30 Amazing Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Him and Her (2022)

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If you’re looking to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiance with a special holiday gift this Christmas, read on. You’ll find the best long distance relationship gifts for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. Couples and far-flung friends alike will love these ideas that will keep you close, even when you’re far apart!

Long Distance Gifts for Him

Tell him how much he means to you with something unique. These virtual gifts for a boyfriend are a great way to celebrate your bond. Maintain that strong connection wherever you are in the world, near or far from each other. Keep his heart close even when separated by distance! 

1. Couple Puzzle Map Canvas  

Couple Puzzle Map Canvas

A couple looking to keep their relationship alive even when they’re apart from each other will love this personalized canvas. It makes the perfect long distance anniversary gift. Keep hearts and minds close and count the days until you’ll be reunited once again IRL.

2. You Are The Missing Piece To My Heart Custom Photo Desktop Plaque  

You Are The Missing Piece To My Heart Custom Photo Desktop Plaque  

Nothing is more beautiful than two souls finding the missing puzzle piece to complete their lives. If you’re looking for things to send to your boyfriend, add this to the list! It’ll sit perfectly on his work desk or bedside table, so you’re sure he’s always thinking of you.

3. Long Distance Relationship Care Package Stickers

Care Package Flap Stickers

Spruce up a care package for your long distance boyfriend with meaningful stickers. They effortlessly make a boring cardboard box super fancy and adorable! This is going to be one box he saves for his memorabilia of your relationship. Bet you can’t wait to see what he puts in it!

4. Write Now. Read Later Letter

Write Now. Read Later Letter

Write your loved one inspirational letters to read when it’s most necessary. Among all the long distance ideas, this one ranks at the top. How wonderful is it to be able to read words to truly fit the situation? This way, you’ll always be that pillar of support!

5. Wooden Music Box

Wooden Music Box - long distance relationship gifts

Here’s a long distance box to rival the other music boxes out there. It comes fitted with a photo of your choice and an engraving, as well as a selected tune! Your guy will see how much effort you put into this gift, and he’ll surely feel appreciated!

6. Long Distance Relationship Map Canvas Print

Long-Distance Relationship Map Canvas Print

There are many ways to communicate with one another even though you’re on opposite ends of the country. Long distance touch gifts guarantee that you always feel close. Looking at this hanging wall art will ensure your relationship is the one thing on each other’s minds.

7. Message in a Glass Bottle

Message in a Glass Bottle - Long distance relationship gifts

Write up some love notes and pack them up in the cutest possible way. It’s the best Valentine idea for long distance relationships because each message can be read when it’s truly needed. There’s no better medicine than a gift like this to make one feel awesome!

8. Our Moments Couples Cards Game  

Our Moments Couples

Spend some quality time come date night with an activity for new and old couples alike. Get to know each other even better by sharing deep conversations. There’s no greater way for a long distance couple to add some pizzazz to their daily phone calls!

9. Music Player Canvas Print

Music Player Canvas Print

All couples have a song that they share, and thinking about this tune will instantly brighten up their day. Offer your man a chic personalized plaque complete with your favorite music as well as a photo of you both. This LDR gift is unbreakable, just like your love!

10. Couples Bracelet  

Couples Bracelet - long-distance-relationship-gifts

Matching bracelets make for a fantastic his and hers gift idea. Offer this to a boyfriend who’s getting deployed or going off to work in another city. If there’s one time a bracelet breaking off means a good thing, then this is it. It means a wish is coming true!

11. Miss You Gift Basket

Miss You Gift Basket - long-distance-relationship-gifts

Remember that when offering someone a gift basket, it’s all about the packaging. Print out some fun tags and stickers to create a long distance care package that’s truly one of a kind. Being separated isn’t easy. These cute printable are a great way to weather it out!

12. Still Having Coffee Together Spoon

Still Having Coffee Together Spoon

If someone you love is leaving and one of the things you’ll miss most is having coffee together, get this! A coffee spoon doesn’t make an obvious goodbye gift for a boyfriend, but it should. This way, you’ll still be enjoying your morning routine together, in a very special way!

13. If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow  

If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow - long-distance-relationship-gifts

Here is a cute thing to brighten up his day. It’s a sweet pillow that’s the best long distance family gift. With it, being apart won’t seem so bad, and lonely nights will be much more bearable. When a real hug can’t happen, this present is the next best thing!

14. Hoodie Set  

 Hoodie Set - long-distance-relationship-gifts

It’s often impossible to make sense of things when you’re separated from your bae. If you’re wondering what makes great surprises for a long distance boyfriend, matching outfits will do the trick. Just make sure to get the suitable sizes and enjoy the best cheesy items for long distance couples!

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Long Distance Gifts for Her

A girl loves receiving gifts with a bit of effort thrown in. When virtual gifts for a girlfriend make her feel like you’re right there, they’ve done their job. Being long distance is just a blip in your relationship. Soon enough, you’ll be reunited and spending every moment together! 

