21+ Unique Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Everyone


When searching for the perfect way to celebrate another year of marriage, personalized anniversary gifts can make for a wonderful option. Every wedding anniversary offers you a chance to show the person you love you care with a heartfelt gift.

Whether you are buying for your partner, your parent, your friend, or your favorite couple, grabbing a customized anniversary gift is a special way to commemorate a wedding anniversary. Look over these ideas to find the right way to wish the people you love a happy anniversary.

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Personalized Gifts for Couple

The anniversary of your favorite couple or parent is a big deal. As their child, it is your responsibility to make this occasion special and show the people who raised you how much their relationship matters. When the time comes to grab the right personalized anniversary gifts for parents, you want to put a bit of thought behind the decision. Give a present with a personal touch and consider these personalized gift options.

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Canvas Print

There are many interesting ways you can go about finding the right anniversary gift for parents. A heart-shaped custom song lyrics canvas print is a truly unique option to consider. This present allows you a chance to give a gift that will be remembered for many years to come.

Family Tree Throw

personalized anniversary gifts for couples: Family Tree Throw

An anniversary usually means a lot more for parents than simply a reminder of their wedding. It is also a chance to reflect on all they have grown together.

If you want to find customizable anniversary gifts that any parent will adore, this family tree throw is a great fit. A perfect way to help your parents feel appreciated.

Anniversary Wine Barrel Clock

Anniversary Wine Barrel Clock

Some gifts are a good fit because they are also quite practical. A clock is such a gift, as it is a piece of decor that serves a very real purpose.

This anniversary wine barrel clock has been crafted with care to deliver a look that will easily match whatever aesthetic your parents exhibit in their own home.

Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow

Often, a present that comes from the heart is one that is received best during a special occasion. When it comes to the anniversary of dear old mom and dad, there are a number of ways to approach heartfelt gifts.

This song lyrics pillow allows you the chance to show your love for your parents in a way they will truly enjoy.

Our Hearts Custom Star Map

Our Hearts Custom Star Map

The idea of a personalized wedding anniversary gift is to take a standard present and bring it to the next level. A personal touch can go a long way with a present.

Commemorate the special date of your parent’s anniversary with a custom star map framed print that is as unique and beautiful as the love they share with each other.

Personalized Cutting Board

personalized anniversary gifts:Personalized Cutting Board

Time in the kitchen can often be time well spent for a couple. It makes sense that one of the best-engraved couple gifts for anniversary purposes is a personalized cutting board.

Have the board engraved with a message of meaning and you’ve got a gift that will help keep things cooking for them. 

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

There are many styles to consider when it comes to the gift you grab for your parents. If your parents appreciate a rustic look that invokes country living, you may wish to include this in your present. A rustic family canvas is an anniversary gift idea that perfectly captures this idea.

Personalized Gifts for Him

Grabbing a meaningful and personalized anniversary gift for him can prove to be difficult at times. When you’re looking to find the right gift for your husband for an upcoming anniversary, you might find yourself struggling a bit. Thankfully, exploring thoughtful personalized anniversary gifts is a phenomenal way to get your wheels turning.

Where It All Began Map Canvas

Where It All Began Horizontal Custom Map Canvas Prin

Expressing how much your partner means to you can often prove easier said than done. Thankfully, the right gift can help you accomplish this goal in no time at all.

This beautiful custom map canvas print offers you a lovely way to show the special man in your life exactly how much you care about him.

Initial Ring Dish

Ring Dish

For a man who tends to lose everything he owns, getting practical monogram anniversary gifts that target this problem can be a great option.

A decorative ring dish for a husband is a perfect idea because it solves the issue of a husband who misplaces his wedding ring when he takes it off for one reason or another. 

Coordinates Custom Canvas

Coordinates Custom Canvas Print

There are some numbers that are always going to be important to your life. The coordinates of where you met your significant other, for example, can be very meaningful.

This personalized gift helps you celebrate your special day by offering your partner a beautiful print featuring these very special coordinates in an artistic way. 

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

Every love story is unique. If you want to help your partner remember just how special the bond you share is, consider a present that captures the essence of your story.

