21 Personalized Groomsmen Gifts That Will Knock Their Socks Off

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Personalized groomsmen gifts are a great way to show your bros some gratitude for joining you on your big day! Buying them a little keepsake is not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended. Make the gesture more memorable by getting customizable items, and get as creative as you want!

We get it. With all the wedding planning you have to do, perhaps looking for groomsmen gifts is not your top priority. That’s why we tasked ourselves with doing all the hard work, so you don’t have to! Here are the top personalized presents for your groomsmen and best man. Read on!

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Pocket Knives

21. Pocket Knives


Nothing like a good old custom groomsmen gift to let your pals know how much you care. This handmade pocket knife will become an instant favorite! Get one for each of your buddies as a token of your appreciation. Personalize these handy keepsakes by engraving your groomsmen names and your wedding date on them. It’ll be such a cool gesture!

personalized groomsmen gifts - proposal box

20. Proposal Box


Here’s an extremely clever groomsmen gift. Have you already decided which of your friends and family members will be involved in your wedding party? Then you’ll love this creative way to break the news! A “Will You Be My Groomsman” gift is all the rage nowadays. You can rest assured this box set won’t get a no for an answer!

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beer mug

19. Beer Mug


The perfect gift for the groomsmen from the groom should be cool, simple, and memorable. These neat, customized beer mugs check all the boxes. They’ll definitely raise the bar! You don’t have to wait until your wedding day to take these bad boys out. You can use them to boost the fun at your bachelor party. Talk about great timing!

hip flask - Personalized groomsmen gifts

18. Hip Flask


Share some liquid courage with your buddies in these super creative groomsmen gifts. A set of custom-made hip flasks is all you’ll need to leave nervousness behind on your wedding day. The incredibly detailed caricatures on these stainless steel bottles will certainly crack your pals up! Such a thoughtful and fun present is one they’ll never forget. Cheers to that!

Whiskey Stones

17. Whiskey Stones


Just when you thought whiskey stones couldn’t get any better, Etsy did us one up! These laser-engraved home bar accessories are a unique present you and your best buddies will love. We guarantee it’ll be hard to top this groom-to-groomsmen gift idea. Everybody else in your wedding party will be jealous they’re not getting such a cool keepsake. Oh, well!

Whiskey Glass

16. Whiskey Glass


This personalized gift for your groomsmen is an outright hit! A classy whiskey glass will look fantastic in their home bar, for sure! Go the extra mile, and personalize it with your bros’ initials for some added thoughtfulness. Such a wonderful present will undoubtedly come in handy every time your pals want to raise a toast for you. Bottoms up!

Wooden Tie Clip - Personalized groomsmen gifts

15. Wooden Tie Clip


When it comes to customized groomsmen gifts, less is definitely more. You don’t have to buy anything too fancy. Just get a little something to let everyone know how happy you are to share this day with them. This beautiful wooden tie clip will do the trick! You guys will look amazing wearing a matching set on your wedding day!

Custom Grill Tools

14. Custom Grill Tools


Just because you’re married now doesn’t mean you no longer know how to have a good time! Break the stigma with this super cool present. Now, we know what you’re thinking. Getting a full grill set for each of your groomsmen might be a bit too much. However, it’s the perfect personalized best man gift. Don’t forget to customize it!

Custom Engraved Liquor Decanter - Personalized groomsmen gifts

13. Custom Engraved Liquor Decanter


Admit it. Nothing screams “best buddies” like having matching decanters at home. If you don’t already have one, this is your chance! Get this gorgeous set for each of your groomsmen and one for yourself. Make it even better by customizing them with everyone’s initials. Whenever you feel like having a drink, this engravable groomsmen gift will have your back!

Personalized Pint

12. Personalized Pint


This unique groomsmen idea is perfect for the ale-loving guys out there. Get your pals their own pint and get the party started! Not only will this creative present be useful at your wedding, but also whenever you feel like celebrating together! Personalize these cool glasses with their initials, and you’ll all have a fantastic memento to cherish for life!

