15+ The Best First Christmas Together Gift for Him, Her and Couple (2023)

First Christmas Together Gift

It’s that time of the year when you look for the first Christmas together gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. The first holiday season is always the most special for newlyweds, couples dating or recently engaged. 

Celebrate this beautiful occasion by choosing a Christmas gift for newlywed or a gift for a boyfriend from our extensive list. It’s time to show your partner some love!

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Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Best First Christmas Together Gift Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

To make your first Christmas together more memorable, this spiral song lyrics canvas print is the perfect gift for your wife. You can add your names, the wedding date, and your favorite picture of you two to make it more meaningful. It is a heartfelt gift to give her.

First Christmas Married Custom Ornament  

first married christmas: First Christmas Married Custom Photo Ornament  

It’s finally your first Christmas as husband and wife. It calls for a celebration and some heartfelt gifts. A big part of Christmas is the decorations. Add into that with this adorable married custom photo ornament with your favorite picture of you two and decorate it on the tree. 


First Christmas Together Gift for him: Robe

A robe is a practical gift to give your better half in the holiday season. He will get the most use out of it and always be thinking of you when they’re comfortable and warm in it. Made from premium Turkish cotton, it will give him a relaxed and intelligent fit. 

Personalized Christmas Stocking

First Christmas Together Gift for couple Personalized Christmas Stocking Lien Sheet Set

This beautiful Christmas stocking lien sheets set will add to the decorations of the house. It can be customized per your preference and is the perfect size to fit all your gifts for your lovely lady or man. You can get their name on it and choose the color you like. 

BBQ Tool

First Christmas Together Gift for him: BBQ Tool

If you and your man love to do a good BBQ now and then, then this is just what you need to get him this Christmas.

This three-piece BBQ set can be personalized as per your liking and includes a spatula, tongs, and a fork that will last you a long time.

Custom Name Gloves

first christmas gift for boyfriend: Custom Name Gloves

Gloves are essential this holiday season – you can’t do without them. If your boyfriend has wanted one for a while now, this is the perfect time to gift him these. These can be customized to your liking. You can get something funny written on them just for fun.

Spa Gift Box

Spa Gift Box First Christmas Together Gift for her

If she’s a spa lover, add more cheer to her festive season by getting a spa gift box. This box contains Epsom salt, a bath bomb, a soy candle, a lip balm, body butter, artisan soap, coconut oil, a healing crystal, body spray, and other amazing goodies that will have her falling in love.

Custom Photo Mug

first christmas presents for boyfriend: Funny Coffee Mug

If you’re finding unique ways to tell your husband you love him, this is just what you need. This funny coffee mug is the perfect gift for your husband on your first Christmas together.

It will add some playfulness and a fun element to your relationship. Customize it however you want. 

A Date Night Bucket List Game

First Christmas Together Gift for couple A Date Night Bucket List Game

If you’re looking for the best date ever, then get your girl this date night bucket list that will always keep things feisty between you two.

It offers multiple date night ideas that will allow you both to have countless prompt experiences and adventures that you will cherish for years to come. 

Super Comfy Slipper

Super Comfy Slipper First Christmas Together Gift for her

These soft faux fur plush shoes are the comfiest and silkiest shoes she will ever put her feet in. Not only will they provide her comfort all day, but they are sure to keep her warm in the winter season. Waterproof and durable, these will surely last her many years. 

Personalized Christmas Bath Bomb

Personalized Christmas Bath Bomb

If your wife enjoys bath bombs, why not gift her some this Christmas? These personalized Christmas bath bombs come wrapped in a Rudolf or snowman sticker that will make her smile.

You can choose which scent you want. These will allow your wife to have a relaxing time this winter.

A Little Pampering Gift Set

A Little Pampering Gift Set First Christmas Together Gift for her

Can’t go to the spa? Not a problem. Gift your wife this at-home pampering set that includes all lavender: body oil, shower steamer, soap, lip balm, and soy candle.

These are sure to make her forget about the worries of the world. It’s time for her to relax, refresh and enjoy her first holiday season with you. 

First Xmas In New Home Candle

Sentimental First Christmas Together Gift First Xmas In New Home Candle

Nothing screams fall and Christmas more than a candle! Celebrate your Christmas with this beautiful candle and fill up your new home with an appealing aroma.

This first Xmas in the new home candle is a great gift for your husband. Light it up and enjoy the refreshing scent in your new home with your husband. 

Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame

This beautiful wooden picture frame will give uniqueness to this event in your life. It will highlight the beautiful memories of the year and the love between you two.

It is a great gift for your husband or wife as they can place it on their side table as a memory always to cherish. 

Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship

Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship

Packed with tantalizing and delicious recipes, Date Night In is a great cookbook that every couple must have. It will surely spice up meals and other things in their marriage.

The couple can both try out different recipes for their significant other and be great chefs by the end. 

Meaningful Girlfriend Necklace

Sentimental First Christmas Together Gift  Meaningful Girlfriend Necklace

If you’re wondering what to get a girlfriend for first Christmas, this necklace will make for a perfect gift. Melt her heart with this glamorous beauty necklace gift and make her first Christmas with you more memorable. She will cherish this forever, and this will soon become her favorite piece of jewelry.

Custom Star Map And Song Lyrics Framed Print

This custom canvas is a unique and romantic gift for your significant other to celebrate your first Christmas together.

You can customize the star map and song lyrics of a significant event in your life, such as the day you met, the song of your first dance, or the day you married.

We hope our list of first Christmas together gift has eliminated the question of what I should get for our first Christmas? and given you great ideas on what to gift your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. 

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