20 Engagement Party Games Guests Are Sure to Love (2023)


Celebrate the future of the bride and groom by hosting an engagement party. These 20 engagement party games make a great icebreaker and are a fun way to get guests interested in the activities. Of course, don’t forget about engagement party etiquette, and be sure to include all guests in the festivities! From silly photo props to tying cherry stems knots, you are sure to find something enjoyable for everyone. 

1. Ring Hunt


Ring hunt is a great game that your guests can play throughout the evening. Before the party begins, have the host hide decorative plastic or metal rings around the party venue. As guests arrive let them know that there are rings hidden throughout the location and they should keep an eye out for them. The person to find the most rings by the end of the event wins a prize. 

2. Photo Station


While a photo station isn’t commonly thought of as an engagement party game, it’s easy to turn it into one. Provide guests with a photo station that includes background and pose-worthy props. Other guests can vote on which photo is their favorite, the funniest, or the cutest couple. Of course, whoever wins should receive a fun door prize for their efforts, such as a frame to house their winning photo. 

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3. Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Have your guests help the couple take a walk down memory lane and share some laughs with this engagement party game idea. Give guests a card to fill out with a funny memory they have of the couple. Then, have the couple read the cards aloud and the guests can guess who wrote the card. They can write it down on a sheet of paper or have someone keep score. 

4. The Shoe Game

The Shoe Game

For this game, the couple will sit in front of the entire party with their backs to one another and each will exchange one shoe. Prior to the party, the host will put together a list of engagement party games questions, such as “who’s the better cook?” This couple shower game is meant to see who knows who best. See which shoe is raised first when the questions are asked. 

5. X’s & O’s Tic-Tac-Toe


Tic-tac-toe is one of the greatest engagement party games to play in a backyard. Make a board game on the ground by laying down pieces of rope to create a grid. Then create a spot for players to stand and throw the X’s and O’s (or hugs and kisses)! You could also play this game with cutout silhouettes of the couple or letters of their names instead of the X’s and O’s.

6. Jenga


This game is played a little differently. You can either do this with a standard size Jenga game or giant Jenga. Each guest can decorate a Jenga block for the happy couple. They can sign their name, leave a special note, or even paint the pieces. This way, when the couple plays the game, they will be reminded of their beautiful engagement party and all the loved ones that attended. 

7. Tie The Knot


See who is the best kisser by playing this fun and risque game with your guests. Create a contest of who can tie the most knots in a cherry stem with their tongue. Simply give each guest that would like to participate a bowl of cherries and see how many they can tie in two minutes. You can up the fun of this game by soaking the cherries in vodka. 

8. Find the Guest

Find the Guest

Find the guest is a fun, icebreaker game that takes advanced planning. Before the party, ask guests to submit some lesser known facts about themselves to the host. This guest game is then passed out at the beginning of the party and guests need to interact with one another to figure out the facts. However, they can’t directly ask the question to other guests, they must deduce who is who.  

9. Signature Cocktail Challenge

cocktail hour games:Signature Cocktail Challenge

Up the stakes of this cocktail hour game by letting the winner know their creation will be featured on the wedding drink menu. Break guests up into teams and give them a table full of all the best cocktail fixings. Encourage them to create a signature beverage that represents the happy couple with some type of theme. After they are complete, the couple taste-tests all the creations for the winner! 

10. Engagement-Themed Charades

Engagement-Themed Charades

Host this fun and interactive game for your guests who love to play charades or act. Engagement-themed charades is a great engagement party game for large groups to easily get everyone involved and excited. There is one catch, however, each of the charades performed has to be a book or a movie related to an engagement or wedding. This could be something like “Mama Mia 2” or “Crazy Rich Asians.”

11. Bridal Bingo


Whether you are creating your own bridal bingo or finding a printable online, this classic is a fun and easy game that any guest can play. Each of the squares on the card should have an engagement or wedding theme to them. Here are some things to include if you are making your own printable bingo cards: Ring, Cake, Dress, Honeymoon, or Flowers. You can use either words or image

12. Casino Games

Casino Games

If the couple is fans of Vegas and all things gambling, then pull out all the stops and host a casino-themed engagement party. They can rent authentic casio style tables to play games like craps, roulette, and blackjack. Or they can keep it simple and host a poker game. Make it like a real casino by asking guests to dress their best and have the caters dress in casino attire. 

13. How Many Kisses in the Jar?

games for newly married couple:How Many Kisses in the Jar?

This simple and classic engagement party game only requires three things, a large jar or vase, lots of Hershey’s Kisses, and some printable cards for guests to write down guesses. You can either purchase the guessing cards or custom make your own. Each guest should take a guess as to how many kisses are in the jar or vase. The best part, the winner gets to keep all the chocolate! 

14. Race Down the Aisle

Race Down the Aisle

This game can get a little crazy, so it is best to play it outdoors and in the grass if at all possible. For those that want to play, break groups up into random partners. Use something to tie their legs together, such as a wedding garter or scarf to create a three-legged race. Guests then have to race each other down the aisle to the end (without hurting themselves). 

15. Lucky in Love Horseshoe Toss

Lucky in Love Horseshoe Toss

This backyard game is great for a rustic or Western themed engagement party. Give guests a preview of this game to play at the engagement party by invitations with interlocking horseshoes. Have guests play a game of horseshoes where the bride and groom will then display in their home after the party. The horseshoe, which is an ancient symbol for luck, when hung upright, will catch luck for the couple. 

16. Wedding Practice

Wedding Practice

These engagement party games are meant to mimic the upcoming wedding events and traditions. Similar to the popular minute to win it games, guests get to race against each other in relay style. Get creative with relay race ideas, it could be something like a cake cutting contest, who can toss the garter or bouquet furthest, or see who can put on a wedding dress the fastest (not the bride’s!)

17. Marry-oke Singing Showdown

Marry-oke Singing Showdown

For this engagement party entertainment idea, the couple should compile a list of songs that are meaningful to them. Guests can be divided up into groups either by table or predetermined by the couple and perform these karaoke songs to the best of their abilities. The other attendees then have to vote on who the best group was as well as guess why that song was meaningful to the couple. 

18. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie

While two truths and a lie makes a great drinking game, it also makes a fun icebreaker for an engagement party. For this interactive game, guests each take turns sharing three statements about themselves, one of them a lie and the other truths. Guests then vote with a show of hands which one they think is a lie. This is a great way to get guests chatting with one another. 

19. Put a Ring On It

Put a Ring On It

Bring the classic carnival game of the ring toss to the engagement party with the Put a ring on it ring toss game. Place glass soda bottles into a wooden crate and have guests toss plastic rings onto the bottlenecks in classic carnival fashion. Once the game is complete, ask the guests to slip a meaningful message or word of marital advice into the bottles to read at future anniversaries.

20. Mad Libs

games for newly married couple:mad-libs

Of course, no wedding related party would be complete without a game of Mad Libs. Have guests mad libs together the couple’s love story in a funny and unique way. Encourage guests to fill in blanks with elaborate details and use ridiculous nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. You can find a mad libs printable online or create your own using things relevant to the couple. For example: “The couple met___”

Make sure your guests stay entertained at your celebration with these engagement party games. From three-legged races to classic ring toss, there is a game that every guest can participate in. Be sure to make every game unique and something that will also get the guests interacting with one another. 

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