25+ Best Gay Wedding Gifts For Couples (2023)

wedding gifts for gay couple

Finding the perfect gay wedding gift can often require a bit of research. When you’re attending the marriage of a gay couple in your life, you may not be sure what are the ideal wedding gifts for same-sex couples. To help celebrate this big day, there are all kinds of fun Mr. and Mr. theme presents to consider.

If you need a bit of inspiration for great, personalized, or sentimental gift ideas to bring to gay marriage, then these fun and interesting options are sure to get your wheels turning and help you discover the right fit.

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Best Wedding Gifts For Gay Male Couples

1. Couple Silhouette Map Canvas Print

If you are looking for a wedding gift for two grooms, this map canvas print is perfect for them. It can be personalized with the gay couple’s names, silhouette map, and their wedding date to make it unique.

2. Mr. And Mr. Couples Mug

Unsure about what to get for the couple who has everything? Personalized mugs can often make for a perfectly unique LGBT wedding gift. These Mr & Mr mugs are a sweet message for the grooms and are a fitting gift from a sibling, friend, or coworker.

3. Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas

This personalized song lyrics photo canvas helps a gay couple tell their friend and family how sweet they are. This wedding gift for a gay couple is a wish for a couple for spending together to the end.

4. Couple Initials Custom Throw Blanket

If your BFF is getting married, what should you get him? You must think about this adorable, original, and reasonably priced personalized initials blanket. The blanket, which comes in delicate pastel colors, allows you to personalize it with the couple’s initials. It is the ideal wedding present for a gay couple.

5. Personalized Couple Name Pillow

Sometimes, the simplest of gifts can speak volumes. A personalized name pillow, for example, is a basic household item with a twist. Customize the pillow to feature the names of the couple getting hitched and it will make for a perfect present. Plus, this can be an ideal housewarming gift if the couple is also moving in together after the wedding.

6. Cutting Board

Some couples spend a ton of time in the kitchen together. If the happy couple you’re purchasing a present for likes to turn up the heat and make meals whenever possible, then you absolutely should think about kitchen accessories like a quality cutting board. This classic gift is essential for every home and can be customized to fit the aesthetic of any kitchen.

7. Two Groom Song Lyrics Canvas Wall Art

All couples have a favorite song. If the same-sex couple in your life has specific lyrics or tune that means the world to them, consider infusing this theme into your gift with a song lyrics custom canvas print. This beautiful piece cuts right to the heart and will look gorgeous decorating the home the happy couple shares together.

8. Personalized Name Robe

A special day deserves a special gift. A robe can always serve as a perfect gay wedding gift when you’re not sure what to get. This luxurious robe for men is crafted for comfort and style, allowing the robe to be worn around the house on a lazy day or as a way of staying cozy after a shower.

9. Infinity Symbol Canvas Wall Decor

A personalized infinity symbol wall art will make for a great wedding present. It is a romantic gift to give to your two best men who decided to tie the knot. Make this canvas special by adding your names, first dance song, and date to it.

10. Mr. Right Mr. Always Right Wine Glasses

“Wine glasses are always a solid choice for a gift. These matching Mr Right and Mr Always wine glasses can be put to good use whenever the boys want to break out a bottle. If you’re looking to make the gift even more exciting, be sure to include some wine that can be popped open right away.”

11. Luggage Tag

“If the couple in question absolutely loves to travel, then there are some simple go-to gifts you can consider. The leather luggage tags can make for an ideal wedding gift, especially if you’re looking to encourage the couple to get out and see the world. Not only are these tags practical, but the leather finish also gives them a classic and stylish edge.”

12. Song Lyrics Pillow With Anniversary Date

“Looking for a present that gives off a bit of class? A suede pillow makes for a simple and stylish gay wedding gift. What’s more, you can have the pillow customized to give it a personal touch that makes the couple feel loved and appreciated. The monochromatic color scheme makes it a perfect fit in any living room.”

13. Two Grooms Are Better Than One Clock

“There are all kinds of fun and humorous gifts you can consider for the gay men in your life. This clock boasts the wonderful sentiment that two grooms are better than one. You can bet that the couple will agree and will be ecstatic to find the time to hang this clock at home.”

