How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost in 2023

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost

How much do wedding invitations cost? This might be a question on your mind if you’re planning your big day. While you consider various expenses related to the event venue, catering, outfits, and flowers, factoring in your invites is crucial. Depending on how many people you’re planning to have at your wedding, the amount can add up quickly. 

Planning a wedding can be hectic. You probably have a limit on how much you can spend on the entire event. You don’t want any surprises in this economy. Therefore, the invitation budget must be a priority. Don’t leave it to the last minute – that’s a rookie mistake right there!

In this article, we’ll explain the types and costs of wedding invitations, as well as a few tips on saving money. If you’re interested in having a party of a lifetime with invites that will serve as keepsakes, you must continue reading!

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How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost

Average Price of Invitations for Wedding

Weddings are an exciting time. They’re also stressful because of the planning and expenditure involved. How many people are you inviting to your big day? That number might fall between 150 and 300. The average cost of wedding invitations for most couples is around $400 to $600. That can be quite a big amount to stomach for the average person.

Many elements go into deciding on a wedding invitation budget. You may consider how much you plan to spend per invite or take a top-down approach. For the latter option, decide on a total and divide it by the number of invitations. 

What’s Included in an Invitation Suite

The cost of wedding invitations depends on the types of cards you order. A wedding invitation suite includes:

  • Save the Dates: Similar to an invite, the Save the Date goes out in advance so that guests can make plans early. It lets people know what’s happening at a certain time so they can organize childcare, apply for leave, or make travel plans. How much do save the dates cost? Most couples pay around $1 per card.
  • Invitations: The invitation is the star of your wedding stationery. It contains all the important details, such as the event venue, date and time, and dress code. Out-of-towners may receive printed maps and hotel information.
  • Response Cards: A response card usually comes with the invitation alongside a self-addressed (stamped) envelope. It’s a way for people to respond with their attendance status.
  • Reception Cards: Some couples include reception details on the main invitation card. Others provide another card with the party’s date, time, and place. Consider adding lodging details here if necessary.
  • Wedding Programs: These make beautiful mementos as they may contain the order of events, the names of the wedding party, and a story about how the couple met. Traditionally, they’re booklets. Today, they can be a single card. 
  • Menu Cards: Tell your guests what food to expect during the event. If a menu item bears a special significance, mention it. You can include the beverages served, too. 
  • Place Cards: Reduce all seating confusion with place cards. Place these small tented cards at every setting. A place card contains a guest’s name and their assigned table.
  • Thank You Cards: You should show your guests how thankful you are for their attendance. Your event wouldn’t be the same without them. Design your thank you card with an initial monogram.

Naturally, you don’t have to print all of the above. Pick those that apply to your event. Next, we’ll talk about the price of different types of paper to help you come up with a wedding invitations cost estimate. 

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost

Factors That Affect Wedding Invitation Pricing

Calculating the average cost of wedding invitations for 100 guests isn’t as simple as you think. Aside from deciding what to include in your invitation suite, you must consider the type of paper and your preferred embellishments. 

Types of Paper

The following are the most popular types of paper for wedding invitations. You’d be surprised at the possible choices.

  • Cotton Fiber ($29 for 100 sheets): Here’s the most expensive option for printing. Made of 100% cotton, it’s soft, durable, and comes with zero imperfections. It absorbs ink color well and is perfect for letterpress printing.
  • Felt Cardstock ($22 for 100 sheets): Felt is unique in that it’s a thick cardstock with a texture that lies between cotton and canvas. Smooth yet coarse, it is a sophisticated option for wedding invitations. However, felt cardstock isn’t suitable for all printers, so ensure your vendor supports it.
  • Parchment ($15 for 100 sheets): Parchment is a thin paper featuring a marbled, semi-translucent look. If you’re looking for an airy, dreamy effect, include it as a layer to your vellum or cotton cardstock. Parchment is suitable for spring weddings. It adds a personal and unique touch.
  • Vellum ($17 for 100 sheets): Use translucent vellum on its own or as a layer. You can overlay it for a subtle depth to your wedding invites. They can go on top of an illustration or photo. This flexible paper is cloudy, smooth, and very thin. Since it’s less expensive than the other options here, it’s a popular choice.
  • Glassine ($17 for 100 sheets): You can consider glassine paper a combination of glossy and tracing paper. Resistant to water and grease, this type can function as envelopes or a see-through layer for your wedding invitation. Glassine is similar to vellum but looks somewhat waxy in comparison.
  • Handmade Paper ($20 per 100 sheets): Concern for the environment is apt when you’re planning your wedding invitations. Go green with this affordable option. You can find handmade paper consisting of eco-friendly raw materials that usually go to waste, such as bark, sugarcane, and jute. Expect a rough and rugged look, which is perfect for an exotic yet personal wedding. 
  • Recycled Paper ($20 per 100 sheets): Since we’re on the environmental agenda, let’s talk about recycled cardstock. Despite holding texture and a fibrous look, it’s still smooth to the touch. With modern couples prioritizing Mother Earth, this choice is gaining popularity by the day. 
  • Linen ($17 for 100 sheets): Here’s a pocket-friendly option that promises top quality. A favorite among many, linen is rich in texture. You’ll love the weaves and matte finish, which are perfect for potential printing issues. Aside from promising elegance, it feels rustic and rugged at the same time. 

