39+ Ring Bearer Gift Ideas For 2021 That Surely Keep Him Happy and Occupied

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Like flower girl gifts or bridesmaid gifts, ring bearers play an extra special role to thank you for participating on your big wedding day. Say thank you to that little guy with 40 ideas for gifts for ring bearers. There is a wide variety of personalized, creative, unique, and of course, cute gift ideas for any wedding budget. From ring bearer gifts that make him look like a little groomsmaid to presents for kids of any age. There are stunning gift ideas for kids ages baby, toddler, or older child. Think of gift ideas that will keep little guys occupied during pictures and long speeches. Or gifts that he will cherish as a keepsake long after the wedding has ended. No matter what you choose, he is sure to love anything you get him. 

ring bearer gifts - tshirt

Custom Ring Security Shirt


Make sure everyone in the wedding party and guests knows who is in charge; of the rings that is. These funny ring bearer shirts say it all. This adorable, personalized tee-shirt will have all the little ladies swooning over him. 

Price: $14.90+

toddler sweatshirts

Custom Kids Easter Sweatshirts


Have a wedding ceremony right around Easter or a Spring wedding? This personalized bunny sweatshirt makes one of the best lovely ring bearer gifts for a 3-year old or younger child. Personalize it with their name and favorite color to complete the look. 

Price: $21.51

Personalized Bracelet for Kids


Every young kid loves to get something shiny and unique made just for them. Personalize this lovely petite engraved bracelet for your handsome little ring bearer. Surprise that special boy in your wedding with this thoughtful, custom ring bearer gift. 

Price: $12.80+

ring bearer gift set

Ring Bearer Gift Set


Got a 7-year old little man who is bearing your wedding rings? This ring bearer gift set is just the cutest! Any little guy would love to get some cool shades and a personalized cup for his beverage of choice. 

Price: $12.00+

ring bearer gifts - elephant

Personalized Plush Elephant


Kids can never seem to have enough adorable stuffed animals. This cute little elephant makes one of the greatest ring bearer gifts in your wedding. Complete with personalizing his name on the ear of this fluffy stuffie. 

Price: $27.00+

gifts for ring bearer - terrarium

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with LED Light


Looking for cool ring bearer gifts that will last far beyond the wedding? This light-up terrarium is a super cool gift that any little guy or girl would love. A lovely present for a 3-year old that is also educational.  

Price: $24.99

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pre school backpack

Personalized Preschool Backpack Kids


Is your handsome little ring bearer just about ready to start school? A personalized backpack makes a great, useful gift for any 5-year old. Make sure he has something to hold all of his essentials for his big first day. 

Price: $28.47

ring bearer gifts - navy outfits

Navy Blue Boys Outfit


This navy blue boy’s outfit is just too cute to pass up! A ring boy gift for infants that will have everyone saying, “aww!” Complete the look with an adorable little hat and bow tie for a ring bearer gift. 

Price: $111.00+

baseball engraved

Personalized Laser Engraved Baseball


For the ring bearer who is a baseball fan, this engraved ball makes the perfect thoughtful gift. Whether he loves watching the game or plays himself, this custom gift is one of a kind. Complete with an authentic plexiglass case. 

Price: $12.24+

tamagotchi magic green

Tamagotchi On - Magic (Green)


Looking for a fun toy gift that will bring your ring bearer hours of entertainment? A simple toy makes for a thoughtful thank you gift, especially one they can play with right away. After his job is done, of course.

Price: $49.99

Crochet Raptor Dinosaur Toy, Dinosaur Doll


What little boy doesn’t love a toy dinosaur to play with? This cute crocheted dino doll makes the perfect little snuggle buddy while waiting on the adults to do their thing. A roaring good gift for any little ring bearer. 

Price: $41.70

Personalized Harmonica Kids


Kids love things that make noise, their parents maybe not so much. This personalized harmonica makes a memorable gift that any little ring bearer would love. This unique harmonica is made with a wooden exterior for extra durability and beauty.

