25 Dazzling Fall Wedding Invitations That Will Take Your Breath Away

Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall wedding invitations are quite popular. Why? Because autumn is many couples’ season of choice for getting married. After all, who wouldn’t dream of pronouncing their vows surrounded by falling leaves and cozy orange hues?

When planning a fall wedding, you want the seasonal theme to infuse every detail — including your wedding stationery. However, finding the perfect burgundy, russet, and golden design among all the available options online can be exhausting. So, to make your life easier, we’ve gathered the most beautiful fall wedding invitation ideas from across the web, ranging from rustic and classic to boho and vintage-inspired. Read on!

Best Autumn Wedding Invitations

1. Rustic Autumn Leaves Wedding Invitation


Elevate your autumn wedding invitations with this traditional fall-themed template. Its warm color palette evokes the right vibes for your special day. In addition, you can make the template your own with its customizable details.

2. Modern in Orange Wedding Invite

autumn wedding invitation: Modern In Orange Wedding Invite


Florals are always a safe bet when it comes to wedding invites. Don’t be scared to incorporate this romantic element into your fall invitations! This template is perfect to set the tone for your celebration.

3. Elegant Light Wedding Invitation

Elegant Light Wedding Invitation


Brighten up your fall wedding invites with this original template. It features shimmery string lights, perfect for building anticipation for a cozy outdoor extravaganza. Your loved ones will certainly enjoy the modern and sleek design!

4. Boho Floral Wedding Invitation

Boho Floral Wedding Invitation


If you’re into more conventional fall wedding invitation templates, say yes to this floral option. Its classic wedding palette and exquisite foliage-inspired details are right on brand with a boho garden theme. You’ll love it!

5. Mountain Fall Wedding Invites

Mountain Fall Wedding Invites


This mountain-themed wedding stationery set is ideal for nature lovers getting ready for the ultimate big adventure — their marriage. The delicate watercolor landscape design is a piece of art your guests will love to receive.

6. Contemporary Brushstroke Wedding Invitations

Contemporary Brushstroke Wedding Invitations


Cheap fall wedding invitations don’t need to look tacky, and this gorgeous template is proof. Its magnificent color palette and sophisticated details bring attention to your excellent taste. Get ready to receive tons of compliments!

7. Navy and Orange Pampas Grass Wedding Invitation

Navy and Orange Pampas Grass Wedding Invitation


Stay on the seasonal theme with this lovely vintage-inspired invite and RSVP layout. The floral elements will perfectly frame your romantic fall wedding invitation wording and bring attention to the important details. So, this design will surely impress!

8. Sunflower Wedding Invitation Template

Sunflower Wedding Invitation Template


Hosting a vintage sunflower-themed wedding? This stationery kit will match your vision perfectly. Moreover, it’s the element you need to tie your event together and wow your friends and family. Personalize the template for better results!

9. “Fall In Love” Pumpkin Fall Wedding Invitation

Fall In Love Pumpkin Fall Wedding Invitation


Pumpkin wedding invitations are a classic pick for nuptials taking place in the harvest season. This old-timey design will certainly spread the autumnal spirit around. If you need rustic fall wedding invitations, search no more!

10. Leaf Print Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations

Leaf Print Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations


When crafting elegant fall wedding invitations, simplicity speaks volumes. This single-leaf template lets you embrace the essence of the season without overcrowding the design. Experience the perfect balance of refined aesthetics and enchanting autumn vibes!

11. Laser-Cut Leaves Invitation Template

Laser-cut Leaves Invitation Template


If you’re having a DIY moment, this template is here to make your life much easier. With two stunning models available for instant download, you and your trusty Cricut can dive right into the action.

12. Watercolor Wedding Invitation Set

Watercolor Wedding Invitation Set


Fall-in-love wedding invitations come alive with a captivating watercolor design. Our adorable template will leave your friends and family in awe as they receive your nuptial announcement, ensuring a memorable start to your journey together.

13. Minimalist Boho Wedding Invitation

Fall wedding invitation: Minimalist Boho Wedding Invitation


Simplify your fall wedding invitations without sacrificing the autumnal vibe. This fall wedding invitation template proves that you don’t need a busy design. Instead, a carefully chosen color palette will do the trick. Who knew?!

14. Dried Floral Wreath Wedding Invite

Dried Floral Wreath Wedding Invite


Even the most unique fall wedding invitations can incorporate traditional symbols and elements. This layout with autumn flowers is ideal for those seeking originality but don’t want to step too far from a conventional style.

15. Boho Fall Flowers Wedding Invitation

Boho Fall Flowers Wedding Invitation


Seeking fall wedding invites with a boho touch? Say no more! Bring your fall wedding invitations to the next level with this trendy template. Customize the color, shape, and paper type for a unique design.

16. Rustic Lace Fall Wedding Invitation



Start the countdown to your celebration with a unique take on rustic design. This lace-inspired template is an excellent choice if you’re into rustic fall wedding invitations. It will reflect your wedding theme to perfection!

17. Forest-Themed Wedding Invitation

Forest-Themed Wedding Invitation


Enchant your wedding guests with a gorgeous watercolor pine forest straight out of a fairy tale. These simple fall wedding invitations are ideal for a nature-loving couple that seeks minimalist design and a greenery theme.

18. Elegant Oak Tree Wedding Invite

Elegant Oak Tree Wedding Invite


But of course, you’re a helpless romantic if you’re having a fall wedding! Why not scream from the mountaintops with these sweet fall wedding invites? If the design doesn’t make the message clear, nothing will!

19. Modern Boho Fall Wedding Invitation Template

Modern Boho Fall Wedding Invitation Template


Living a terracotta autumn wedding dream? Share it with your guests through this enchanting invite layout. If you feel fall leaves wedding invitations are as exciting as watching paint dry, try this minimal design instead.

20. Gramercy Corner Wedding Invitation

Gramercy Corner Wedding Invitation


The rustic charm of wildflowers will give a sense of natural beauty to your fall wedding invitations. This simple but still outstanding design will add a whimsical and romantic flair to your special day.

21. Emerald Greenery The Wedding Of Invitation

Emerald Greenery The Wedding Of Invitation


Getting married will fill up your heart but empty your wallet. These simple, inexpensive fall wedding invitations are a must-try if you want to save a few bucks. Perfect if you love botanical wedding stationery.

22. Watercolor Fallen Leaves Invitation Set

fall wedding invitation: Watercolor Fallen Leaves Invitation Set


Themed fall wedding invitations with RSVP cards included can certainly save you time and money. This gorgeous autumn foliage design offers an affordable way to get your friends and family involved in your special celebration.

23. Floral Wedding Invitation

Floral wedding invitation


Take a minimalist approach to fall flowers wedding invitations. This practical template is an excellent example of the “less is more” philosophy. The template looks classy and lets your important wedding details take center stage.

24. “Fall in Love” Rustic Mason Jar Lights Wedding Invitation

Fall in Love Rustic Mason Jar Lights Wedding Invitation


You can’t host a hipstery fall-themed wedding without mason jars and fairy lights. We don’t make the rules. Set the tone for your marriage celebration with these beautiful fall mason jar wedding invitations. You’re welcome!

25. Boho Terracotta Wedding Invite

Boho Terracotta Wedding Invite


Let your boho spirit take over with these enchanting pampas grass fall wedding invitations. Embrace the free-spirited vibes and capture the ethereal beauty of the season, setting the stage for a truly memorable nuptial celebration.

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