The Best Funny Wedding Gifts of 2022


Are you looking for wedding gifts for couples? Don’t struggle to find that unique gift for them! Our guide to the best funny gift ideas is a surefire way to get on their good side. It will guarantee that the bride and groom will have a perfect wedding gift. They deserve to have at least one friend make them laugh out loud on their big day!

 1.  Olive You So Much Custom Photo Collage Mug

Olive You So Much Custom Photo Collage Mug

You can customize our cute ‘Olive You’ coffee mug with your photographs and a monogram as a hint to the world that it’s a language that only the two of you speak fluently. So, buy this adorable coffee mug with a funny quote for your loved one today, and celebrate your sweet, innocent love.

 2. You Are My Significant Otter Photo Desktop Plaque

You Are My Significant Otter Photo Desktop Plaque

Looking for the best wedding gift for friends? Then this photo plaque is the perfect gift idea that they’ll surely adore. It comes with the funny words You Are My Significant Otter” that tell how much you love him or her.

With the personalized gift, showcase your favorite memory in style. And they can keep it close right on their desk at home or office. This is definitely the best present you can also get your significant other on wedding day.

 3.  Canvas Print

Canvas Print

Celebrate their marriage with a unique wedding gift for the bride and groom. Perfect for the happy couple that loves “The Office,” this print has an unconventional definition of a wedding. It’s not a union of two souls, but “the fusing of two metals with a hot torch!”

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 4. DIY Fold a Money Origami Shirt and Tie  

DIY Fold a Money Origami Shirt and Tie

Oh boy! If you want fun gift ideas to make them curse your very existence, this one is for you. Who needs a check when you can give the bride and groom $5, $10, and $20 bills?

Fold them into little origami shirts and ties for a creative touch. This item is a perfect DIY wedding gift for surefire laughs!

 5. Custom Couple Mug

Custom Couple Mug

These personalized keepsakes are great wedding gifts for couples! A fun take on the classic couple argument, these Mr. and Mrs. Right will finally settle the feud!

They make the perfect gift to give on their wedding date or for an anniversary. Such funny wedding gifts are bound to keep them laughing for years!

 6. Marriage Survival Basket  

 Marriage Survival Basket

This present is another easy DIY gift you can tailor to the newlyweds. Make a gift basket that’s unique and personalized just for them so they can celebrate after their wedding day.

Include wine or champagne, some fun ideas to spice up their romance, chocolate, and more. Show them that fun newlywed gifts can take all shapes!

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 7. Funny Gag Gift Shirt

Funny Gag Gift Shirt

Sometimes the groom needs a fun present just for himself. Make his unique wedding treat a shirt in his favorite color. Help him tell the world he’s taken the plunge.

As far as wedding gag gifts go, this one is pretty tame. Or it is until someone makes him wear said wedding gift in public! 

8. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

If you want to make them laugh, a hidden message mug will do it. This wedding gift idea features nutritional info of married life that remains invisible until the cup is hot.

Pour some coffee and watch those facts become clear! This item is one of our favorite funny wedding gifts, whether it is for newly engaged or married couples.

 9. Ornament Decoration

Ornament Decoration

Celebrate the craziness of 2020 with this unique wedding gift. This decorative ornament features a bride and groom wearing masks at a socially-distanced wedding.

You can customize hair color and skin tone, along with the happy couple’s names and wedding date. It may be a small present, but this is one of our favorite simple wedding gift ideas.

 10. Handkerchief


Give the special couple a handkerchief to remind them of their main priority: keeping their $*&# together! They’ll laugh out loud at this unusual present, as they remember to stay calm on the big day!

It isn’t the most conventional of modern wedding gifts, but it sure is hilarious! Pick the thread color for a personalized, his-and-hers wedding memory.

 11. Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

If you need great personalized wedding gifts for their big day, check out these fabulous socks! They’ll surely keep cold feet at bay!

Personalize these unique socks with a picture and a custom saying, and get them in everyone’s favorite color. These make funny bride gifts for the wedding party and parents of the bride and groom.

 12. Funny Personalized Wedding Wine Label

Funny Personalized Wedding Wine Label

Party with the happy couple on their special day with this funny custom wine label. It can go on store-bought bottles or one you already own for a neat wedding present.

Gift them a case of booze to celebrate their “I Do’s.” This quirky wedding gift will bring them joy whenever they open it

 13. Couple Pillowcases

Couple Pillowcases

For a funny couples’ gift, look no further than this cute idea. Hand-painted his-and-hers pillowcases are the ultimate creative wedding presents.

These cushion covers helpfully indicate what part of the bed belongs to her (hint: most of it!). You’ll be doing them a favor. After all, if they can’t compromise over such a simple detail, they don’t stand a chance!

 14. Look At You Guys All Married And Shit Tea Towel

Look At You Guys All Married And Shit Tea Towel

Give the newlyweds a housewarming present for their new home. All the wedding party could chip in to come up with a creative text idea!

This way, friends and family will be working together to put a sweet or funny wedding sentiment on it. Such a funny wedding gift will get your message across! 

 15. Mr. and Mrs. Aprons

Mr. and Mrs. Aprons

Couples who cook together, surely stay together! These awesome aprons are fantastic for those lovebirds that love spending time in the kitchen! Effortlessly personalized with their wedding date, these cotton smocks are easily cleaned and fit well.

Your favorite couple can spend their nights being each other’s sous chefs when they wear these fun wedding gifts.

 16. Personalized Wedding Spoons

Personalized Wedding Spoons

Personalized teaspoons are a perfect gift for the bride and groom who love weekends with coffee and a crossword.

You can go with the I do/Me too design or customize for a special message just for them. These spoons might seem like unusual wedding gifts, but they’re sure to be a hit!

 17. Candle


Every married couple needs an occasional reminder that they’re bound for life. Here’s a not so gentle one! This candle is among the best funny wedding gifts for couple.

They don’t need a ton of starter presents as newlyweds would, and this item will make them laugh! Don’t discount this wedding gift idea just because it’s small. 

 18. I Love You More Desktop Plaque

I Love You More – The End – I Win Photo Desktop Plaque

Searching for a funny wedding gift for the groom? Then a custom photo desktop plaque is an ideal gift that he undoubtedly will love. This plaque includes a funny quote “I love you more – The end – I win” that shows how much she loves him.


Funny wedding gifts are all the rage. Make the happy couple laugh with joy on their big day. Fun wedding presents are easier to remember, anyway. Get the right one!

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