55+ Best Groomsmen Gifts They Won’t Stop Talking About (2022)

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There are plenty of people involved with helping you to bring your wedding day to life. One way to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch, is to make sure you support all of these individuals who are dedicating time and effort to your nuptials. This is especially true of the lifelong pals and best friends in your wedding party. Finding the right groomsmen gifts for college friends can be tough. Luckily, you can easily find the right fit  with a little bit of effort.

Give yourself a moment to look over this variety of clever gift suggestions to get a better feel for how to find the best presents for the guys in your party. By taking time to feel a sense of inspiration, you will be able to find presents that perfectly reflect exactly how you feel about the guys in your life and the importance of the bonds of friendship.   


Pocket Watch

Do you feel like the commonplace idea of the wrist watch is a bit more than played out? If you want to put a fun spin on this idea, then a pocket watch can be a great alternative. Not only is this a unique gift, it will gift your guys the suave sense of elegance and sophistication that they require.

Toiletry Bag - groomsmen gifts

Toiletry Bag

Sometimes, the best gifts can be the ones that are the least expected. These days, men tend to travel with a lot more travel-size items than before. If you want to make an impression with your groomsmen items, a toiletry bag that has been monogrammed for each guy can be an unexpected and useful idea.

Hunting Ammo Box

Hunting Ammo Box

There are plenty of clever ways to go about putting together a gift that helps to pop the question to the men in your life. Since you want to make your big day as special as possible, be sure to offer your guys presents like a gift box. This is a great way to ensure everyone is pleased

Groomsmen Golf Proposal (

Golf Ball

Looking for the perfect way to ask your friends to be in your wedding group? If the guys you know are all about golf, then a great way to pop the proposal question is with a golfing theme. This golf bol gift is a fantastic way to ask your guys to be a part of your special day.

Birch Box Man

Grooming Gift Box

In recent years, the idea of a gift box has become one of the more popular options when looking for presents. When you want your guys to feel a sense of pride and joy over their roles in your wedding, a gift box from a company like BirchBox might be the perfect fit.

Leather Travel Holder

Leather Cable Organizer & Passport Holder

Some men travel a lot. Whether the guys you know are always jetsetting from one place to another for fun or have to hop on a plane for business at least once a month, the gift of a leather travel holder is one that can easily make for a perfect groomsmen idea.


Wrist Watch

One of the best gifts available for men is a watch. Since most men often wear few accessories, a watch often acts as the centerpiece of a guy’s outfit. Help your friends take their looks to the next level with wrist watches made of engraved wood that invoke a classic and modern style.

beer soap

Beer Soap

Soap might not be the first option you consider when it comes to finding a great gift for the dudes you know, but soap made of beer is a different story altogether. If you want to make sure your guys are fresh, clean, and ready for anything, this is sample set is worth your consideration.

Beard Kit

Beard Kit

Are the men in your group of friends the type who like to keep their facial hair on the longer side? Men who have beards need to spend time and energy trimming and maintaining them. You can make this a part of your gift by offering the guys a pure and organic beard growth kit that is aimed at encouraging healthy and even beard growth.

Black Stainless Steel Can Cooler Tumbler

Cooler Tumbler

Having a way to keep drinks cold on the road can be important for many men. If you want to help your buds enjoy whatever beverages they might be drinking as they go on life’s adventures, a black stainless steel can cooler tumbler is the type of present that will be put to some immediate use.

cusom mug

Custom Photo Mug

When you need gifts for all of the guys in your group, your biggest challenge is likely going to be picking a gift that works for everyone. You can easily accomplish this goal with a mug. All you need to do is select a few photos and you’ve got a sentimental gift the guys will love.

groomsmen gifts - pocker set

Poker Set

One of the best ways to kick back and hang with the boys is by playing some cards. If the game of choice in your group is poker, then you can find a great gift in a nice poker set. Whether they bring the sets to the next poker night or simply decide to use them while at home, this is a great way to go with your gift. 

