23+ Best Gifts for Brides from Bridesmaid


While it’s customary for the bride to get gifts for her bridesmaids on her big day, it is also nice to give nice gifts to brides from bridesmaids. From small and sentimental gifts to funny gift ideas for the bride from a bridesmaid on her wedding day, she is sure to love all of these extra special gift ideas.

Get her the best gift idea you can find with these 20+ gift ideas for brides on their special day. Perfect to give her the day of the wedding or as a bridal shower present before the ceremony.

Heart Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Desktop Plaque

Heart Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Desktop Plaque

Personalized and romantic presents always make great gifts from bridesmaids to bride. This custom desktop plaque makes a beautiful, sentimental gift for the bride and her new husband.

Create a one of a kind gift with the couple’s favorite song lyrics, names, and wedding date printed on the canvas. Available in a wide range of colors to match any home decor.

Couple Puzzle Map Canvas

Couple Puzzle Map Canvas 

This unique Couple Puzzle Map Canvas makes a thoughtful wedding gift from a bridesmaid to celebrate the bride and her husband.

With this canvas, you can personalize special locations of a couple, names as well as the wedding date

Our Story Began Custom Star Map Pillow

Our Story Began Custom Star Map Pillow

The custom Star Map Pillow shows a lovely star map of a special day with coordinates. Additionally, You also can personalize names and wedding date.

It’s sure to be a meaningful item from bridesmaid to birde to have in her house.

Blanket: bride gifts


Celebrate their love for one another with this personalized blanket that includes their favorite, romantic song lyrics. While there are plenty of lovely gift ideas for the bride to give her on her big day, it’s nice to find something they both the bride and groom will appreciate.

A useful and sentimental bride gift idea from her bridesmaid that she’ll love to snuggle up under with her new hubby.

Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

No better way to explain a love story than canvas that keeps a favorite song of a couple, wedding dates, and names.

This Spiral Song Canvas is surely a perfect gift from a bridesmaid to the bride and her new husband.

gift to bride from bridesmaid: Ring dish

Ring Dish

A ring dish is a practical gift for a new bride that she can keep her cherished wedding and engagement rings in when she is not wearing them.

She will feel extra special each time she sees this adorable ring dish sitting on her nightstand or in her bathroom. A great gift to give by itself or include with a bridal gift basket just for her.  

gift ideas for bride to be: Pillow


Finding unique gifts for the couple’s home is an easy task with these cute personalized pillows.

If the entire wedding party is looking for a lovely yet small gift to give to the couple on their big day, these pillows are perfect. One for him and one for her, each customized with the couple’s last name.

Gift box

Gift box

Has it seemed like the engagement between the bride and groom to be has lasted forever? This bride-to-be gift box makes the perfect bridal shower gifts from bridesmaids.

The set includes a minimalist pearl necklace that she could wear with her wedding dress, a lovely scented candle, an insulated Mrs. wine tumbler, and your choice of card.

Tote bag: gifts for the bride on her wedding day

Tote bag

Is the bride planning a destination wedding or need somewhere to store all of her essentials for her big day?

This personalized tote bag is a special gift she can use the day of the wedding and for all her travel plans when she is officially a Mrs. Available in a wide range of colors, you’ll easily be able to find one to match her style.

Bridesmaid Mug

Bridesmaid Mug

Never let her forget that special bond the two of you share of bride and bridesmaid. With this adorable mug, you can customize the characters to look just like the two of you.

A sentimental gift that you can get the bride and each of her bridesmaids for morning coffee on the big day (or wine the night before).

The Night Everything Changed Custom Star Map

The Night Everything Changed Custom Star Map

The canvas print “The Night Everything Changed” is the ideal way to commemorate a love of a couple. It is an ideal gift from a bridesmaid to a bride on her wedding day.

You can customize the names of your loved ones, the city name, the date, and even coordinates to make it unique.

