35 Romantic Gifts for Him That Spell “Love” (2022)

romantic gifts for him

If your guy has everything, finding a romantic gift for him can be tricky. You must be getting cold feet every time you want to buy a gift for your husband! Don’t worry, though – we got you covered on your 1-year anniversary and any other special occasion!

With our list of presents, you really don’t have to give your baby one more tie as an anniversary gift! Instead, celebrate any birthday, jubilee, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas with a gift for your boyfriend’s soul. You’re about to win his heart, so read on and enjoy!

Unique Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Partner

1. Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

romantic gifts for him: Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

Romantic items create stellar love stories! This unique print allows you to once again summon the specific constellations that shone above you on your anniversary.

It even comes in spiral song lyrics with a beautiful frame! As soon as your boo opens his present, you can cherish it together!

2. Where It All Began Custom Map Canvas Print

Where It All Began Custom Map Canvas Print

Are you trying to find some romantic boyfriend gift ideas? This meaningful map print is a wonderful way to commemorate another year with your favorite person! 

Customize it with your first date’s location, and celebrate the place where your love began with a one-of-a-kind art piece.

3. Love Knows No Distance Custom Mug

romantic surprise gifts for him: Love Knows No Distance Custom Mug

If you want to get a funny gift for boyfriends or husbands, this sentimental mug is what you need. He’ll love pouring his morning coffee in this naughty time reminder! You can even add your names and date to the cup! Now, that’s how to keep that java burning hot!

4. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

This vintage canvas print is a must for anyone celebrating their silver anniversary or any other couple milestone. If your love has passed the test of time, the vinyl record design is a fitting testament to it! What a beautiful reminder of the 25 years you’ve spent together!   

5. Checklist Note Pad

at I Love About You Checklist Note Pad

Sometimes we forget to tell our boyfriends and husbands just how much we adore them. This checklist set will be his daily reminder of what you love about him!

A sexy notepad is an absolute must for men who find words of affirmation to be their favorite love language! 

6. “Love Is Composed of a Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies” Photo Pillow

“Love Is Composed of a Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies” Photo Pillow

Searching for romantic surprises for your man? This pillow will make a perfect addition to the bedroom in your flat!

It comes in many sizes, and its cute design fits any home decor. The snuggly cushion is super comfortable, so he’ll definitely enjoy it a lot!

7. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

If you’re looking for creative romantic ideas, this custom blanket is more than worth checking out. It’s ideal for cuddling together with your cutie-pie on chilly winter nights! Add the lyrics of your first dance song on the throw, and have him cuddle you from dusk till dawn! 

8. When I Say I Love You More Desktop Photo Plaque

When I Say I Love You More Desktop Photo Plaque

What’s a great romantic gift for him? This thoughtful desktop plaque! It’s the perfect way of showing affection, and he can proudly display it on his office desk. Every time he looks at it, he’ll remember how lucky he is to have such a special wife.

9. Custom Cufflinks for Him

Custom Cufflinks for Him

Do you know what the most romantic gift ever is? These custom cufflinks! They’ll look amazing with your boyfriend’s or husband’s best suit. He’ll have no choice but to take you out on a fancy date to sport his new stunning accessories! Order now, and help your guy glow! 

10. Sexy Candle

Sexy Candle  

Is the pressure of finding a Valentine’s Day gift perfect for the day lovebirds celebrate? Cue the romance by lighting this delightful sexy candle!

You can choose from a long list of different scents to match your darling’s tastes. Smells like a long, fiery night ahead, doesn’t it?

11. A Great Big Hug Custom Photo Pillow

A Great Big Hug Custom Photo Pillow

Spending the holidays apart from your significant other is difficult. Show them just how much you adore and miss them with this long-distance gift!

Send a hug from thousands of miles away with this customizable pillow! They’ll love knowing that you’re thinking about them every second of the day. 

12. Sexy Box Gift

romantic gifts for men who have everything: Sexy Box Gift  

Do you need romantic anniversary ideas for him? This kit is perfect for reinventing the passion between those bedsheets!

Create your own subscription box and fill it with hot items. Go wild, and show your guy the lustful inner tigress you’ve been keeping in the shadow! 

13. Engraved Wallet Card

 Engraved Wallet Card

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift, this engraved card is perfect. You can customize it in a variety of ways! Choose from tons of fonts, pick what you want it to say, and send it directly to your other half. You’ll ‘stuff’ his wallet with love instantly! 

14. Love Is A Wonderful Thing Custom Photo Collage Blanket

Keep your loved one warm and cozy with this incredibly soft blanket! This silky-to-the-touch throw will make you and your partner want to stay in and snuggle all day.

It comes in multiple sizes and fabrics, so you can choose what’s just right for both of you.    

15. 5 Sense Gift

romantic gifts for men who have everything:  5 Sense Gift  

It’s hard to find romantic gifts for lovers that are as special as the 5 Sense Gift. The pack includes customizable gift tags, a personalized coupon book, and mini love notes at a budget-friendly price. All you’ve got to do is put it together and pamper your hubby!  

16. Uncommon Date Ideas Book

Uncommon Date Ideas Book  

All couples get stuck in a rut sometimes. But romantic Christmas gifts for your boyfriend could help you rekindle the romance!

Relight the spark with the Uncommon Date Ideas Book. You’ll find yourself and your honey going on fantastic new adventures that you never even thought of!   


