31 Quick Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her in 2022

last minute valentine day gifts

Valentine’s Day sneaks up on plenty of couples. If you find yourself caught without a good idea of how to celebrate with your significant other, you may need to look at a handful of ideas for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Whether you’re searching for Valentine’s gift for her, him, or for friends you care about, there are many great options that offer quick shipping and a ton of sentimentality. Just because a present is purchased late, doesn’t mean it will lack meaning! Use this guide to discover the absolute best last-minute Valentine’s gifts for every person you care about this holiday.  

31. Heart Shaped Photo Collage Custom Canvas

last minute valentine's day gifts: Heart Shaped Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

Buying a gift for your wife does not need to be a complicated endeavor. A heart-shaped photo collage custom canvas print is a simple idea with a lot of room for creativity. All you have to do is select a few of your favorite pics of the woman you love.

30. Custom Star Map and Song Lyrics Print

quick valentine's gifts for him: Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

Waiting until the last minute to buy a gift for your boyfriend or husband means that you need to take certain factors to heart. If you need overnight Valentine’s Day gifts for him, this custom star map is a wonderful fit.

Get expedited shipping on a present that will make your special someone feel unique and valued.

29. Love Notes to My Man

Love Notes to My Man

Feeling like you have no time to get your husband a gift can be stressful. Thankfully, you can easily find a quick present that fits how special your hubby is to you.

These love notes will make him remember just how much you love his constant presence. 

28. Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

When I Say I Love You More Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

Saying “I love you” to your significant other can take many forms. This Valentine’s Day, give that special someone in your life a present like a desktop photo plaque. This custom gift is a great item for anyone who works long hours and could use a little daily love and encouragement.

27. Date Night Box Set 

Date Night Box Set 

If you find yourself struggling to figure out quick Valentine’s Day ideas, remember the whole reason for the holiday is to celebrate love.

What better opportunity to gift your partner a date night box set? This romantic present will definitely heat things up around the house.

26. Love Coupons

Love Coupons

Need a present that is incredibly easy? You won’t find a more straightforward or sweet option than love coupons.

If you don’t have time or funds to get the gift you really want to give, these coupons offer a plethora of alternatives your partner will be able to appreciate.

25. Custom Initial Name Mug

Thanks For All The Orgasms Custom Initial Name Mug

Have you been trying to find a gift for boyfriend that really captures his personality? Sometimes, the right gift is one that will tickle his funny bone.

This personalized mug will remind him of exactly why you keep him around year after year! A great gag gift that any guy will love to receive.

24. Beauty Subscription Box 

Beauty Subscription Box 

Another good option to think over when you’re not certain what to get is a subscription box. These days, both women and men put a lot of effort into personal appearance.

If your partner likes to primp and preen, a beauty subscription box is the type of gift to consider.

23. Ultimate Beard Care Kit-Beard Balm

ltimate Beard Care Kit-Beard Balm

For the man who likes to grow out a beard, a gift that helps him keep things tight and trimmed can be ideal. The ultimate beard care kit is the kind of present that includes everything that he needs in order to keep his facial  whiskers looking fresh.  

22. Succulent Garden

quick valentines day ideas: Succulent Garden

In many cases, a cute present is a great option to consider when you haven’t gotten a solid idea of your own. A succulent garden could not be more adorable or perfect.

These plants are notoriously easy to care for, making it a low-commitment present for those in need of some greenery. 

21. Sock Subscription 

easy valentine's day gifts for him: ck Subscription 

Need a really easy gift for a guy who doesn’t require much to survive? All guys need socks, so a sock subscription is the kind of present that he will be able to fully appreciate and get good use out of. A stylish and practical gift all in one!

20. Custom Star Map Framed Print

The Night We Kissed Custom Star Map Framed Print

For those who need a gift for girlfriend that falls on the easy side, you may find a sentimental and sweet option the way to go.

A custom star map framed print featuring information related to the night you first kissed will definitely set her heart aflutter in no time.

19. I’ll Always Be With You Desktop Photo Plaque

I’ll Always Be With You Desktop Photo Plaque

When you spend long hours at work and away from your partner, it can take a toll on your mind and soul.

Though it might seem like a small gesture, one great present to think about giving to someone who is always in the office a desktop plaque featuring a photo of the two of you.

18. Roses in a Box  

Roses in a Box  

Simple is always a good way to go when it comes to a last-minute present for Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, few gifts are as simple or as meaningful on this holiday than roses. Grab some roses in a box and your partner will know exactly how you feel. 

