33 Unique Father of The Bride Gifts to Show Him How Much He Means

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. On that day, it is hard not to reflect on the feeling of being cared for and supported. You want to thank everyone who has been there for you, leading up to the day with the perfect wedding gift idea. Your dad is someone who is at the top of that list, so show him how thankful you are on your wedding date with the perfect father of the bride gifts. 

We have put together a list of gift ideas that will honor your dad and express your adoration for him; we have something for everyone:

father of the bride gifts from groom:An Unique Knife Father of Bride Gifts

1. An Unique Knife Father of Bride Gifts


This knife is a really cool gift for the father of the bride from the groom, especially if he loves spending time outdoors. This would also make a great gift for dad from daughter to show him that you really know what he likes.

Price: $24.99

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father daughter gifts:Heart-Shaped Sew Or Iron On Tie Patch

2. Heart-Shaped Sew Or Iron On Tie Patch


There is nothing more special than a secret message that lets someone know how much you care for them. This iron-on patch can be attached to the inside of the tie your dad will wear on your wedding day to make it extra special.

Price: $15.29+

parent wedding gifts:Wedding Socks

3. Wedding Socks


You always want to get parents wedding gifts that are truly special and meaningful. With your dad walking you down the aisle, make sure he’s wearing these special socks that commemorate the day so he can cherish them for years to come.

Price: $9.28

father of the bride gift:Personalized Engraved ‘Father of the Bride’ Cufflinks

4. Personalized Engraved ‘Father of the Bride’ Cufflinks


Being the father of the bride is an extremely momentous role. To celebrate that role, you want to make sure you get the best father of the bride gift! These cufflinks are engraved with the date of the wedding and your name to make them truly sentimental.

Price: $18.79

5. Leather Trifold Wallet


If there’s something all father’s love, it’s their wallet. Give your dad this durable, high-quality trifold wallet so he can store all of his belongings. Add a picture of the two of you inside to make it a special gift for your wedding day.

Price: $16.99

sentimental wedding gifts:Father of the Bride Poem Custom Photo Canvas Print

6. Father of the Bride Poem Custom Photo Canvas Print


Meaningful gifts are cherished for years to follow, so if you’re looking for an impactful father-daughter gift, look no further than this Father of the Bride Custom Photo Canvas. The poem is heartfelt and touching, perfect for the wedding day.

Price: $46.95

wedding gift for father of the bride:Personalized Father of the Bride Hammer

7. Personalized Father of the Bride Hammer


If your dad considers himself a self-proclaimed handyman, get him a gift that is both cool and creative like this hammer. This gift is engraved with the words “Father of the Bride” so he remembers his most important role.

Price: $32.95+

unique father of the bride gift ideas:Custom Black Flask

8. Custom Black Flask


When it comes to cool and unique gift ideas, we think we hit the nail on the head with this one. This customizable black flask for dad from daughter will be the perfect thing for him to carry in his pocket on your wedding day.

Price: $13.79+

gifts for dad on wedding day:Personalized Engraved Black Pocket Watch

9. Personalized Engraved Black Pocket Watch


A father of the bride gift should be special and emotionally valuable. What could be better than a message that reads “Of all the walks we’ve taken, this one is my favorite” referring to the walk down the aisle engraved on a pocket watch?

Price: $18.32

parents wedding gifts ideas:Running Watch

10. Running Watch


If your dad is a fitness junkie, there’s nothing more thoughtful than getting him a tech gift made for running. This running watch is the best; it will help him keep track of his run and all the other essential details from his workout.

Price: $99.00

wedding gifts for father: Smart Speaker With Alexa - Charcoal

11. Smart Speaker With Alexa - Charcoal


Tech gifts don’t get better than a virtual personal assistant and powerful speaker all in one. The Echo Dot is a cute little version of the original with all the same features. Give your dad a taste of the future with this gift.

Price: $29.99

fathers wedding gift:Personalized Golf Balls

12. Personalized Golf Balls


Fathers notoriously love golfing, and if your dad is no different, why not get him these personalized golf balls? They will be a great addition to his golfing collection, plus a fun little reminder of the most important day in your life.

Price: $14.99+

13. Personalized Robe Men’s


Help your dad kick back and relax once all the wedding stress is out of the way with the best father of the bride gift. This robe is comfortable and can be personalized to be even more special.

Price: $40.00

Whiskey Glass

14. Whiskey Glass


Whiskey glasses are a classic gift for dads, but these ones are extra thoughtful, yet funny. The glasses have an engraving that says, “I survived my daughter’s wedding”, which makes it a funny daughter gift to dad that he will love.

Price: $14.33+

wedding gifts for father of the bride:Father of the Bride Whiskey Label

15. Father of the Bride Whiskey Label


Father of the groom and father of the bride gift ideas that are unique are hard to come by, but these liquor labels are just perfect. Print your message and wedding date on a label and stick it on his favorite liquor as a gift he will never forget!

