19+ Engagement Party Decoration Ideas to Make Your Party Memorable

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The love of your life has just proposed to you. You’re getting married! Now, you want to celebrate your engagement with your loved ones. However, you seem confused by all the engagement party decorations.

You need some engagement party decoration ideas and quick! Your engagement party will be incomplete without decorations. Unfortunately, you’re all out of ideas. Ask yourself:  what type of engagement accessories are you looking for? 

You want something simple, creative, and cheap. For instance, you can add a creatively designed soon-to-be-married couple banner. If you’re hiring an engagement party planner, they can help you plan your engagement party. Even with a planner by your side, you still need to have a few original ideas of your own. Use the following ideas for inspiration. 

engagement party decorations - welcome sign

20. Welcome Sign


A welcome sign customized with the future bride and groom’s name will look exquisite hanging on the door. If you’re throwing your engagement party in a barn, the sign’s rustic look will complement the venue. The sign will not go to waste, as later, you can use it as bedroom decor, placing it on the door.

Price: $61.00

modern place cards

19. Modern Place Card


Have you booked a venue with tables, chairs, servers, and a three-course meal? If you have, add a modern place card with your guests’ name to your engagement party supplies list. Add a personal touch to the meal’s presentation by writing your guests’ names yourself in your handwriting. You can come up with more ideas on how to use them at your engagement party.

Price: $5.39


18. Letter Balloons


Letter balloons are popular engagement decor. Gold, silver, and rose gold engagement party balloons in the shape of letters can be joined together to create any word you want. You can use them to create the phrase “engagement party” or create “his” and “her” name. You can be inventive with the letter balloons and even add punctuation at the end of the word.

Price: $2.20+ 

engagement decoration banner

17. Banner


Add some sparkle to your engagement party with a glittery banner. The sparkle and shine banners are available in various colors— black, gold, silver, and white. You can hang the banner on top of the table or at the entrance. Your guests will see your sparkly engagement party decorations from a distance. Keep them under the sun if outdoors and under lights if indoors.

Price: $9.59+

engagement party decorations - napkin

16. Personalized Napkin


Do you what we loved about personalized napkins? It’s that they are simple and elegant engagement party decorations and a great way to tell people that you’re engaged. You can personalize the napkins with your name. Since these engagement party decorations are available in an assortment of colors, choose one based on your color scheme for the engagement party.

Price: $39.15+


15. Party Confetti


Party confetti made up of biodegradable flowers is a fantastic and environmentally-friendly way to celebrate your engagement. You can personalized packets and choose from a large variety of flowers such as mix petals, jasmine, pink rose, calendula, and burgundy, or a combination of two petals. The party confetti will fill the venue with its aromatic smell. 

Price: $0.93+

photo booth props

14. Photo Booth Props


Photo booth props have become one of the most popular engagement party decorations at events. You see them at graduation parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and, of course, engagement parties. You can personalize the props with any saying you want. Using a photo booth as the decor is a smart way of enticing your guests to come and take a picture.

Price: $9.50

Diamond Dessert Toppers

13. Diamond Dessert Toppers


Did she say “Yes” to you? If she did, announce it to the world by using diamond dessert toppers. If you are looking for decorations for your engagement party, don’t forget about the cake. Available in a wide range of colors, you can use it as a cake topper. You can even customize the topper with another phrase. 

Price: $7.95+ 

bottle opener - engagement party decorations

12. Bottle Opener


Here’s a fantastic idea for engagement party decorations! You can leave out a cooler with bottles outside your door and hang a bottle opener attached to a customized wooden sign on your door. When people come in, they can take a bottle from the cooler, pop them open using the opener, and enter being ready to say cheers and congratulate you both.

Price: $26.99


11. Popcorn Bags


You can host a movie night with your close friends and family to celebrate your new beginning as a newly engaged couple. Make the night extra special by handing out popcorns in personalized popcorn bags. If you’re hosting a movie-themed engagement party, you can use the popcorn bags as party favors. The popcorn bags will add a nice touch to your intimate gathering.

