40+ Amazing First Valentine Gift Ideas For Boyfriend 2023

first valentine gift for boyfriend

With the days going by so fast, it’s best to shop early for the first Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. This way, you can ensure you buy him something sweet and meaningful. It’s also a romantic way of showing your partner you care about their hobbies and interests.

So what type of presents are ideal when going for your first Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend? We’ve prepared a list of 40+ awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for him to make the day extra memorable.

1. I Am So Happy I Swiped Right Custom Desktop Plaque

Young couples today are so lucky that they can meet anywhere thanks to great dating apps. So how about celebrating the first time you met your man with this personalized desktop plaque? Yes, that’s right, it’s Tinder! What a clever and fun way to go back in time!

2. Where It All Began Map Wall Art

Do you remember where you and your partner first met? This retro-style wall art will help you celebrate this wonderful memory with your loved one. It’s an ideal present for a man who loves romantic gestures. Any time things get tough, this canvas print will remind him of happy days!

3. Sexy Truth or Dare

What better time to get sexy for your new boyfriend than on the 14th of February? This truth or dare game is a clever way to ignite the flames without feeling awkward. Besides, you’ll share lots of laughs together and create new memories that you cherish forever.

4. Man Crates Jerky Heart

Does your man always look forward to movie nights so he can snack and cuddle with you? This delicious beef jerky heart box is the best first Valentine’s present for boyfriends who love meaty snacks. He’ll be so eager to try out each flavor before the night ends!

5. Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Wondering where to find a cute and practical present for a man who has almost everything? This custom mug is ideal for long-distance couples and even those living together. It’s also the most practical Valentine’s gift for him to use at work and home!

6. Long Distance Touch Lamps

Just because you’re in a long-distance relationship with your boo doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Surprise him with a touch lamp that will make him feel like you’re not so far away. Any time he misses you, he only has to touch the lamp!

7. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

The first dance that two lovebirds share is a memory most of us treasure for the rest of our lives. Surprise your cutie pie on your first Valentine’s Day together with this lyrics canvas print. He’ll be happy you remember that special day as much as he does!

8. Beard Grooming Kit

Another awesome gift for a bearded man is this beard kit conditioner. The package comes with everything your lover needs to keep his mustache and beard looking clean and smelling fresh. It’s an ideal present for a man who’s always traveling, so he looks sharp no matter where he is!

9. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

There are many ways to say ‘I love you’ to the man of your dreams. This heart-shaped lyrics blanket is an amazing idea if your partner is a musician or simply loves music. What’s best is you can use his favorite love song to make the day special and memorable!

10. Wireless Smart Beanie Headset

Does your teenage boyfriend love to wear beanies no matter where he goes? Surprise him with this wireless smart beanie headset, especially if he loves listening to music. What’s best is you can buy them in many colors to mix and match them with his clothes!

11. Love Is Composed Of A Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies Pillow

The best gift for your boyfriend is one that he’ll always have near him whenever he misses you. Surprise him with this personalized pillow on Valentine’s Day and watch how big his smile gets. He’ll be touched by your thoughtful present, especially if he lives out of town!

12. Wooden Docking Station

If your beau keeps misplacing his car keys, phone, or business cards, it’s time to help him out. This docking station is the perfect present, especially if he’s always running late every time he leaves. It’s a clever and non-cheesy way to show him you care!

13. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Given how busy people have become nowadays, it’s good to set some time aside to have fun. Get your man this movie poster for your 1st Valentine’s Day together and watch how his eyes light up. He’ll be so eager to get started, so he can watch all the classics!

14. Champion Men’s Sweatpants

The one thing guys do well is dressing as comfortably as possible. Surprise your boyfriend with these cool sweatpants for men. They are available in many colors so he can mix and match his outfits. He can also go for jogs in them if he likes!

15. Social Media Style Frame Desktop Photo Plaque

The first Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend is the perfect time to get creative. And what is cooler than this social media-style desktop plaque? That’s right! This photo plaque is a fun way to create beautiful memories and enjoy a special day while still staying trendy!

16. Memory Foam Slipper

Sometimes, it’s best to start with something small yet cool when you’re just getting to know someone. These memory foam slippers are the best gifts as they’ll keep him warm during the cold season. What’s best is they come in many colors, so you can choose his favorite!

17. Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Don’t let the first Valentine’s Day together with your man find you unprepared. Get him a unique present that even his friends will be jealous of. This personalized gift box will take your partner through all your fun moments together. He’ll be happy to find the surprise at the end!

18. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

Do you remember what was happening when you and your lover first kissed? Make your man feel special by getting him this custom lyrics print. Combined with couple names, this romantic present will take him back in time to where the journey began.

19. Braided Bracelet

Wondering where to find something cheap and simple for a man who doesn’t know what he wants? This braided bracelet is a great way to start. It’s a non-cheesy present, especially if he’s a modern guy. What’s best is he can wear it with his official and casual wear!

20. Engraved Hunting Knife

If you and your boyfriend first met on a camping trip, we’d got the perfect present for him. Why not get him a custom engraved pocket knife for Valentine’s? It’s not only a practical item for an avid camper but a cute way to have you close to him!