Price: $11.99+

best father of the bride gifts:Unique Bottle Opener

16. Unique Bottle Opener


On your wedding day, get a gift for dad that he will cherish and use. This engraved bottle opener is sentimental and functional, which makes it the best kind of gift!

Price: $15.72

Unique And Personalized Hand-Stamped Lures for the Wedding Party

17. Unique And Personalized Hand-Stamped Lures for the Wedding Party


Does your dad love fishing? If yes, say thank you to him for being such an important part of your big day with a creative gift like this personalized hand stamped lure that he can use on his next fishing trip. 

Price: $30.69+

Personalized Tie Clips

18. Personalized Tie Clips


There are so many people to thank and get gifts for on your wedding day that it is imperative that you find cheap wedding gift ideas that are still meaningful. These personalized tie clips won’t just make a great gift for dad, but for any man in your wedding party.

Price: $8.99+

BBQ Grill Accessories Set for Men

19. BBQ Grill Accessories Set for Men


Is your dad someone who loves spending time Barbequing and considers himself a bit of a grill master? Show him how well you know him by giving him this set of amazing grill accessories for the next time he fires up in the backyard.

Price: $27.99+

dad wedding gift:Custom Embroidered Wedding Handkerchief

20. Custom Embroidered Wedding Handkerchief


Say thank you to your dad for being there with a traditional and meaningful gift. This custom embroidered handkerchief holds a special message that might bring him to tears; good thing he will have a handkerchief on hand to wipe them away!

Price: $20.50+

gifts for dad from bride:Shaving Kit

21. Shaving Kit


Want to get a wedding gift for your father that is thoughtful and something he can use? This old-school grooming kit would make a wonderful gift to help him get ready for your wedding day.

Price: $59.99

Father of the Bride Keychain Gift

22. Father of the Bride Keychain Gift


Get a meaningful gift for dad from daughter that he can carry with him all the time. This engraved keychain will remind him of the special day, every day and show him how much you love and appreciate him.

Price: $16.87

Father of the Bride Large Overnight

23. Father of the Bride Large Overnight


If you are traveling for your wedding, surprise your dad with this great ‘Father of the Bride’ large overnight grooming kit. It has everything your dad needs to get ready for your big day!

Price:  $22.25

24. Custom Embroidered Men’s Weekend Bag


If you are getting married abroad, or have an overnight trip planned for your wedding, this men’s weekend bag is a great father’s wedding gift idea. You can get it customized by embroidering his initials to make it extra special.

Price:  $86.43

Father-Daughter Picture Frame

25. Father-Daughter Picture Frame


Give your dad something he will cherish with a father of the bride gift that holds sentimental value through memories. This father-daughter picture frame is something he can put in his home as a reminder of the special bond you share.

Price:  $29.95

Personalized Money Clip

26. Personalized Money Clip


If your dad isn’t a wallet fan, get him this personalized money clip. It will be a wedding gift for dad that he will actually use, plus it holds a funny message that will make him smile every time he sees it.

Price: $26.50 

Personalize Wine Glasses

27. Personalize Wine Glasses


Every dad needs to calm his nerves on his daughter’s wedding day with a glass of wine. Why not give him a personalized wine glass to do it with?

Price: $29.00

father gifts for wedding:Father of the Bride Shirt

28. Father of the Bride Shirt


Dads get excited, nervous, stressed, happy, and worried when their daughters are getting married. All these mixed emotions need to be commemorated with a funny dad wedding gift. This T-shirt says it best with “I can’t stay calm, my daughter is getting married”!

Price: $20.98

Wedding Day Card To Dad

29. Wedding Day Card To Dad


Wedding gifts for dad don’t have to be something extravagant or showy. A simple card with a meaningful message can say a lot more than what money can buy. This “To the first man I ever loved” card is the best way to send him a loving message.


Personalized Mug

30. Personalized Mug


Give a funny gift for dad from the bride to remind him that you will always be his little girl. This custom mug allows you to add you and your sibling’s names, letting your dad know that even though you are getting married, he can never get rid of you!

Price: $15.55+

Coffee Bean Grinder

31. Coffee Bean Grinder


Every morning needs to be charged with a strong cup of coffee, and that is much truer on your wedding day. Give your dad the power to get that extra jolt of energy the morning of your big day with this coffee grinder.

Price: $15.96

Wood Sunglasses

32. Wood Sunglasses


If your dad is more than just a regular dad, he’s a cool dad, then give him an accessory to show off that persona. These wooden sunglasses would look great paired with a suit at a daytime wedding celebration.

Price: $44.99

Handmade Cord Organizer

33. Handmade Cord Organizer


For the father of the bride, you don’t always have to get a wedding gift that’s too on the nose. This handmade cord organizer is the best gift for a dad with tons of gadgets and gizmos who likes to stay organized.

Price: $49.00

Thinking of the perfect father of the bride gifts doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Our list of gifts has a little something for everyone. You can find gifts for the outdoorsy dad and for the tech-savvy dad! We hope this list helped you find something that would bring a smile to your dad’s face on your big day!