49 Best Engagement Party Gifts to Celebrate Couples in 2020

A couple’s engagement is their start to a new journey in life! It is time for them to start prepping for a life together ahead, while tackling all the stresses brought on by wedding planning, and even engagement party planning! Help the newly engaged couple in your life feel a jolt of celebratory happiness with engagement gifts that they will love! 

If you are looking for the perfect engagement party gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have looked high and low and put together a list of wedding gifts for couples that are ideal, no matter what they like! The couple will be surprised at how unique, creative, thoughtful and cute these presents are, while you might be surprised at how cheap some of the options we found are! 

With no further ado, here is our list of engagement gifts that the couple will absolutely adore:

Engagement Gifts for Couples

Has your favorite couple decided to tie the knot? Well that means it’s time for you to find the best engagement gift for them to say congratulations! We have scoured the internet and found you the best possible gifts to give to the bride and groom to be! Here they are:

engagement party gifts:Engagement Map Print Gift

1. Engagement Map Print Gift


If you are looking for the perfect personalized engagement gift for your best friends, then this customized map print is it! It may be cheap, but it holds sentimental value that is priceless. Customize the print by adding the map of where your friends met, their names, and the date of their engagement.

Price: $15.98

engagement gift:Engraved Cutting Board

2. Engraved Cutting Board


Know some Harry Potter fans that are getting engaged? This custom engraved cutting board works just as well as a Cheering Charm to help your friends celebrate the momentous day. Personalize the board by adding the engaged couple’s names and their special day.

Price: $29.99+

best engagement gifts:Custom Cheese Board

3. Custom Cheese Board


This monogrammed custom cheese board is far from the common cheese board that most people would give as an engagement party gift! Instead, not only is this board customizable, but it slides open to reveal an array of stainless-steel tools, perfect for any serving need. 

Price: $34.95+

engagement gifts for her:The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

4. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer


Even the couple who has everything will need a little help to plan the wedding. As far as newly engaged gifts go, this wedding planner binder will help the couple in every way they need to plan their big day; it comes complete with checklists and calendars, answers frequently asked questions and so much more.

Price: $19.94

engagement party gift ideas:Ceramic Serving Set

5.Ceramic Serving Set


A very common and traditional engagement gift for couples living together are dishes. Step the gift up a notch with these beautifully designed, gold rimmed porcelain dishes. These dishes are super modern, and would make a great addition to any young couple’s home.

Price:  $37.50+

engagement presents: Custom Printed Napkins

6. Custom Printed Napkins


If you’re having an engagement party to celebrate the big news, ditch the traditional napkins and upgrade to these personalized printed napkins for the occasion. They are festive and fun, and will add a personal touch to the entire party.

Price: $14.99+

Flower Vase

7. Flower Vase


Are you looking for a traditional gift, but still want it to be spectacular? This crystal vase will not only make a great addition to any home, but it is also extremely heavy and expensive-feeling. The thickened glass of this vase also makes it very strong and durable.

Price: $12.97+

engagement gifts for best friends:Ornament Red

8. Ornament Red


If it’s coming close to Christmas time, get the newly engaged couple in your life the perfect Christmas and engagement gift all rolled into one. This tiny calendar ornament celebrates the day the happy couple got engaged, and can be displayed on the Christmas tree for all to see! 

Price: $12.40+

unique engagement gift ideas:Hidden Message Polaroid Photo Block

9. Hidden Message Polaroid Photo Block


A completely sentimental and unique engagement gift idea is giving the engaged couple this hidden message polaroid photo block. The block can be engraved with the couple’s names and the picture is included in the gift. The hidden message is revealed when the picture is lifted out of the block, making it a lovely way to give your congratulations.

Price: $16.75

newly engaged gifts:Photo Album

10. Photo Album


Giving an engaged couple this practical little scrapbook is a good way for them to build their memories together. This empty scrapbook can be used on the engagement party as a guest book to flip through in the future, or simply a way to collect memories of the couple to celebrate the relationship.

Price: $11.53+

Bloom National Flower Delivery

11. Bloom National Flower Delivery


This amazing flower arrangement company will leave the happy couple thoroughly surprised and overjoyed. The company works with the best local florists. They deliver flowers that are designed and arranged in a vase so they can be enjoyed the second they reach the couple’s doorstep

Price: $75.00

party gift idea:Custom Portrait Engagement Gift

12. Custom Portrait Engagement Gift


These custom portraits would be the ideal gift for a young couple that lives in a modern home. The prints feature a hand illustrated image of the couple, and can be adjusted to look however you please.