17. Custom One Heart Satellite Map Canvas Print

If you are in the market for personalized romantic gifts, this print is for you. It features both your and your partner’s birth locations as well as your names and anniversary date.

It’s a great way to brag about how your love story was always written in the stars!  

18. Beard Gift Set

Beard Gift Set  

Wondering how to surprise your hubby for your anniversary? Finding a gift for guys can be hard, but look no further!

The Beard Gift Set is a fantastic simple present for your manly man. With all these facial hair care items, his beard will look better than ever! 

19. Personalized Anniversary Card

 Personalised Anniversary Card

The 1-year anniversary is the paper one, so there’s no better present to celebrate this milestone than this personalized card.

This heartwarming keepsake features interwoven hearts, just like those of partners! It’s a small romantic gift your mate will swoon over the moment he reads it! 

20. Thanks For All The Orgasms Custom Initial Name Mug

Thanks For All The Orgasms Custom Initial Name Mug

If you want to make your partner laugh with a romantic gift for him, you must get this hilarious mug. Drinking coffee from it will surely spice up his Christmas morning!

Make things even better by customizing it. Add your names, and prepare for a dirty coffee break! 

21. Necklace For Him

Necklace for Him

This cross necklace is the perfect Christmas gift for your religious husband. He’ll love wearing it to church on Sundays and every other day!

You can order this beautiful piece of jewelry to come in its own box. Choose between a standard one and a handsome mahogany version! 

22. Keychain


In terms of the best romantic gifts for your husband, this keychain is high up on the list. There aren’t many presents that are as unique and practical as this one! Personalize it with an engraving of your choice, and unlock your soulmate’s tender side in a heartbeat!

23. Love Note Messenger

romantic gifts for lovers: Love Note Messenger  

Searching for romantic gifts for him on his birthday? This sweet love box messenger makes a great present!

Send a message from your phone, and it appears on the box’s screen for him to see! Those few thousand miles won’t be a threat to your romance ever again! 

24. Game Of Love

Game of Love

Trying to spice things up a little? Here is a romantic idea for your husband in the bedroom. The Game of Love will inspire the most fun and romantic nights you can imagine!

It’s a sexy board game you can customize with the specific moves that make your partner swoon. 

25. Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

If you want to amaze your darling, check out this sweet desktop plaque. He’ll want to show it proudly to his workmates! You’ll always be on his mind, even when he has tons of work to do. His office will be overflowed with love thanks to you, his missing piece!

26. Customize Your Magic Box

best romantic gifts for husband: Customize Your Magic Box

The Magic Box is, without a doubt, one of the best romantic Valentine’s gifts for him. There are plenty of swoon-worthy presents on the market, but this customizable package trumps all of them! Project your love on the wall, and let it set the mood for tender caresses.  

27. Watch


Watches are among the classic romantic gift ideas. This one is made of strong, stainless steel, to keep tic-tacking on your boo’s sweet hand forever!

Talk about a timeless present! Every time he checks it, he’ll be reminded of how much his other half cares about him.  

27. 12 Nights of Wine

 12 Nights of Wine  

Ring in this holiday season with your spouse and 12 Nights of Wine. This advent calendar is a great romantic Christmas idea!

The package includes an assorted variety of both red and white wines. Treat yourself and savor the tastes of holidays with your beloved babe! 

29. Fun Romantic Dates

Fun Romantic Dates

Are you interested in romantic surprise gifts for him? If so, this Fun Romantic Dates pack is what you need.

It’s a box of date night ideas to inspire you and your man’s next adventure! Give spontaneity a go and shake the boredom off the best way ever!


30. Romantic Gift Love Battleship Game for Couples

Romantic Gift Love Battleship Game for Couples

Spice up things in the bedroom with this sexy Battleship game for couples! It includes 50 different foreplay and sex activities for you and your partner to indulge in.

Enjoy as the game guides you and your mate through hours of pleasurable and unforgettable sensual experiences!  

31. Reasons to Love You Print

romantic christmas gifts for boyfriend: Reasons to Love You Print

If you are searching for thoughtful romantic gifts, this customizable print is a wonderful idea. Beautifully designed, it features all the reasons you love your boyfriend!

Next time he asks why you fell for him, point to this meaningful wall art. The fantastic decor will give him the answer! 

32. Song Lyrics On Canvas With Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

This custom keepsake is exactly the present you need for your hubby! The point of an anniversary is to fondly look back on the memory of your wedding day.

Get this personalized romantic gift for him, and let him relish in the joyous day you both said “I do.” 

33. Love Matchbox Card

romantic anniversary gifts: Love Matchbox Card  

What’s a great romantic gift for men who have everything? This handmade love matchbox card fits the bill perfectly! It’s not just any card you can pick up at the drug store!

The present is handmade, and it features a sweet, private message that will melt his heart! 

34. Bracelet


This bracelet looks super classy! You can customize it with a secret, hidden message. Every time your guy wears it, he can peak at the note you left for him! Whether it’s an inside joke between you two or a sexy quote, it’ll make him smile! 

35. Gift Box for Boyfriend

Gift Box for Boyfriend

Do you need a thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend? This sexy gift box is full of sweet treats he can savor while reading your even sweeter message by candlelight!

It’s a great way to keep the romance alive and thriving even if you have to be apart. 

We’re so happy you adore your boo! Hopefully, you found a beautiful romantic gift for him! Wow him or go with something simple – our romantic ideas won’t let you down!

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