40 DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas Anyone Can Make (2022)

diy valentine gifts

DIY Valentine gifts are the best way to show your love. Here are some quick, fun, and easy Valentine’s Day projects for you and your kids. Love is the secret ingredient that makes handmade items mean so much more. Loved ones will look forward to receiving your Valentine gifts because you made them yourself. Save a trip to the stores. It doesn’t cost much to make someone smile, and these take minutes to complete!

40. DIY Heart Shaped Tea Bags

diy valentine gifts

A hug in a cup, that’s the perfect way to describe this cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift. There’s nothing that a sip of warm tea won’t fix, especially after a challenging day. It’ll make everything seem bright and cheery, which is exactly how this special day should be!

39. DIY Branch Heart Wall Art

diy valentine gifts

Here’s a Valentine’s craft that will add a touch of romance to any room. Best of all, it’s inspired by nature and so easy to make! Paint the tips any color you like, but pink will surely stand out. It’s time to gather some wood!

38. Globe Valentine

diy valentine gifts

If he means the world to you, make sure he knows it with this romantic idea. Your partner will love this easy Valentine’s Day craft, and you’ll enjoy making it, too. Time to pay a visit to the thrift store to shop for a globe!

37. Brownie Truffles

diy valentine gifts

Are you ready for a last minute Valentine gift that’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it? Put your baking skills to good use. Nothing beats delicious chocolate when it comes to this occasion. Don’t forget to save this recipe for next year as well!

36. Miniature Valentine’s notebooks

diy valentine gifts

Make an awesome DIY Valentine gift for a boyfriend who loves to read. This won’t be any ordinary book, though. It’ll be the most romantic love story he’s ever read. Plus, it doubles as a unique keychain, so he won’t forget his keys ever again!

35. Paper Flowers

diy valentine gifts

Just because everyone’s visiting the florist, it doesn’t mean you have to. If your girlfriend loves blooms, these everlasting flowers are the best DIY Valentine’s gift for her. To make them smell good, put a few drops of lavender oil on your bouquet. Her home’s going to smell like spring!

34. Heart Doily Valentine Balloons Craft

diy valentine gifts

A mere 15 minutes is all you need to turn ordinary balloons into a very special gift. This homemade Valentine idea is going to make your partner smile, just you see. After all, who doesn’t love balloons? That’s right, nobody! The romance is going to have you both floating away!

33. Valentine Snow Globe

diy valentine gifts

Get your kids involved in making some Valentine’s Day crafts. They’ll have fun creating this for mom or dad to show their love and devotion. It looks like snow is going to be falling for the entire year, thanks to this gift. What perfect home decor!

32. DIY Valentine Candles

diy valentine gifts

Dress up some dollar-store candles with little hearts for the nicest DIY Valentine’s gifts for mom. She’s going to love the personal touch and the warm glow of candlelight. If there’s one thing she desperately needs, it’s to relax after a long day at work!

31. Chocolate Sugar Cookie Hearts

diy valentine gifts

Are you thinking about some Valentine’s DIY gifts for the boyfriend of your dreams? Make your man feel like the luckiest guy on Earth with these gorgeous yummy cookies. Some sweet treats never hurt, especially when they’re made with lots and lots of tender love.

30. Heart Light Bulb

diy valentine gifts

You’ll have loads of fun with this Valentine’s Day project. Light up your darling’s life with a handmade craft she’s going to adore. Show off your engineering skills and make her a gift that will be her shining beacon. It’ll be in use for many years to come!

29. Etched Heart Wine Glasses

diy valentine gifts

Cook your man a delicious meal and serve some of his favorite wine in chic spruced-up glasses. This etched glassware is an amazing DIY Valentine’s gift for a husband who loves a special vintage. Every sip will feel like a little butterfly kiss. How lovely!

28. DIY Candy Heart Garland

diy valentine gifts

Get the kids to join in on the fun. They’ll love the punching and stamping. Have them discover the joy of handmade Valentine arts and crafts ideas. These garlands will set everyone in the mood for love. Your home will look smashing with the addition of some cute decor!

27. Bubbling Bath Salts

diy valentine gifts

Here’s a Valentine DIY project everyone can get behind because who doesn’t appreciate a relaxing bath? There’s no need to spend money on bath salts from now on. Simply make it yourself and throw in your personal touch. This gift is going to turn every bathroom into a spa!

26. Song Lyric Cupcake Toppers

diy valentine gifts

If you’re looking for some Valentine’s homemade gift ideas for friends and colleagues, you’ve come to the right place. Give them the pleasure of memorable ’90s pop lyrics that will get them excited for karaoke night. And let’s not forget the cupcakes that come with them!

25. DIY Heart Bookmark

diy valentine gifts

Stop your darling bookworm from putting dog ears all over his precious books. Cheap Valentine gifts like this are easy to make and will keep favorite novels pristine. Every flip of the page will remind him that he’s found the best lady out there. What a lucky guy!

24. Heart blanket

diy valentine gifts

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Help your partner stay warm and cozy with a one of a kind Valentine’s Day art project. This blanket will envelop her in love when she misses you. Even when you aren’t around, she’ll always feel your hug around her!

23. Bacon, Cupcake And Cheese Bouquet

diy valentine gifts

This edible bouquet is a food lover’s best DIY love gift. Bacon makes everything better, and when it’s paired with goat cheese, it’s the best. Alternatively, a pot of cupcakes will surely satisfy her sweet tooth, or get creative with a vase of cheesy flowers!

22. Succulent Valentine

diy valentine gifts

If you’re running short on time, here’s a quick and easy project for you. These succulent pots are the cutest handmade Valentine’s gifts your friends will ever receive. They’re so quaint and lovely! Everyone’s going to benefit from having a little green to brighten up the home.