Price: $62.83+

engagement party gift:Cake Cutting Set

13. Cake Cutting Set


If you are looking for a practical gift for an engaged couple, there is nothing more useful than something that can be used for the wedding day, and after, and holds sentimental value as well. This set of cake serving tools would be an ideal way to add something blue to the wedding.

Price: $46.00

good engagement gifts:Barnett's Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

14. Barnett's Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket


Barnett’s has created a delightfully delicious box of assorted chocolate covered cookies that anyone would be ecstatic to receive. The assortment of cookies includes 12 different flavors. The flavors range from unique flavors like sweet papaya or coconut blend to crowd favorites like crunchy pretzel or peppermint.

Price: $24.99

Inspiration and Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding

15. Inspiration and Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding


The perfect cheap gift you can give to a newly engaged couple is the gift of ideas for the wedding. Coming up with unique ideas to make their wedding special can be stressful for a couple, so, ‘The Knot, Yours Truly’ is the best way to help them along. The book has tons of fresh ideas for everything from the ceremony to the cake. It also includes 20 crafts projects to help personalize the wedding.

Price: $7.99

engagement gifts for couple:Candle for Couple

16. Candle for Couple


These handmade scented candles are the most thoughtful and wonderful wedding gift ideas for bride and groom. The candles come in a wide range of unique scents so you can pick one that suits the couple best. Pick from nostalgic scents like campfire, to the sweet scent of pina colada, rustic and familiar leather, or unique cactus flower, or many many more.  

Price: $12.00+

engagement party gifts for couples:Funny Wedding Card

17. Funny Wedding Card


Looking for a funny gift for couples? Well, this hilariously crude card may be cheap but it’s sure to crack the couple up! Fill the card up with more comical anecdotes to help the couple relieve some of the wedding stress and celebrate the big news!

Price: $4.79

engagement basket:Wicker Personalised Picnic Basket

18. Wicker Personalised Picnic Basket


What’s more romantic than a picnic for two, where a couple can enjoy delicious food and drinks right in the middle of nature? Give your favorite couple an engagement gift they won’t soon forget with this wicker picnic basket for two. The basket can be personalized with a tag to make it extra special.

Price: $84.33

engagement present:Personalized Champagne Flutes

19. Personalized Champagne Flutes


What is an appropriate gift for an engagement party? Well, celebratory glasses of course! These personalized champagne flutes are the best wat for a couple to toast their union on the day. They would also be the perfect keepsake to remember it!

Price: $39.99+

creative engagement gifts:Personalised Couple Hammer

20. Personalised Couple Hammer


If you are looking for a unique engagement gift for a couple that are building a home, along with a life together, there’s nothing that’s better than this. This personalized hammer can be displayed in the couple’s new house as a way to commemorate the sentiment. 

Price: $32.41+

personalized engagement gifts:Personalised Wine Cooler Any Message

21. Personalised Wine Cooler Any Message


If you are looking for a cool gift for the engagement party of your favorite couple, look no further than this contemporary wine cooler. The cooler has a sleek design that would look cool on any bar. You can customize it by adding 5 lines of a personalized message for the couple.

Price: $45.08

gifts for newly engaged couple:Unique Engagement Heart Flutter Frame

22. Unique Engagement Heart Flutter Frame


What better way to celebrate a couple than through pictures that hold 1000 memories for them? This unique engagement heart flutter frame can hold six 3D fluttering heart images of the couple and two hearts that can be customized with messages. Add the couples’name and their engagement date to make it truly special.

Price: $25.77

gift for engagement party:Couple Gift Box

23. Couple Gift Box


This congratulatory gift for bride and groom is the perfect way for them to celebrate their engagement. The box is full of all sorts of wonderful his & hers gifts they will just adore. The box has a bath bomb, a ring dish, glasses, luggage tags and a scented candle tin. All items in the box are printed with bride and groom text. 

Price: $55.00

Unique Engagement Heart

24. Unique Engagement Heart


If you are looking for a simple and cheap engagement gift for a newly engaged couple, this is the one for you. This custom printed “Congratulations” sign would be the sweetest addition to a couple’s new home together.