14. Drip Painting Art Print

“A gay couple involved in the arts may appreciate a more creative wedding present. A drip painting art print themed for same-sex couples can be one of the more clever and poignant gay marriage gifts you consider. The couple can proudly display this print in their home as they begin this next chapter in their lives.”

15. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

Give this special and sentimental star map to your favorite gay couples so they can always be reminded of their first encounter. They will treasure it forever as a wedding gift. Give it as a gift after customizing it with their information.

16. Wedding Ornament

“Whether the couple is tying the knot during the holiday season or in the middle of the summer, an ornament can always act as an affordable and sentimental wedding gift. The couple will be celebrating many holidays as a married pair down the line and your ornament will always remind them of the day they made it official.”

18. Mr and Mr Apron

“Another fun way to go about picking presents for same-sex couples is by grabbing a matching gift. For the guys who like to grill, bake, or cook, matching Mr and Mr aprons can be a wonderful and silly present. Sure to be put to good use right away, these aprons can be personalized to match the specific sensibilities of the couple.”

19. Funny Boxer

“Some guys love a good laugh. If you’re looking to help your friends get some deep chuckles on their big day, then consider a pair of funny boxers as a gag gift. The silly message and comfortable fit make this gay wedding present both a joke present and one that can be put to good use as underwear.”

20. Bedding Set

“Want to splurge on gifts for gay guys? If you’re especially close to the couple and want to give them something that will really make an impression, a new bedding set is the way to go. This luxurious set will help them sleep in complete comfort. What’s more, the fresh sheets symbolize a fresh start as the couple begins married life.

21. Silver Forks

“A fine set of silverware is a classic wedding gift. If you’re not able to invest in a full set, a gorgeous set of silver forks is the next best thing. This is an affordable way to provide a gift that is both useful and decorative. Personalize the forks with the wedding date or name of the couple to give it a touch of sentimental sweetness.”

22. His and His Pillowcases

This is a cute and humorous addition to any bedroom. These pillowcases are a fantastic small gift that they can use both for decor and for practical purposes.

23. Bracelets

“In search of a gay wedding gift that will visually tie the couple together? A set of bracelets can be a lovely way to go. Jewelry for couples usually makes for a great present because it is personal and sentimental. Jewelry can be specific, so be sure to consider the styles of the men before you select any old piece.”

24. Personalized Folder Book

Some couples are difficult to buy for because they already have everything or they don’t really need much. If you want to make sure you get your LGBT friends a very special present for their marriage, a personalized folder book could be perfect. Customized to fit the gay love story of the couple, this is definitely an interesting way to stand out with your present.

25. An Experience

Younger couples tend to appreciate experiences over gifts. If you’re looking to go above and beyond with your present, consider gifting something offbeat like a trip to somewhere unique or an annual subscription service for date nights. This way, the couple will have something fun and practical to look forward to as they enter into the throes of married life.

26. Cooking Classes

“Some gifts are fun because they offer the couple an opportunity to learn something useful. If you need a present for same-sex marriage, cooking lessons are a great option.

Help both of the guys get better are making a meal and you can add a new level of excitement to their lives after walking down the aisle.”

27. Cleaning Services

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning all the time. If you want to offer a present to a couple on their wedding day that really makes them happy, consider ordering a few sessions with a cleaning service. There’s nothing better than knowing someone else is going to take care of all the dirty work for you, even if just for a single day.

28. Hands In Heart Shape Gesture Desktop Plaque

“It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a personalized gift for your bestie that is as special as your relationship. It’s simple to choose this desktop plaque with hands making a heart-shaped gesture for any special occasion.

It’s a rustic work of art that will look great in your home and is personalized with your names, words, and the year.”

29. Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print

Hello – Will You – I Do Canvas – this canvas commemorates three crucial turning points in your relationship. As a token of your love on your wedding day, it is a sweet gift for same-sex couples.

When you are in search of a perfect gay wedding gift, you want to be sure that you’re taking the unique interests and personalities of the couple into consideration. Whether this means you gift them an experience like a cleaning service or a unique present like a custom canvas print, putting a bit of effort into your search will definitely help you yield results that they will love. 

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