This personalized anniversary journal is a luxurious and elegant way to express the journey you have gone on together.

Cotton Tray

personalized anniversary gift ideas for him: Cotton Tray

An easy way to find a meaningful gift for your husband is by thinking about the personalized anniversary item you will be celebrating.

For those approaching the cotton anniversary, this lovely tray might make for the perfect gift. Incorporating the symbol of the anniversary can make finding the right gift a snap.

Personalized Anniversary Bracelet

Personalized Anniversary Bracelet

A custom piece of jewelry is a lovely way to approach an engraved anniversary present for your significant other. If your partner is the type of guy who loves a quality bracelet, then this personalized item will surely impress him. All you need to do is pick a message to have engraved and you’ve got a great present.

DIY Tiny Photo In A Bottle

DIY Tiny Photo In A Bottle

You don’t have to follow the traditional path of buying a gift in order to make it memorable. In fact, you can easily accomplish great detail with a little creativity.

DIY anniversary gifts like this tiny photo in a bottle can make for a wonderful fit when you’ve got some extra time and want to make the present special.

Personalized Gifts for Her

In order to ensure your anniversary is special for your wife, you want to put a bit of thought behind the present you select. From jewelry to custom gifts you create yourself, you can easily come up with a gift that makes sense by thinking over your options. Consider these ideas and find the perfect personalized anniversary gifts for her.

The  Star Of Us Canvas

The  Star of us Canvas

For the woman who has everything, it can be difficult to know what present to get. In some cases, the absolutely best option to go with is a personalized gift.

This canvas print captures the unique and special nature of the relationship you share with your significant other in a beautiful and simple way.



Few presents are as tried-and-true as a necklace when it comes to anniversary celebrations. If you want to make the special woman in your life smile, consider a necklace that is as delicate and unique as she is. A classic present that she is sure to adore.

Monogram Photo Collage Canvas

Monogram Photo Collage Canvas

A photo collage is a monogrammed anniversary gift that often carries a powerful emotional component. For many couples, being able to look back on the years they spent together in pictures can be nice.

This monogrammed photo collage canvas is a great way t get more out of your anniversary present for her.

Happy Anniversary Candle

Happy Anniversary Candle

A candle is one of the more traditional presents that a person can get for a celebration. If you’re seeking a personalized anniversary gift for her that will make a romantic impression, this happy anniversary candle is the way to go. A custom takes on a classic gift that is sure to make her smile.

Personalized Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute

An anniversary is a chance to break out a bottle of bubbly and indulge a bit. If you need personalized wedding anniversary gifts for your wife that will be put to good use, these flutes are the way to go. Once she sees these glasses, she’ll be ready to toss back a few with you in celebration. 

His Heart Her Couple Suede Pillow

Suede Pillow

You don’t need to go to the moon and back in order to find an appropriate gift for your partner. In fact, you can easily accomplish a lot with a very simple gesture.

This suede pillow is a lovely way to say happy anniversary, as it offers a delicate and simple present that can be used in a p tactical way or as a piece of decor. 

Custom Collage Mug

You Will Forever Be My Always Custom Collage Mug

A mug is a practical customized anniversary gift because it is one that can be used right away. Whether she loves drinking coffee in the morning or tea at night, this custom collage mug will make for a wonderful present. Pick out a handful of photos and see her face light up when she opens the present.

Spooning Wooden Sign


A cute gift can also go a long way when it comes to celebrating an anniversary. If you want to guarantee that your significant other gets a kick out of your present, consider grabbing her one that will make her laugh and tug at her heart at the same time.

Star Map Custom Framed Print

Infusing your love story into the gift you get for your partner can be another fantastic way to celebrate your special day.

This custom photo framed print is all about taking the images of your love story and putting them right in the forefront of your present. All you need to do is select the pictures you love most.

Anniversaries are special occasions. Whether you are celebrating one year together or several decades, it can be a good idea to put thought behind your present. Explore custom wedding anniversary gifts for couples, a husband, or a wife, and see what will help you celebrate in the right way.

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