43 Best Mother of The Bride Gifts in 2020

Though it may be your big day, remember who was there to help you along the way till you got here. This day is as special to your mother as it is to you, so make her feel special too! We have put together a guide of Mother of the Bride Gifts so you can pick one to show her how grateful you are to have her by your side. 

Weddings are nothing short of one of the most special and exciting times of your life. If you can’t imagine the day without your mother by your side, then you know you need to get a creative, unique, and appreciative gift for your mom to honor her. 

Here is our list of wedding day gifts for mom she will absolutely adore:

meaningful gifts for mom:Personalized Wedding Gift Frame

1. Personalized Wedding Gift Frame


If you want a truly personalized and meaningful gift for mom, this custom print will make it seem like an illustration of you and your mother on your wedding day. The illustration is paired with a beautiful poem, but can be changed to whatever you prefer!

Price: $13.23

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mother of bride gifts:Custom Wedding Handkerchief

2. Custom Wedding Handkerchief


Gift your mom a handkerchief to catch all of her tears of joy on your wedding day. This gift is not just traditional, but also has a meaningful message for mom; it will let her know how grateful you are for her.

Price: $15.70

gifts for mom from daughter:Wedding Bracelet

3. Wedding Bracelet


This gorgeous interlocking circle bracelet would make a wonderful addition to your mother’s jewelry collection. The bracelet is packaged with a note that will let your mom know how much you care.

Price: $27.00

gifts for mother of the bride:Mother Of The Bride Robe

4. Mother Of The Bride Robe


This is not only a proper gift for mother of the groom , but also a perfect mother of the bride gift that will make her feel like she’s part of your bridal party and keeps her comfortable through the process. There’s nothing better than a satin robe to get you in the wedding spirit!

Price: $10.50+

wedding gifts for mother of the bride: Custom Photo Canvas Print

5. Custom Photo Canvas Print


If you are looking for a truly special and meaningful gift for your mom to give to her on your wedding day, here is one she can cherish for years to come. This personalized canvas print has a beautiful poem for mom, and you can customize it with your own photographs.

Price: $49.95

mother of the bride gift:Freshwater Pearl Necklace

6. Freshwater Pearl Necklace


Let your mom know she has been your guiding light through life with a piece of beautiful jewelry. This freshwater pearl necklace features a pearl wrapped with a halo of Zirconia; perfect for wedding day jewelry.

Price: $28.90+

Willow Tree Close To Me, Sculpted Hand-painted Figure

7. Willow Tree Close To Me, Sculpted Hand-painted Figure


If you’re looking for a sentimental and meaningful gift for mom on your wedding day, this gorgeous handcrafted figurine is ideal. It features a mother and daughter embracing that would look great on a mantelpiece.

Price: $39.95

mother daughter gifts ideas:Gift Candle

8. Gift Candle


Who doesn’t love candles? This delightfully fragranced soy candle would make a wonderful and unique gift for mom. It has a quote that commemorates how much your mother means to you in the form of a definition.

Price: $17.00

Jewelry Set

9. Jewelry Set


This thoughtful mother of the bride gift is perfect for the occasion. The gorgeous jewerly set will let your mom know that it means the world to you that she was there on your big day!

Price: $38.00

A Daughter Is Just A Little Girl Custom Photo Plaque

10. A Daughter Is Just A Little Girl Custom Photo Plaque


Give your mother a gift she can cherish for years to come. This custom photo plaque features a quote that will encapsulate your love for your mom perfectly. You can customize it by adding a photograph, changing the name, and adding your wedding date.

Price: $24.95

Brides Mom Glass

11. Brides Mom Glass


A glass can represent celebration and cheer, so give your mom a glass that commemorates her role as mother of the bride! Your mom can pour herself a glass of wine before the wedding to help calm the nerves.

Price: $8.10

gift for mother of the bride:Gold Lace Bridal Clutch

12. Gold Lace Bridal Clutch


If you want to get the best gift for mom on your wedding day, give her her own something new to wear to the wedding. This gold lace clutch is versatile and can be worn with whatever she plans to wear on your special day.

Price: $58.00+

practical gifts for mumWashable & Reusable Face Masks

13. Washable & Reusable Face Masks


The unfortunate circumstances that we all find ourselves in means that we have to change the way we do some things. Masks have become an absolute necessity; this practical gift for mom might seem funny, but it’s functional too!

