40+ Unique DIY Wedding Gift Ideas In 2023


Love is often unique and reflects the specific bond a couple shares. If you’ve been invited to a wedding, you might want to consider how you can make your present for this big day as original as possible. Personalized DIY wedding gifts put a fun spin on the traditional approach to gift etiquette. Instead of endlessly scrolling  wedding registry ideas, consider an inexpensive handmade gift that is anything but cheap. These ideas are perfect for friend and family gifts, all you need to do is pick the right do-it-yourself idea for the happy couple on their big day!

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diy wedding gift ideas:DIY Cheese Knives

1. DIY Cheese Knives

Looking for not so common things to buy for a wedding gift for a couple who love to travel? These luggage tags make useful gifts for a bride and groom who are experiencing some wanderlust. For a couple with an adventurous spirit, luggage tags make for a perfect gift that will not cost a small fortune.  

homemade wedding gift ideas:Watercolor pillows

2. Watercolor Pillows

Will the happy couple be moving into a new place of their own after tying the knot? If so, a housewarming gift is the right way to go with your DIY project. 

Watercolor pillow are an easy idea to attempt that can produce some bold and appealing results. Make throw pillows in no time by following these step by step instructions. It is so easy, you may even feel tempted to make a few for your own home.

3. Custom Song Lyrics Pillow


Pillows are perfect as wedding gifts because they can be used in any room of a person’s home. From the bedroom to the living room to the den, playful pillows are homemade wedding presents that take little time to make and offer a touch of handmade love and affection to newlyweds. 

Make the pillows as special as the friendship you share with the couple and your gift will have a lasting sentimental impact.

diy bride gifts:My Handcrafted Home

4. Colorful Yarn Wreath

Hanging a wreath on a door has a way of making a home feel more inviting. This is why so many people tend to hang wreaths around the holidays.

 However, you don’t need to wait for Christmas to take advantage of this decor. A colorful yarn wreath is a great handmade wedding gift for a couple in your life. With a few simple materials you can produce a bright and bold piece of decor that makes an ideal present.

Festive Ice Bucket​

5. Festive Ice Bucket

When you are really strapped for time and cash, here is one of the best last minute wedding gifts that can be a lifesaver. This ice bucket with a festive design is a gift that might not be at the top of your list but is a wonderful way to celebrate the nuptial event.

Sometimes, the items you barely think about can be the most practical. Therefore, this bucket of ice is necessary when hosting and many people forget to purchase such an essential item themselves.

Customized Home Doormat

6. Customized Home Doormat

A new couple may forget some essentials when buying items for a new home. If you want to help them settle into married life without stress, consider making a customized home doormat as DIY wedding gifts. 

A hand-painted mat provides a lovely way for the couple to welcome guests to their home. Whether you write a sweet or silly message, you can bet that this mat will see many years of good use near the threshold.


7. DIY Geometric Coasters

Coasters are one of the more practical items people invest in as they get older. Using a coaster is the best way to prevent condensation from a drink from ruining the sensitive materials of a tabletop. 

Help the bride and groom protect their furniture with a DIY wedding gift idea like handmade geometric coasters. The happy couple will be delighted to have such a beautiful set at their disposal when guests come to visit. 

Rustic Serving Tray

8. Rustic Serving Tray

The couple who plan on hosting a number of dinner parties after getting married will appreciate gifts that help them act as excellent hosts. If you want the perfect DIY idea, consider making a rustic serving tray from wood. With a little bit of work, you can easily create a tray that will help the happy couple serve guests with an effortless sense of style. Personalize the tray however you’d like to give it a custom fit for the newlyweds.  

diy wedding presents:Cutting Board

9. Cutting Board


Every kitchen needs a quality cutting board. From prepping to cooking to baking, a cutting board is an essential that couples should always have when entering a new home. If you want to explore DIY wedding gifts that will have an impact, a wooden cutting board is a great way to go. Give the board a modern look and help it blend in with the decor of the couple’s kitchen to ensure it will fit in perfectly.

