The Complete Wedding RSVP Card Wording Guide and Samples (2023)

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You would think that the RSVP card wording would be fairly standard. After all, their primary purpose is to provide the wedding host with the number of guests. Secondarily, the response cards allow your guests to select their meals. The menu is an important part of the wedding planning process, and you don’t want any mistakes. Choosing the text for these RSVP invitation inserts doesn’t have to be boring.

Our guide to RSVP response wording can help make your pre-wedding planning fun and easy. Along with wedding invitation ideas, we provide the bride and groom with ideas for sample RSVP cards. Additionally, this guide offers many examples of fun and different ways to word your reply cards. Here are some useful tips and tricks for the perfect wedding invitation RSVPs.

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What Should an RSVP Card Say?

Wedding invitations and RSVP cards can have standardized text, which is fine. Or they can have wording that matches the wedding theme the bride and groom have chosen. At the very least, RSVP wording should have space for the guests to indicate their names and choices for meals. Further RSVP text can include the number of people attending and the phrase “kindly RSVP by” the appropriate date. 


This is the space where your guests write down their names. Traditionally, this line is “M_____”, and your guests would write “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson”. Of course, weddings now often tend to be more casual, so if you prefer, your guests could write “Tom and Jane Johnson” instead.

One surefire way to keep track of the replies and prevent confusion over messy handwriting is to number your guest list. Before you send the invitations, pencil the appropriate number on each RSVP card.

A standard card should include the following:

M______________________, Name(s)________________, or Guest Names, with plenty of space to include all the guests in their party.

Often, the lines to indicate the number attending are also in this section, but we will talk in more detail about that below.  


This is the most important part of your wedding invitation RSVP. It’s where your guests indicate whether they will be attending or not. There’s absolutely no need to stick with tradition here. This is one place on the invitation RSVP where you can really let your personality show to your guests, so get creative! Some examples of fun wording are: 

+ Yes / No

+ Accept / Decline

+ Joyfully Attending / Regretfully Declining

+ Happy to Be There / Sorry to Miss It

+ Will Be There to Toast / Toasting from Afar   


The RSVP deadline can be a tricky situation to navigate. There will always be a last-minute attendee or two, but remain firm and stick to the RSVP on the invitation. The wedding reply card needs to be back to you or the host in a timely manner. The hard RSVP deadline is typically 2– 3 weeks before the wedding. Sticking to this deadline will give you time to get in touch with anyone who didn’t reply. It will also ensure that you give the final headcount and meal choices to the caterer or venue.   


This is usually placed under the names of those attending or under the acceptances/declines section. The easiest way to record this on wedding invites with RSVP is to ask for “number attending.” If children are invited, then word it this way:

“Number of Adults Attending” and “Number of Children Attending”.

If there are many attendances from one family, you could simply ask them to list all the names of those who will be coming. The number of guests attending is essential to ensure that everyone has a meal and a place to sit.

Note: If your wedding will not include children, make sure to note that on the invitation. A polite RSVP card wording would be, “We kindly ask that children not attend the ceremony or reception.”  


If you plan to offer meal choices at your reception, you should include a section for guests to RSVP with meal choice. Make sure to accommodate attendees with food allergies or dietary needs. Of course, if you’re having a buffet, there is no need to have response cards with meal choice.  


Sometimes couples choose to add more fun things to their RSVP invitations. These can include: 

+ The dates of the guests’ arrival and departure

+ Where guests will be staying

+ Asking in advance for guests to request a song 

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Wedding RSVP Card Wording Samples

There are many different ways to word your wedding invitations and RSVP replies. Gone are the days when everything had to be formal. Today, there is a lot more leeway to customize the wording of your RSVP cards to match your wedding theme or personality.

Browse the following RSVP response examples, or ask your printer or wedding coordinator to see some sample RSVP cards. We have also included some sample SVP wording email text and online RSVP wording if you’ve decided to take your wedding invitations digital. This is becoming a more popular and convenient way to handle wedding prep, so be sure to consider electronic RSVP wedding materials. 

1. Formal

Kindly Respond By:__________________
Accepts With Pleasure / Declines With Regret
Please Indicate Choice of Meal: __________________

Your reply is kindly requested before the first of June
Name(s) :__________________
▢ graciously accepts
▢ respectfully declines
Dietary Restrictions:__________
Choice of entrée: ____________

rsvp cards for wedding - formal style

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2. Funny

Hell, yeah! / Sorry, Can’t Make It

Let’s Get This Party Started / Party On Without Me 



funny style

3. Online

Please Respond By _______ using this website: _______

Visit Our Website to Respond by _______ 

online form

4. Spring

Be There With Blooms On / Our Plans Sprung a Leak 

wedding rsvp card - spring style

5. Summer

Come Rain or Come Shine

We’ll Be There / Sorry, we’re Out of Umbrellas and Sunscreen 

rsvp card for wedding - summer style

6. Fall

Looking Forward to Gathering Together / We’re Sorry, Our Basket is Full 

fall style

7. Winter

Wouldn’t Miss the Winter Fun / Sorry, winter has Snowed Me In 

Wouldn’t miss the hot chocolate/ Regretfully cannot join in the jolly

Accepts with joy/ Sorry, to miss this yule-time event

Will be there with bells on/ Will be there free of bells

wedding rsvp card - winter style

8. French

RSVP spelled out is Répondez S’il Vous Plait. Put this at the top of your RSVP card, and then play with language possibilities.

I don’t speak French but if you want to know if we’re coming… YES!/ Pardon my French. We no can come.

french style

9. Country

Yee Haw, We’ll Be There / Shoot, Gotta Sit This One Out 

Yes! We’ll be there y’all.. boots, chaps and cowboy hats./ No! Got a hitch in my giddy-up from squatting on my spurs.

rsvp card for wedding - country style

10. Destination

Yes! Counting the Waves! / Sorry, I’m Allergic to Sand! 

Yes. You can bet your bottom dollar, we’re attending!/ No. But if you send us your bottom dollar, we’ll attend.

Just kidding about above statement. We still won’t be attending./ We don’t bet. And, we still can’t attend.

Deal me in/ Sitting out

Green light! We can make the trip!/ Red light! We’ll have to pass.

destination style

Wedding RSVP Envelope Wording

The envelopes for the RSVP cards should have the wedding host’s name and address on the front. This may be the bride and groom, the bride’s parents, or even a friend who is handling the RSVPs. It is common to include a stamp on the envelope also.

rsvp card wording envelope

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Final Thoughts!

Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming, but choosing your RSVP card wording doesn’t have to be. Our simple guide to wedding RSVPs shows you what must be included and what little touches are optional. We even go further and provide some RSVP card templates. These cover everything from everything to a formal RSVP response card to a unique RSVP card for a destination wedding. Follow our lead to create fun, thematic RSVP cards that will have your guests talking!

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