20 Fun Golf Groomsmen Gifts for Your Best Buds (2023)

Having loyal and helpful groomsmen in your wedding line-up makes D-day smooth and stress-free. This is why you need to find unique golf groomsmen gifts to make your boys feel special. Nothing beats having your men there right by your side on your big day.

We’ve prepared a list of 20 different groomsmen gift ideas to help make the process much easier for you. Whether your friends are skilled golfers or not, these personalized golf-related groomsmen gifts will show how much you value them. Once you’re back from your honeymoon, your buddies will be excited to hit the green again!

BenShot Golf Ball Rocks Glass

1. BenShot Golf Ball Rocks Glass

Do you always drink with the boys after a long day playing in the hot sun? We’ve got one of the coolest groomsmen golf gift ideas to let them know how special they are. These golf ball glasses will get them excited to share a drink with you soon.

Golf Bag

2. Golf Bag

Is one of your groomsmen new to the golfing world? Welcome him in style with this classic golf bag from TaylorMade Store. It comes with many useful pockets and lots of storage space to make his first golfing experience easy and fun. He’ll look super cool, too!

Custom Golf Balls

3. Custom Golf Balls

Have you been looking for fun outdoor groomsmen gifts to help you introduce your friends to golf? How about giving these custom golf balls a try? What’s best is you can customize them with a printed cartoon photo of your buddies. The guys will go crazy over them!

Engraved Golf Tees

4. Engraved Golf Tees

Everyone feels special when they get a personalized present from their friend or a loved one. So how about surprising your groomsmen on the eve of your wedding day with these golf groomsmen gifts? You can be sure they’ll be eager to head on to the tee.

Vintage Clock

5. Vintage Clock

Is one of your groomsmen an avid golfer? This vintage clock is one of the best golf-related groomsmen gifts for him. The best way to appreciate his support is by getting him something to remind him of his favorite hobby. Every time he looks at it, he’ll remember you!

Floating Golf Green

6. Floating Golf Green

Golfing by the beach or lake is every golfer’s dream. This floating golf green is the best groomsmen golf gift idea for the boys to enjoy at the bachelor party. Don’t be surprised if everyone wants to carry it home afterward to practice their swings!

Personalized Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

7. Personalized Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

Did you know that wearing unique golf accessories can make someone seem skilled and stylish while playing? These personalized leather gloves come in a beautiful cognac brown shade that matches almost anything. No one will ever guess that your friend’s skills are lacking! He’ll look like a total professional.

Portable Golf Putter Set

8. Portable Golf Putter Set

Is your best man new to golfing and willing to learn everything he can? Help him perfect his skills with this indoor golf putting kit. If he practices regularly, he’ll become a pro in no time. What a nice and practical best man golf gift!

Golf Ball Bag

9. Golf Ball Bag

If you are looking for funny groomsmen gift for the boys, we’ve got something that everyone will love. These unique ball bags come with a hilarious message that will surely crack them up when they see them! Even the shape will have everyone bursting in laughter!

Groomsmen Proposal Golf Gift

10. Groomsmen Proposal Golf Gift

Wondering how to ask your friends and loved ones to join your wedding line-up? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! This golf groomsmen proposal is a creative way to pose your question. Your buddies will be happy you asked, especially in such a thoughtful manner.

Personalized Divot Tool Set

11. Personalized Divot Tool Set

Is one of your groomsmen keen on caring for and improving the environment? This divot toolset is the perfect custom gift to help him fulfill his mission. The best thing is that you can use his nickname to make every golfing session a memorable event.

Golf Ball Cuff Links - golf groomsmen gifts

12. Golf Ball Cuff Links

Sometimes it’s best to show off what you like whenever you can. This golf gift for groomsmen is one of the most remarkable ways to show how passionate you are about golf. Your buddy will proudly wear them to work and even for casual events.

Personalized Golf Towel - golf groomsmen gifts

13. Personalized Golf Towel

Avid golfers know that the chances of sweating while golfing are pretty high. Thus, it’s essential to have a high-quality absorbent towel to wipe the sweat off while on the field. You can be sure that no other golf-themed groomsmen gifts feel as soft and comforting.

Engraved Leather Golf Log - golf groomsmen gifts

14. Engraved Leather Golf Log

Wondering what to get your big brother now that he will be in your wedding line-up? How about getting him this engraved leather golf log in addition to the thank you card? It’s an ideal groomsman golf gift for an avid golfer. Tallying up points has never been so fun!

Golf Multi-Function Tool - golf groomsmen gifts

15. Golf Multi-Function Tool

Are you having a hard time finding golf-related groomsmen gifts for people who don’t play or understand golf? How about getting them this custom multi-function tool? What’s best is you can get them for all your groomsmen so they can use them as they wish.

Golf Gift Cart Pen and Pencil Set - golf groomsmen gifts

16. Golf Gift Cart Pen and Pencil Set

Is golfing your best man’s favorite sport in his free time? This golf pen and pencil set is a present he’s sure to treasure for the rest of his life. Besides, it’s probably the most creative groomsmen golf gift idea he could have asked for.

Practice Makes Par-Fect Golf Crate - golf groomsmen gifts

17. Practice Makes Par-Fect Golf Crate

What other groomsmen gift box is more practical than this golf crate? None! This package comes with many items, including a water bottle and hat, to make golf more enjoyable. Don’t be surprised if your buddies ask you for referrals for their loved ones, too.

Massage Gun - golf groomsmen 

18. Massage Gun

After a long day of golfing in the hot sun, most people are usually sore and tender. How about surprising your boys with golf-themed wedding favors they never thought of before? This massage gun is a smart and efficient tool to sort out their aching joints.

19th Hole Metal Sign - golf groomsmen 

19. 19th Hole Metal Sign

Most golfers enjoy spending their free days with their pals at the clubs. If this sounds like you and your boys, this 19th hole metal sign is what you need. It’s an incredible golf groomsmen gift that they’re sure to love and display in their homes!

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game -golf-groomsmen-gifts

20. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Does your best man love golf so much that he never wants to stop playing? This toilet time golf game is a fun way to pass the time when he has to relieve himself. Besides, what other funny groomsmen gift ideas are more enjoyable than this?

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