20 Best DIY Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Everlasting Love


Nothing is quite as exciting as spending each day with the love of your life. However, celebrating the anniversary of your bid day comes pretty close. We have prepared several lists already for the best anniversary gifts for that special person. However, we also wanted to explore some ideas for DIY anniversary gifts.

Whether you are planning the perfect gift idea for your spouse or your parents’ wedding day anniversary, making the gift unique and expressive will be your priority. And handmade gifts are one of the most authentic forms of expression you will ever find. 

If you want to take this route, here are some amazing ideas for you to try out this year.

DIY Anniversary Gifts For Him

Getting the standard gifts every year can become boring. That is why you should try making the following gifts to commemorate the loving bond you share with your husband.

Stamped Textured Keychain

Stamped Textured Keychain

Keychains are easy to carry around and can be used daily. However, no keychain can compare to the one you have carefully and lovingly engraved with your message of love for him. It would be the perfect daily accessory for him to hold on to when the day becomes too tiring.

Leather Catchall Tray

Leather Catchall Tray

If your husband is the particular kind who likes to keep his accessories stylishly organized, why not turn that into a DIY wedding anniversary gift? The leather catchall tray is sleek, elegant, and practical. You can simply make it into a decoration that he uses to drop off his items into. 

He will appreciate the ease it brings to his routine.

Metal Stamped Leather Wrap Bracelet

diy gifts for husbands: Metal Stamped Leather Wrap Bracelet

The simplest gifts are the most romantic because they carry a sea of emotions within them. This leather strap bracelet is easy to make and simple enough to be worn daily. The best feature is the plate engraved with your anniversary date, just like love is engraved in both your hearts. 

He would feel incredibly touched by the gesture.

Pop-up Photo Box Anniversary Gift Idea

Source: Youtube

There is something extra sweet about memories that makes them perfect for craft ideas for your anniversary gift. The pop-up box generally has a nice rustic aesthetic, which makes it an attractive decoration. The surprise and happiness he feels upon opening it to discover those pictures will be worth the effort.

Paper (1 year) Anniversary Box

diy anniversary gifts: Paper (1 year) Anniversary Box

You are about to complete your 1st year together as a happily married couple, and this calls for an exciting anniversary date full of adventure!

You can fill the anniversary box with various activity options that you want to enjoy with your husband. It will be a fun and exciting gift for both of you.

DIY Wedding Photo Silhouette

DIY Wedding Photo Silhouette

Wedding days are special and continue to remain one of your favorite memories throughout your relationship. You can bring back the beautiful memories of the day by making this wedding photo silhouette to give to your husband for your anniversary.

The gift is thoughtful and will become a sentimental reminder of happy times for both of you.

DIY Anniversary Gifts For Her

Your anniversary is right around the corner, but you have just enough time to craft the perfect gift for the love of your life. Here are some great ideas for you to take inspiration from.

Year of Date Nights in a Jar

A single anniversary gift is not going to cut it. So, you need to put together several anniversary gifts for her to show her how much you love her. Putting together the Date Nights jar will not only be a great anniversary gift, but it will also give you two date night ideas for the entire year ahead.

It’s the perfect gift to make your love grow.

Wall Art Anniversary Gift

Wall Art Anniversary Gift

You must have noticed how her eyes light up when she tells someone your love story. It clearly makes her happy; so, make a DIY gift for your wife that centers on that happiness. This beautiful wall art easily maps out your journey of meeting, falling in love, and getting married.

It will be a great and meaningful addition and one that melts her heart.

Copper Anniversary Succulent Planters

diy anniversary gift: Copper Anniversary Succulent Planters

Succulents are some of the sturdiest plants that can survive through some of the harshest conditions. For your copper anniversary, make these DIY succulent planters and give them to your spouse. They will symbolize everlasting and refreshing love for you two.

Wedding Song Wood Art

diy anniversary gift ideas: Wedding Song Wood Art

When “I Love You” cannot express the depth of love you feel for her, you can always resort to songs. Give your wife the homemade anniversary gift of her dreams by putting your couple’s song on a piece of neat wood.

For a special effect, sing the song when you give the gift to her to see her break into a happy grin and sing along with you. 

Today I Have Loved You for Card 

diy anniversary gifts for her:Today I Have Loved You for Card

The love between you two is forever, and there is a perfect way to get her to know how much you want to spend forever with her. Make this simple, elegant, and romantic card that records the number of days for which you two have loved each other. 

Spooning Since Frame

diy gifts for anniversary: Spooning Since Frame

There are several ways for expressing the fact that you enjoy her company, and this frame is one of the cheekier options out there. Have a little fun and give her this cute gift to celebrate the warmth and relationship you two share.

Mini Instagram Album

Mini Instagram Album

Instagram is mainstream, but giving a physical presence to those perfect Instagram couple photos might be one of the best DIY anniversary ideas for you. Organize your favorite pictures together in the album with an Instagram aesthetic for your wife. 

It will be an incredibly touching and meaningful gift.

Anniversary Date Art

Anniversary Date Art

Who said romance was dead? Sure, handling kids may have shifted long preparation to the last minute, but it’s still alive and kicking. If you couldn’t get the time to do something elaborate, you can always find a unique way to frame up your anniversary date to make her feel special.

And you can always take her out to a nice dinner to add the fanciness. 

Photo Coaster

Photo Coaster

If you want to do something a little different, you can make photo coasters with your couple and family photos as a DIY anniversary gift. The photos are memorable, and the coasters will easily become a beautiful part of your home decoration. 

DIY Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Anniversaries are a happy occasion for the entire family. So, you probably want to give your parents a sweet gift to show how much you appreciate them. Here are a few ideas you can try out. 

DIY Etched Glass with Initials

Mirror Etching

Being one unit is very important for two people incredibly in love, and your parents are probably the same way.

To celebrate the life they have created together through love and sacrifice, etch down the family name and initials on the glass for your parents and give it to them for their anniversary.

Wine Rack Perfect for Mom and Dad

Wine Rack Perfect for Mom and Dad

Your parents finally have a little time to enjoy each other’s company. Give them DIY presents that would help them do just that.

Make a wine rack for your mom and dad so they can hang it up in the house and easily pour themselves a few glasses to enjoy together.

DIY Painted Kitchen Towels

diy anniversary gifts for husband: DIY Painted Kitchen Towels

The kitchen is one of the most used parts of the house and probably the place where countless memories were made.

For this year, make DIY painted kitchen towels for your dad and mom to have something practical and cute hanging for them to use for clean-ups.

DIY Recipe Book

DIY Recipe Book

Parents are often gold mines of recipes, and yours might be no different. Make this adorable and beautiful recipe book for them so they can jot down the delicious recipes they keep coming up with conveniently. 

Message in a Bottle

Year of Date Nights in a Jar

Message in a bottle has become incredibly rare and nostalgic, giving them a pure appeal. Find an old photo of your mom and dad and arrange it in the tiny bottle. It will be extraordinarily beautiful and become a sweet keepsake. 


To sum up, the best DIY anniversary gifs are sentimental, thoughtful, and caring. They should celebrate love and express the true depth of your feelings fully and properly. We hope you find a gift idea you can’t wait to get started on from our list and enjoy the day with your loved ones.  

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