40+ Awesome Gifts for Your New Boyfriend He’s Sure to Love (2022)

gifts for a new boyfriend

We heard you got yourself a new boo. Congratulations! Start your relationship on a high by choosing the right gifts for your new boyfriend. Some gifts work great for any occasion, be it valentine, Christmas, birthday, or any holiday. Others are best suited for a particular moment.

Right from the first date, giving your new bf a great gift makes him fall more in love with you. Express your commitment to the relationship by picking practical and well-thought presents. Below we guide you through some awesome gift ideas to show your new boyfriend just how much you love him!

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1. Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print  

Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print


Remember when you first laid eyes on each other? Preserve that sweet moment with this canvas print personalized with a map of your first meeting point. This awesome new boyfriend gift will look great on his desk or even as part of his home décor!

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2. Social Media Style Frame Desktop Photo Plaque  

Social media Desktop Photo Plaque  


Here’s one of those unique new relationship gift ideas for him. This social media-themed desktop plaque will be a lovely addition to his desk. Pick a beautiful couple picture, add a personalized message, and you have a plaque as exciting as your new relationship!

3. My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug  

My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug


What’s a new relationship without some good old humor? This coffee mug will have him giggling at the tongue-in-cheek compliment. If you’re looking for a funny gift for your boyfriend, this is it. After all, laughter is the key to a happy relationship!

4. Engraved Ring  

Engraved Ring


Is it too early in the relationship to wear rings? Absolutely not! If anything, such new relationship gifts for him will show your new bf how much faith you have in him. Let him proudly show it off wherever he goes. Hands off, girls – he’s taken!

5. Dock Station  

Dock Station  


Looking for a practical birthday gift for a new boyfriend? Help him get organized with this docking station. He can keep his phone and other trinkets in one place. The polished wood provides such a cool finish. You can also have it engraved with his name for a personalized touch!

6. Necklace  



Who said jewelry is reserved for women? Guys love them too! Whenever you’re looking for a small yet thoughtful gift, jewelry will not let you down. This lovely necklace and the romantic messages included make perfect gifts for a guy you just started dating!

7. I Love You To The Moon And Back Custom Map Canvas Print

I Love You To The Moon And Back Custom Map Canvas Print


Canvas prints never go out of fashion. This one contains a map of your birth location, plus a sweet love message. Get it as a beautiful valentine gift for a new boyfriend to let him know just how treasured he is!

8. Beard Kit  

Beard Kit


Ah, the appeal of a well-kept beard. You love how it makes him stand out and how it tickles you with every kiss. Here’s all he needs to wash, condition, brush, and trim his beard. It’s one of the best gifts for a new boyfriend to keep him looking sharp!

9. Memory Film Keychain  

Memory Film Keychain


You have your best photos saved in your phone gallery, right? What if we showed you a way to turn them into a priceless gift? Surprise him with this film keychain bearing your favorite memories. New relationship gift ideas for him do not get any better than this!

10. Wireless Charger  

Wireless Charger


Gadgets often feature top of the list of relationship gifts for guys. Charging will no longer be a cumbersome affair with this cool wireless charger. He can keep his phone, Airpods or Apple iWatch full without the hassle of tangled up cables. How great is that?

11. Pressurized Craft Beer Growler  

Pressurized Craft Beer Growler  


How about a gift that will keep his beer cold and crisp? This beer growler is easily portable too. Still trying to figure out what to get a new boyfriend for his birthday? Here we go! You can have his birthday bash anywhere and still keep the fresh beer flowing!

12. Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker  

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker


Did you know that cold-brewed coffee is richer, healthier, and less acidic? With this cold coffee maker, coffee time will be a whole new experience. Consider this practical present for a new boyfriend to let him know how much you care about his health!

13. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print  

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print - Gifts for New Boyfriend


Women are often the ones receiving gifts. We’re encouraging them to surprise their darling too. Any man is happy to receive a gift from his girlfriend. This canvas print represents the moment that you met. Still wondering what to get a new boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? This is it!

14. World’s Hottest Hot Sauce Gift Set  

Hot Sauce - Gifts for New Boyfriend


What’s a new relationship without great food? Spice up his kitchen with this hot sauce pack and go on new culinary adventures together. Such gifts for a new boyfriend will give you meals as sweet as your love. Also, you won’t have to eat out all the time!

15. Wireless Speaker

Wireless Speaker


This one is a must-have on your list of gift ideas for your new boyfriend. If your new boyfriend loves the outdoors, you can ensure he still enjoys music everywhere he goes. He can play your favorite song and many more on this nifty speaker with an incredible 30-hour playtime!