hot sauce gift

Hot Sauce

Do the guys in your group appreciate the flavor of biting into something truly spicy? If you’re looking for a kind of classic manly gift to give the guys on your special day, then you can do no better than the tantalizing and absolutely invigorating taste of quality hot sauce. 

money clip

Money Clip

Some presents are perfect because they are both simple and effective. When you’re trying to please all the guys in your group, it is best to go with an item that will please the crowd. A personalized wood money clip with engraving can easily help you achieve this goal.

groomsmen gift ideas - hip flask

Groomsmen Flask

One of the first stops to make when searching for a unique gift is with a flask.  The flasks come in three different leather colors or your choice of stainless steel. Add up to three rows of personalization, including your groomsmen’s names, the date, and more.


Whiskey Glass

When it comes to men’s wedding gifts for groomsmen, you can’t go wrong with a whiskey glass. It’s the perfect way to share a toast with your friends and celebrate your wedding. The glass includes nine different designs, one of which is a build your own option. 

gifts for groomsmen - whiskey barrel

Oak Whiskey Barrel

Another item to add to your list of cool gift ideas is this mini whiskey barrel. It arrives in three different sizes, from 1-3 liters, and has up to 12 different designs. Its unique appearance is a memorable way to mark the occasion.

groomsmen gift ideas - star war whiskey stones

Whiskey Stones

There’s nothing worse than a watered-down drink. One way to avoid this is by purchasing a set of engraved whiskey stones. These cheap groomsmen gifts chill your groomsmen’s drink better than ice, which melts and weakens the drink.

cool groomsmen gifts - copper mug

Copper Mugs

More creative ideas for groomsmen gifts is to buy them a mug that varies from the typical glass or ceramic. Instead, this durable mug consists of 100% copper, looks fantastic, and includes the recipient’s initials. 


Mach 3 Razor

The gift of a smooth shave is sometimes one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. Add in a hand-carved razor handle with your friend’s initials, and you have a first-rate groomsmen gift idea. The razor is compatible with standard Mach 3 razor blades and has seven different wood selections.

Whiskey Decanter Set​

Whiskey Decanter Set

If one glass isn’t enough to show you care, then this decanter set will do the trick. These groomsmen gifts come with the option to add one glass or a whole set, as well as a decanter and carrying case.


A Monogram Grill Tools

For the grillmaster groomsmen, this set of BBQ tools is ideal. It includes three stainless steel pieces, each with a bamboo handle. A bamboo case with your groomsman’s initials is also a part of the set. 

best groomsmen gifts - cufflinks

CopperHand Stamped Cufflinks

Every best man needs a set of stylish cufflinks to make him exceptionally presentable on the wedding day. So why not make the gift for groomsmen a set of cufflinks they can use for the ceremony and beyond? The cufflinks come in either round or square shapes and consist of either alum, brass, or copper.

groomsmen gift ideas - wood openeners

Wall Mounted Bottle Cap Opener

When looking for cool groomsmen gift ideas, one option is a mounted beer bottle opener. The plank of wood has both a bottle opener and cap catcher at the bottom for swift and easy use. It attaches to the wall and comes in four different stain selections, including dark walnut and natural wood.


Wooden Wallet

There is nothing quite as unique as a wallet made of walnut wood. Yet, this must-have brings so much to the table, wrapped up in a tiny package. Personalization is available in 7 different fonts, with the option for front and back customization. 

groomsmen gift ideas - wood money clip engraved

Engraved Money Clip

If a full-sized wallet doesn’t work, then another step in the direction of cool groomsmen gift ideas is a money clip. Even as small groomsmen gifts, these are packed with personal messages and meanings. These engraved groomsmen gifts include dates, names, and more.

engraved groomsmen gifts - luggage tags

Square Luggage Tags

Weddings often include plenty of travel time. A useful and inexpensive groomsmen gift that makes the trip even easier are these luggage tags. The tags are completely personal and display names, addresses, and numbers on a sturdy piece of plexiglass. 