Price: $5.15

creative engagement gifts:Custom Coaster Set

25. Custom Coaster Set


These beautifully handcrafted wooden coasters make for a wonderful engagement present for your favorite couple. The wood can be engraved with the initials of the couple, and with the date of their engagement. These wooden coasters can be ordered as a set of 6.

Price: $25.00

Creative Cooking for Two Cookbook

26. Creative Cooking for Two Cookbook


A couple that cooks together, stays together! Give a newly engaged couple this hardcover vintage cookbook so they can start experimenting in the kitchen. This cookbook is packed full of new and exciting recipes to help liven up everyday dinners.

Price: $20.96

Personalised Wooden Wine Box

27. Personalised Wooden Wine Box


If you’re looking to get an awesome engagement congratulations gift, why not have a look at this wooden wine box. The wine pox can be printed with the couple’s names, the date of the engagement and the names of the gift-givers. The wooden box comes with a rope handle and would make a wonderful keepsake for the special day.

Price: $16.74

Engagement Gifts for Her

What do you get a girl on one of the biggest days of her life? Well, you want the gift to be sentimental and precious, and something she will absolutely adore! Here is a list of wonderfully sweet engagement presents for the bride-to-be that she will absolutely fall in love with:

engagement gift for sister:Wedding Frame

1. Wedding Frame


Get the bride to be in your life an engagement present she can cherish for years to come. This rustic looking picture frame is hand-painted to give it a vintage feel. The frame can be customized to add the newly engaged couple’s names and engagement date. Add a photograph of the couple to complete the gift!

Price: $26.95

what should i give to my friend on her wedding:Sugarwish

2. Sugarwish


Sugarwish has devised a way for you to give a last-minute gift that is still sentimental. Just place your order with the company, and they will send an e-card to the recipient immediately. Through the e-card, the bride-to-be can choose her favorite candy options and they will be delivered directly to her!

Price: $19.98+

sister:Newly Engaged Gift For Bride

3. Newly Engaged Gift For Bride


What do you give for an engagement party, you ask? Well, one of the best things to give is an assorted gift box that has a little bit of everything. This particular one is perfect for the bride-to-be. It has a makeup pouch, a scented candle with a matchbox, a mug, notebook and pencils. Each item is adorned with lettering that will make the bride feel extra special.

Price: $71.95

engagement presents for her:Wedding Day Robe for Bride to Be

4. Wedding Day Robe for Bride to Be


A bride needs to feel special on her big day, and all the days leading up to it. For that, this silk robe is just the thing! Not only is this robe made to feel luxurious on the skin, it also features personalized letting on the back to make it even more special.

Price: $29.69+

nice engagement gifts:The Bride-To-Be Book

5. The Bride-To-Be Book


Looking for a good party gift idea for the bride? This Bride-to-be book is made precisely for that. The book is made to preserve all the precious moments leading up to the big day; it has small prompts to help write down memories and tiny envelopes to store keepsakes.

Price: $8.33

engagement gift for sister in law:Ring Dish Engagement

6. Ring Dish Engagement


Now that the newly-engaged girl has a ring, she needs a place to put it! This beautiful marble ring dish is the ideal place to do it. This ring dish can be customized with the engagement date and features the word “engaged” in gorgeous calligraphy. It will make a great addition to a bride-to-be’s vanity. 

Price: $15.55+

Personalized Planner Charm

7. Personalized Planner Charm


Engagement gifts from parents can be tricky! You want the gift to be sentimental and meaningful to your daughter. What’s more meaningful than a sweet little message written in your own handwriting that your daughter can wear as jewelry? Get this handmade handwriting charm with a custom message for the most thoughtful gift.

Price: $21.75

what is a good engagement present:Box Candy Gift

8. Box Candy Gift


Maybe you have found the ideal gift to give the bride to be, but now you need to find the perfect box to give it in! This unusual but cute box will make the gift inside even more special. It is adorned with silk ribbons, faux flowers and rhinestones to make the bride feel like a princess while receiving her gift.

Price: $35.00

Engagement Gift Box

9. Engagement Gift Box


Stop thinking about what to give as an engagement gift and have a look at this wonderful gift box! Whether you want to say congratulations to your best friend or you want to get it for daughter, this gift box is just perfect! It has a personalized high-quality wine tumbler, a congratulations card, a custom champagne label, and a shower steamer all set inside a personalized photo box she can use to store her memories.

