31 Popular Engagement Gifts for Friends in 2023

engagement gifts for friends

When two people you care about make the decision to tie the knot, it is cause for celebration. This is why you want to take time to consider a variety of ideas for engagement gifts for friends. If your best friend is getting engaged, you likely want to discover presents that showcase how much you care about the happiness of your BFF. Look over this list of engagement gifts we have curated for the newly engaged and feel excited about the possibilities before you. A bit of exploration will lead you to the best options for an upcoming engagement party.

1. Street Sign Canvas Print

engagement gift ideas for friends: Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print

Art makes for a perfect idea when you’re seeking just engaged gifts. Newly engaged couples will appreciate presents they can use to decorate the space they share together. A simple fit like a custom canvas print is your best bet.

2. Personalized Engaged Calendar Ornament

engagement gifts for friends: Personalized Engaged Calendar Ornament

During the Christmas season, one meaningful present for engaged couples is a personalized ornament. This gift acts as a special keepsake that honors the couple’s decision to get married. Plus, it can be used each and every year during the holidays.

3. Future Hubby and Wifey Custom Mug

engagement gifts for best friend: Future Hubby and Wifey Custom Mug


Seeking out something cute for the bride-to-be and groom-to-be? One easy present to grab is a set of custom mugs. A simple present like personalized mugs usually speaks volumes about how much the couple’s joy means to you.

4. Luxury Wedding Planner

best engagement gifts for friends: Luxury Wedding Planner


When a couple you love is getting married, it can be wise to find a present that makes the planning process less stressful. This is why a luxury wedding planner with helpful suggestions makes for good engagement gifts for friends.

5. Wedding Date Calendar Custom Pillow

best engagement gifts for friends: Wedding Date Calendar Custom Pillow


Just because a gift is simple does not mean it is not special. A custom calendar pillow featuring the wedding date of your BFF can make for a lovely choice. The personal touch will remind your bestie of your love.

6. Congrats on Your Engagement Custom Wine Bottle

engagement gift for best friend: Congrats on Your Engagement Custom Wine Bottle


Seeking congratulations on your engagement gift for a couple that enjoys a glass of wine now and then? A personalized wine bottle makes for an ideal way to include the couple’s interests and offer something both useful and sentimental.

7. Jewelry Cleaner

engagement present for friend: Jewelry Cleaner


When a groom and his bride-to-be own a lot of beautiful accessories, a jewelry cleaner can be a very thoughtful gift to consider. This practical item will be put to good use right away and can keep engagement rings clean.

8. Love Tree Couples Initials Custom Throw Blanket

engagement presents for best friends: Love Tree Couples Initials Custom Throw Blanket

A special relationship deserves a gift that is as meaningful as it is thoughtful. A customized throw blanket is a perfect idea when friends are getting engaged. This present is decorative and practical, offering a warm way to snuggle up.

9. Engagement Shirts

engagement gifts for best friend: Engagement Shirts


When you’re looking for a cool present to give a special couple in your life,  matching shirts can make for a great choice. Help them tell the world “we’re engaged” with shirts that are both very practical and quite comfortable.

10. Engagement Picture Frame

good engagement gifts for friends: Engagement Picture Frame


Often, a perfect present for an engagement is one that captures the beauty of this milestone moment. Give your BFF a picture frame featuring a lovely photo of the happy couple and watch as their eyes fill with joyful tears.

11. Monogrammed Coasters

engagement gifts for friends: Monogrammed Coasters


Embarking into a new relationship is a big step for many couples. Commemorate this occasion with monogrammed engagement gifts like these customized coasters. This simple present showcases their names and makes for a practical way to keep furniture surfaces clean.

12. “Shit Just Got Real” Funny Engagement Mug

funny engagement gifts for friends: “Shit Just Got Real” Funny Engagement Mug

Do you have a best friend who appreciates a great joke? After an engagement announcement, make your bestie laugh out loud with a present like this silly mug. A perfect choice for a friend who loves a quality punchline.

13. Matching Pajamas Sets

best friend engagement gift: Matching Pajamas Sets


A matching couple gift is usually a solid choice when you need something to help friends celebrate this special moment. Matching pajamas offer a cozy and sweet way for the couple to snuggle during the chilly nights on the horizon.

14. Penguin Couple Gifts Custom Initial Pillow

cute engagement gifts for friends: Penguin Couple Gifts Custom Initial Pillow


Customized items usually make for some truly cute engagement gifts for friends. An initial pillow is a great example of this, offering a beautiful piece of decor that the couple can put on display in the home they share together.