Price: $5.00+

practical gifts for mum:Mug For Mom

14. Mug For Mom


If your mom loves her morning cup of coffee or tea, she will absolutely love this custom illustration mug. The mug features an illustration of you and your mom sharing a moment on your wedding day along with the wedding date and the words “Mother of the Bride.”

Price: $14.00+

meaningful gifts for moms:Personalized Engraved Pocket Mirror

15. Personalized Engraved Pocket Mirror


Let your mother reflect on the years she has spent loving you with a personalized hand mirror. This mother-daughter gift idea is sentimental, unique, and absolutely perfect for your wedding day!

Price: $26.29+

unique mother of the bride gift:Pearl Bracelet

16. Pearl Bracelet


This bracelet combines a beautiful freshwater pearl with a gold-plated brass wire to create the most gorgeous piece of jewelry! This understated piece would look wonderful worn on the wedding day as a gift for mom from daughter.

Price: $18.67

mother of the bride presents:The Original Personalized Photo Clutch

17. The Original Personalized Photo Clutch


This gorgeous clutch would complete your mother’s day wedding ensemble, but the best part about it is the secret it holds within. These clutches are unique because once you open them, they have a print of your chosen photograph featured on the inside.

Price: $25.00

Mother Of The Bride Gift Box

18. Mother Of The Bride Gift Box


Give your mother a beautiful keepsake box where she can store all her knick-knacks. The sturdy white box says the words “Mother of the Bride” in vinyl lettering on the top so your mom can feel special for years to come.

Price: $14.70

mom of the bride gifts:Spa Gift

19. Spa Gift


Everyone knows the scent of lavender is calming and soothing to the senses. This spa set would be a great gift for the mother of the bride to help her relax after the stressful day is over. 

Price: $16.99

mothers wedding gift:Custom Mother Of The Bride Bag

20.Custom Mother Of The Bride Bag


Finding the perfect mother of the bride presents can be difficult. This personalized tote bag is not just practical, but it is a great way for your mom to display how proud she is of being the mother of the bride!

Price: $16.99+

Goat Milk Soap And Lotion Gift Set best mother of the bride gifts

21. Goat Milk Soap And Lotion Gift Set


Offer your mom a sweet escape from the stresses of wedding planning with this spa set. This mother’s wedding gift is practical because it will help her soothe herself, and get rid of all the worries from planning and helping you on your big day!

Price: $49.99

Thanks Note Book :unique mother of the bride gifts

22. Thanks Note Book


This handmade wooden keepsake box is fitted with a notebook for thank you notes. Give it as a gift to your mom on your wedding day, and write a special thank you note to make it even more special. 

Price: $21.99

mother of bride gift:Wedding Card Mother Of The Bride

23. Wedding Card Mother Of The Bride


The most sentimental and meaningful gifts are those that hold a hand-written, personal message. This wedding gift for mother is more than just simple care; it is a way for you to express just how much she means to you and how grateful you are for her.

Price: $4.00

mother of the bride gifts etiquette:Personalized Locket Necklace

24. Personalized Locket Necklace


This beautiful pendant, when closed, looks like an antique carved circle, but once you open it, it holds a unique and special message. The pendant can be personalized with a small message and your wedding date making it the best gift for mother from daughter.

Price: $38.25

Bracelet Wedding Party Gift For Mom

25. Bracelet Wedding Party Gift For Mom


Show your mom that no matter how old you get, or how many things you do in life, you will always be her little girl. This is a good way to make her feel special even though it’s your day; mommy gifts from daughter don’t get better than this.

Price: $19.55+

gift ideas for mother of the bride:Personalized Platter

26. Personalized Platter


If your mom is passionate about entertaining and hosting, this personalized traditional platter will make a great addition to her china cabinet. It has been made with heirloom-quality materials and can easily be personalized by providing your mother’s initials and your wedding date.

Price: $88.95

Coffee Maker

27. Coffee Maker


If your mother’s day does not start without a cup of good coffee, then this gift is ideal. The Keurig coffee maker is known as one of the best in the world; she will be grateful every morning when this machine whips up her favorite drink of the day!

Price: $79.00

unique mother daughter gifts:Jewelry Box

28. Jewelry Box


“Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your daughter and best friend for life” is carved onto this gorgeous wooden jewelry box. The sentimental message can be carved on your choice of wood, and it features a music box too, making it a truly unique mother of the bride gift.

Price: $142.40

Cutting Board

29. Cutting Board


If your mom is like most, she loves cooking and feeding her family. This cutting board may seem like a simple gift, but it is one of the best in the space. It is made of organic bamboo and has carved out sections for all her different veggies.

