Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts 2023: Top 30 Novelty Gifts to Make Your S.O. Laugh All V-Day

Funny Valentines Day Gifts

Funny Valentine’s Day gifts are a way to change the traditional Valentine’s Day atmosphere which is covered with romantic emotions into a little bit of unique and fun (yet sweet) sense. Valentine’s is a time to show your love and appreciation for your partner. And while chocolate and flowers are a traditional go-to, you can take the road less traveled with something unique and hilarious.

If you want to make your boo smile, these weird and funny gifts for Valentine’s Day will not disappoint. The best part? You do not need a huge budget to achieve that. Some of the funniest valentines presents are also some of the cheapest. Fill your Feb.14 with surprises, smiles, and laughing with our list of 30 funny Valentine’s gifts below!

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Funny Valentine’s Gifts to Give as a Joke This Year

1. I Like His Beard – I Like Her Butt Pillows

I Like His Beard - I Like Her Butt Pillows

Any bed-hogging boo will adore these funny matching pillows. Celebrate your Valentine’s night with these couple’s pillows. They can be good items for movie nights at home. Also, these make a funny bedding decor that easily brightens up your bedroom.

2. I Love You With All My Boobs Funny Mug

I Love You With All My Boobs Funny Mug

Just because you are married, it does not mean you cannot still goof around with your husband. Get him a quirky mug for Valentine’s and watch him smile each time he sips his morning coffee. Not bad, eh?

3. Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper

Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper

If you have been with your S.O. for a while now, a quirky toilet paper gift is certainly in order. This fun design is one of those cheap Valentine’s gifts that can brighten up their day. And, it can turn into a hilarious inside joke.

4. Custom Valentines Socks

Custom Valentines Socks

These hilarious socks let you poke fun when your S.O. look down at their feet. It also offers a cheesy way for them to request their favorite faces each time they wear the socks. Not bad, eh?

5. Smash and Grab Gift Card

Smash and Grab Gift Card

When looking for DIY Valentine’s gifts, or at least for something with a DIY element in it, this Smash and Grab idea is perfect. It is an unusual way to ‘package’ a gift card, but it certainly makes releasing the card that much more fun when the time comes!

6. Personalized Boxer Briefs

Personalized Boxer Briefs

What better way to poke fun at your boo than with hilarious boxers with your face on them? Yep, these are legit, and they will have him cracking with laughter the minute he puts them on. This is certainly an unconventional gift he will not be expecting!

7. Candy Bra

Candy Bra

Nothing screams eternal love like being able to laugh at the most ridiculous things together. And, this candy bra will definitely bring extra flair to the holiday. Colorful, weird, and literally sweet, this gift will blow her ( and possibly you) away!

8. Salami Bouquet

Salami Bouquet

Why get her flowers when you know she prefers salami? That is exactly the idea behind this unconventional gift. Weird and adorable, your wife or girlfriend will 100% appreciate the sentiment. And why not your boyfriend or husband, too? Talk about a tasty surprise!

9. Funny Anti-Valentine Donkey Brownies

Funny Anti-Valentine Donkey Brownies

Go for a fun and sweet gift all in one with this funny brownie. It is a super affordable way to pledge your love with a hilarious and cheeky donkey, isn’t it?

10. Just Want to Remind You That I Love You and Your Butt Is Perfect Candle

Just Want to Remind You That I Love You and Your Butt Is Perfect Candle

With a quirky message and some adult language included, this candle tops the list of funny Valentine’s Day gifts. It is super affordable and of great quality. Choose the scent and size, and watch them unwrap it with excitement. Your boo will love it!

11. Ring For Sex Bell

Ring For Sex Bell

Date nights will never be the same after you get your S.O. this quirky and naughty bell. Imagine all the fun you can have coming up with ideas on when and how to use the Lovers Ring. It is the perfect gag gift for a friend as well.

12. Subtle Butt Reusable Gas Neutralizers – 5 Activated Carbon Charcoal Fart Pads

Subtle Butt Reusable Gas Neutralizers - 5 Activated Carbon Charcoal Fart Pads

Sassy and hilarious, these butt gas neutralizers will steal the spotlight. If your boyfriend or husband loves dark humor, he will definitely appreciate this present. After all, it is one of the top-rated valentine’s day gag gifts for a reason.

13. Snoop Dogg Cookbook

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen (Snoop Dogg Cookbook, Celebrity Cookbook with Soul Food Recipes)

Can you believe that Snoop, of all people, would write a cookbook? Well, he did, and it is a fantastic opportunity to troll someone with it. A friend, a coworker, or your boyfriend/girlfriend — will easily find the humor in it. They might even try out the recipes!

