Pillow

If you’re wondering what to get someone for their second wedding, this pillow is a thoughtful gift. Celebrate the milestone in your favorite couple’s 2nd marriage. Customize this pillow with their names, and the year of their wedding. This lovely item will brighten up any room in their home!

Customer reviews: 
Kaki K: "Great gift. I think the pillow makes a great gift for a couple"

10. Wine Glasses

second wedding gift idea: Wine Glasses

A variety of stemware is an excellent second marriage wedding gift. Whether the happy couple drinks wine or prefers whiskey, there is a perfect glass collection for them. Gift a complete set, or buy by the glass for a customized arrangement that meets their needs. This present will definitely earn you an invite to their housewarming party! 

11. Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print

Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print

This unique map print is incredibly creative. Celebrate your friends and their relationship with one of our favorite personalized wedding gift ideas for second marriages. Customize this thoughtful anniversary gift with their names. It also marks meaningful locations in their relationship. They’ll love to see these memories on their wall for years to come! 

12. Blue Apron Monthly Subscription

Blue Apron Monthly Subscription

Do away with second wedding gift etiquette and give something they’ll actually use! Expand your culinary horizons and challenge your cooking skills with a no-fuss meal delivery service. Busy couples without a lot of time will especially appreciate this option. Blue Apron kits are pre-portioned, taking shopping and prep out of the equation. More time for cooking together!

13. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Prin


  • 3 sizes: 12″x18″, 24″x16″ (best seller), 20″x30″
  • Design
  • High-quality material


  • It’s a bit large

We were all once stardust. The elements found in the human body were made on a star. Our origin is the stars, and so is our end. It is said that matches are made in heaven. Undoubtedly, you and your partner have long been a part of each other’s lives as stars of the same constellation. To take you back to the start of your beautiful journey, we introduce to you our Personalized Star Map art print.

14. Bamboo Lotus Serving Board

second wedding gift idea: Bamboo Lotus Serving Board

Stunning bamboo and creative woodworking combine to create this most unique of second marriage gift ideas. This serving board will hold all they need to entertain. The lotus petals can carry a variety of tasty snacks. They surround an area for a bowl of dip or a plate of cheese. This beautiful serving board is great for entertaining. 

15. Heart Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Desktop Plaque

Heart Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Desktop Plaque

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind second wedding gift? This handmade desktop plaque with Heart Shaped Song Lyrics is a unique way to express your love and celebrate your time together as a couple. This plaque would look great on a fireplace mantle, side table, or office desk.

16. Masterclass Subscription

Masterclass Subscription

From cooking to photography, classes are fun wedding gift ideas for middle-aged couples. Sometimes living together for a long time makes it hard to find something new to talk about. So spark those conversation skills with a membership to MasterClass. They can choose their own classes and proceed at their own pace.

17. Wine Carafe

second wedding gift idea: Wine Carafe


  • Personalized
  • Unique design


  • Fragile
  • Can’t see the words when there’s no alcohol in the bottle

Partiers will fall in love with one of our favorite second-marriage gifts. This wine decanter has a generous size and comes with a personalized wooden stopper. It will be a real conversation starter, in addition to a well-loved piece of glassware. And if they aren’t wine drinkers, it would be fabulous for juice or lemonade. 

18. Custom Wood Cutting Board

Custom Wood Cutting Board

Maple or walnut wood with personalized engraving makes this cutting board unique. This item is a great gift for old couples and younger ones alike. A cutting board that can double as a charcuterie board is incredibly versatile. If they do a lot of entertaining, then this is one of the best 2nd marriage gift ideas out there. 

19. Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Gone are generic gift baskets. Instead, a health and wellness box is one of the best wedding gift ideas for second marriages. FabFitFun allows the recipients to pick up to five of the eight items that will come in their box. This alternative is an excellent way for your favorite couple to try out luxury items at a discount price. 

20. Personalized Family Tree Pillow

second wedding gift idea: Personalized Family Tree Pillow

Gifts that come straight from the heart and are personal are the best kind of gifts. Nothing is more personal than a personalized family tree pillow with your new family’s names on it.

21. Best Home Subscription Boxes

Best Home Subscription Boxes

Wondering what to give as a wedding gift for a couple who has everything? Whether they’re on their second, third, or fourth marriage, a plant subscription box is perfect. These boxes get your friends a plant and a six-inch pot each month. They are ideal for the novice gardener or notorious black thumb. 

22. Coffee Maker

second wedding gift idea: Coffee Maker

A new coffee maker is a perfect gift for a second wedding. Even if they’re blending households, who wants to start a new marriage with an old coffee maker? Spruce up their home and their morning shots of caffeine. They’ll thank you every day!

23. Silicone Bread Maker

Silicone Bread Maker

Ideal for the couple that likes to bake, this silicone bread maker is unique among second wedding gift ideas. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly-baked bread? This item will let them make the perfect loaf every time. Mix, rise and bake all in one container. The unique design makes beautiful crusty bread that is soft inside and delicious!

24. Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

It is said that when all the love songs start to make perfect sense, you know you have fallen deeply in love with someone. If you know of a love song that aptly describes your love story, then the Star Map and Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print is exactly what you need on this special date.