Price: $22.94

Herbal Teapot Set

30. Herbal Teapot Set


If your mother loves tea and loves serving it, this teapot set would be perfect for her. It is beautifully crafted and painted with oriental bamboo designs to stay with the theme. Now she can brew her favorite tea in her new favorite tea set.

Price: $34.62

gifts for mothers on wedding day:Mother Of The Bride Pajamas

31. Mother Of The Bride Pajamas


What is a good gift for the mother of the bride? Well, how about this super elegant and chic Mother of the Bride Pyjamas? They are both comfortable and fashionable; she won’t just want to sleep in them, but wear them all day long!

Price: $42.99

mother of bride gift ideas:Chocolate Candy Gift Box

32. Chocolate Candy Gift Box


Ferrero Rocher chocolates are a delicious combination of textures and flavors that combine to make a tiny morsel that tastes just as you would imagine the taste of heaven. The creamy center with a thin layer of wafer topped with a crunchy chocolate casing, all-around a whole hazelnut – what’s not to love?

Price: $13.99

mother of the bride present ideas:Natural Foot Balm For Dry

33. Natural Foot Balm For Dry


After a long day of running around on last-minute wedding errands, trust us when we say your mother will really appreciate this balm for her feet. This balm uses a special formula that helps soften even the toughest of heels, a great and practical gift for mom.

Price: $8.99+

mother gifts for wedding: Makeup Brushes

34. Makeup Brushes


This set of 14 makeup brushes will ensure that your mom will never have trouble applying makeup again! It has everything she needs from a foundation brush to an eyeshadow blending brush and everything in between!

Price: $10.99

Fresh Cut Roses Perfume Oil

35. Fresh Cut Roses Perfume Oil


The scent of rose is recognizable as heavenly, romantic, and appealing. Give your mom this perfume oil as a gift so she can smell just like fresh-cut pink summer roses. All she has to do it roll it onto her pulse points, and the subtle yet sweet smell will follow her wherever she goes. 

Price: $8.00

presents for mothers of the bride:Bracelet Watch

36. Bracelet Watch


If you want to give your mom a meaningful gift on your wedding day, give her the gift of time; this gorgeous watch offers fashion and functionality. It comes in a versatile gold-tone and minimalistic dial, so she can wear it every day!

Price: $44.90

gift for mother of brideWhite Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

37. White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters


If you are looking for some clean, contemporary, and sleek home decor gifts to your mom on your wedding day, these undeniably gorgeous planters will make a great gift. These planters are made of ceramic with gold and grey detailing perfect for indoor plants.

Price: $35.99

Flower Earrings

38. Flower Earrings


If flowers are your mother’s thing, surprise her with these beautiful little sterling silver 18K gold plated flower earrings. They are cute, very wearable, and would definitely put a smile on your mom’s face!

Price: $23.85+

personalized gifts for mother of the bride:Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

39. Unique Bamboo Cheese Board


Whose doesn’t like a great assortment of cheese and snacks with their favorite bottle of wine? Well, if you’re looking for a creative and gorgeous way to display these snacks, this bamboo cheese board is the best way to do it!

Price: $19.97

12 Monogrammed Linen Dinner Napkin Set

40. 12 Monogrammed Linen Dinner Napkin Set


If you are looking for a traditional mother of the bride gift idea, look no further than these unique and practical monogrammed napkins. They will give your mom an air of royalty when she uses them at dinner parties.

Price: $89.65

Essential Oil Diffuser

41. Essential Oil Diffuser


Everyone loves a home that smells great. This amazing compact oil diffuser comes with 2 misting modes; either set it so it continuously mists for 3 hours or pauses every 30 seconds for 6-8 hours. Whichever you choose, this will help you stay calm with the healing powers of aromatherapy.

Price: $15.99

mother of the bride gift ideas:Personalized Picture Frame

42. Personalized Picture Frame


Make the wedding gift you give your mom truly special by giving her this custom picture frame. You have tons of colors to choose from, and you can personalize the words, a gift for mom from the daughter she will cherish forever.

Price: $24.95

Personalize Wine Glasses

43. Personalize Wine Glasses


Give the mother of the groom and mother of the bride gifts from the bride that they can cherish forever. Get their names and the date of your wedding engraved on these wine glasses to make them extra special.

Price: $24.30

There you have it! Here was our list of mother of the bride gifts that are perfect for every mother. This list includes something for everyone and every budget too! We hope this list helps you narrow down to a gift that you want to give to your mom. She deserves to feel special, even if it is your big day!