15+ DIY Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples that Unleash Your Creativity


Find the perfect DIY engagement gift for the happy couple. Every couple has a story. They have friends and family who are a part of the journey with them on their way to the altar. Craft an engagement present for the couple that they’ll love. Creating a personalized engagement gift for your best friends who have finally gotten engaged will make this special day memorable. Celebrate their love with a fun and thoughtful engagement idea. 

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1. Gift Basket

DIY engagement gift: Gift Basket

Be sure the happy couple has time to do a pre-wedding pampering session with their better half. With this gift basket they are sure to have some dedicated spa days ahead of them! Keep the love alive all year long with this gift basket perfect for pampering. The perfect shower gift to give at a bridal shower (or engagement party). 

2. Beeswax Candle

DIY engagement gift: Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles are perfect to get that soft glow for a romantic, candle-lit evening! This easy-to-make, DIY idea makes a great engagement gift for a friend. This gift is a great idea for a couple that loves to stay in touch with nature and give back to the environment. A beautiful and sustainable gift that any bee lover will appreciate. 

3. Initial and Music Lyrics Photo

DIY engagement gift: Initial and Music Lyrics Photo

While there are so many unique and beautiful canvases and printables available online to purchase, why not try your hand at making your own?

This initial and music lyrics photo makes a thoughtful gift for an engaged couple. You don’t even need to be a graphic design guru to make this beautiful piece of art. 

4. Engagement Ring Holder 

homemade engagement gifts: Engagement Ring Holder

It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY engagement ring holder. All you need is some air-dried clay and letter stamps. A quick and easy gift that even the self-proclaimed, non-crafter, can put together.

You can decorate with some black or gold, or just leave it all natural. Every woman should have a beautiful place to store her ring! 

5. Glassware


Gold is in! Minimalist gold accented pieces are all the rage and so beautiful and simple to make. The couple receiving this engagement gift is sure to be happy when they open this.

All you need to make this gift is some wine or champagne glasses and some gold spray paint. Cheap and easy to make, what more could you ask for?

6. Embroidered Napkin


Even if you are not great at sewing or embroidery, you can easily make this simple napkin. This makes a great engagement gift for your best friend who is about to tie the knot.

You only need three supplies, a cloth napkin, thread, and a needle (and probably an embroidery hoop to make this a bit easier). 

7. Diy “congrats” Mini Champagne Buckets With Cricut

 Champagne Buckets

Put that Cricut machine to good use with this fun craft idea. Most of the supplies here you can find at the dollar store or might already have on hand.

This homemade idea even comes with the Cricut files to get you going in no time. Don’t forget to include the couple’s favorite wine or champagne. 

8. Engagement Hamper Idea

Be sure the happy couple has everything they need with this engagement hamper idea. A unique way to give a newly engaged friend all the essentials for her new life with her hubby. Include personal items, clothing, chocolates, travel items, and honeymoon essentials. A great gift for a close friend. 

9. Handmade Engagement Mug

Handmade Engagement Mug

Great gifts come from the heart. Try your hand at creating this custom mug for newly engaged besties. Grab a white mug and some paint markers to quickly put together this funny mug for her.

Even if you don’t have the best handwriting, she is sure to appreciate this lovely gift idea. 

10. Wedding Shadow Box Frame

Wedding Shadow Box Frame

Even though they haven’t tied the knot yet, you can still make the happy couple this creative wedding shadow box.

You can either put it together with some accessories for when they do get married, or you can put in pictures of their time together before they got engaged. A sweet way to showcase their love for one another. 

11. DIY Photo Album

DIY Photo Album

This DIY photo album is a unique way to compile all of those special moments together. You can snag all of their favorite pictures from their social media for a fun surprise they sure won’t forget. A cute gift they will love to display in their home. 

12. DIY Scrabble Crossword Frame

There are so many cute craft ideas for using Scrabble pieces. This personalized gift comes together quickly for a cute gift they are sure to love. One of the best ways to customize this gift a little more is to add some small images of the couple to the frame. 

13. Tea Wreath

diy couple gifts: tea-wreath

Which do they prefer, tea or coffee? This creative gift for an engaged couple is great for giving them small things like tea, packets of coffee, or even gift cards or cash.

You simply need some cardboard, ribbon or craft paper, clothespins, and some glue. 

14. No-Weave Pillow

homemade engagement gift: no weave pillow

This stunning pillow is a work of art! Any crafter or DIY pro will certainly appreciate a fun and funky pillow. This pillow makes a funny gift for anyone with a bit of a crazy personality. You might not even have to worry about buying any materials, simply search through your craft bin for bits to add to your cute gift. 

15. Coaster


The bride and groom-to-be will absolutely love these agate slice coasters. A cute gift that will hardly take any time to make but will look expensive.

A thoughtful gift to give a best friend to decorate her new home with her soon-to-be-husband. Wrap it up with a ribbon and place it in a gift box, because presentation is everything.

16. Laundry Baskets

couple craft ideas: laundry-bsket

Newly engaged couples always seem to need things for their home. Surprise the couple with this cute craft idea that they can use to keep all of their dirty laundry in…literally.

They will be stunned by your humor and craftfulness when you present them with this gift idea. So grab your paintbrush and get to work! 

17. Laundry Baskets

Customized Wood Slice

This personalized slice of wood is a great way to celebrate two people’s engagement. It’s reminiscent of when young lovers would carve their names into trees to proclaim their undying love for one another.

All you need is a slice of wood and a wood burning tool to make this beautiful gift.

You don’t even need to have a crafty bone in your body to put together these DIY engagement gifts. Celebrate the happy couple with an easy to make gift they’ll love. 

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