51 Unique Gifts For Men Who Have Everything in 2023


Whether it’s for his birthday or Christmas, this list will help you find the perfect gifts for men who have everything. For your husband or a guy who loves gadgets, you are sure to find something. While it might be difficult to find that special gift for your boyfriend, you’ll find a cool and unique idea he’s sure to love. Get him the best gift this upcoming holiday season with these gifts for guys who have everything. 

Wake Up And Be Awesome Motivation Canvas Print

Wake Up And Be Awesome Motivation Canvas Print: gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing

If you love motivation in the morning, how about this inspiring “Wake-Up And Be Awesome”. A breath of fresh air awaits, and your gallery wall will never look the same again. When you make this gift decor your everyday mantra, life will have a new meaning. You’ll find excitement in everything you do. Get this as one of the gifts for men who have everything for Christmas and birthdays. Truth be told and a positive decor!

To My Husband Gift for Husband Custom Photo Plaque

To My Husband Gift for Husband Custom Photo Plaque: gifts for the man who has everything

Was it fate? Was it love at first sight? Whatever it was, becoming his wife was the best decision you could have ever made. This photo plaque is at the top of our list for a reason. When it comes to a gift for husband, this will be his favorite.  

Star Map Custom Coffee Mug

Star Map Custom Coffee Mug: best gifts for the man who has everything

The night you got married you were too busy staring into each other’s eyes to notice much about the sky. Go back and relive that special night with these adorable mugs. Make it even better by getting a pair for the two of you to share your morning cup of coffee. 

Custom Song Lyrics Pillow

Custom Song Lyrics Pillow: gift ideas for men who have everything

With this pillow, he will reminisce about how he danced to this song on that special night. Whether it’s from your wedding or your first date, this personalized gift is one that he won’t mind displaying. A great way to celebrate a milestone event such as an anniversary. 

I Love You To The Moon And Back Custom Blanket

I Love You To The Moon And Back Custom Blanket: best gifts for the man who has everything

If he loves the sappy gifts that you have gotten him in the past, then he is really going to adore this custom blanket. A sweet and wonderful way for him to wrap himself up and feel your love when you can’t be there with him. 

Engraved Pocket Knife

Engraved Pocket Knife: what to get the guy who has everything

Even if he already has a pocket knife, you can bet he doesn’t have one like this. This unusual pocket knife makes one the best great gifts for men who have everything. Make it even more special with personal customization of his name or a special message of love.  

Water Bottle

Water Bottle: gift for man who has everything

You ever smell a musty water bottle? Not pleasant for sure… Be sure that he always has clean water with this cool UV light water bottle.

The UV light hidden in the cap of the bottle purifies not only makes the bottle smell better but purivies the water as well. 

Wall Mounted Beer Opener

Wall Mounted Beer Opener: gifts for older men who have everything

This wall mounted bottle opener makes a great addition to any man cave. He will be poppin tops on his favorite beer bottles with this monogrammed beer themed gift.

He can catch all the unique bottle caps and then make a cool craft from them later on. 

Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses for Men: birthday gifts for the man who has everything

Be sure that he looks his best while out and about with these classic aviator glasses. Ideal for everyday wear or while traveling.

An ideal gift for an outdoorsman with great sun protection for his eyes. Available in several colors to fit any style, you can even get a matching pair.  

Personalized Cigar Box

Personalized-Cigar-Box: birthday gift for man who has everything

There are certain events that call for a celebratory cigar. The birth of a child, getting married, or landing that promotion he’s been after for awhile now.

This personalized cigar box is perfect for the guy who has everything and says he needs nothing. Don’t forget to fill it with his favorite cigars. 

Hot Sauce Subscription

Hot Sauce Subscription: what to get a man that has everything

Marilyn Monroe said it best, some like it hot! Kick up the spice this Christmas with these spicy gifts for men who have everything.

A collection of quality hot sauces from around the world made in small batches with love (and gloves!)  He’ll be in the kitchen whipping up hot treats in no time. 

Funny Coffee Mug

Funny Coffee Mug: what to buy the man who has everything

This funny coffee mug is perfect for any hard core gamer. This mug certainly tops our list of fun gifts for guys.

With a classic controller and 8-bit photo frame, he will be sending you all of his hearts. His video games are no competition for his love for you. 

Family Name Signs Letter Art Canvas Print  

Family Name Signs Letter Art Canvas Print: what to get the man who has everything

Family means everything to him. This work of art might even bring a tear to his eye. Each letter is a photo of a piece of architecture accompanied by the family name and when it was established.

The date normally comes from a wedding anniversary, but can be anything special to him. 

