22 Unique Engagement Party Ideas Everyone loves


You’ve just got engaged to the love of your life. Congratulations! You may be thinking about the next steps, such as engagement party ideas to celebrate your upcoming wedding and honor the relationship milestone.

However, there are so many different routes you can take. It can be challenging to choose the perfect party that works for you both as a couple. That’s where we come in to help.

For a range of unique engagement party ideas, we’ve put together this handy guide. We’ll also cover engagement etiquette.

Backyard Engagement Party Ideas

unique engagement party ideas

22. All-American Picnic

Sometimes, a classic backyard picnic is the best way to celebrate an engagement. Make it an all-American affair by decorating the trees with colorful streamers, place flags for your table centerpieces, and set your sauces and condiments in cute picnic baskets. 

Don’t forget the traditional American picnic food. Think potato salad, chips, and plenty of beer, of course.

unique party idea:BBQ

21. I Do BBQ

If you’re looking for couples party theme ideas for your engagement, then you can’t go wrong with an I Do BBQ. Perfect during the warmer summer months, a barbeque is both laid-back and fun.

Grab all your favorite go-to barbeque dishes, like smoked meats, burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and coleslaw. For the veggies out there, nowadays, it’s easy to find meat-free hot dogs and hamburgers in most grocery stores.

Backyard Boho

20. Backyard Boho

Are you looking for cute engagement party ideas? Then why not go for a dreamy boho backyard engagement party?

Decorate the backyard with pretty dream catchers and ask everyone to don their best boho wear. If you’re feeling crafty, you could consider making flower crowns for people to wear. But beware, these could take a long time to make, especially if you have a big guest list.

outdoor event ideas:Backyard Bonfire

19. Backyard Bonfire

Another outdoor engagement party idea is a backyard bonfire. Pitch a few tents up and host a camping-themed party for a unique and exciting engagement experience.

Build a bonfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows on them for guests. Or, if they like, they can cook their own. You’ll find that guests love the novelty of the experience. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to share stories and memories around a roaring fire.

cheap engagement party favors::Night Under the Stars

18. Night Under the Stars

Another of our favorite wedding celebration party ideas is a night sleeping under the stars. Like a camping engagement party, you can grab some cozy blankets, telescopes, and your best friends for a night snoozing under the stars.

Give the party an extra special atmosphere by hanging twinkling fairy lights around your backyard. You could also make your guests feel extra cozy and welcome by serving them warm drinks like mulled wine or tea to keep them feeling toasty throughout the evening.

cute engagement party ideas:Throw a Luau

17. Throw a Luau

If you’re stuck at home, but dreaming of a tropical getaway, then throwing a luau is a great idea. For fun engagement party ideas, hosting a Hawaiian-style engagement in a backyard is sure to thrill your guests. 

Serve fruity Pina Coladas and Mai Tais. For extra fun, why not host a luau dance competition and reward the guest with the best moves?

cheap engagement party favors:Movie Night

16. Movie Night

Are you looking for cheap and affordable ideas for engagement parties? Then consider renting a projector and transforming your backyard into an outdoor movie night theatre.

Screen your favorite rom-com movie, and hand out plenty of classic cinema snacks such as popcorn, chocolate bars, sweets, and hot dogs. If you’re a creative couple, you can even put together a film of some of your favorite couples’ video clips and photos

couple themed party ideas:Shakespeare-in-Love

15. Shakespeare in Love

If you’re a romantic on a budget, why not throw a Shakespeare-themed engagement party? Decorate your backyard with beautiful flowers, light pretty candles, and play English Renaissance music in the background.

For the extra touches, handwrite each of your guest’s invitations in calligraphy and include your favorite Shakespeare quotes.

Outdoor Engagement Party Ideas

casual party ideas:Glamping

14. Glamping

Another affordable and cheap engagement party idea is a glamping theme. More stylish than classic camping, glamping is a fun yet sophisticated way to celebrate outdoors.

Invest in buying or renting stylish tents or tepees and give guests an exciting yet comfortable outdoor experience. Say goodbye to nasty mosquitos and hello to cozy sheets and bedding.

outdoor engagement:Life’s A Beach

13. Life’s A Beach

Everyone loves going to the beach, right? Then why not celebrate your engagement with a creative party at the beach?

Head to your favorite beach early, find a spot, and set up with plenty of towels. You could even rent a place at a beach club if you prefer deckchairs and a more luxurious affair.

engagement party funny:Music Festival Hangout

12. Music Festival Hangout

One of our favorite outdoor event ideas is a music festival hangout. If you’re too busy planning your wedding to head to any music festivals this year, why not design your own?