25. Bicycle Bookends

Bicycle Bookends

This unique home decor piece will be a hit with any readers you know. Such gorgeous bookends are terrific second-wedding gift ideas for folks combining libraries. They will look fabulous around their favorite books in the office or holding cookbooks in the kitchen. 

26. House Cleaning Service

second wedding gift idea: House Cleaning Service

Hiring a house cleaning service is just the thing for a busy couple. Whether they’re a blended family or have no children, take the pressure off. A month or more of professional cleaning services will give them time to get settled. It is one of our favorite wedding gifts for second marriages and will be one of theirs, too! 

27. My Family Cookbook

My Family Cookbook

This item is an excellent idea for families with tons of recipes. Pass them down by putting them in this fabulous “create-your-own” cookbook. The next time they are cooking, they can fill out a new recipe page. They can even snap a shot of it! This piece is a lovely wedding gift suggestion for older couples. 

28. Custom bathrobes with collar

Custom bathrobes with collar


  • 100% Combed Cotton
  • Size Option
  • Color Options: white, black, navy, grey


  • Out of stock fast

These beautiful plush bathrobes are great wedding gifts for seniors. They are soft and warm, in addition to being stylish. Personalize them with the happy couple’s names for a true one-of-a-kind present. The bride and groom will thank you on the coldest days of winter! 

29. Concert Tickets

Concert Tickets

Whether you gift single-performance concert tickets or season tickets to sports events, experience-oriented gifts, please everybody. They make fantastic wedding gifts for parents getting married because they are family-oriented. Parents can attend a one-time event or get the whole family involved with season passes. Either way, they’ll love the chance to do something together. 

30. Charitable Gift

second wedding gift idea: Charitable Gift

If you need unique gift ideas for couples over 50, why not consider a charitable donation? Pick their favorite causes and give in their names. You can also buy a gift certificate and let them pick their own charity. This option is an excellent present for older couples who don’t need material things. 

31. Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Make die-hard hockey fans happy with this great gift! This fantastic BBQ tool set is made from reclaimed hockey sticks. Pair these tools with some hot sauce to create a fun present for the husband and wife who love grilling. These may not be the most appropriate wedding gifts for second marriages, but they are fun! 

32. Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker

This convenient modern appliance is a must-have housewarming present. The Instant Pot makes cooking quick and easy whether they’re busy with work, kids, or both. Among bridal shower gift ideas for second marriages, these are instant winners! Even if the bride and groom aren’t big cooks, they can still prepare tasty, healthy food.  

33. Home Decor Gift Card

second wedding gift idea: Home Decor Gift Card

If gift cards are what the wedding duo wants, then a home decor certificate will be perfect. It will let them pick out their own blankets, paintings, or kitchen gadgets. Choose any amount and let the bride and groom go wild. Gift cards are a great wedding gift for an older couple, especially if they’re moving into a new home. 

34. Frozen Yogurt Automatic Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker

Frozen Yogurt Automatic Ice Cream and Sorbet Make

Encourage family togetherness by gifting an ice cream maker. A present like this lets children from previous marriages engage in non-competitive fun. This item is a great wedding gift for parents’ second marriage to strengthen family bonds. Tasty ice cream is just a bonus! 

35. Dancing Lessons Class

Dancing Lessons Class

Get the whole crew out there for a family-oriented experience! Dance lessons are fun second-wedding gift ideas. Pick something like square dancing so everyone can enjoy themselves. Laughing and having fun together will help ease growing pains. And at the next family event, they can wow the crowd with their new skills. 

36. Museum Membership

Museum Membership

Blending families can be complicated. Help ease the struggle with passes to a museum. Parents with children might like science or children’s museum passes. Parents combining older kids and teens might prefer art or history museums. Either way, something the entire family can enjoy is a perfect second or even third-marriage wedding idea. 

37. Champagne Flutes

Champagne Flutes


  • Sharp print
  • High quality
  • Personalized First names & Last names


  • Fragile material

Beautiful custom-engraved champagne flutes are just a gift for an older couple getting married. Celebrating a mature marriage sometimes overlooks the fun factor. A set of personalized glasses with their names will bring joy to the ceremony. Plus, they’ll love getting to use these flutes later for special occasions.  

38. Camping Gear

second wedding gift idea: Camping Gear

Whether they go camping or on a fun boating adventure, they’ll love this bundle of camping gear. If you need an engagement gift for second marriage, consider this option for their honeymoon! Your favorite couple will cherish building new memories together.  

39. Personalized Doormat

Personalized Doormat

Start their lives as a couple off right with a custom doormat. It will christen their new home and tell the world that they are finally a family. Besides being a lovely housewarming gift for couple already living together, doormats are fabulous gifts for second marriages. 

40. Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

second wedding gift idea: Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print


  • Beautiful Design
  • High-quality material
  • Great gifts for many occasions


  • It’s a bit big

Do you have a spouse who loves music, or are you looking for a perfect couple’s gift? Well, search no more. This black and white song lyrics photo canvas print is just perfect for bringing back memories of your relationship.

Finding good second wedding gift ideas is actually easier than you would think. Try gifting experiences rather than things. Give a present to the whole family rather than just the bride and groom. Cherish the love of the wedding couple, and show it by picking a gift from our list!

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