metal clock

10. Coaster With Cricut


As mentioned, do-it-yourself coasters can make for a beautiful way to go about picking the perfect wedding gift. There are plenty of approaches you can take when it comes to this idea. If you’re looking for a DIY wedding fit with Cricut ink, then this coaster idea is for you. Learn how to make coasters using Cricut infusible ink and see if this is the right idea for the couple in your life. 

cheap wedding gifts for bride and groom:Tea Towels

11. Tea Towels

Need a great last-minute wedding gift that you can make in a pinch? Tea towels are the way to go. This unique approach to diy presents allows you the chance to make a simple present that can be used whenever the couple hosts guests for coffee or tea. Whether hung decoratively or put to good use, this personalized option can pack a powerful emotional punch. 

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diy wedding gifts for newlyweds:Hand-Painted Wooden Bowls

12. Hand-Painted Wooden Bowls

A gift for a new home is always a thoughtful way to approach wedding presents. Bowls are a great option because they can be put to use in a variety of ways. 

A hand-painted bowl gift set gives the couple the option of using the bowls for meals or as decor. Paint the bowls however you prefer and try to match the couple’s personal aesthetic. 

Makeup Brush Holder

13. Makeup Brush Holder

Need a gift item that is specifically made for the bride? If you’re looking for individualized DIY wedding projects, then a makeup brush holder is a lovely item to present to her on her big day.

 For this gift item, you can create a practical wooden holder for all of her many makeup brushes. This clears up space on the counter and provides a nice piece of decor to add personality to her makeup station. 

Wedding Invitation Ornament

14. Wedding Invitation Ornament

A gift centered around the holidays is another lovely way to approach a gift for a bride and groom. Get creative and sentimental at once by taking the invitation from the wedding and turning it into a holiday ornament. 

This creative idea will produce a beautiful item that the couple will love to hang prominently on the tree year after year.  

Hand-Painted Bed Cover

15. Hand-Painted Bed Cover

The bed is the centerpiece of most bedrooms. When you have the right sheets, it can dramatically change the feel and flow of the space. If you want DIY wedding gifts that will really upgrade a couple’s home, a hand-painted bed cover is a great idea. 

Using a style and colors that the couple will adore, create something that will help them feel cozy and protected as they begin their new lives together.

16. Print Wedding Gift


After a wedding is finished, couples have hundreds upon hundreds of photos to look through. People tend to take a ton of pictures at weddings, meaning you can make a perfect gift by exploring your options with a personalized frame. 

Give the couple a perfect place to display their favorite snapshots with a frame you have created all on your own out of love.

diy couples gift ideas:Personalized Wine Box

17. Personalized Wine Box


The couple who loves to indulge in some wine after a long day will most definitely appreciate a wedding present centered on their passion. A personalized wood wine box is a gift that is sure to make an impression. 

This rustic approach to DIY gifts is even more successful when you decide to include a few inexpensive bottles of wine for the couple to pop open and enjoy as newlyweds.

wedding gifts to make:Ring Bowl

18. Ring Bowl

Married couples need to remove their wedding rings for all kinds of reasons. From washing dishes to going rock climbing, there are a ton of activities that can put wear and tear on a ring. 

As a way of helping the couple have an easy place to store these precious items when they aren’t being worn, consider a DIY ring bowl. This sentimental gift will be put to good use right away and stop a lot of lost-ring headaches in advance.

DIY Etched Wooden Spoons​

19. Etched Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are a classic fixture of many kitchens. Though other materials have replaced a majority of utensils, there is something timeless about a wooden spoon. 

If you’re a grandparent looking for a great gift to offer a grandchild, a DIY etched wooden spoon is a lovely way to go. This is a particularly sentimental approach to a gift if you spent a lot of time in the kitchen together baking once upon a time. 

diy wedding gift for bride:Heart Blanket​

20. Heart Blanket

Another cute way that you can approach the idea of DIY wedding gifts is by making a heart blanket. Few symbols capture the sentiment of romance like the heart. 

