35 Incredible Personalized Boyfriend Gifts for Any Type of Guy

personalized gifts for boyfriend

Make your relationship bloom with these personalized gifts for the boyfriend you adore. Be the best girlfriend out there and offer your guy personalized keepsakes he’ll treasure for years to come. You’ll be one of those favorite couples everyone wishes to be like. Your boyfriend won’t know what hit him. He’ll be left wondering how he ever got so lucky to have you in his life.

If you are in a relationship that makes you happy to wake up every morning, treasure it. Build on whatever you have by showing your man the appreciation he deserves. Keep him in mind with whatever you do, and you’ll end up with something that lasts. When he sees how perfect you are for him, then forever is what’s in store for you both!

1. Ed Sheeran Lyrics Thinking Out Loud Custom Throw Pillow

Ed Sheeran Lyrics Thinking Out Loud Custom Throw Pillow - Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

Hugging a pillow with your names on it will give him a feeling of love, even when you’re not around. Here’s a personal gift idea for him that will leave him singing this tune in his head constantly. What a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day!

2. You Are The Perfect Type Of Weird Photo Collage Canvas Print

You Are The Perfect Type Of Weird Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

Photo gifts for your boyfriend like this one will bring back great times you’ve had being weird together. How amazing it is to be so comfortable with someone that you love the funny things about him? If you have such a person in your life, don’t let go!

3. Star Map Constellation Font Custom Name Canvas Print

Star Map Constellation Font Custom Name Canvas Print - Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

Spending time under the stars talking about your dreams for the future is the best way to know each other. Capture this moment in a unique gift for your bf. Place it in the bedroom, and you’ll always feel the love from that night.

4. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Falling in love feels like music playing on repeat in your head, making you do things you never did. Keep the song you both share close to heart with this custom gift for your boyfriend. Dance while you’re at it, and everything will be okay.

5. Where It All Began Map Wall Art Canvas Print  

Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

Where did you first meet or share the kiss that started it all? It might have simply been over coffee, but what a splendid day it was. This customizable gift for a new boyfriend will keep memories fresh, just like they happened yesterday!

6. Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow

Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow With Names And Date

Your guy won’t complain about having too many pillows around much longer. Once he sees his cute personalized gift, he’ll think it’s the best thing he’s ever owned. It’ll comfort him when you’re away and remind him that you’ll be back soon enough.

7. Handwriting Wallet

handwriting Wallet

Give him a wallet that’s truly his, that will bring joy each time he opens it. This custom-made gift for your boyfriend is something he’ll use day after day. What a great way to always be a part of him!

8. Folding Pocket Knife

Folding Pocket Knife  

If he spends a lot of time outdoors, he’ll love this new tool of his. When it comes to engraved gifts for guys, a pocket knife is a sure win. Get ready to pack your bags – he’ll probably want to go camping really soon!

9. Our Love Was Written In The Stars Custom Star Map Canvas Print

Our Love Was Written In The Stars Custom Star Map Canvas Print  

Was it a chance meeting at the library, or were you always destined to meet? Your story is special. Every little step you took brought you exactly where you were supposed to be. If you’re looking for the best personalized gift for your boyfriend, this is it!

10. The Night Everything Changed Custom Star Map Canvas Print

The Night Everything Changed Custom Star Map And City Map Canvas Print

If you don’t celebrate the special moments that brought you both together, then who will? Take that moment you realized it was real and make it into a keepsake for your boyfriend. Seeing the stars and place it happened means reliving it, time and again!

11. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Framed Print

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print - Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

Think about that first time. Remove the sounds of the city and other people around. What’s left is the two of you and the vast heavens above. Even when your memory of that night you discovered love fades, the stars will remember. Get him this custom sentimental gift today!

12. Stainless Steel Cigar Case with Guillotine Cutter

Personalized Stainless Steel Cigar Case with Guillotine Cutter

Make him the envy of his friends come boys night with this personalized boyfriend gift. He’ll be so proud to whip out his new case and offer everybody a cigar. There’s nothing manlier than leather and stainless steel, and this is a great combination of both!

13. Tech Accessory

Tech Accessory  

Men are sometimes messy. Help your guy arrange his things neatly on his desk or bedside table with this personalized boyfriend gift. It’ll give you some relief when he finally stops asking you where his glasses are. So in a way, this gift is for you, too!

14. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

A guy’s home isn’t complete without a bar. Add this to his drink collection, and he’ll wonder what he did to be so lucky. Here’s an engraved gift for guys will surely be excited to show off to everyone! It’s time to surprise your boyfriend!

15. DIY Photo Album

DIY Photo Album

This isn’t just another old boring album. Who else can say they own such a special box of photos filled with memories? This cheap boyfriend picture idea is going to be his favorite thing to go through when he misses you!

16. Engraved Photo Metal Wallet Insert

Wallet Insert  

Surprise him by putting this personalized gift your boyfriend would love in his wallet. It’ll be a great way to pick him up when he’s feeling a little down. Looking at someone he loves will remind him why he’s alive.

17. Engraved Wooden Watches

Engraved Wooden Watches

Tell him how much he matters to you with each minute that passes. No more being late for dates and important meetings for your guy. Make this watch a personalized Christmas gift for him. It’ll pair well with any outfit of his!