1. A Great Big Hug Custom Photo Pillow – Long Distance Gift  

A Great Big Hug Custom Photo Pillow – Long Distance Gift

Surprise your girlfriend with a personalized LDR pillow she’ll treasure, especially during those lonely nights. This pillow can’t replace a real hug, but it sure does come pretty close! The distance that separates you won’t seem so bad as you count down the days you’ll be together again.

2. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket  

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket - Long distance relationship gifts

Since you aren’t physically with your girlfriend all the time, give her something to warm her on cooler nights. Here’s a gift for a long distance girlfriend that isn’t just nice – some might say it’s a necessity. Make this Christmas present extra special with lyrics from her favorite song!

3. “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right” Custom Mugs  

 "Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right" Custom Couple Mugs  

If you’ve spent time with a woman, you’ll know she’s always right. Inject some humor into your relationship with these funny couple mugs. This customized gift for her will allow the both of you to enjoy coffee together even though you’re apart!

4. Complete Each Other Custom Split Heart Map Canvas Print  

Complete Each Other Custom Split Heart Map Canvas Print  

Your lady will love how this piece of artwork completes her room. It’s one of the best long distance anniversary ideas out there. Let distance bring the both of you closer together because your love can tackle being apart, easy peasy!

5. Self Care Package  

Self Care Package - long-distance-relationship-gifts

Everyone needs a reminder to self-care every once in a while. Your girlfriend is no different. It’s time to pamper your woman with some luxurious natural homemade products. Drop her a long distance relationship care package on Valentine’s Day that’s sure to bring a smile to her face!

6. Necklace State Jewelry  

Necklace State Jewelry - long-distance-relationship-gifts

Keep hearts close even when they’re states apart with a meaningful piece of jewelry. If you are ever lost when it comes to gift ideas for a long distance girlfriend, go for this necklace! Its versatile look ensures she can wear it to match any outfit!

7. Personalized Long Distance Pillow  

Personalized Long Distance Pillow  - long-distance-relationship-gifts

Pillows will never go out of style as long distance presents. They provide comfort and ease the pain of missing loved ones. Distance truly doesn’t stand a chance against love. Make this a gift for a family member who’s going away, so they know you’ll miss them.

8. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger  

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messen

Here’s a modern take on the classic love letter for the 21st-century woman. Nothing is better than the endless surprises that come with this long distance gift box. Use it to send cute telegrams that arrive faster than the speed of light!

9. Envelopes & Note Cards  

Envelopes & Note Cards

Make use of the classic typewriter to send little love notes for your distance partner to read. Each letter is special, as it fits a particular feeling and moment in her life. She’s sure to treasure every single word. This is something to send your girlfriend regardless of the occasion!

10. Long Distance Friendship Lamp  

Long Distance Friendship Lamp   - long-distance-relationship-gifts

You don’t need words to express how much you miss your girl! Sometimes, a touch can move mountains, and this lamp is a perfect example of that. This long distance light up gift is truly original. We really have to thank technology for giving us new ways to connect!

11. We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle  

We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle

Finding your soulmate in the sea of seven billion people has got to be a miracle. This is one LDR anniversary gift that’ll bring great moments of fun. Celebrate this chance meeting with a customized jigsaw puzzle specially made for you!

12. Memory Box  

Memory Box - Long distance relationship gifts

If there’s one thing a woman loves, it’s lovely photos featuring the both of you. Put them together with this custom memory box that opens up into a gorgeous fridge magnet! Send your girlfriend a gift that will make her heart burst with joy today.

13. Couple Keychain  

Couple Keychain - long-distance-relationship-gifts 

Are you hunting for going away presents for your girlfriend? These couple keychains are not just cute and meaningful – they’re extremely practical too. Being away sucks, but knowing that she’s chosen you out of the many guys out there simply makes things better!

14. State Long Distance Soy Candle  

State Long Distance Soy Candle - State Long Distance Soy Candle

Even if you’re miles apart, she’s always number one. Make sure she remembers this by offering her a personalized scented candle. It’ll be one she lights in the evenings when she misses you the most. Add this to your list of LDR care package ideas today!

15. Personalized I Love You Chocolates  

Personalized I Love You Chocolates - long-distance-relationship-gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolates? It’s the best Valentine gift for a long distance girlfriend. You’ve got to admire the attention to detail in this personalized present. There’s even a chocolate map marked with your two locations. That creativity is pretty hard to beat!

16. ENGRAVED I Miss Your Face Glass

ENGRAVED I Miss Your Face Glass

Being apart doesn’t mean you cannot go out on dates together. Simply have drinks over Facetime! Drinking wine from a glass etched with a love note is a sure way to fix the day. Tell her how much you miss her with this charming long distance relationship gift!

Missing Each Other Is Not so Bad

Every one of these long distance relationship gifts is meant to bring you closer, and it will! Don’t let mountains and seas drive you apart. Let absence make the heart grow fonder with fun and cute Long Distance Relationship ideas to keep the flame of love burning!

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