Not only does this gift showcase the power of love, it also makes for a practical item on a chilly night when the couple needs an extra throw or two to stay comfy while on the couch or lounging in bed. 

crafty wedding gifts: Footed Wood Slice Tray

21. Footed Wood Slice Tray

The date of a wedding can sometimes arrive faster than guests can anticipate. If you’re running short on time, you may be looking for a quick and easy way to make the ideal wedding gift. 

A wood slice tray is always a great idea, as it offers the newlyweds plenty of different ways to use the gift. If you don’t have a lot of time to commit to the gift, this footed wood slice tray is definitely a project worth consideration.

DIY Mid Century Wall Clock​

22. DIY Mid Century Wall Clock

Have a bit of extra time you can commit to your do-it-yourself gifts? One thoughtful way to approach the gift is by creating a handmade mid-century wall clock. 

It might seem like a complicated endeavor, but you can actually tackle this task with ease as long as you have some time to play around with the details. This is a gift that is truly unique as it is creative.

cheap wedding presents:Bracelet

23. Bracelet

Jewelry is a classic gift to consider for an important milestone like a wedding. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find pieces that the newlyweds will adore. 

An easy way to find ideal jewelry is by making it yourself. Whether you’re looking for a DIY gift a child can give to a parent getting married or you’re an adult who would like to try your hand at a creative gift idea, a bracelet is a simple project anyone can attempt!

DIY Photo Coaster​

24. DIY Photo Coaster

Want to take a more personalized approach to the concept of the custom coaster? One excellent way to give a custom feel to this household essential is by making personalized photo coasters. An effective and cheap gift idea, all you need to do is sort through all the photos you have of the couple to pick out the absolute best shots for the finished project.

homemade wedding gift basket:Year Of Dates Wedding Gift Basket

25. Year Of Dates Wedding Gift Basket

A gift basket can make for the best present for a newlywed couple for a few reasons. When you include a number of sentimental and practical items in the basket, it provides a nice mixture of responses to your present. Approach the basket with a “year of dates” concept and it can put a fun spin on this classic gift idea.

26. Personalized Song Lyrics


Most couples have a special song that they consider “theirs.” In fact, it is highly likely that the couple will dance to this tune at some point during the wedding reception. 

To make DIY wedding presents that have an impact, consider a project that incorporates the lyrics of this special song. A gift featuring custom song lyrics is one that will definitely have an emotional impact on the happy couple.

DIY Wine Bag

27. Wine Bag

When you don’t have a lot of time to put into a customized wedding present, you don’t have to ditch the idea entirely. In fact, there are many gifts a couple will appreciate that don’t require too much preliminary work. A DIY wine bag can be made in no time and provides the perfect vessel for you to offer a bottle of wine to go along with.

DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter

28. DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter

A serving platter is an essential item that plenty of newlyweds forget to purchase before having guests over. If you want to solve this problem in advance for the couple, consider a handmade platter as your DIY present. 

With a chalkboard finish, you can create a serving platter that offers a unique aesthetic and the chance for additional fun whenever some chalk is present.

Mr. & Mrs. Sharpie Mugs

29. Mr. & Mrs. Sharpie Mugs

Have you seen Mr. and Mrs. mugs in the store and balked at how expensive such a simple item can be? Make your own and you can provide the perfect wedding gift! 

You don’t need much for this project. As long as you have blank mugs and some sharpies, you are well on your way to a mug that is less expensive and more impactful than a store-bought solution.

creative wedding presents

30. Photo Candle

Candles are a gift that always comes through when a person is short on time or cash. If you want to take this classic present to the next level for a new couple, consider the cheap and clever idea of the photo candle. 

A new couple will absolutely get a kick out of such a unique and practical approach to the concept of the candle. 

