34 Cheap DIY Wedding Favors for Guests All Ages

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DIY wedding favors are the most genuine and creative gifts to give the guests attending your special day. More so, these keepsakes show that you, the bride and groom, love and cherish your friends.

Homemade crafts are also cheap, so they make great budget alternatives for expensive giveaways. Don’t worry. We completely understand the need to save some money before the honeymoon! Plus, it’s more meaningful when you do it yourself!

Our extended list of DIY cheap wedding favor ideas will help you treat each guest with a unique memento. Read on before you get down to work!

diy wedding favors - cocktail kit

34. Homemade Cocktail Kits


Cocktail favors are fantastic alcoholic treats for the adults at your ceremony. You don’t even need to turn these DIY giveaways into actual drinks, with liquor and all. Instead, you can print out the recipes and attach them to baggies full of non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients. Do that, and you’ll have fun, low-cost, and homemade wedding favors!


33. Coffee and Tea Bags in Burlap Sacks


Coffee and tea party gifts for guests are one of the easiest presents to make. They’re perfect for those friends who love hot beverages! To make them, simply fill some burlap sacks or handmade bags with coffee beans and tea leaves. Don’t forget to label these cheap wedding favors and put a thank you message on them!


32. DIY Body Scrub


At your wedding, you’ll have guests of all ages, and many of those will be ladies. Bath scrubs will be fabulous wedding favors for women you appreciate! Although you should keep in mind, some guys might be into them as well. You can make them in bulk and offer them with some homemade sweet treats! The girls in your life will love treating themselves with candy while in the tub!

Mini Succulents

31. Mini Succulents


Giving small plants for wedding favors is a growing trend. If you’re looking for unique keepsakes, succulents could be exactly what you need! These green cuties are beautiful, and they can adapt to different environmental conditions. They’ll make fantastic garden wedding favors for your favorite plant lovers! To make the succulents look phenomenal, put them in pots filled with colorful gravel or sand.

diy wedding favors - limoncello wedding

30. Little Bottles of Limoncello


Limoncello is one of those bottled wedding favors that are super popular among newlyweds-to-be. You’ll need to put this alcoholic beverage in little containers and attach personal messages to them for a classy presentation. Your friends and family will love refreshing themselves with these fantastic homemade favors during the celebration or at their homes.


29. Hot Chocolate Favors

Hot chocolate wedding favors make fantastic treats for wedding attendees. For your special day, get bulk packets of chocolate powder, and put it in disposable cups. Cellophane baggies and paper sacks will work as well! If you decorate the giveaways with marshmallow and mint sticks, you’ll have the perfect small gifts for your party guests! It is the cutest idea for a winter wedding!

diy wedding favors - hot cocoa

28. Hot Cocoa With Mix-Ins

Mason jars make brilliant containers for guest favors. If you’re looking for what to fill mason jars with for wedding favors, the best answer is hot cocoa! Since this warm treat is the all-time favorite at fall and winter weddings, serving it will make your guests happy. Simply fill the jars with the hot drink, and add mix-ins to them. You could go with Kahlua, Fireball, whiskey, or Baileys.

coffee beans

27. Little Jars With Coffee Beans


Coffee wedding favors can be as simple as tiny jars filled with freshly roasted beans. However, you can step up your game and decorate the containers to make the gifts look splendid. We promise you that this won’t take you long. An hour will be enough for you to finish several of your crafty wedding favors.

diy wedding favors - sunflower seeds

26. Salted Sunflower Seeds


It’s interesting how everyday snacks like sunflower seeds can turn into summer wedding treats for guests. However, if this is one of the DIY wedding favors at your celebration, we’ll be expecting your invitation! Back to the topic, simply pack the seeds in wedding favor treat bags, and offer eco-friendly treats to your guests!

diy bath salts

25. Bath Salt Favors


Maybe plain salt does not sound like the most creative wedding favor for your guests. But sea salt is a brilliant one! We can predict that many ladies (and a few shy gentlemen) will love to sprinkle some into their tub. After dancing all night, an hour of relaxation makes bath salt favors the best wedding guest presents for tired attendees.


