20 Magical Disney Wedding Invitations for The Happiest Day on Earth

Disney Wedding Invitations

Disney wedding invitations are a great choice if you want a whimsical way to ask people to join you on your big day. Most people have a favorite Disney movie that reminds them of simpler times. Stir these memories by sending them a lovely Disney invite. You can use elements like a Disney castle, a fairytale character, or an image of Mickey Mouse to add a bit of magic!

There are countless designs to suit your Disney-inspired wedding. In this article, we will explore the world of Disney invitations. So, if you’re all for a Disney fairytale wedding, read on!

1. Disney World Castle Wedding Invitations

Disney World Castle Wedding Invitations


The Disney castle is such a distinctive symbol. Incorporate it into your Disney-themed wedding stationery with this magical black-and-white layout. The subtle blue and gold details tie the design together, while beautiful lettering gives the invite a fairytale feel.

2. Mickey & Minnie Vintage Wedding Invitations

Mickey & Minnie Vintage Wedding Invitations


How about adding Mickey and Minnie to your magical wedding invitations? The longtime mascots add a nostalgic feel that will bring your guests back to their childhood. Personalize this classic invite with your favorite color and paper type to make it all you!

3. Rapunzel-Inspired Wedding Invitations

Rapunzel-Inspired Wedding Invitations


We love these deep purple invitations with golden lettering. The colors evoke a beautiful starry night atmosphere, while Glowing lanterns create a romantic feel. This design is simple yet elegant and calming. Consider the style for your princess-themed wedding.

4. Fairytale Wedding Invitation

Disney Wedding Invitations:Fairytale Wedding Invitation


Invite your guests to witness the beginning of your ‘happily after’ with this rustic fairytale design. Because it doesn’t add any movie characters, this template is the perfect choice for a subtle Disney wedding. Delight your loved ones with this magical, minimalist invite.

5. Disney-Inspired UP House Wedding Invitations

Disney-Inspired UP House Wedding Invitations


Add the quirky feel of the iconic Disney UP House to your wedding invite cards. The colorful balloons will inspire your guests to join you for the beginning of your biggest adventure yet. These Disney UP invitations are a must-buy for destination weddings.

6. Beauty and the Beast Wedding Invitation

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Invitation


Give your invitation the magical feeling of a classic fairy tale. These navy blue invites are perfect for an elegant Disney-themed wedding. Impress your guests with the gorgeous laser-cut cover in dark hues that encloses your event’s important details.

7. Aladdin Classic Wedding Invitation

Aladdin Classic Wedding Invitation


Step into a magical world with our Aladdin-themed wedding invitation! Inspired by Middle Eastern culture, this especial design showcases the enchanting palace and the mystical lamp, evoking a delightful atmosphere. Let the genie grant your wishes as you embark on your happily ever after.

8. Boarding Pass Disney Wedding Invitation

Boarding Pass Disney Wedding Invitation


Let a boarding-pass-inspired design set the perfect tone for your destination wedding. This creative wedding invite template will ensure all your guests are on board and ready for your special day. The elegant sage green accents beautifully complement the white cruise theme.

9. Cinderella Carriage Wedding Invitation

Disney Wedding Invitations:Cinderella Carriage Wedding Invitation


Step into your very own fairy tale with this dreamy wedding invitation. Inspired by the magical pumpkin carriage, it radiates a luxurious feeling for a magical celebration filled with enchantment. Your guests are sure to love this gorgeous illustrated invitation.

10. Little Mermaid Wedding Invitation

Little Mermaid Wedding Invitation


Dive into a sea of love and let your guest be part of your world with this stunning Little Mermaid wedding invitation! The gorgeous sea blue design brings a cheerful and sweet feeling, bringing the magic of the ocean to your special day.

11. Princess and the Frog Inspired Wedding Invitation

Princess and the Frog Inspired Wedding Invitation


After kissing many slimy critters, you’ve finally met your prince! Let your guests celebrate your union with these original laser-cut princess and the frog invitations. Everyone will be impressed by the beautiful patterns and waterlily design.

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12. Fairytale Storybook Wedding Invitation

Fairytale Storybook Wedding Invitation


This navy & blush card takes your guests to the fairy world with a breathtaking book-inspired design. On the inside, the iconic snow white mirror awaits to tell your guests the important details of your special day.

13. Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitation


Fall into your own little wonderland with this whimsical invite design! Entice your guests to follow the white rabbit to a magical celebration inspired by the Disney classic. They will surely grin like the Cheshire Cat when they receive these enchanting Disney invitations.

14. Snow White Wedding Invitation

Snow White Wedding Invitation


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest invites of them all? With a charming poison apple design and a red ribbon bow fit for a princess, these Disney party invitations will be the envy of a few jealous queens!

15. Disney Mickey and Minnie Couples Shower Invitation

Disney Mickey and Minnie Couples Shower Invitation


Celebrate your big day with these charming Mickey and Minnie Disney-themed wedding invitations! Crafted on distressed wood, these rustic gems capture the playful essence of your special day. They offer a magical way to invite your loved ones to join the fun!

16. Ariel Seashell Beach Wedding Invitation

Ariel Seashell Beach Wedding Invitation


Serve some magic with this fairytale princess-inspired invitation. Your guests will love its simple but stylish layout. This template is a must-buy for minimalist lovers who are keen on style. The seashell theme in this design makes it perfect for a beach wedding.

17. Enchanted Rose Wedding Invitation

Disney Wedding Invitations:Enchanted Rose Wedding Invitation


If you want your fairytale wedding invitations to be a symbol of your love, be our guest and have a look at this template. Let the sweet Beauty-and-the-Beast-inspired design whisk you away to “happily ever after.”

18. Floral Disney Wedding Invitation

Floral Disney Wedding Invitation


Let your guests see the wonder of colors with this magical invite. The rustic twine over a blue background lights up the charm while the flower motifs bloom the romance. True Disney fans will appreciate the reference of Beauty and the Beast’s theme.

19. Enchanted Woodland Wedding Invitations

Disney Wedding Invitations:Enchanted Woodland Wedding Invitations


How about inviting guests to a lively evening in a magical forest? These happily ever after wedding invitations have green mushroom lanterns lighting up their mood. We love the attention to detail and its magical flair. It sets the stage for a sparkling evening.

20. Castle Magic Invite Ticket Wedding Invitation

Castle Magic Invite Ticket Wedding Invitation


These fairytale invitations are what you didn’t know you needed for your destination wedding. Add a mischievous touch to your big day with these fully customizable flight ticket invites. The design features your favorite Disney castles and enchanting characters from Tangled.

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