21. Wooden Coasters

diy valentine gifts

Don’t you ever let some good wood go to waste. Coasters will always come into good use, especially ones that are made with love. If you are searching for Valentine craft ideas to sell, try these out. They also make delightful gifts for loved ones!

20. DIY Glitter Heart Candy Boxes

diy valentine gifts

Tell your children how much you adore them with this precious DIY Valentine gift for kids. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for a sugar high. Package your sweets in a glittering box that will double as a keepsake for their little treasures. There’s going to be glitter everywhere!

19. Tea Cup Candles

diy valentine gifts

It’ll surprise you to learn that candle-making isn’t a difficult art at all. Pick up this new skill today, and you’ll come up with a chic homemade Valentine gift that’s creative and inexpensive. Thrift stores are a goldmine if you’re looking for teacups fit for a queen!

18. Balloon Chandelier

diy valentine gifts

Looking to up the ante this V Day? Try this Valentine’s Day art project out. You’re going to want to decorate your home for that romantic dinner you’re planning. Your partner’s going to be so speechless, which is the exact reaction you’re looking for. Good luck!

17. Heart-Shaped Marshmallows

diy valentine gifts

Why buy marshmallows at the store when you can make them in your own kitchen? If hot cocoa is your boyfriend’s drink of choice, here’s an awesome homemade Valentine’s gift for him. This yummy special treat will complete his cup of goodness like no other.

16. Valentine Treat Bags

diy valentine gifts

Here are some goodie bags no one will be able to resist. They’re fun and easy to make and even more enjoyable to fill. This do-it-yourself Valentine gift idea is so stress-free, you’ll be glad you tried it out. Make sure to select some cute fabric!

15. Valentine’s Day Dominoes

diy valentine gifts

How pretty do these dominoes look? They’re pink and full of hearts. Even if your recipient doesn’t know the rules of the game, arranging and toppling them down promises fun. This Valentine’s crafts idea is really simple to make, so children can assist in the process, too!

14. Valentine Notebook

diy valentine gifts

Two minutes is all you need to turn a boring old notebook into one with some pizzazz. Vinyl stickers are a crafter’s favorite when it comes to dressing things up. Easy-peasy. Everyone needs these glitzy notebooks, and they’ll make perfect DIY Valentine’s gifts for teachers!

13. Fingerprint Necklace

diy valentine gifts

It doesn’t matter if you’re four years old or 40 – playing with clay is always an enjoyable pastime. Offer this Valentine homemade gift idea to moms and grandmas, and they’ll wear it with pride. This necklace will beat any piece of jewelry out there because it’s made with love!

12. DIY Candle Carved with Initials

diy valentine gifts

Have you been so busy with work and family matters that you’ve forgotten to prepare a gift for V Day? Here’s a last minute DIY Valentine gift for him that’s thoughtful and elegant. Light it up for a romantic dinner. The atmosphere will be superb!

11. Handmade Turtle Valentine Card

diy valentine gifts

Do you have shy but creative youngsters? Put their crafting skills to good use with this amusing little project. Have them make these sweet and fun Valentine crafts for their teachers and friends. They’re the ones who are bringing your children out of their shells, after all!

10. Be Mine Banner

diy valentine gifts

Would you like to decorate a room with some hearts and frills without going over the top? Try out this simple homemade banner. Welcome your tired man home from work with an easy Valentine’s Day craft. He’ll be so surprised and touched by your effort!

9. Heart Magnets

Heart Magnets

A fridge without magnets is a sad one, indeed. This DIY project for Valentine’s Day is here to help. Sweet magnetic hearts will transform a house into a home on their own or combined with some gorgeous photos. Either way, love is in the air!

8. Valentine’s Candy Huggers


Heart-shaped candy is an essential element of this special occasion because it sets the mood so well. Package your treats in adorable hugs to give away. Little ones will enjoy making these DIY gifts for Valentine’s Day. Their friends will be so honored to receive them!

7. DIY Beard Balm

DIY Beard Balm

Shopping for men can be challenging, and that’s a good reason to give this gift a go. You don’t want his unruly hair cramping your style when you’re on a date. This is the best homemade Valentine’s Day idea for a boyfriend who wants to look good for you!

6. Memory Candles

Memory Candles

Black and white photos are full of romance and nostalgia, so why not use them for a cute present? Turn any glass candle holder into a keepsake your loved ones will truly appreciate. This DIY Valentine’s Day gift is so heartfelt, and it will light up anyone’s life!

5. Homemade Valentine’s Day Mints

Homemade Valentine's Day Mints

Anyone can buy mints at the grocery store and pass them around as gifts. That doesn’t mean as much as making them from scratch, though! The best thing about this do-it-yourself recipe is that you can design the homemade Valentine sweets any way you want!

4. Heart Thumbprint Platter


When food comes served on this platter, you’ll know it’s full of love. Tiny fingerprints are the cutest, and it’s best to capture them before they grow big. Grandparents will adore this Valentine’s Day project idea, and their guests will be so jealous of it!

3. DIY Valentine Pop-up Card


Surprise someone you love with a lovely handmade card. Since the artwork is printable, you just have to print, cut, and stick it together! This charming Valentine’s Day project features clouds, cats, hearts, hot air balloons, and even a garland. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

2. DIY Terrarium


You don’t need green fingers to create and maintain a terrarium because it’s pretty self-sustaining. That’s why it’s the ultimate DIY Valentine’s Day gift for a husband. Having some greenery in the home is a mood-lifter, and this little garden is so pretty to look at!

1. Pop-Up Photo Box

Pop-Up Photo Box

Preserve precious memories of the best days ever with a unique box featuring photos that pop up. This arts and crafts activity is a Valentine wood project you’ll want to keep on your list. It’s the perfect way to showcase old wedding and baby photographs!

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