24. Homemade Lip Balms


If you’re running out of cool wedding favor ideas, we have a cheap solution for you. It’s the evergreen party favors! We’re talking about lip balms. Make a plain version for the gentlemen, and have the ladies rock some added color. Everyone will remember your reception for the spontaneous toasts, the kisses, and those great wedding favors!

Elderflower Jelly

23. Jelly


Cute wedding giveaways help you show appreciation for your guests. Out of all wedding treat ideas, edibles, like jellies, are the best for your attendees’ sweet tooth. To impress, go with elderflower or other jams, and serve bread. Decorate the jars of these party favor treats, and write your names and wedding’s date on them!

diy wedding favors - homemade bar soaps

22. DIY Soap


Handmade soap wedding favors are becoming more and more popular, and that’s not only because they’re budget-friendly. Yes, these soaps are cheap wedding giveaways, but they also last a long time and smell great! To make these mementos more appealing, wrap them in colored paper and decorate with a custom wax seal. Ladies will be thrilled about them!


21. Personalized Labels


Personalized and unique wedding favors can be as simple as custom labels. Ideally, you attach these small paper pieces to some of your other party favor gifts to complement their overall appearance. However, you can also turn them into beautiful memorabilia that will showcase your wedding information. Whatever you decide, create the labels with love.


20. Custom Tags


DIY tags are simple wedding favors that are impossible to skip. They keep your wedding memories on paper and personalize the wedding gifts for your attendees. Tags also read beautiful wedding favor messages that thank your guests for showing up at the celebration. Attach them to your wedding souvenirs, and make everyone feel special.


19. Tea Bags With Personalized Messages

DIY tea wedding favors are the perfect winter wedding treats. We suggest you print out some pre-bought paper bags and put your favorite tea leaves inside them. Lettering your wedding info and customized message on the DIY favor bags should cost you about $12. Still, such a personal touch to the gifts will warm your guests’ hearts.

homemade falovored extracts

18. Homemade Flavored Extracts


Flavored extracts are the fun yet cheap wedding favors you’ve been looking for. These homemade giveaways look great in bottles and taste amazing, so the foodies you love will have a blast. What can we say? When life gives you a lemon or an orange, use it to make an elegant party favor!

diy wedding favors - natural bath bombs

17. Irresistible Bath Bombs


Quick party favors can save the day when you want to make a lot of gifts fast. If that’s your case, try crafting some bath bombs. These tiny homemade wedding presents will make the baths of your female guests relaxing. Trust us. Everyone will be talking about these fantastic DIY wedding favors after the celebration!

DIY Mini Tambourine

16. Little Tambourines as Souvenirs

Mini tambourines are the funniest wedding souvenirs for guests, and they can make your reception the party of the year! You can decorate these tiny instruments with some stamps, or you can draw on them with a colored pencil. Your guests will appreciate these creative wedding party favors and dance the night away with them!

diy dried flowers

15. Bouquets of Dried Flowers

If you’re looking for breathtaking wedding favors, flower bouquets will undoubtedly have that effect on your guests. Dried flower arrangements are irresistible and very easy to make. Simply wrap the buds in sheet music, and you’ll have terrific plant party favors. The bouquets will make lovely home decor for your guests’ homes.

candy cotton sugar

14. Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is one of the best wedding favor treats for guests. You can buy this sweet, puffy delight in bulk and create your personal DIY candy favors with it! Simply attach a personalized message to all of these treats, and display them with clothespins. For best results, use cotton candy in different colors.

homemade breads

13. Homemade Flavored Bread


Walnut-rosemary olive bread can be a terrific rustic party favor if cooking is your specialty. For a homelike atmosphere, put the loaves in paper baggies and serve them fresh. You can also personalize the bags to match your celebration’s theme. The loaves’ fantastic aroma will make your guests take a bite before they get the party started!