Pint Glass

A pint glass is another great way to celebrate new beginnings with those who have always been there to support you. These unique best man gifts use four alternate designs to showcase the initials of the recipient. It also leaves room to add the date of the event at the bottom. 


Leather Dopp Kit Bag

Every gentleman needs a durable toiletry bag. This particular model makes the top of groomsmen gift ideas with its leather exterior and personalization. It’s the perfect size to hold all the necessary toiletries for a weekend getaway.

groomsmen gift ideas - underwear

Groomsmen Boxer Briefs

A funny gift to get your groomsmen is a set of boxer briefs with their title right across the seat. With sayings like, “Groom,” “Best Man,” and “Groomsman,” these briefs make for a hilarious photo-op.

key cable

Native Union Key Cable

With traveling and wedding preparations, forgetting a cellphone charger or two is inevitable. One way to prevent this is by gifting your groomsmen these chargers on a keychain. The wires are durable and the perfect travel size.


Craft Beer Gift Posters

Another unique idea involves a blend of bar history and man cave decor. Three patent posters make the perfect beer groomsmen gifts, especially for those with personal bars. They come in numerous sizes and colors, with the potential for framed or unframed styles. 

groomsmen gift ideas - spa week

Spa Week Gift Card

Weddings are stressful for everyone. Getting fitted and finding the time for events alone demand a soothing day at the spa. These cool gifts for groomsmen take the form of a spa credit they can use to get ready and relaxed.

groomsman gift ideas - multi purpose survival pocket tool

Multi -Purpose survival Pocket Tool

This next idea combines the usefulness of a swiss army knife with the ease and simplicity of a wallet. As a multi-purpose money clip, this affordable groomsmen gift idea is well worth the price. It includes everything in its design, from a butterfly wrench to a can opener to a protractor.

groomsmen gifts ideas - bbq set

Golfers BBQ Set

For the friend who loves barbecue and golf, you can’t go wrong with these unique grilling tools. As far as golf groomsmen gifts go, nothing compares to the handles that look and feel like club grips. Even the shape of the stainless steel set mimics the shape of the clubs and golf balls. 

groomsmen gift ideas - whiskey print

Wall Art Whiskey Man Cave Print Boozey Gift Prints

Wall art is always high on the list of groomsmen gift ideas, especially when it comes to bar areas. These posters always have a story to tell, usually centered around a pivotal life event. This man cave print is no different, adding color and intrigue to any wall. 

useful groomsmen gifts - boxes

Cigar Box Set

One way to be both uniform and personal is to try these amazing groomsmen box ideas. The site offers several different items as contents for a lovely, engraved cigar box. This means each man gets his own box, but the items inside may change to suit him personally.


Cocktail Box Subscription Gift

A brilliant way to keep giving throughout the year is with a cocktail subscription box. The subscription allows you to create your own box, either with or without alcohol. It also includes various mixers, ingredients, and recipe cards. 

Pocket Knife: practical groomsmen gifts - pocket knife

Fisherman Pocket Knife

If your groomsmen enjoys hunting or fishing, then a pocket knife might suit him well. Engravings are available on both the front and back with the recipient’s name and date of the event. The durability of the knife and its wood handle makes it one of the most ideal gifts for fishermen. 


Echo Dot

One of the best groomsmen gift ideas out there is to buy an Echo Dot. Not only is this one of the more affordable Echo options, it’s just like having a personal assistant. It also helps your groomsmen keep track of those important wedding dates. 

men skin ket

Thrive Natural VIP Men's Skin Care Set

An incredible grooming kit is essential in every man’s maintenance routine. A way to make the process easier is by supplying them with a VIP skin care set. The products use natural oils and ingredients to create an amazing formula that soothes the skin. 