18. Mix Tape Sign  

Mix Tape Sign

Gone are the days when mixtapes filled our lives. Bring back the nostalgia of yesterday with this creative BF gift. He’ll adore picking a tune from the early days of your relationship and singing it in the shower. Where there is music, there is love!

19. Personalized Maple Wood Flash Drive  

Personalized Maple Wood Flash Drive

Checking out Etsy for a customized birthday gift for your boyfriend? If he does his work on computers, a flash drive with his name on it can save time and effort. Plus, it comes in a set of five, so he’s sure not to run out of space.

20. Healing Thoughts with Inspirational Messages Blanket  

Healing Thoughts with Inspirational Messages Blanket - Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

Fill him with some positive energy to boost his morale when he needs it the most. This blanket is like a warm hug that promises a better tomorrow. Comfort him with this special gift for the BF that you love more with each passing day!

21. Custom Mini Oak Barrel  

Custom Mini Oak Barrel

Nothing beats the taste of aged whiskey poured from this fine barrel. He’ll love the thought that went into this sweet idea for a boyfriend. We bet he can’t wait for the next drink session to sip this glorious drink. His friends will definitely be a jealous bunch!

22. Initials Cufflinks  

Initials Cufflinks  

Give your classy man a new pair of cufflinks that are bound to be his favorite. This Etsy guy gift looks so good, it’ll dress up his outfit and give him the confidence he needs. Now, all that’s left to do is stand aside and admire how handsome he is!

23. Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board  

Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board  

If you don’t know how to play cribbage, now is the best time to pick it up. This keepsake gift is for the boyfriend who appreciates time well spent playing games with his friends. Get ready because he’ll be bugging you for a game night pretty soon!

24. Insulated Cooler  

Insulated Cooler

There’s nothing worse than drinking warm beer. Get a personalized anniversary gift for your boyfriend that will change his life for the better. His weekend camping and fishing adventures will never be the same again. And that’s all thanks to you. Give yourself a pat on the back!

25. Personalized Adventures of Us  

Personalized Adventures of Us

Ready for a journal idea that tops the rest? Make this personalized sentimental gift a part of your relationship today. Get him to write his view on what makes the both of you tick. It’ll be a favorite book you can revisit over and over again!

26. Custom Made Stamped Spoon Set  

Custom Made Stamped Spoon Set

Are you the type of couple who loves having their cereal for breakfast? If so, this simple boyfriend gift is so meaningful, it’ll stay with him wherever he goes. From now on, he won’t want to use any other spoon, and who’s going to blame him for that?

27. Jewelry Box for Sunglasses and Watches  

Jewelry Box for Sunglasses and Watches

He has his own style, and that’s one of the many reasons you are head over heels for this guy. If you are looking for practical boyfriend gift boxes for his watches and things, you’ve found it. Here’s something so portable, it’ll even fit right into his luggage!

28. Whiskey Glass Set

Whisky Glass Set

Real whiskey drinkers will appreciate the thought that went into this Etsy boyfriend gift. It’ll be the end of him complaining about ice diluting his favorite drink. Now, he’ll be sipping his liquor the right way, with his very own glass.

29. Instagram Style 3D Led Lamp

Instagram Style 3D Led Lamp

Embrace your love for social media and channel it into a proper picture gift for your boyfriend. Place this on his bedside table, and you’ll be the only thing on his mind when he’s off to bed. This lamp will light up his life!

30. Fishing Lure Set  

Fishing Lure Set

These lures are going to catch him some big ones on his next fishing trip. Wondering about personal Christmas gifts for the boyfriend? If your fisherman sees what you got him, he’s going to go absolutely nuts. He’ll start planning his next outing right away!

31. Handwriting Blanket  

Handwriting Blanket

Every custom blanket has its message, and this will have your very own handwritten notes on it. There’s nothing more personal than this. Not only will this customized boyfriend gift warm your bae, it’ll also make him feel so loved and protected.

32. Personalized Vinyl Record

Personalized Vinyl Record

Out of all the music in his collection, do you know which record will be his favorite? You guessed it. Here’s a customized thing for the boyfriend who cannot live without a song playing in his head. This one will always remind him of you!

33. Patchwork Heart Wood Card

Patchwork Heart Wood Card - Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

Offer him a card showcasing a geometric heart that won’t fade, just like your love for each other. Engrave it with a handwritten message that expresses how you feel and why. It’s a personalized birthday gift your boyfriend will surely keep forever!

34. Bracelet

Mens Bracelet

If he understands the beauty of understated and meaningful jewelry, then you’ve got yourself a winner. Get him a bracelet bearing a message written just for him. It’s an engraved gift for your boyfriend he will never want to take off!

35. Couple Keychains  

Couple Keychains

These trinkets are a wonderful choice if you two managed to find each other despite coming from very different places. They’re engravable keychains that fit together perfectly, just like you and him. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this is a great small gift for a new boyfriend!

Your Boyfriend Is So Lucky

If you have an anniversary or special day coming up, don’t worry. It’s so easy to find personalized gifts for your boyfriend with this list. There’s something for every type of guy right here. As long as you put some effort into his present, he’s going to love it. Don’t get him a cookie-cutter gift from the store. Your boo is better than that. He deserves the best. After all, he’s got you, hasn’t he?

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