diy-wedding-favors-S'more Kits

12. S'mores


Out of all chocolate party favor ideas, making S’mores is the most creative one. These cheap and elegant wedding favors take little time to make and even less to eat! To make them, simply put a marshmallow and a chocolate bar between graham crackers. Then, display the little sandwiches in cellophane baggies, and offer them to guests!

wooden coasters

11. Wooden Coasters

Coasters are one of the simplest wooden wedding favors you can offer your attendees for your big day. You can buy these small items for cheap or make them yourself if woodworking is your hobby. These rustic party keepsakes will last long, and your loved ones will use them when they have coffee or tea.


10. Confetti

Here’s an idea to exit your reception like fabulous newlyweds. To make these paper wedding favors, fill tiny baggies with colored paper shreds, and seal them with card stocks. Then, decorate the wedding favor bags with stamps and stickers. You can also write a message on the card stocks to inform guests when to use the confetti.


9. Honey in Jars


Little jars filled with honey are elegant wedding favors that will help you celebrate your big day in style. The best one to use for these do-it-yourself favors is the one made by local farmers. Guests will love this surprise! For decoration, you can put the jars in burlap sacks and tie little ribbons around them.


8. Tiffany-Blue Macarons


These sweet bites are the best and most delicious DIY wedding favors you could treat your beloved guests with. They can munch on these flavorful take-away gifts on their way home or save them as morning snacks. Simply place these wedding favors on the table, so your friends and family help themselves when the party is over.


7. Tiny Birdseed Hearts


Birdseed hearts are unique homemade wedding favors that showcase a couple’s love at their celebration. To prepare them, mix the birdseed and mold it with cookie cutters. Then, poke holes on the hearts, and pull a ribbon or a decorative tag through them. Out of all the cheap wedding gift ideas for guests, this one is the loveliest.

diy wedding favors - infused olive oil

6. Flavored Oil Favors


Need more DIY favor ideas? Infused oils make pretty wedding favors, especially if you get the right kind of bottles to put them in. Fortunately, both the bottles and corks are cheap and easy to find at craft supply stores. Once your gifts are ready, personalize each of them with wedding information labels.

vanilla sugar

5. Vanilla Sugar Treats


Vanilla sugar is delicious, and you can easily turn it into wedding treats or unique wedding keepsakes. To do this, pour the sugar into test tubes and use twines to tie thank you messages on them. These homemade wedding party favors are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor weddings, regardless of the season.

diy wedding favors - magnets

4. Personalized Magnets


When it’s hard to come up with your next wedding favor, magnets might serve you well. You can use some old maps from your hometown to make and personalize them the best way possible. This way, you’ll have practical party favors for guests who love adventures and for those who like fridge decor.

Herbal Lotion Bars

3. Aromatic Lotion Bars


Take a trip to your garden, and pick your favorite aromatic herbs to make homemade lotion bars. They’ll be the best wedding giveaways for everyone who enjoys an extensive after-shower skincare ritual. Wrap them in tissue paper or a DIY favor bag, and tie some fresh herbs to it. Doing so will make each bar look elegant.

2. Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins are fantastic, inexpensive giveaways to offer at your fall wedding. You can decorate them with a bit of paint and some gift tags and put them on your guests’ plates. These fun wedding party favors will perfectly capture the autumnal feel of your reception. Also, they’ll make great ornaments at your attendees’ homes.


1. Bottled Cocktails


Beer is not the only alcoholic beverage to offer at your celebration. Why not give away customized cocktails instead? These personalized wedding party favors will help you come off as a creative bride and groom duo. With them, your guests will have instant access to refreshments, and your wedding will be everything but basic.

We hope you liked the DIY wedding favors on our list and that you’ll offer them during your celebration. Enjoy making these presents as a couple, and let your love rub off on each one of them! These gift favors will be great giveaways for your guests only if you make them with dedication!

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