Mouth Build Your Own Food Box Subscription Set

Food makes an exquisite present, especially when it’s tailored to the person receiving it. The subscription comes in everything from cookies to pickles or jerky. These boxes are perfect for last minute groomsmen gifts that ship directly to the person on your list.

best groomsmen gifts - travel bag

Design Travel Bag

Even when your groomsmen isn’t traveling for the wedding, it’s always critical to have an overnight bag handy. These bags make fantastic groomsmen favors that they can use for weekend trips or as a carry-on bag. 

groomsmen gifts ideas - anker charger

Anker Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is another gift anyone appreciates. In a world of technology, you can never have too many charging ports in your home, especially one so versatile. There is no plug necessary to use it. Simply set it overtop to charge your phone. 


Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

A good set of packing travel cubes make all the difference in the world for those who love order. The cubes organize clothes while also saving space in your luggage by compacting them. They make significantly useful groomsmen gifts, even when they aren’t aware they need them yet.


Leather Valet Tray

Another practical item is a leather tray. The tray comes in several colors and allows room for names, dates, or personal messages. It’s the ideal way to store watches, keys, and much more. 

groomsmen gift ideas - watch

Outdoor Watch

Watches make wonderful gifts, especially those made for the adventurous or athletic types. This watch is water-resistant and has numerous modes for alarms and timers. It’s even more helpful for anyone tracking lap times or exercise reps.

best groomsmen gifts - shaving kit

Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

This luxury set is the king of both shaving kits and best man gifts. Complete with a double-edged razor and quality shave balm, it also has a shaving bowl and brush. The set generates that smooth, barber-shop feel. 

groomsmen gift ideas - glasses

Round Metal Sunglasses

A practical present that feels a little like a luxury is a set of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Everyone could use a pair of stunning shades, but these take it to the next level. Their style and quality send them straight to the top of your groomsmen gift ideas.  


Fun Socks

A pair of socks may offer a touch of humor on the big day, without being over the top or showy. These Friends-inspired socks say everything you need them to: friendship, appreciation, and humor. They make excellent additions to your list of funny groomsmen gifts.


Smathers & Branson Men's Needlepoint Belt

Belts are another common accessory that every man needs from time to time. They can also add a little spice to your wardrobe with bright and colorful patterns. Each belt is fashioned with a needlepoint design, such as patriotic stripes, golf clubs, or abstract patterns.



Loot Crate offers a subscription box filled with collectibles and apparel centered around pop culture themes and characters. Selecting items and styles associated with some of their favorite movies and games adds personality to each present. 


Color Me Drunk: A Drinking and Drawing Activity Book

For more hilarious groomsmen gift ideas, nothing says humor quite like a drunk coloring book. This book is filled with a ton of activities to do instead of classic drinking games like beer pong. Even if your groomsmen don’t color in it, it makes a funny conversation piece to adorn their coffee table. 

groomsmen gift ideas - beeropoly


A different spin on creative drinking games, try this beeropoly board instead. This handmade board is filled with a number of challenging tasks to complete throughout the night. As far as awesome groomsmen gifts go, it’s something you can do together or on your own later.

bobble heads

Groomsman Bobblehead

Another fun idea is to create a custom bobblehead of your groomsmen. All you have to do is submit a couple of photos of the person you’re trying to emulate. The creator walks you through the instructions in the checkout process to ensure the best product possible.

whiskey decanters shot glasses

Pistol Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

These gun-shaped whiskey decanters take the idea of pouring shots to a whole new level. This two-pack holds 7 ounces of alcohol each. The set also includes eight shot glasses to serve the drink.

groomsmen gift ideas - bottle openers

Mini Soldier Bottle Opener

Reasonably cheap groomsmen gifts combine little more than function and an interesting design. Take this bottle opener in the shape of a soldier doing an army crawl for instance. The design is unique and fun, while also providing a much-needed service.


Groomsmen Caricature Gift

Creating a caricature is a hilarious way to immortalize your friendship and celebrate your big day. Rather than pictures taken by a wedding photographer, this captures the heart and humor of your relationship.

We hope you enjoyed our list of incredible groomsmen gift ideas. Whether you want something that showcases your personality as friends, something practical, or both, we have plenty of options available. These presents offer elegance, sentiment, and a personal touch. The most important thing is to commemorate your big day with something as special as the groomsmen who support you.

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