14. My Side Your Side Couple Pillowcases

My Side Your Side Couple Pillowcases

The “who gets the bigger part of the bed” fight never stops, and this pillowcase set lets you settle it once and for all. It is a silly gesture that will, at the very least, make your person smile from ear to ear when they see it.

15. Fifty Shades of Chicken – A Parody in a Cookbook

Fifty Shades of Chicken - A Parody in a Cookbook

Drawing from the premise of the popular blockbuster franchise, Fifty Shades of Gray, this cookbook is a genius parody that mixes food and pleasure in an unexpected way. Each recipe is an experience in itself which makes this book the perfect gift for a loved one.

16. Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter

This Valentine’s Day, be a naughty cookie and surprise him or her with a sutra cookie cutter. It will make for some pretty interesting… cookies, and you can prank your friends with them as well. The best part? It is budget-friendly.

17. Custom Face Cushion

Custom Face Cushion

These face cushions are literally some of the funniest valentines gift ideas you can come up with. Choose a goofy picture of your partner and yourself, or friends you want to prank, and place an order. Everyone will die laughing once they see them!

18. Yoda One For Me T-Shirt

Yoda One For Me T-Shirt

Yoda references may be silly and cheesy, but they make for awesome puns and wordplay. Any fan would appreciate the sentiment of your goofy Valentine’s present. Plus, you can get matching t-shirts and wear them on the day itself.

19. You’re The Best Thing I’ve Ever Found On The Internet Desktop Plaque

You’re The Best Thing I’ve Ever Found On The Internet Desktop Plaque

Is it your first February 14th together? You are probably a little nervous about what to get him. The funny route is the best route. When it comes to first valentines day gifts for a boyfriend, this quirky plaque takes the gold. It is sweet without being too cheesy.

20. I Just Want To Hold Your Butt Funny Mug

I Just Want To Hold Your Butt Funny Mug

A dash of humor is all it takes to make a funny dirty valentines gift. Let him or her know how much you appreciate them or in an unconventional and naughty way. Customize the mug with their name, so everyone knows just how good they are… in bed.

21. Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Vibrations are key in the formula of pleasure. Get your S.O. an adult toy and help them play with it. Alternatively, you can get this vibrator necklace as a prank on your best friend. The sky is the limit!

22. Perfect Man Silicone Ice and Chocolate Mold

Perfect Man Silicone Ice and Chocolate Mold

If your goal is to find an unusual and weird gift for your sweet valentine, this ice tray is just the thing. With a signature comic book design, the ice shape and the message on the package make for a hilarious combination.

23. Muscle Man Pillow

Muscle Man Pillow

Looking for unusual Valentine’s gifts for your single bestie? This muscle man pillow makes for the perfect best friend Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re finding some funny Valentine’s stuff to send to friends, this gag gift can make it. Your BFF will never have to go to bed alone. She will always have a man with muscles to snuggle her!

24. I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Canvas Signs

I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Canvas Signs

There is more than one way to spice things up in the bedroom. You can start by getting these matching canvas signs to hang above your bed. That way, you can mark your own side of the bed. Fun Valentine’s gifts like this one are hard to come by!

25. Date Night Bucket List

Date Night Bucket List

Out of ideas for Valentine’s day? With this date night bucket list, you will have a ton of activities to do for lovers’ day (and beyond). It is full of fun valentines ideas that are suitable for different moods and preferences. A win-win gift

26. Tinder Nightmares

Tinder Nightmares

Whether for your partner or a good friend, this book will have them laughing their heads off. It details the wide range of epic fails of Tinder dating. So, if you are not sure what he or she will like, play it safe (and funny) with this gift idea.

27. Funny Michael Scott Love Card

Funny Michael Scott Love Card

If he or she is a fan of The Office, the perfect Valentine’s card is right here. Adorned with a hilarious message inspired by the one and only Michael Scott, your friend or loved one will surely crack a smile upon receiving this card.

28. Men’s Sexy Mankini Swimsuit

Men's Sexy Manikini Swimsuit

When it comes to ridiculous valentine’s day gifts, nothing can beat the neon Borat mankini. Either as a prank for a friend or a suggestive gift to your hubby/boyfriend, this gift idea is pure gold. It is weird, unconventional, and worthy of many laughs.

29. The Office-Themed Coaster Set

Looking for goofy valentines gifts for your coworkers? No matter if they prefer tea or coffee, coasters always come in handy. If they have a ridiculously funny message on them like these The Office-themed coasters, they are an extra awesome gift.

30. I Am All Yours Funny Custom Mug

I Am All Yours Funny Custom Mug

Looking for hilarious, last-minute Valentine’s gifts for your partner? How about a quirky mug with a naughty design on the back? His morning coffee will taste a hundred times better with this funny present.


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