21. Beer Subscription

Looking for unique ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your lover without getting too cheesy? This beer subscription is the perfect present, especially if you plan to stay indoors. What’s best is you can get him a mix of dark and light beers so he can sample every flavor.

22. Philips Norelco Trimmer

Does your man prefer grooming at home rather than going to the barbershop? Show him you support his decision by getting him this multi-groom trimmer to help him look great always! And if he has trouble with his hairy nose and ears, then this trimmer will sort him out!

23. Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

Have you been looking for ideal first Valentine gift for your boyfriend but have no idea where to start from? How about getting your new boo something cute that he can keep forever? This custom song lyrics pillow is a simple yet practical gift he can’t ever lose!

24. Funny Messages Soy Candle

Other than his birthday, the 14th of February is a good time to buy your boo something special. So how about getting your new boyfriend something sexy for your 1st Valentine’s Day together? This funny valentine gift comes with a hilarious message to light him up the moment he sees it!

25. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Have you been looking for clever Valentine surprise ideas for your boyfriend, but nothing good comes to mind? How about getting him this hot sauce kit so you can enjoy a DIY project together? You’ll have a great time trying out different flavors and hopefully enjoy a delicious meal afterward.

26. Back and Neck Massager

Does your loved one’s job entail lots of traveling or manual work? We’ve got the perfect solution for him! Surprise him with this back and neck massager to help him feel better, especially after a long, stressful week. It’s a thoughtful present for a hardworking man!

27. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani for Men Set

So your 1st Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you have no idea what to get your boyfriend for valentines day. You can never go wrong with Giorgio Armani’s luxury cologne for men. Not only will your loved one smell amazing, but he’ll also feel super special every time he uses it!

28. LOVE Custom Photo Canvas

What is more meaningful and romantic than professing your love to your guy openly? That said, this photo canvas print will make your 1st Valentine’s with your boyfriend extra special. And if you really want to surprise him, use a super cheesy photo so you can share a laugh!

29. Peace Lily Plant

Wondering how to celebrate your new relationship on Valentine’s Day? This lily plant is a unique way to bond and grow your connection with your guy. Since the plant blooms all year round, you’ll enjoy seeing it grow just like your relationship. He’ll love it!

30. What I Love about Us Book

Most people love receiving corny gifts, especially when it’s all about romance and creating sweet memories. And if your guy falls in this category, then this book is the best present for him. Remember to dig deep when writing all the best things you love about him!

31. Indoor Fire Pit

It’s always hard finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a new boyfriend. However, with this stylish watch for men, your man will be more than impressed! It’s a fantastic accessory because it’s ideal for all occasions, from a casual weekend picnic to a Monday morning meeting.

32. Casio Men’s XL Series G-Shock

When gift shopping for a partner who has almost everything in the world, it’s essential to think creatively. Although it may seem small, this indoor fire pit will turn a candle-lit dinner into a picture-worthy occasion. What’s best is that you’ll always enjoy using it together.

33. Custom Star Map and Location Map Canvas Print

Looking for keepsakes that will show your boyfriend you want to spend forever and always with him? How about buying him this custom map and star map print to seal the deal? The stars in the background will make the canvas seem so heavenly your guy will love it!

34. Bluetooth Speaker

Are you planning a trip with your new relationship out of town for Valentine’s? How about surprising him with a cool gift that he can enjoy every day? This portable Bluetooth speaker is exactly what he needs! It’s a great way for him to enjoy his favorite tunes!

35. Engraved Wallet

Have you been looking for a unique first Valentine gift for your boyfriend gift that your honey can carry with him everywhere he goes? How about getting him an engraved wallet that he can proudly use in public? Even his friends will be curious to know where he got it from.

36. Audio-Technica Turntable

What is a good present for a man who listens to music every chance he gets? How about buying him this luxury audio turntable to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as a couple? You can even play your favorite love songs to make the date fun and romantic!

37. Metallic Smores Maker

Who said you have to go on a camping trip to enjoy smores? Surprise your man on your first Valentine’s Day together with this metallic smores maker set. He’ll be so happy you remembered how much he loves his favorite snack. Don’t be surprised if he eats smores every night!

38. Gillette Heated Razor

Although you never have to worry about shaving a beard, this heated razor will show you care. Get your man this wireless charging razor to help him sport that clean-shaven look every day. It’s a thoughtful last-minute present for people who don’t have time to visit the barber often!

39. AuKing Mini Projector

What’s the best way to spend an indoor Valentine’s Day with your new boyfriend? You can never go wrong with a great movie lineup, and that’s where this handy mini projector comes in. Enjoy watching classics and the latest box office hits right at home!

40. Beats Studio Buds

If music is your boyfriend’s passion, get him these Beats studio buds and watch his face light up with joy! The wireless feature is ideal for him, especially if he is always on the move. Besides, they will make his daily train and bus ride more enjoyable!

41. Find You Sooner Loved You Longer Custom Photo Plaque

Your 1st Valentine’s Day with your partner is one you’ll want to remember forever! So how about celebrating it with this custom street sign canvas print? It’s a clever way to cherish the memory of your paths crossing. He’ll be so happy you remember it fondly.

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