Price: $10.74+

ring bearer gift - shark ukulele

Shark Soprano Ukulele


For the ring bearer who can’t get enough music in his life, this ukulele makes a unique gift he’ll love. With a shark theme, this gift is perfect for any little guy who loves sharks.  Available in four adorable colors. 

Price: $69.99

ring bearer gifts - telestrations

The Telephone Game Sketched Out


Looking for an entertaining wedding gift for a boy who loves to play games? This telephone sketch game is fun to play with his friends or for a family game night. A hilarious game, sure to get lots of laughs. It will be one of the ideal ring bearer gifts in your list.  

Price: $28.99

personalized tumbler

Personalized Tumbler


This personalized tumbler makes a wonderful, cheap gift for children attending the wedding or part of the wedding party. A great gift for an 8 or 7-year old so you don’t have to worry about spills on your big day. 

Price: $15.50+

teddy gift bag - will you be my ring bearer gift

Ring Security Teddy Bear and Gift Bag


Make sure that special little guy knows how important his role in the wedding is with this ring security teddy. A cute ring bearer gift that he will love to spend time snuggling with. Also makes a lovely room display. 

Price: $24.95

Personalized Puzzle


This “will you be my ring bearer” puzzle makes a unique and super cheap gift from the bride and groom. Kids love to get customizable gifts that they can put together and make their own. One of the unique ring bearer gifts.  

Price: $6.95+

drawing writing learning scribble

LCD Drawing Doodle Board for 3-7-Year-Old kids


Keep your little ring bearer occupied with this cool LCD doodle board. A cute wedding gift for 3-7-year old kids who love to draw and color. This nifty drawing tablet is mess-free and encourages kids to use their incredible imaginations. 

Price: $17.99

ring bearer gifts - egg dig kit

Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Dig Kit


Is your handsome little ring bearer obsessed with dinos? This dino digging set makes a cool toy gift from the bride and groom on the day of the wedding. He’ll be occupied for hours with his own little excavation adventure. 

Price: $24.99

CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy for Toddlers


This fun magnetic fishing game puts a spin on the classic “let’s go fishing” game. This wooden version is a beautifully made, non-toxic version that kids and adults will love playing together. Encourage learning with this fun, alphabet centered game. 

Price: $18.98

ring bearer gifts - kid camera

Kids Camera Toys for 3-8 Years Old Boys and Girl


Make sure your ring bearer can capture the wedding from his point of view with this cute kids’ camera. A great gift for a 3-year old to 8-year old. With pictures and videos, he will capture things your photographer missed. A perfect choice for ring bearer gifts.

Price: $37.99 

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons


Feel good about your ring bearer gifts with these eco-friendly and sustainable crayons. Handmade in New Zealand with 100% natural ingredients, they are toddler tested and kid-approved. The perfect size and shape for little hands to hold and color with. 

Price: $22.95

Moana ocean lego

LEGO Disney Moana’s Ocean Adventure


If you are buying a lot of gifts for your wedding party, your ring bearer is sure to love this lego toy. An inexpensive gift for a 3-5-year-old standing up in your wedding. Complete with a tiny Pua and Moana.  

Price: $9.84 

ring bearer gifts - personalized bat

Personalized Bat


A perfect compliment to a custom baseball is an engraved bat. Give your 5-7-year-old ring bearer a gift he won’t soon forget on your wedding day. A lovely gift to display in his room with all of his baseball memorabilia. 

Price: $15.21

colorful octopus kites

Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite for Kids


Get a ring bearer gift that he will love playing with on a bright, sunny day. This giant octopus kite is sure to bring him hours of fun and excitement. A perfect gift for spending quality time with his parents.

Price: $15.99

ring bearer gifts - Ring Security set

Personalized Ring Security ULTIMATE!! SET


Have your little ring bearer play secret agent for a day with this customizable, ultimate ring bearer security set. Complete with cute sunglasses, name tag, and fake secret agent earpiece. Perfect for the little guy who takes his job seriously. 

