39 Hilarious Gag Gifts For Women Guaranteed to Make Her Smile (2022)

gag gifts for women

Gag gifts for women may be a dime a dozen, but some are certainly more entertaining than others. If you are currently scouring the internet for silly and ridiculous gifts for your girlfriend, wife, sister, best friend, or even your mom — you are in for a treat. With or without a special occasion, here is a list of 40 carefully curated fun gifts for women. They are quirky and hilarious, guaranteed to make her laugh! If you are looking to pull a prank on a friend, these gifts will not disappoint!

1. You’re The Best Thing I’ve Ever Found On The Internet Desktop Plaque

gag gifts for women

Did you two first meet online? Then how about you celebrate that with this cute plaque? It is one of those sentimental yet funny gifts for her, and she will surely appreciate the humor in it. Plus, you can customize it with your names!

2. The Boss & The Real Boss Personalized Couple Mugs

gag gifts for women

There is the boss, and then there is the real boss. If your lady is the latter, these couple mugs are just the thing. Show your girlfriend or wife who is the real boss of the house. The sentiment will not be lost on her!

3. Mom’s Favorite Sayings Custom Canvas Wall Art

gag gifts for women

Perfect for Mother’s Day, this beautiful canvas is perfect for your mom or sibling. It is a great gift idea for new or future mommies as well. Sentimental yet hilarious, this is one special piece of wall art.

4. If You Didn’t Call First I’m Not Home Mat

gag gifts for women

If you want to surprise her with a unique and hilarious gift, you cannot go wrong with a quirky doormat. It is the perfect gag gift for when you have no other ideas! Not to mention, it is a great choice if your friend is moving into a new place.

5. Wonder Woman Apron

gag gifts for women

This is one of the best gifts for wife you can find. Show her how much you appreciate her cooking skills and what a true wonder woman she really is. No doubt, this apron will make her smile each time she wears it!

6. Dwight Schrute Pillow

gag gifts for women

Is she a fan of The Office? Then this Dwight Schrute pillow is the absolute perfect gag gift for her! Hilarious and unexpected, it will have her laughing for a long time. Especially when she sees what stands behind the sequins!

7. Happy Little Accidents: The Wit & Wisdom of Bob Ross

gag gifts for women

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? With his happy clouds and trees, the soft-spoken artist is a fan favorite. This collection of his wit and wisdom throughout the years is a truly original gift, great for your mother, wife, or sibling.

8. Smell My Nuts Candle

gag gifts for women

Every woman loves scented candles. Instead of giving her a casual candle, you can take things up a notch. The “smell my nuts” candle comes with a hilarious message and an awesome scent. Talk about awesome gag gifts for women in any occasion!

9. “Best F*cking Sister Ever” Coffee Mug

gag gifts for women

Looking for gag gifts for sisters? This coffee mug sure is a great choice. Perfect for her feisty character, she is bound to love the humor in it. Plus, mugs always come in handy, so you can be sure she will put hers to good use!

10. What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner

gag gifts for women

Ah, don’t we all want to know? Come dinnertime – every home cook starts asking this burning question. Imagine how much easier her life will be with this book of easy recipes! Definitely a cool and memorable gift!

11.  GoGirl Female Urination Device

gag gifts for women

Very pink and wildly inappropriate, this portable bathroom device is the perfect prank gift. Whether for your girlfriend or your bestie, she will crack up once she sees it. It is not only hilarious, but she might even try using it. You never know!

12. Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

gag gifts for women

After a while, it may seem like you have given her all the gifts you can think of. The squatty potty stool is will certainly surprise her. Especially if you are looking for something ridiculous and funny. It could be your new inside joke!

13. Funny Gym Quotes Canvas Prints

gag gifts for women

So, you are looking for funny gifts for female friends who work out? These funny canvas prints will bring the extra motivation they need to work on their fitness goals. Plus, the quirky design makes for some pretty cool wall art, eh?

14. Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder

gag gifts for women

If you are going for something bold, then this pen holder definitely steals the gold. It is the perfect prank for a co-worker or a sibling, virtually any fan of political satire. Imagine their face when they unwrap their embarrassing Trump pen holder!

15. Porn for New Moms Book

gag gifts for women

Do you want to get something humorous for a friend who just became a new mom? This Porn for New Moms book is just the thing. It will let her enter a world of fantasies and a collection of hunky guys’ photos. When you are searching for fun gifts for women, pick this book.

16. Wine Wars Game

gag gifts for women

Heading to a birthday party? Looking for a last-minute cool gift? This Wine Wars game is the perfect present for the birthday lady, especially if she is a wine lover. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Wine Wars guarantees a fun time each time.

17. I Am So Happy I Swiped Right Desktop Plaque

gag gifts for women

Desktop plaques with cute messages make for fantastic Valentines day gifts for her. If your love story started online on apps like Tinder, this is a sweet way to celebrate that. She can keep it on her office desk or somewhere special at home.

18. 101 Pooping Puppies Puzzle

gag gifts for women

The ultimate gag gift for dog and puzzle lovers does exist. This hilarious 1000-piece puzzle of various puppies doing the number two is simply hilarious. She will not be able to stop laughing with every piece of the puzzle she assembles.

19. Ultimate Dinosaur Taco Holder

gag gifts for women

Does she love her tacos? How about a practical yet silly gift to make her taco nights even more fun and stylish? The Dinosaur taco holder will quickly become her new favorite accessory. Perfect for your best friend, sister, or cousin — she is bound to love it!