Price: $49.99

Bride to Be Bachelorette Wine Glasses

10. Bride to Be Bachelorette Wine Glasses


Now that your bestie is engaged, all the wedding stress is probably getting her down. We all know that the best stress reliever is wine! Get her this super fun Bride to Be wine tumbler as a bridal shower gift so she can wash away her stresses on the go!

Price: $15.92

Wedding Countdown Calendar Wooden Blocks

11. Wedding Countdown Calendar Wooden Blocks


Trying to be creative and unique with your engagement gift for her? This wonderful wooden rustic-finish countdown calendar is just that! The calendar has the blocks to countdown from 547 days before the wedding (1.5 years), so she can start looking forward to her big day!

Price: $17.95

Engagement Gifts for Him

What are you meant to get the groom-to-be as an engagement gift? You want it to be classy and sophisticated, meaningful and still something that will be useful to him! Here’s a list of gifts that fit that description; we guarantee he will love anything you pick on this list!

Engraved Whiskey Glass Decanter

1. Engraved Whiskey Glass Decanter


Want to get the groom-to-be a classy, thoughtful a unique engagement present? This solid glass whiskey decanter is something he will just adore! The decanter can be customized with his initials and the date of the engagement to make it even greater than it already is!

Price: $9.95+

engagement gift for brother:COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth

2. COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth


The days leading up to the wedding can be very stressful for the bride and the groom. Give the groom-to-be a chance to escape with these high-quality sound producing headphones. The headphones are wireless, and have deep bass abilities to help him forget about all his worldly problems! 

Price: $69.99

engagement anniversary gifts for him:Personalized Tie Bar

3. Personalized Tie Bar


Say goodbye to the ordinary tie clip as an engagement present for him. Instead opt for this great copper tie bar instead. These tie bars are handmade and can be personalized; yet, they’re very reasonably priced! The personalization is done through hand-stamping to give it a rustic feel. 

Price: $28.61+

him:Custom Leather Valet Tray

4. Custom Leather Valet Tray


Running out of engagement present ideas for him? These leather valets are just perfect! You can order them in a choice of different colors and they can be custom engraved however you like. Add the groom-to-be’s name and a special date, or simply a meaningful message to make this gift extra special.

Price: $29.00+

appropriate engagement gift:Luggage Tags Personalized

5. Luggage Tags Personalized


Every man needs a good, high-quality, classy, and stylish luggage tag to adorn his bag. These distressed cowhide leather luggage tags would make a great engagement present for him. You can choose from one of the many colors, and get them monogrammed just for him!

Price: $8.25+

engagement gifts ideas:JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

6. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Help the groom get into the celebratory mood with the best engagement gift for men! This JBL speaker is the perfect party accessory, with loud high-quality sound, Bluetooth features and wireless ability, he’ll never leave the house without it.

Price: $109.95

cool engagement gifts:Leather Hip Flask Personalized

7. Leather Hip Flask Personalized


Help the newly engaged guy keep a little liquid courage by his side through tough situations in a sophisticated fashion with this leather-bound hipflask. Each flask is handmade and wrapped in leather. The leather can be monogrammed through hot stamping for a stylish finishing touch.

Price: $19.87

Personalized Men’s Travel Bag

8. Personalized Men’s Travel Bag


The groom-to-be is probably dreaming of the day that he can escape to his honeymoon with his new wife. Give him something he can take along on holiday like this personalized handcrafted weekender bag. The bag comes in either black or brown and can be engraved with the groom’s initials.

Price: $51.53+

Personalized Wallet Men’s

9. Unique Mr and Mrs Mugs


Every man needs a great wallet, so why not get him one as an engagement present. This wallet, however, is much more than just that. It is something meaningful and thoughtful. You can get the wallet printed with the groom-to-be’s name on the outside and a message from you on the inside.

Price: $24.95+

Personalized Leather Passport Cover

10. Personalized Leather Passport Cover


If you want to give a really high-quality, sophisticated gift to the groom that he can actually use, look no further than this passport cover. The leather on the cover is full-grain distressed leather that has been meticulously hand-stitched. The inside of the cover can be engraved with a message to the groom.

Price: $38.39+

There you have it! A list of thoughtful, customizable, creative and unique engagement gifts you can get for the new couple in your life. There are cheap options on here if you’re on a budget, and options here if you want to splurge too! Just go through the list, with your desired couple in mind, and you’re sure to find something that will suit them perfectly! We wish you luck on your journey to finding the perfect engagement gift!