Set up in your local park, outdoor space, or garden. If you have any friends that are musicians, you could ask them if they’ll play at your event as a wedding present.

Seasonal Engagement Party Ideas

Summer Engagement Party Ideas

outdoor engagement party:Wet Hot American Summer

11. Wet Hot American Summer

For engagement party ideas during the summer, make the most of the humid weather and host a throwback summer camp-style shindig.

Find a fabulous outdoor spot and create personalized camp signs relating to your engagement. Contact your favorite restaurant and see if they’ll cater to the event or even bring in a novelty food truck.

Pool Party

10. Pool Party

When it’s boiling, often a fun pool party is the best way to cool down. Why not have an engagement pool party?

Blow up plenty of comical inflatables, pop on a summer playlist, and serve yummy tropical-inspired cocktails like mojitos, tequila sunrise, and sex on the beach.

To keep your guests safe and comfortable, leave a basket full of sunscreen, paper fans, and refreshing face spray.

Fall Party Engagement Ideas

cocktail party setup ideas:Vineyard Hopping

9. Vineyard Hopping

If you and your fiancé enjoy wine tasting, fall is the wonderful time to plan a vineyard-hopping engagement party. August and October are peak months for the harvesting of vineyards, so the grapes will be fresh. 

Plus, the vines will be picture-perfect, ready for group photos to mark the occasion. Organize a bus to take you and your guests on a local wine region trail and hop off to sample the best.

‘Fall’ in Love

8. ‘Fall’ in Love

For a rustic engagement party, choose a fall-themed event. For example, you could plan seasonal activities with your guests, such as visiting a pumpkin patch, bobbing for apples, and taking tractor rides. 

Think about how adorable and romantic the photos will be. After all, the warm reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall landscapes are beautiful.

Winter Engagement Party Ideas

ideas for engagement parties at home:Chic Chalet

7. Chic Chalet

Are you celebrating your engagement party in the winter? Then why not make it a super cozy affair with a chic chalet?

Choose an indoor space with wood-paneled walls and celebrate your love of the slopes and each other with an apres-ski style party.

Engagement Party Ideas at Home

couples party theme ideas:Dinner for Two

6. Dinner for Two

Are you looking for couple themed party ideas that are low-key? Why not celebrate your engagement at home with a quiet dinner party for just the two of you?

You could order in your favorite takeaway, or you could cook together to create the ultimate feast.

house engagement party ideas:Homecoming

5. Homecoming

Are you looking for ideas for engagement parties at home? If you’re on a budget, a homecoming party is a great idea.

Relaxed and stress-free, all you need to do is invite your friends and family to your home for an engagement party. If you don’t want to put much work in, you could always hire a caterer to manage the food and bartenders to serve drinks, depending on your budget.

Slice, Slice Baby

4. Slice, Slice Baby

Another affordable and cheap engagement party idea is a pizza party. After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

Keep it casual and chilled from the comfort of your couch with your friends and a good selection of pizzas.

Why not see if your local Italian can shape the pizza into hearts to mark the occasion? 

Fun Engagement Party Ideas

Murder Mystery

3. Murder Mystery

Are you looking for fun engagement party ideas? Then a thrilling murder mystery party is a great event to host.

There are plenty of companies that specialize in these events and will come to your home to host. The aim of the game is to catch the murderer in a group, and the event can be both hilarious and exciting.

Casino Night

2. Casino Night

Another of our fun engagement party ideas is a casino night. Host a casino night at home and invite your guests to play.

Rent out blackjack and craps tables and hand out pretend money to players. The winner receives a prize of your picking, making the game extra fun.

Roaring 20s Speakeasy

1. Roaring 20s Speakeasy

Are you looking for cocktail party setup ideas? Give Gatsby a run for his money with a roaring 20s speakeasy party.

Ask guests to come wearing their best 20s fashion, including flapper dresses and smart suits. Serve delicious cocktails in a speakeasy-style. Don’t forget to put together a fantastic jazz playlist.

From this list of unique engagement party ideas, you’re sure to find an event that’s perfect for celebrating your upcoming nuptials. Whether you’re hoping to plan an affordable backyard party, or you’d like or organize an outdoor shindig further from home, there are plenty of options on the list.

However you decide to celebrate your engagement, we’re sure you and your guests will have a fabulous experience. Congratulations again, and we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your engagement and wedding.

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