Price: $2.75+

toasting flutes

10. Champagne Flutes


It isn’t an engagement party if the future bride and groom don’t make a toast to welcome the start of a new journey. You and your partner can clink champagne flutes personalized with your name at your engagement party. Make a short speech, as the big speech is for the day you both tie the knot.

Price: $17.99+


9. Rose Gold Straws


If you’re going for a rose gold theme for your engagement party, you’ll love the rose gold straws. Your engagement party supply of rose gold straws needs extra straws than the guests, as you don’t want to run out of them. Your loved ones will love the meticulous effort you put into collecting rose gold engagement party decorations.

Price: $2.70

engagement party supplies - candles

8. Birch Tree Candle Set


On the table by the entrance, add a birch tree candle set. You can personalize the candles with your initials and the date you two became engaged. Since they are made from a real birch tree, each candle is unique with different textures and colors. You can use the candles as decor for your house as well.

Price: $35.00

engagement party decorations - label stickers

7. Mr. & Mrs. Wine Bottle Label Stickers


At your engagement party, pop open a wine bottle, but not just any wine bottle. You need to uncork a wine bottle with Mr. and Mrs. Wine bottle label stickers. You can add any text you want on the label. If you want to give away wine bottles as party favors, just add yours and the recipient’s name on it.

Price: $4.55

engagement party supply - Faux Succulents

6. Faux Succulents


The faux succulents work as both engagement party decorations and home decorations. You can select from a three, five, and six plant set. You don’t have to water them or put by the sun. You can place them anywhere in the venue. Although the plants are artificial, they appear realistic. You can arrange them in any manner. 

Price: $18.99+

heart shaped plates

5. Set of 2 Heart-Shaped Plates


No, this set of 2 heart-shaped plates is not for dining purposes but to be displayed. These plates are unique engagement party decorations that you can use to show or offer coins, confetti, dry food, and just about anything in them. You can place them where you and your partner will sit or on the table by the entrance. You can use them as a centerpiece and place them on all the tables at the venue.

Price: $14.00

engagement party decoration ideas - balloon and champagne

4. Engagement Ring, Champagne Bottle Balloon


The engagement ring and champagne bottle balloon is a cute engagement party accessory. You can use them for announcement pictures, announcing your engagement to your friends and family. You can even use them as props at your engagement party. The bride-to-be can hold the engagement ring balloon, and the groom-to-be can hold the champagne bottle balloon. The pictures will come out wonderful, and it’ll be a memorable day for all involved. 

Price: $4.45+

Custom Wedding Neon Sign LED

3. Custom Wedding Neon Sign LED


Custom wedding neon sign LED lights up to direct your guests to your engagement party. The personalized sign is a popular choice for engagement parties thrown at night. If you’re looking for engagement party decorations that glow under the moon and the stars, choose LED decor. The LED sign is available in various colors. You can even add neon-colored decorations to your party. 

Price: $280.00+ 

engagement party supply - ring

2. Diamond Ring Piñata


Break open the piñata to let the sweets rain down on the ground. You can add the candy of your choice to it and then hit it. The soon-to-be-married couple can take turns breaking open the piñata. It’ll a fun day filled with romance, laughter, smiles, and sweet moments. A piñata is also a great way to propose to your future bride. She can hit it to open it, and hidden in one of the candy wrappers will be the engagement ring. 

Price: $34.99

engagement party decorations - you and me decor wood

1. You and Me Sign Wood


The “You and Me” sign wood is made using stunning and beautiful pinewood with a walnut-stained frame. This engagement party decoration will even last after your engagement party. You can hang the frame in your home. You can even surprise your partner with this sign. You can present them with this sign at the engagement party. 

Price: $44.95

You need to make your engagement party stand out with these fabulous engagement party decorations. These engagement accessories will leave your family and friends amazed. Most importantly, you’ll remember your engagement party for years to come. 

You don’t have to go expensive to throw a fabulous engagement party either, especially when you can buy affordable and creative engagement accessories. Some decorations you can even use in your home, so your money won’t go to waste. 

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