15. Engagement Gift Box

good engagement gifts for friends: Engagement Gift Box


A newly engaged person will typically appreciate any present that captures the heart of this special moment in time. Offer a gift box as a way of telling your friend that the journeys ahead will be full of delightful surprises.

16. Wedding Ring Box

best engagement gifts for friends: Wedding Ring Box


Presents that serve a purpose for the upcoming wedding can be great to consider when you need gift ideas of substance. A gorgeous box that stores their wedding rings is a small and powerful way to make this moment special.

17. Newly-Engaged Wine Tumblers

cute engagement gifts for friends: Newly-Engaged Wine Tumblers


A newly engaged couple will look for a variety of reasons to down a celebratory drink in honor of their upcoming nuptials. Make these drinks more memorable with a present like wine tumblers that are crafted for this exact milestone.

18. Lisse Ridge Filler Nail Polish

engagement gifts for female friend: Lisse Ridge Filler Nail Polish


A female friend who is about to walk down the aisle will love presents that help her feel glamorous. Filler nail polish can make for a gift that can be put to good use immediately for all her beauty needs.

19. Engagement Socks

cheap engagement gifts for friends: Engagement Socks


Need an engagement gift for your best friend that is a bit silly while also being practical? Customized engagement socks can be an ideal way to make a future hubby and wifey feel excited about all they have coming their way.

20. Custom Photo Book

unique engagement gift for friend: Custom Photo Book


There are plenty of reasons to get sentimental with your present. An engagement photo gift like a picture book is the type of customized present that will have your friends feeling weepy and overjoyed about the love story they’ve created.

21. Matching Robes

best engagement gifts for friends: Matching Robes


Presents that match are usually a perfect fit for a bride and groom-to-be. These matching robes will make your ‘soonlywed’ friend feel how much you care about their upcoming marriage and the future that they will soon be embarking upon.

22. Leather Toiletry Bag

engagement gift for male friend: Leather Toiletry Bag


It isn’t always easy to buy a present for a male friend who recently got engaged. Go the practical route with your present by purchasing a toiletry bag that he can use at home or whenever he goes on trips.

23. Wedding Fund Money Box

engagement gift ideas for friends: Wedding Fund Money Box


Planning a wedding can be an expensive process. Make the act of saving money a bit more fun by gifting your friends a wedding fund money box. Whenever they have cash on hand, they will have a perfect storage spot.

24. Bride-to-Be Subscription Box

engagement gifts for bride to be: Bride-to-Be Subscription Box


Want to give your bestie a present that she will be able to put to good use? A bridal subscription box is a unique and fun way to provide a variety of essentials to a bride-to-be during her wedding journey.

25. Engagement Ring Dish

best gifts for friends engagement: Engagement Ring Dish


One classic and simple idea that has been gifted for engagements for generations is a ring dish. Your BFF will appreciate how this useful present provides a lovely place to store their engagement rings and other jewelry items of significance.

26. Engagement Candle with Note

unique engagement gifts for friends: Engagement Candle with Note


You likely have a ton of special engagement wishes for your best friend that you want to share. Make expressing your sentiments easier by giving a present like a candle that includes a thoughtful and personalized note containing your feelings.

27. Custom Song Lyrics Pillow

engagement party gifts for best friends: Custom Song Lyrics Pillow

Every couple has a song or two that they consider their own. If you want a sweet suggestion for your friend’s engagement gift, a customized pillow featuring the lyrics of one of these tunes is a thoughtful way to go.

28. Wedding Countdown Blocks

simple engagement gifts for friends: Wedding Countdown Blocks


Counting down the days until the wedding is something most engaged couples do. A perfect gift for this purpose is a set of wedding countdown blocks that provide a reminder of how much time there is until the special event.

29. Engagement Card

best friend engagement card


Need a cheap present at the last minute? An engagement card is an ideal fit. Say congrats in a simple and heartfelt way with a classic present like a card that contains all of your deepest sentiments and feelings of excitement.

30. Family Name Sign Canvas Print

cool engagement gifts for friends: Family Name Sign Canvas Print

Giving a present during an engagement party means you want your gift to really stand out. Achieve this goal by offering a truly unique item like a customized canvas print sign boasting the new family name of the happy couple.

31. Couple Initials Blanket

cute engagement gifts for friends: couple initials blanket


A couple who recently got engaged will always appreciate a present that is useful. A customized blanket is a lovely choice when you want to help your friends stay nice and warm while also providing a beautiful piece of decor.

Picking out the best engagement gifts for friends can often take some time. Thankfully, with a bit of effort and exploration, you are sure to find an absolutely perfect fit.


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