13 Free Printable Bridal Shower Games Guests Will Love (2023)

free printable bridal shower games

Every bridal shower needs some great free printable hilarious bridal shower games to use as icebreakers and to get the fun started. Whether you are looking for downloadable games for your party or free bridal shower game templates, you are sure to find something to suit your celebration on our list of free bridal shower printables. Your bridal shower is sure to become a guest favorite with these funny and engaging games. 

free printable bridal shower games:Fill-in-the-Blank Advice

13. Fill-in-the-Blank Advice

This fun, free bridal shower printable was rated as “best value” by readers and lets the guests give the bride and groom priceless advice to live by through a unique, mad libs style game. The free printable includes a styled sheet with eight different writing prompts for guests to fill out and add their funny or serious pearls of wisdom. 

You could really bring the game up a level by providing guests with two copies of this printable and request that they do fill out a funny one to be read aloud at the bridal shower and a more serious one for the bride and groom to read together after the shower. 

  From Confettidaydreams

free printable games:Bridal Bingo

12. Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo is a fun, interactive, free printable bridal shower game that will have guests talking to one another and interacting with the bride in a unique way as she opens her gifts. When guests arrive, hand them a bingo card and ask them to fill out items they think the bride will receive as gifts at the shower; while it’s not encouraged, guests can ask each other what they got the bride to increase their chances of winning. 

Then when the bride is opening her gifts, the guests use their bingo cards and mark off any gifts that she actually receives, first one to get a bingo and shout out “BINGO,” or “BRIDE” wins the big prize.

From Games for Bridal Shower

bridal shower game templates:Wedding Songs Charades

11. Wedding Songs Charades

Pretty much everyone knows how to play charades, but you really have to be familiar with your traditional wedding songs to win at this hilarious bridal shower guessing game

To play this game, split guests up into teams (a mix of ages works well for this) and have one individual from the team draw a card and act out the wedding song that is on their card within two or three minutes. If their team does not guess the wedding song correctly, it then goes to the opposing team for a guess; the team with the most correct answers at the end or all the rounds wins.  

 From Games for Bridal Shower

free bridal shower games templates:Animal Mates Names Game

10. Animal Mates Names Game

This simple, free printable bridal shower game is an easy one that guests can play in between opening gifts, eating, or to use as a fun icebreaker when guests arrive. 

Hand the animal mates names game out to guests and give them a allotted amount of time (five to 10 minutes should be sufficient) to match the type of animal with their male and female mates; for example: chickens = rooster + hen. It is an easy game that even younger guests can have a chance to win at; the guests with the most correct answers at the end of the time wins!

 From Games for Bridal Shower

Pass the Parcel Rhyme Cards

9. Pass the Parcel Rhyme Cards

The pass the parcel game is a unique and fun bridal shower game (that requires a little more advanced planning) that will have guests interacting and getting to know one another a little better. 

First, the bride’s final gift is wrapped in a smaller package, then wrapped in subsequently larger boxes with each layer including a small gift for a guest and a card instructing who the box will be handed to next. 

The rhyming instructions might be something like, “give to the one that has been longest married,” after the box has been passed around, it will end up at the bride to open her long awaited surprise. 

 From Games for Bridal Shower

bridal shower game cards:“What’s the Bride Thinking?” Game

8. “What’s the Bride Thinking?” Game

In order to prepare for this wedding shower game, create an answer key by having the bride fill out this party printable beforehand and include all the answers that she would say; for example, what comes to her mind with the word “romantic __,” is it a romantic movie or a getaway? 

Then when guests arrive, give them each a sheet with the prompts and have them fill out the answers that they think the bride would give, only those that match what the bride wrote down on the original sheet are correct. This can either be a timed game or one that guests do throughout the party, the winner is the one with the most correct answers.

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Bridal Shower Word Search

7. Bridal Shower Word Search

Everybody loves a good word search, and who wouldn’t love to do a wedding themed word search at a casual bridal shower for their favorite bride-to-be? This free printable bridal shower game is one that any guest can play and the host can easily do between gift opening, serving food, or other wedding themed games. 

The host should pass out a word search to each guest when they are all seated and a highlighter or pen; the first guest to find all 20 words wins a door prize. 

From Modernmoh

printable bridal shower card:Mad Libs-Inspired Word Game

6. Mad Libs-Inspired Word Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of Mad Libs? Grab a fun printable for this easy bridal shower game. During the wedding shower ask guests to fill out the mad libs with funny adjectives, nouns, and verbs. At the end, the maid of honor can pick a funniest story and have the bride read them aloud.

From Something Turquoise


5. Who Am I?

This fun wedding shower game that helps guests warm-up to one another. Each guest gets a tag put on their backs with a couple’s name (think Brad or Angelina). Guests get to know each other by asking yes or no questions to try and find their partner. This traditional bridal shower game is over when everyone finds their “better half.”

From Bridal shower games 

Door Prize

4. Door Prize

While not every guest might like to play games, who doesn’t love to get a gift? For this simple bridal shower game, have guests write down their birthdays or anniversaries on a nice printable. This is an easy way to celebrate the couple and get guests involved.  The guest with the date closest to the wedding date wins a prize.

From Games for bridal shower

Who Said It?" Game

3. Who Said It?" Game

“Who Said It?” is a fun and easy bridal shower game that anyone can play. Create a list of quotes from both the bride and the groom and have guests guess who said what. You can even create a nice printable with silhouettes or pictures of the bride and groom to circle.

 From Games for bridal shower

Purse Raid

2. Purse Raid

This fun bridal shower game will have guests dumping their secrets. The bridesmaid should make a list of common items found in women’s purses (chapstick, pepper spray, etc). 

During the bridal shower, the host should call out items on the purse game list, the first one to pull out that item wins a prize, so make sure you have enough.

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Celebrity mariage

1. Celebrity mariage

See who is up to date on their TMZ gossip with the Celebrity Marriage wedding shower game. This fun trivia game idea focuses on famous couples and their current relationship status. Write down a list of 20 or so couples and guests can guess if they are married or not. Be sure to include a variety of romantic relationships.

From Games for bridal shower

While there is certainly no shortage of free printable bridal shower games, we hope that you are inspired by our list of 13 to include them in your upcoming wedding celebration. These are free and simple printable games that you can accommodate in any type of bridal shower, even with a large group of guests of all ages. 

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