20. Mom You Are Going To Be A Grandma Mug

gag gifts for women

Has your mom been nagging you about having kids? This calls for a funny response, and that is what prank gifts are for. Get her this mug for her birthday or Christmas and watch her face change as she reads the message and the fine print at the bottom.

21. Pizza Pendant Charm

gag gifts for women

If her middle name is pizza, then a pizza-inspired gift is just the thing for her. If you are looking for a gag gifts for women, this pendant charm is a perfect idea. Plus, you can make it a tradition and get her other pendants for different occasions. You know, two birds, one stone and all that…

22. Public Toilet Survival Kit

gag gifts for women

Even if you live well, at some point, you have to use a public toilet. Silly and hilarious (yet useful), this gift offers the best of both worlds. The design is awesome and your bestie, girlfriend, mother, or co-worker will surely appreciate it.

23. Light Switch with Balls

gag gifts for women

These penis-shaped light switches are probably the most awesome adult prank gift you can give. They come in different colors and are guaranteed to make her gasp when she opens the present. With or without an occasion, go bold with this naughty gift!

24. Kitchen Sponge Holder

gag gifts for women

Clean dreams are made of… kitchen sponge holders! Whether you want to poke fun at a friend or make her house chores extra fun, this ridiculous holder is just great. Let her lay the kitchen sponge to rest after washing the dishes in this tiny bed-shaped holder with pillows. It is adorable!

25. “You Are the Best Wife” Coffee Mug

gag gifts for women

Looking for sweet gag gifts for wife? When you are out of ideas, a coffee mug with a hilarious message is always a great option. This one has a beautiful design and an uplifting message. Your wife will definitely love it!

26. Jelly Beans Pooping Unicorn

gag gifts for women

The best gag gifts for adults are often children’s toys. This jelly beans pooping unicorn is a fantastic and hilarious gift idea for that friend you want to prank. Whether for a co-worker, your BFF, or even your girlfriend — a pooping unicorn is just the thing to make her laugh.

27. Prank Pack “Bathe & Brew”

gag gifts for women

When you open a present, the box is the first giveaway of what might be inside. If you want to really fool your friend, get her this prank box and put the actual gift inside. She will not see this surprise coming!

28. Funny Face Mask

gag gifts for women

If we have learned anything in recent times, it is that face masks are here to stay. But that does not mean we have to wear the same dull ones. When looking for funny valentines day gifts, surprise your girlfriend with these hilarious face masks. They are an awesome way to remind her there is humor in everything!

29. Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Who said candy is for kids only? This Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy is basically 3 ounces of packed delicious fun! It is an epic gift idea that everyone will be more than happy to have. 100% majestic, magical, and mythic — this is the perfect gift for her!

30. Yodelling Pickle

Yodelling Pickle

This yodeling pickle is the ultimate conversation starter. Whether for Christmas, a birthday, or just because — this is a perfect gag gifts for women. Silly, hilarious, and a little naughty, she will have so much fun with her chic yodeling pickle!

31. Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game

Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game

Some of the funniest gag gifts for women are often related to toilet experiences. This ridiculous game is an awesome prank gift for your girlfriend, sister, mom, and co-worker. It will surely be something you will guys talk about for years to come.

32. Butt Face Soap

Butt Face Soap

Looking to get her something naughty as a prank gift? This Butt Face soap is just the thing! A two-sided soap that smells fresh and tells you exactly what to use it for. It is fun, unexpected, and your new future inside joke!

33. Dad Bag Fanny Pack

Dad Bag Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is seriously hilarious. If she has a good sense of humor, do not hesitate and get her this ridiculous bag. All eyes will be on her if and when she decides to wear it. Plus, it is an actual fanny pack, so it will certainly come in handy!

34. Daily Portable Tiny Hands

Daily Portable Tiny Hands

These tiny portable hands are the perfect gag gift for birthday parties, bar nights, festivals, or just as a stress reliever. They are just the right amount of ridiculous and are guaranteed to make everybody laugh. It truly is a memorable gift!

35. Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

Every home chef needs a pizza cutter wheel. But, instead of giving her a boring one, you can get her this bicycle-shaped one! It is cute, inspired, and super chic. Plus, if she is a biker herself, it will be a really funny thing to get her.

36. Chinese Takeout Box Style Clutch Bag

Chinese Takeout Box Style Clutch Bag

Wanna poke fun at her for her undying love for Chinese takeout? There is no better way to do that than with this clutch bag shaped like the signature takeout boxes. It is one of those gag gifts for women that your girlfriend will fall in love with!

37. Burritos Blanket

Burritos Blanket

Is she a foodie? Celebrate her love for Mexican cuisine with this super cool and original burrito-themed blanket! There are so many ways you can deliver this gift. You can wrap something ridiculous inside the blanket to complete the gag gift idea.

38. Bling Cleaning Gloves

Bling Cleaning Gloves

Normal cleaning is for losers. Cleaning with these bling gloves is something else entirely. Make her feel like a million dollars with these, and the humor will not be lost on her. You can throw in a regular cleaning product for extra flair.

39. Feisty Pets Vicky Vicious Plush Stuffed Bunny

icky Vicious Plush Stuffed Bunny

From cute and innocent to feisty and vicious, this stuffed bunny is truly hilarious. Just squeeze behind its ears to reveal its true self. When it comes to gag gifts for women, you cannot go wrong with this plush and entertaining bunny.

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