Stars Can‘t Shine Without Darkness Inspiration Canvas Print

Stars Can‘t Shine Without Darkness Inspiration Canvas Print: cool gifts for guys who have everything

Do you feel that people around you feel a little low? so, why not inspire your loved ones with this gift? An inspirational “Stars Can‘t Shine Without Darkness” quote canvas will dream-like illustration, one of the best gifts for men who have everything and share a great secret of success with those around them.

Initials Personalized Cufflinks

Initials Personalized Cufflinks: birthday gift for a man who has everything

Cufflinks are a unique gift for a guy who loves to always look his best. Whether he’s attending a wedding for a friend or planning his own, these cufflinks will look stunning with any suit or sports coat. Add his initials for a special, personalized touch. 

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker: birthday gifts for man who has everything

Coffee is his lifeblood. The morning does not start unless he’s had a strong espresso. He doesn’t need to fuss about learning how to use a complicated espresso machine with too many buttons. This is a simple to use smart coffee maker that will make the perfect cup every time. 

GPS Drone

GPS Drone: gift ideas for men who have everything

If it’s a cool gadget you’re after, then check out this drone. While not too expensive, it’s a great gift for a man who has everything (except this of course). He can take videos of himself on his bike and get amazing aerial shots of sporting events with this cool gift.  

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker: birthday gifts for a man who has everything

Whether he’s hanging out with friends or out on the lake fishing by himself, he likes to be able to bring his favorite tunes with him.

With its long battery life and incredible durability, he can listen to his music all day no matter the activities he’s engaging in. 

Axe Bottle Opener Keychain

Wall Mounted Beer Opener: Axe Bottle Opener Keychain

Every guy needs a trusty bottle opener close at hand for kicking back those tasty beers. This unusual bottle opener will be turning heads and popping caps.

He will feel like a true Viking king when he uses this to open those lovely libations. It affordable enough to get some for his buddies too. 

Coffee box 

Coffee box: birthday gift for the man who has everything

Does your guy start every morning off with a hot cup of jo? Then he is really giong to appreciate this custom coffee box that you have put together for him. Not only is this gift delicious, it is sustainably sourced and comes in easy single serve packets. 

Waffle Maker 

Waffle Maker: what to get a guy who has everything

Want a practical gift that you will benefit from also? It doesn’t get much better than this stuffed waffle maker!

Stuff these waffles with all of your favorites. From chicken to strawberries and Nutella, there is no shortage of delicious and amazing ideas to choose from. 

Lego Star War

what to get the man who has everything: Lego Star War

He really is just a big kid at heart. One of the best things you can get for a creative guy who loves to tinker is a lego set.

Even better if he is a Stars Wars fan! Choose from the iconic Millennium Falcon or X-Wing fighter. 

Cocktail Set

Cocktail Set: best gifts for men who have everything

Cocktails make every night better. Be sure that he can make the best cocktails around with this bespoke cocktail set.

Whether he’s in the mood for something smokey or sweet, he can whip up the perfect cocktail for himself or his friends with this cocktail bitters set. 

Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum: unique gifts for men who have everything

Rather than argue over whose turn it is to vacuum (because it’s always his) just get him this robot vacuum. Great gifts for men who have everything but don’t like to actually clean. This gadget will do all the cleaning work for him. 

Beer Subscription 

Beer subscription: gift ideas for man who has everything

Is your guy a sucker for sour ale or gets gitty for a gouache? Then he is sure to love this beer subscription. He can sample all of the best beers from local microbreweries with new selections every month. A great gift for a casual drinker or beer snob. 

Ballpoint Pen with Platinum Trim 

Ballpoint Pen with Platinum Trim: what to buy a man that has everything

Whether he’s signing important documents or penning his next great writing, everyone loves a good quality pen.

This is the pen for all pens, the highest quality embellished with platinum. This is a pen that everyone will want to steal, but he’s sure to keep it safe in hand. 

Bucket List Experiences

Bucket List Experiences: gifts for man who has everything

Every guy has a bucket list, whether he admits it or not. Surprise him with the experience of a lifetime and cross something off of his bucket list.

Whether it’s base jumping, driving a race car, or riding a bull, you can find an amazing bucket list experience for him. 

Golf Ball Gift Set

Golf Ball Gift Set: gifts for the guy who has everything

When it comes to top gifts for golfers, there are so many options! Be sure that he never gets his balls mixed up with this personalized golf ball set.

Each set comes with a dozen premium golf balls, tees, and markers. A great gift for a novice or pro golfer.  

Customizable Docking Station

great gifts for guy: Customizable Docking Station

We’re all guilty of it, just tossing our stuff on the dresser or on the end table. Watches, rings, money, phones,, and so on.