Price: $58.99

Duvet Cover with Matching Pillowcase


Can your 8-year-old ring bearer not get enough dinosaurs? This duvet cover and matching pillowcase set will have him roaring all night long. Ultra-soft and so fun to play make-believe with this fun and snuggly dinosaur bedding set! 

Price: $129.00

ring bearer proposal card

Ring Bearer Card


A ring bearer proposal is a special occasion, it’s not everyday he gets a job this big! Ask him with this cute card that says it all. Add some candy or other special gifts to sweeten the deal for him!

Price: $3.77+

Personalized Ring Bearer Super Cape


Just any old toy won’t do for that special ring bearer gift. Give that adorable little boy this awesome super cape. A perfect gift for a little man who knows that he is really the hero of the day.

Price: $27.00

personalized ring bearer gift - hoop baseball

Personalized Basketball Hoop


You can never go wrong with sports-related gifts for ring bearers. This personalized basketball hoop fits well in any room, big or small. He can easily keep score and kick butt with this one of a kind gift. 

Price: $41.99

Cozy Crocodile Animal Tail Blanket for Kids


Make sure your ring bearer can snuggle up in the coolest blanket around with this cozy crocodile blanket. Available in crocodile, turtle, whale, and squid, you can certainly find his favorite animal. He is sure to love these awesome blankets! 

Price: $28.99

personalized kid night lights

Personalized Kids Night Light


Looking for unique gift ideas for a 10-year-old? This personalized kid’s night light makes a unique gift that any boy would love to keep next to his bed. Available in a wide variety of styles to suit any child’s room. 

Price: $22.99 

jumbo activity book

Jumbo Activity Book for Kids


Kids can never get enough activity books and things to color. This jumbo book makes a fun and inexpensive thank you gift for your ring bearer or other children in your wedding. A thoughtful gift to keep a 2-3-year-old occupied. 

Price: $6.95 

ring bearer gifts - personalized football

Personalized Football


For the ring bearer who loves football, this personalized ball makes a memorable gift. The perfect size for little hands to hold and throw. This is a keepsake that he can toss around the yard with his buddies or dad. 

Price: $21.51+

navy blue bow tie

Boys Tan Leather Suspenders Navy Blue Bow Tie


Make sure your little ring bearer looks oh so cute and dapper in his suspenders and bow tie. An adorable ring bearer gift for infants and toddlers alike. He is sure to steal the show in his stunning little attire. 

Price: $12.50+

Ring Bearer Badge


Show him that he has things under control with this wooden sheriff themed badge. This personalized badge is made from quality wood but certainly is quality made. A cheap gift your ring bearer can use well beyond the wedding. 

Price: $12.51+ 

custom blanket

Custom Blanket


If your ring bearer is a baby, he will love this cuddly soft blanket. This cute blanket can be personalized with his name and official title. A fun and snuggly gift to give on the wedding day he will enjoy. 

Price: $22.00 

Wedding Day Busy Kit


Kids get bored at weddings, like crawling under tables bored. Keep them occupied with this fun wedding day busy kit packed with goodies. Great for kids ages 3-8-years-old and loaded with stuff to keep their little hands and minds occupied. 

Price: $19.95

Wreath Personalized Teddy Bear


Another fun way to put together a ring bearer proposal. This teddy makes a great thank you gift for a toddler that he will love to snuggle. Pair it with a card or his favorite candy for a complete package. 

Price: $16.95+

Ring Security Glasses


Every ring bearer should have a cool set of shades. These “ring security” sunglasses make a fun, cheap gift for a 5-8-year old ring bearer. A practical gift for a ring bearer for any summer or spring wedding. 

Price: $5.95 

When purchasing gifts for your wedding,it can be difficult to find the perfect ring bearer gift. With so many other things to worry about, finding a great gift for your little ring bearer shouldn’t be hard. The perfect ring bearer gift should be something that sparks his imagination and keeps him occupied, even through boring speeches. From awesome security badges to snuggly blankets, you are sure to find the perfect gift idea for that special boy.


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