16. Custom One Heart Satellite Map Canvas Print  

 Custom One Heart Satellite Map Canvas Print

Choosing the right gifts for a new boo is not easy. Still not sure of the ideal relationship gifts for him? You cannot go wrong with this heart-shaped canvas print which highlights where you first met. Customized with your details, it’ll always remind him of how treasured he is!

17. Echo Dot  

Echo Dot - Gifts for New Boyfriend


Here we have yet another good gift for a music-loving new bf. The Echo Dot delivers great sound and advanced smart features. If you’re hunting for practical yet cute relationship gift ideas, this should be top of your list. Just like your love, the music plays on and on!

18. Handmade Leather duffel bag  

Handmade Leather duffel bag


Are you going on holiday with your darling? Think of new boyfriend gift ideas that will make it easier to pack his stuff. This leather duffle bag with a shoe compartment will be the perfect carry-on luggage. Travel items make great gifts as the holiday season approaches.

19. Wireless Headphones  

Wireless Headphones - Gifts for New Boyfriend  


Everyone needs a good seat of headphones. This wireless model is great for any man on the go. It’ll work with his phone and all other Bluetooth devices. With fantastic noise-canceling features, he’ll get to enjoy crystal clear music and phone calls no matter where he is!

20. Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print  

Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print - Gifts for New Boyfriend


Isn’t music the language of love? Turn your favorite love song lyrics into a custom canvas print. If you’re looking for a memorable gift for a new boyfriend, look no further. It’s such a beautiful keepsake to celebrate your love!

21. Beanie Hat  

Beanie Hat   - gifts for new boyfriend


Wondering what to gift a guy on a first date? How about a fun DIY gift? You can follow this pattern and crotchet a beanie hat. It will keep away the chill, and it’s pretty stylish too. Or make a similar one for yourself and enjoy matching hats!

22. Engraved Watch  

Engraved Watch   - gifts for new boyfriend

We all know that men love their timepieces. Beyond telling the time, they’re fashion statements. Engraved with a personalized message, you can be sure this will be his new favorite. If you can’t pick a gift for new boyfriends, you’ll never go wrong with a unique watch!

23. Thinking Out Loud Custom Throw Pillow  

Ed Sheeran Lyrics Thinking Out Loud Custom Throw Pillow


It is always a proud moment for a man to receive a gift from his girlfriend. This throw pillow printed with Ed Sheeran song lyrics makes a perfect gift for your new boyfriend. It’s a romantic decor piece that will always remind him of you!

24. Custom Engraving Bracelet  

Custom Engraving Bracelet - gifts for new boyfriend


Engraved items come top of the list of thoughtful gifts for a new boyfriend. You didn’t just pick a gift on the go – you took time to get a customized one. Have his name or a sweet message added to this practical braided rope bracelet. He’ll appreciate the gesture!

25. Engraved Pocket Knife  

Engraved Pocket Knife   - gifts for new boyfriend


Any man worth his salt keeps a pocket knife close. You never know when it’ll come in handy. Pocket knives have always made great presents for new boyfriends. The engraving makes it even more special. You can only imagine the look on his face as he opens this personalized gift!

26. Mens Necklace  

 - gifts for new boyfriend


Check out this 3D pendant necklace. Add your names, special date, or something else to make it unique. Need a gift for your new boyfriend for valentines? Make a statement with personalized jewelry. Let him wear it close to his heart, just like your relationship!

27. Personalized Motorcycle Whiskey Gift Set  

Personalized Motorcycle Whiskey Gift Set


Any chance that the new boyfriend is a biking fan? Celebrate him with this practical whiskey gift set to let him know how much you care for his passion. Make it truly original by adding his name. He’ll always treasure you for the loving gesture!

28. Couple Puzzle Map Canvas  

Couple Puzzle Map Canvas   - gifts for new boyfriend


If love really is a puzzle, then you two are pieces that just clicked together. This puzzle map canvas is simple and thoughtful. The holidays are fast approaching. Include the canvas in your Christmas gifts for your new boyfriend and put a smile on his face!

29. Leather Journal  

leather journal - gifts for new boyfriend


Is there any better way to impress a new boyfriend than with a personalized gift? Hardly! Customized gifts express effort and a special kind of love. This leather journal makes a good Christmas gift. He can write about your relationship and so much more in the new year!

30. Socks with Secret Message  

socks - gifts for new boyfriend


This is not just another pair of socks for your guy – it contains a secret message. Adding a surprise element always results in great gifts for any occasion. Make a lasting impression with this simple yet sentimental gift for a new boyfriend!