His & Hers Pillow Cases​

31. His & Hers Pillow Cases

There are countless thoughtful approaches you can take when it comes to DIY wedding gifts. The best way to frame your search is by thinking about practicality.

Since pillow cases always useful, making some His & Hers pillow cases can be a practical fit. Plus, the style and effort you put into the project can help give it a truly sentimental edge.

inexpensive wedding gifts for bride and groom:Wonderful DIY Pineapple Night Light​

32. Wonderful Pineapple Night Light

Though most adults don’t use night lights the way that they did when they were children, a bit of illumination after dark can offer nice ambiance.

 If you want to find a cute and unique way to create a gift for the couple in your life, consider a pineapple night light. This DIY present is a wonderful way for you to stretch your own creative muscles by way of your wedding gift.

DIY Etched Casserole Dish​

33. DIY Etched Casserole Dish

Another classic kitchen essential that most couples can get good use out of is a casserole dish. Whether serving something hot and fresh at home or bringing a dish to a gathering with family and friends, there are plenty of times when such a container is needed.

 Etch a special message into a dish and you can easily offer a present that gets put to use and makes the couple feel appreciated.

DIY Wooden Centerpiece Boxes

34. Wooden Centerpiece Boxes

Not all gifts need to have a strict purpose to make for great wedding gift ideas. In fact, some creative options are good fits because of how much time and effort are placed into them. 

Crafting your own DIY wooden centerpiece boxes is a great idea because it allows you the chance to provide a piece of decor that the couple can use to decorate their house however they see fit.

vow board

35. Vow Boards

If the couple is planning on using customized vows in the ceremony, you have a perfect opportunity to make a sentimental gift. 

A vow board includes the personalized words of the bride and groom in a unique way. By displaying these words on a board, the couple can hang their vows in their home and always remember the promises they have made.

Painted Serving Bowls

36. Painted Serving Bowls

Another creative way to approach your wedding present project is by looking at an essential item like a serving bowl. Whenever the newlyweds host friends or family members, they will need bowls with ample space to hold enough food for all. 

Painted wooden serving bowls are a gift that will turn the next gathering into a colorful affair. A clever serving bowl serves a purpose and acts as a great conversation piece. 

Map of Love​

37. Map of Love

Need a unique gift idea to help show the happy couple how much you love them? A map of love can make for a wonderfully creative way to go about homemade gifts. 

This approach to wall art can provide the couple with a piece that they cannot wait to hang in their new home. Put your own artistic spin on this gift and see how your friends’ eyes light up when they see it for the first time.


Cork Board World Map​

38. Cork Board World Map

For the new couple who likes to travel together, there are some truly fun ideas to consider. A cork board world map, for example, is a piece of decor that beautifully highlights the breadth of the world.

 When the couple looks at this map, they can think about all of the places they have been together and all the adventures they have yet to embark upon.

Gold Dipped Terrarium

39. Gold Dipped Terrarium

Terrariums are all the rage these days. However, some can be very costly. If you have the time to dedicate to this task before the wedding day, a DIY terrarium is actually a great idea to play with. With a gold-dipped finish, this modern piece will definitely surprise your friends in the most delightful of ways.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

40. Waterproof Picnic Blanket


An outdoor picnic can seem like a perfect idea, but some wet grass can easily spoil the fun. If you want to provide a wedding gift that helps the happy couple beat the weather, consider a waterproof blanket. This handmade gift idea is perfect for when the couple needs a nice dry spot to hang out. 




41. Vase

Running short on time and need to come up with a great gift for the happy couple? A vase is a simple and thoughtful gift that plenty of people can use. 

If you have an empty bottle of wine in your possession, you’re already on the path to making a vase that will look gorgeous in any home. Whether you include flowers in the vase when you present the gift is entirely up to you.

There are all kinds of clever and creative ways you can go about making DIY wedding gifts. If you’re looking to put a personalized spin on things, give yourself time to look through all your options. Pick a project that fits the aesthetic of the couple and see what you are able to accomplish.

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