17. Sugarwish eCard

Sugarwish eCard 

A late Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t need to be one that is useless or cobbled together in a hurry. In fact, an eCard could be the ideal way to go.

This is the kind of gift that keeps giving, allowing your partner the chance to get something that they really want. 

16. Flower 


If you need a gift that works for her no matter who she is, then you can always find a perfect present in flowers.

There are few images as connected to this celebration of love and romance as flowers, so grab her something that embodies the heart of the holiday

15. Ticket Stub Diary  

Ticket Stub Diary

Do you and your partner love going to concerts or plays together? An easy and quick Valentine idea for couples who enjoy going to performances is a ticket stub diary.

A great keepsake gift for anyone who holds onto souvenirs from events and gatherings.

14. I Love You More – The End – I Win Photo Desktop Plaque

I Love You More – The End – I Win Photo Desktop Plaque

Some gifts for a boyfriend are perfect because you know he will smile when he receives them. Such is the case with this beautiful desktop plaque.

Pick a favorite photo to place inside and enjoy the perks of grabbing a late present with expedited shipping options.

13. Craft Beer Gifts

Craft Beer Gifts

Another simple and quick gift to think about when it comes to grabbing a present that a partner will love is a gift centered on beer. These days, women and men alike love craft beer. If this is the case with your partner, this gift will definitely produce great results.

12. Eternal Roses and Chocolates Gift Box

Eternal Roses and Chocolates Gift Box

Sometimes, a small gift can be the best way to make an impression on the person you care about. This chocolates gift box and roses set is a traditional present that is sure to showcase the true feelings that you hold for your significant other.

11. Gift Card

easy valentine's day ideas: Gift Card

What is better than grabbing a gift for the sake of getting one? Purchasing a gift card! Instead of buying any old thing, grab a present that allows your partner to get what he or she actually wants. Few gifts are as easy or as fast!

10. To My Wife Necklace 

to my wife necklace

Since your wife plays a big part in your happiness, you don’t want to skimp when it comes time to find her a perfect gift for V Day.

This necklace is a personalized present that allows you the opportunity to show the special lady in your life that she means the world to you.

9. Wish Bracelet

Wish Bracelet

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to give your partner a present that makes an impact. In fact, some of the best gifts are small and inexpensive.

This wish bracelet is the kind of item that anyone will love, capturing the sentiments of the holiday in a perfect fashion.

8. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you enjoy eating in the morning with your partner, a waffle maker is the kind of gift that can take this tradition to the next level.

Plus, you both benefit from the delectable confections this appliance can create!

7. Candle 


A candle is a gift that works for almost any situation. When Valentine’s Day arrives before you have a moment to take stock of things, you can do no wrong by getting a candle.

A simple and sweet way to show you care enough to grab something!

6. Beard Kit for Men  

Beard Kit for Men  

For the guy who has a lot of facial hair, be sure to think about presents that will help him keep his whiskers clean. A beard kit for men is one of the sweetest day gifts for guys because it provides all of the tools and essentials he needs in order to look great. 

5. Daem Watches

Daem Watches

Want to keep it casual this year with your gift? Few presents are as classic or as simple as a watch.

Whether you’ve been together for many years or just recently celebrated a small milestone, a watch is the best option to capture your sentiments on Valentine’s Day.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

For the guy who gets distracted easily, you may want to look for gifts that help him focus.

Headphones that block out all nearby noise can be a great fit for dudes that spend a lot of time on trains, in the office, or surrounded by sounds of all magnitudes. 

3. Wine Drop subscription  

Wine Drop subscription  

There are few gifts as satisfying as a bottle of wine. If your significant other likes to kick back with a glass of red or white, a subscription to a wine service is the absolute best gift. Grab a set of glasses, uncork a bottle, and enjoy.

2. Best Friend Gifts for Women Blanket

Best Friend Gifts for Women Blanket

Not all best Valentine’s Day gifts are about romance. Sometimes, you want to show a special friend that he or she matters to you.

This best friend blanket is the kind of present that captures the warm and cozy nature of friendships that last through all the tests and tribulations of time.

1. Diy Secret Love Note Pillow


For some people, a DIY Valentine gift is the best way to show a significant other how much they mean. This secret love note pillow is a present that requires little effort and produces wonderful results when finally opened and experienced. Grab your materials and see what you can put together.

Though it might be stressful, finding the best last minute Valentine’s Day gifts is far from impossible. With the inspiration you’ve gained here, set out and discover a present that will make your partner feel the love this holiday.

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