20 Lace Wedding Invitations to Elevate Your Guests’ Experience to Unforgettable Heights (2023)


What’s not to love about lace wedding invitations? There’s no denying such feminine stationery goes well with multiple wedding themes. For one, elegant wedding announcements with lace are perfect for both a traditional, vintage ceremony and a modern, chic celebration. What more could a doting couple ask for? Probably a long, successful marriage, but you get the point.

If you didn’t already know, lace-themed weddings are renowned for their romantic sparkle and nostalgia-inspiring vibe. Whether you’re going casual, formal, minimalist, or classic on your big day, read on for inspiring suggestions on lace invites that will pleasantly surprise your guests.

1. Pocket Fold Laser-Cut Wedding Invitation

Pocket Fold Laser-Cut Wedding Invitation


This invitation is perfect for an event with a vintage theme. The ivory card is easily customizable and can be embellished to fit the bride’s unique personality and style. In all honesty, vintage lace invitations don’t get any better than this.

2. Rose Gold Glitter & Lace Wedding Invitation

Rose Gold Glitter & Lace Wedding Invitation


With the romantic feel this handmade card exudes, you’ll get to set the perfect tone for your wedding long before the big day. This lace wedding invitation template comes with a matching RSVP card that will get you dozens of “confirmed attendance” messages.

3. Square Petal Fold Lace Invitation


Looking for a gorgeous petal fold invite to create some buzz before your special day? Ask anyone, and we promise they’ll confirm there’s no going wrong with this card. This is the template to go for to bring your lacey invitations ideas to life!

4. Burlap Lace Wedding Invitation

Burlap Lace Wedding Invitation


Who doesn’t love a dash of rustic elegance? Frankly, elegance and sophistication are the key components of this rustic lace wedding invitation. Its distressed edges simulate depth and dimension, while the RSVP insert card is an undeniably nice touch.

5. Glitter Silver Lace Wedding Invitation

Glitter Silver Lace Wedding Invitation


This shimmery lace wedding invitation kit is what dreams are made of. While the template’s default option comes in silver-grey, you can customize the entire set to match your wedding’s colors. Moreover, you can further pick your preferred design elements for the ultimate personalization. 

6. Lavender Wedding Invitation

Lavender Wedding Invitation


Take advantage of the refined grace this aesthetic pocket invitation card conveys, and watch as your guests drop their jaws. Lavender lace wedding invitations like this one are subtly glamorous, stylish, and easily customizable for the perfect final look. Compliments will indeed come your way!

7. Lace Gatefold Invitation

Lace Gatefold Invitation


Nothing’s quite as stunning as lace and ribbon wedding invitations, don’t you agree? Coupled with the breathtaking calligraphy on this card, the embellishments here ooze class and authenticity. Truthfully, these gatefold wedding invitations are just what the event of your life needs.

8. Doily Lace Envelopes

Doily Lace Envelopes


You might want to have quite the crowd grace your big day. These doily wedding invitation envelopes are perfect for sending out bulk invites if you take up the option. The off-white polished finish of this lace wedding invitation kit is to die for!

9. Black Lace and Satin Wedding Invitations 

Black Lace and Satin Wedding Invitations


Black is a bold and daring color to have in your wedding palette. However, it’s also the epitome of elegance and versatility. And who said lace-themed weddings couldn’t rock this audacious hue? This design is living proof a goth wedding concept totally works!

10. Floral Lace Laser-Cut Wedding Invitation

Floral Lace Laser-Cut Wedding Invitation


Are you looking for a unique, awe-inspiring wedding invite that is practically out of this world? This 5.5×5.5 laser-cut wrap-in floral wedding invitation decorated with Magnolia flowers fits any theme you choose. We promise it’ll get your guests talking before and after your D-day.

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11. Blue Wood String Lights Lace Invite

Blue Wood String Lights Lace Invite


If a country theme is your cup of tea, then this wedding invitation card is for you. It is elegant, timeless, and gives off the rustic feel you’re after. The fact that you can also personalize it makes it an unbeatable option.

12. Burgundy Wood Lace Tri-Fold Invitation

Burgundy Wood Lace Tri-Fold Invitation


Don’t they say that good things come in threes? That should tell you something about this tri-fold invitation card. Personalize the burgundy design to make it one of a kind. You can even add a sweet picture with your significant other to seal the deal!

13. Black Lace Lasercut Gatefold Wedding Invitations 

Black Lace Lasercut Gatefold Wedding Invitations


Nothing screams luxury louder than a card featuring gold foil. If you’re going for an aspirational feel, this artistic, charming, and beautiful wedding invite will get you there. If there’s a card that will have you receiving compliments left, right, and center, this is it.

14. Graphic Floral Square Invitation

Graphic Floral Square Invitation


What comes to mind when you think of a romantic wedding? Probably visions of bold blooms and festive flowers, no? This invitation card guarantees this and more, making it the perfect stationery for lace-themed weddings. Other square wedding invitations would be jealous of its charm!

15. Rustic Door Lace Wedding Invitation


Understandably, you want to go all out where your wedding is concerned. But what if you saved some of that cash and used the extra bucks for your honeymoon? Cheap yet appealing and distinguished in its own right, this card gives you that option.

16. Elegant Rose Gold Glitter Foil and Ivory Invitation

Elegant Rose Gold Glitter Foil and Ivory Invitation


If you like getting things done in one sweep, this lace wedding invitation kit is for you. The stock package comes in stunning gold and ivory, but there’s a 28-page color catalog to choose from. How about you bring forth the creative genius in you?

17. Black and Red Lace Elegant Gothic Wedding Invitation


You know what guarantees unique wedding decor? A blend of black and red. These lacey invitations will set a passionate tone for your big day. The design is particularly perfect for an evening rendezvous. Your guests won’t stop thinking about it!

18. Red Roses Vintage Lace Invitation

Red Roses Vintage Lace Invitation


In truth, infusing a vintage element into your big day is all this invitation card is about. The design of this product is not only visually appealing with its red color, but it also includes a pocket at the back to store its accompanying accessories.

19. Lacey Pop-Up Wedding Invitations

Lacey Pop-Up Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations are much more than a means to communicate to your loved ones you’re tying the knot. If you want one that illustrates your creativity and romantic side, this pop-up lacey invitation is definitely for you. This gorgeous design could never go unnoticed! 

20. Lace, Pearl, and Sparkle Wedding Invitation 

Lace, Pearl, and Sparkle Wedding Invitation 


This wedding invitation exudes luxury with its intricate lace pattern that weaves up to a satin ribbon bow. What’s even better is that you can customize the card to match any wedding theme. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? We bet it’s music to your ears

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