Frame photo: gift for bride to be

Frame photo

Being asked to be part of someone’s wedding day as a bridesmaid is a big deal. Make sure your bride knows how thoughtful you find the gesture and position of bridesmaid with this extra-special, personalized gift to her. A unique photo that will become a keepsake of the special bond you share.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board makes a special gift to bride from bridesmaid. Give this thoughtful personalized wedding gift to the bride and her new husband on their wedding date as a housewarming present for their new home. A practical gift they can actually use or display in their kitchen as a piece of art.



Searching for a small and meaningful gift to surprises for bride on wedding day? This creative dress hanger makes for the perfect photo opportunity for her beautiful wedding gown.

Simply hang her dress on the hanger and gather the bride and her bridesmaids to capture a memorable moment that she can add to her wedding photo album.

Wedding Photo Collage Monogram Mug: gift for bride

Wedding Photo Collage Monogram Mug

Celebrate all of their special memories from their big day with this custom wedding photo collage mug. This gift features all of the best moments from her wedding day ceremony.

A small and practical wedding gift for a bride from friends that you can give to her when she gets back from her romantic honeymoon.

Necklace : gifts for a bride to be


Whether you have known eachother all your lives or became besties in college, this necklace expresses your special connection to one another.

This bracelet makes a cute little gift from a bridesmaid that she will cherish. While she is sure to love anything you get her, jewelry is always a best gift for a bride on her special day.



Becoming a bridesmaid is something that only her closest friends and family get to experience. Say “Thank you,” with this thoughtful and meaningful bracelet.

This lovely charm bracelet makes the perfect gifts from bridesmaids to bride on her wedding day before she walks down the aisle.

Wedding robe

Wedding Robe

Make sure the bride is styling the night before (and night of) the wedding in this beautiful white lace robe. Perfect for lounging by the hot tub or getting a mani pedi with her girls to look her best on her big day.

Make up bag: gift to bride from bridesmaid

Make up bag

With so many cute bride gift ideas to choose from, how does a bridesmaid pick the perfect present?

This simple, personalized makeup bag makes a great gift from bridesmaid to give to the bride at the bridal shower or day of the wedding. With this she will always have somewhere to store her beauty essentials.

Mirror: thoughtful gift for bride from bridesmaid


Make sure the bride looks her best on the biggest day of her life with these simple wedding gifts from bridesmaids.

Get one for her to keep close on her wedding day and matching ones for each of her glam girls.



Help her to set the mood on her wedding night with this lovely gift for the bride to be. Candles make great party gifts to give to that special bride no matter to occasion.

These hand-poured candles are perfect for creating that calming or romantic mood in the bridal suite for her and her hubby.

Bride’s journal

Bride’s Journal

Be sure your bride bestie is able to capture all of her favorite memories of the two of you on her big day with this bride’s journal. A great gift to jot down a sentimental message to her that is sure to bring a tear to her eye.

Keep it at the reception and have her wedding party fill it with messages or good fortune and pictures from the wedding festivities.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses

Toast to her nuptials in style with these personalized champagne glasses. A great gift to bride on wedding day from bridesmaid that they can refill with their favorite bubbly all night long at the reception.

Each glass is carefully customized by hand for a one of a kind gift she will adore.

Beach towel

Beach towel

Beach towels make an awesome wedding gift from bridesmaid to bride for a destination wedding or beach themed bachelorette party.

Beach towels are great to give with other gifts such as a sun hat, sunglasses, and her favorite beverage to sip on the sand.

 Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You never know what big emergency might strike on the bride’s big day. This wedding day emergency kit has just about anything she or her wedding party could need when getting ready. A cool gift that will cover all of the things that are not top of her mind on her wedding day.

Pearl Wedding Jewelry: gifts to bride from bridesmaid

Pearl Wedding Jewelry

If you are searching for a gift for the bride that she can wear on her wedding day, this pearl jewelry set is simply stunning.

An extremely affordable gift that she will think you spent way more on. A lovely gift no matter the style of dress or what else she is wearing.

Find the perfect gift to bride from bridesmaid with these 20+ gift ideas. You are sure to find something that says “thank you,” for letting you be a part of her big day.

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