Engraved Lighter

11. Engraved Lighter


It’s a long-time tradition to share cigars with your pals when celebrating your big day. Light them up in style with matching lighters of your own. You can make them even more special by customizing them. These igniters are engravable. You can add your groomsmen initials and the date. If you’re looking for cheap wedding personalized gifts, search no more!

Groomsmen Bag - Personalized groomsmen gifts

10. Groomsmen Bag


Need something special to wrap your party favors for your groomsmen? We’ve got you covered! Don’t be fooled by the simple design. These lovely kraft brown gift bags are definitely modern and chic! You can individually customize them with each of your pals’ names for a more personal touch! Rest assured, your groomsmen will highly appreciate such a thoughtful gesture!

Engraved Watch

9. Engraved Watch


Groomsmen make wedding planning more manageable and are fantastic emotional support. It’s about time you show yours how much you appreciate them! Why don’t you get these beautiful matching watches to celebrate the special bond you have? This set of 7 comes with free engraving as a plus. Why buy groovy gifts when a classic piece can do the job?

Beer Can Glass

8. Beer Can Glass


Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to raise your glasses and make a toast to friendship! You could easily do that using a lame cup, but that wouldn’t be so memorable. Instead, you should get this beer can glass and say cheers in style! To make things even more legendary, get these groomsmen mugs engraved. Now, that’d be cool!

Cooler Bag with Strap - personalized groomsmen gifts

7. Cooler Bag with Strap


Planning a weekend away with the boys to celebrate your upcoming wedding? You can’t possibly be thinking of doing so without bringing these unique cooler bags! They’re a game-changer. Trust us! They’re so cool that your pals will definitely want to take them home. The good news is, they just might be able to! They make awesome personalized groomsmen presents.

Engraved Can Coolers

6. Engraved Can Coolers


In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to keep your drinks at the right temperature. Worry no more! These personalized wedding gifts for groomsmen will take care of that for you and your buddies. You don’t have to keep stressing out trying to find the perfect cheap groomsmen gifts. These cheap yet classy sleeves are just what you need!

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Wood Sunglasses

5. Wood Sunglasses


These neat accessories are our favorite groomsmen gifts from this list. They’re affordable yet trendy, and they make for an effortless way to say thank you. Get these sleek wood sunglasses for a stylish look at an outdoor wedding. When the night is over, you can all keep them as a cool memento of the best day ever. How nice!

Toiletry Bag - personalized groomsmen gifts

4. Toiletry Bag


Still don’t know what to give your groomsmen as gifts? Consider buying something useful. You can’t go wrong by weighing on their needs. For example, if you’re planning a destination wedding, you could gear them up with these super cool toiletry bags. Your pals can use them to keep all their essentials organized in their luggage. How neat is that?

pocket watch

3. Pocket Watch


A pocket watch might seem a bit outdated. However, you’d be surprised to learn they’re not such uncommon groomsmen gifts. Do you believe in the power of timeless presents? Then, consider getting your buddies this classy keepsake as a token of your appreciation. Get your pocket watches engraved with your groomsmen names and the date. They’ll be an instant hit!

Cigar Case

2. Cigar Case


After you’ve kissed the bride, there’s another part of the wedding ritual you cannot overlook. We’re talking about sharing a smoke with your pals in triumphal celebration, of course. In the meantime, keep everyone’s cigars safe in these practical cases. They top the list of interesting groomsmen gifts. You can even get one for your dad if you’re feeling generous!

Men's Wallet

1. Men’s Wallet


Monogrammed groomsmen gifts are always an elegant option to thank your pals for their support. These affordable men’s wallets make an incredibly classy keepsake that will forever remind them of your gratitude. The sentiment will linger long after you tie the knot! Make this present more thoughtful by adding a custom message inside. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

We hope this handy guide will help you pick the best personalized groomsmen gifts. Remember, you don’t have to go overboard to show your buddies some love. Want to thank them for sharing your special day with you? Any of these thoughtful items will get the message through. Happy shopping!

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