31. Appreciation Gift Box  

Appreciation Gift Box - gifts for new boyfriend  


You don’t have to get your boo just one present – go for a whole collection! Packed with everything a man needs, this handy gift set will knock him off his feet. It’s just the perfect birthday gift for him in a new relationship!

32. Instagram Desktop Plaque  

Instagram Desktop Plaque - gifts for new boyfriend


Here is an Instagram-themed photo frame to display your favorite couple pic. When it comes to gifts for a new boyfriend, get something out of the ordinary. This charming frame will spruce up his desk or home décor and remind him of you at the same time!

33. Coordinates Custom Canvas Print

Coordinates Custom Canvas Print – Where It All Began - gifts for new boyfriend


Every couple has fond memories of the place where their relationship started. We’re here to help you with new boyfriend gift ideas that preserve such moments. This canvas print does just that. Your relationship means a lot to both of you, so keep celebrating the place where it all began!

34. Photo Collage Canvas Print  

I Love You To The Moon and Back Photo Collage Canvas Print   - gifts for new boyfriend


Canvas prints make perfect gifts for any occasion. This one features a collage of pictures with a sweet message. It’s a great way to let him know how much you treasure those romantic memories. Save those precious photos – they can provide an exciting gift idea for a new boyfriend!

35. Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo  

Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo - Gifts for New Boyfriend


Think of your special song., those words that remind you of how lucky you are to have found each other. This mug combines those lyrics with your romantic couple photo. It’s such an awesome valentine gift for a new boyfriend. Lyric-themed items always make perfect gifts for lovers!

36. Watch Movement Cufflinks  

Watch Movement Cufflinks   - gifts for new boyfriend


No matter how many he’s got, these watch movement cufflinks will be a unique addition to his wardrobe. If you’re hunting for first date gift ideas for him, these will do the trick. It’s a great stylish present for a man that likes looking sharp!

37. Men’s Self Care Box  

Men's Self Care Box - gifts for new boyfriend


Help him relax and unwind with this sleep well gift set. He sure would love a massage, but you will not be available every night. This sleep package will offer him some “me time.” Include it in your new relationship Christmas gifts for a relaxed holiday mood!

38. Wine Subscription Gift Card  

Wine Subscription Box  - gifts for new boyfriend 


Raise a glass to your new relationship with this gift card. When you get a new boyfriend, every day is a celebration. With this card, he can pick the wine of his choice. Your special moments will be even more exciting with a nice glass of wine. Cheers!

39. Funny Name Definition Custom Photo Mug  

Funny Name Definition Custom Photo Mug - gifts for new boyfriend


Things are never that serious in a new relationship. Lighten up the mood with this funny name definition mug. If you’re searching for small gifts for your new boyfriend, this mug fits right in. Describe your guy in a sweet, funny way and include a cute photo!

40. Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven  

Dutch Oven  - Gifts for New Boyfriend


Here’s a practical gift for a man who knows his way around the kitchen. Or one to encourage him to at least prepare some homemade meals. Get this Christmas present for your new boyfriend and try out new recipes together during the holidays!

41. Minimalist Wallet  

Minimalist Wallet - gifts for new boyfriend


Your guy probably has one of those bulky wallets. Surprise him with something different – this minimalist identity protection wallet. Get it customized with his details. Be that girlfriend that brings new, fresh things into his life with great gift ideas for a new boyfriend!

42. Beer Bottle Opener  

Beer Bottle Opener  


Does he keep losing his bottle opener? Don’t stress anymore over what to get a new boyfriend for Christmas. We bet he’ll never lose this unique wall-mounting bottle opener. The holidays are coming, and drinks will be flowing, so make sure to get some matching coasters too!

43. “All Because Two People Swiped Right” Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

“All Because Two People Swiped Right” Custom Photo Desktop Plaque - gifts for new boyfriend


Thanks to great dating apps, young couples today have the opportunity to meet anywhere. So, how about using this personalized desktop plaque to commemorate the first time you met your man?Yes, that’s right, it’s Tinder! What a clever and fun way to go back in time!

44. You Are The Perfect Type Of Weird Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print  

You Are The Perfect Type Of Weird Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print - Gifts for New Boyfriend


This is one of those gift ideas for a new boyfriend that will instantly cheer him up. Include your cute, funny, and even silly photos. Let him know how you love those moments when you loosen up, crack jokes, and laugh together. A new relationship should be nothing less!

Love Is in the Air

We believe you can now comfortably pick the perfect gifts for your new boyfriend. You don’t even have to wait for any occasion. Get a present for your new boyfriend whenever you can and watch your relationship blossom!

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