With this customizable docking station, he can keep all of his knick-knacks in one place and never have to worry about losing them. 

Radiate Portable Campfire

Radiate Portable Campfire: gift for husband who has everything

Ready for some smores on the go? This portable campfire is such a cool gift that he will want to show it off to all of his friends.

This best gift idea is perfect for a clever outdoorsman who’s always on the lookout for fun camping gadgets to add to his collection. 

Tie Bar Gift Set

gift ideas for men who have everything: Tie Bar Gift Set

Is your guy always running in and out of business meetings and lunches? Then this tie and sock gift set is a special gift that he is sure to use.

It can be difficult to figure out what to buy a guy who has everything. A practical and thoughtful gift. 

Garmin SmartWatch

Smart Watch: exceptional gifts for him

Searching for a more expensive gift to show him how much you care? This smartwatch answers the question of what to get gifts for men who have everything.

He’ll be able to easily track all of his important vitals and appointments with this all-in-one smartwatch. Perfect for a guy on the go. 

Personalized Wood Wine Glass Caddy

Personalized Wood Wine Glass Caddy: what to buy guy who has everything

Drop a hint to your man that you would like to spend some time with him sipping wine and relaxing.

This wine bottle and glass caddy are perfect for the guy who has every other wine accessory. The only thing to make it better…his favorite bottle of wine. 

Smart Moon Lamp

Smart Moon Lamp: birthday gift for boyfriend who has everything

On cloudy or moonless night days why not turn on to the next best thing, bringing him the smart moon? Overall, he’ll become the guy who truly has everything.

Reflector Telescope

A unique telescope for astronomy beginners, especially for the man who’s been through every joy and life, except for the wonder of losing himself amongst the stars. 

The Mirror

The Mirror is a literal gift that projects workouts, not just an ordinary mirror, specialized instructions, studio vibes and so much more into his house.

Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame is an amazing gift for the man in your life. They can connect their phone to it and it’ll sync tons of photos to it and then it’ll definitely rotate and display them. 

Morse Code Bracelet

If your man likes wearing accessories, gift him this custom piece. You can customize it by yourself that has a special message on it just for him. It’ll be one of the thoughtful gifts for men who have everything that they’ll love wearing.

Sparkling Water Maker

How fun is it with this unique soda stream? It lets you create your own soda at home in all kinds of flavors. You can get it in blank or white.

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Consider getting these golf ball whiskey chillers as a gift for the man you want to cheer up. Basically molds in the shape of golf balls that you fill with water and freeze, then add to your whiskey. Golf lovers will appreciate these.

Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

Are you a foodie? Then, get this grilled personal pizza maker. It makes your pizza right away in less than 10 minutes. It’s a heavy-duty, small, and useful gift for your food lover man.

Personalized Engraved Wallet

This wallet will be so special if he’s carrying around this one with an engraved lovely family photo on it. Long-lasting material and you can also customize your message to be engraved on it as well. 

Scatter Lawn Game

Add a little flavor to your next backyard BBQ with this amazing Scatter. Handmade and easy to play with, it’s definitely perfect one of the best gifts for men who have everything. 

Cocktail Smoking Kit

Making at-home cocktails with this smoking kit would be better. Easy to use and infuses any cocktail with a rich and smoky flavor. 

Cast Iron Skillet

Making his cookware collection more varied with this cast iron skillet.  The perfect pan for getting a nice seared crust on a steak, crisping up your leftover pizza, or making a cookie for dessert. The best part is cast-iron truly just gets better over time you cook.

Cold Brew Bottle

When he needs coffee quickly with minimal effort, this bottle will do the trick. All he has to do is fill it with coffee and water, then leave it in the fridge to brew for hours. After that, he’ll have these cups of fresh cold brew waiting in the fridge.

Golf Putting Green

This home-style putting green is a fun activity for golfers. It’s a great way to put your man into practice throughout the day, from the comfort of his own phone.

The Cookie Faves Tin

If he is a sweetie, this tin of creative cookie combinations is big sure to please. The chic, reusable tin is filled with each of the flavors of cookies. 

Freezable Whiskey Glasses 

Freezable whiskey glasses will chill his whiskey right away. Especially with a silicone sleeve that protects his hands from the cold. Better get it to chilling night booze. 

Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire Motivation Canvas Print

Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire Motivation Canvas Print: everything for man

“Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire” quote is inspiring words for sure. This is a great motivational gift for everyone pursuing something, especially gifts for men who have everything. A great gift to your loved ones who pursuing their dream.

From sweet to silly, there are gifts for men who have everything on this list. Whether an upcoming holiday or his special day, you’re sure to find something to warm his heart. 

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