Some types of paper may come in two versions, matte and glossy. In many cases, the former costs less than the latter. Matte paper may seem subtle compared to its counterpart. However, it does come with understated elegance. When choosing between matte and glossy, consider how well the paper absorbs the ink.

Design Elements

What would you like to print on your paper? There are so many ways to dress up your invites. Here are some popular embellishments to consider:

  • Photography: Print a lovely image of the loving couple to make the wedding invitation extra special.
  • Engraved Design: Create a design that stands out by appearing as if carved into the paper. 
  • Foil Stamped: Foil stamping isn’t just elegant – it’s fun! Pick from various colors: gold, silver, rose gold, and more. 
  • Letter Pressed: This printing technique is elegant and timeless. It works for calligraphy and modern fonts.
  • Glitter: Glamor, sparkle, and shine – are these what your wedding is about? Then add some glitter to your invitations!
  • Calligraphy: For a unique set of wedding invitations, hire a calligrapher. It’s a pricier option that surely exudes class. 

How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

Suppose you are trying to put your money towards a house purchase or another expense; you may well spend less on your wedding. Aside from thrift shopping for your dress or renting a cheaper venue for your event, you can also save on your wedding invitations. This section touches on some popular methods.

The easiest way to cut costs is by going for affordable materials. If you choose linen or parchment as your printing paper, you’ll save a few dollars for every 100 invites. You can also consider using a simple design for your wedding invitations. There are many free or inexpensive templates online that you can edit to fit your preferences. 

Instead of inviting people that are mere acquaintances, limit the guest list to people who really matter in your life. This means sticking to close relatives and friends. An easy method to lower your budget is by cutting out physical invitations. Go the digital route instead. If your guests are frequent internet users, they wouldn’t mind receiving their invites via email or text message. You can create a free website to cater to RSVPs.

DIY invitations are great, too. If you have creative skills, you may as well put them to good use. This option is fantastic if you have an existing printer that can support cardstock printing. Make full use of the free templates on the internet. Finally, you can also opt to skip the extras. Envelope liners, ribbons, and wax seals can quickly increase your cost. You’ll find that you can save a lot by sticking to the basics. 

Wedding invitations are a major part of a couple’s big day. However, you can make memories despite spending less on them. The tips above are perfect for the budget-conscious couple!


As you probably already know, weddings are a big business. This fact remains true not just in America, but the rest of the world. There’s a certain expectation to go all out for this event as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime party. Nonetheless, you should always be smart about things. There’s no reason to spend more than your pocket allows. 

Deciding how much to spend on wedding invitations is a big step in your preparations. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that big of a headache. To recap, consider the average spending and see if that fits into your budget. Wedding invitations can go from $2.00 to $5.00 each, so multiply that with your expected guests for a final number. 

At the same time, you can check out the various printing materials, styles, and embellishments. Certain types of paper, for example, will cost more than others. A complete wedding invitation suite may contain items you don’t need. Let’s say you’re having a simple intimate affair. In that case, you can skip the place cards, menu cards, and wedding programs. If each of these costs $1, you can save $300 for a 100-person event!

Another factor that determines the final price of your invitations is your printing method and embellishments that go on the cards. A printer may charge more for foil stamping, and that makes sense, considering the extra materials necessary. 

The more you delve into this topic, the higher the chances of you considering ways to save on invites. That’s easy in today’s modern world. Thanks to the internet, you can create digital invites and an RSVP website. Alternatively, how about making your cards yourself? So many templates exist online, and they’re simply to edit, even for beginners. 

So there you have it – all you need to know about wedding invitations and how much they cost. Now, you’re ready to plan the biggest day of your life. Congratulations!

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